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Sabrina P.


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Sabrina

I've been banging on the piano since I was 3, but piano became more structured when I turned 7 and I've loved piano so much since then! I've been classically trained in the US and then later in Italy so all together I have 17 years piano playing experience. My favorite genre is Modern Japanese Classical music (fancy name for anime and video game music). While studying abroad with my Maestro in Italy however, I was only allowed to play classical music so I became even more proficient in that musical genre.
I have been teaching Children and Adult students for 7 years. People aren't' intimidated when I'm around and I believe students benefit greatly when they are comfortable with the teacher and can feel natural around them. The teaching process is most successful when the students share their ideas, disagreements, goals; when th

ey are challenged and test their abilities.
***Lesson Details***
I am very laid back and love to laugh, but I do expect the students to be prepared and practice, this way they benefit the most from each teaching session. I believe students should be involved in their curriculum, so I encourage all to bring in pieces THEY WANT to play because this will make the learning process overall more fun and enjoyable. My trust is, if you practice regularly you can accomplish much in a short period of time. Whatever you put into learning piano, is what you will get out, whether great or small.
- Modern Japanese Classical : Yoko Shimamura, Nobuo Uematsu ...
(Video Game and Anime)
- Classical : Joplin, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff ...
- Italian Technique Training

August 14, 2019
Ethan W.
June 26, 2019
Elizabeth Anderson
Sabrina is fabulous. I look forward to my lesson every week.
April 17, 2019
Amazing teacher. Thank you very much Sabrina!

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Sabrina P.


About Stephanie

Stephanie Hoeckley is an award-winning flutist and teacher in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Recognized as a skilled performer, Ms. Hoeckley placed 1st in the Arizona Flute Society's 2017 Young Artist Competition, 2nd in 2016, and has been a finalist in the Florida Flute Association’s College Young Artist Competition and Advanced Masterclass. Most recently, in March 2017, she performed in Carol Wincenc's recital at Arizona State University; having the time of her life performing a trio with two of her all-time favorite flutists, Carol Wincenc and Elizabeth Buck.

Despite having degrees in Music Performance, Ms. Hoeckley is a passionate and engaging music educator. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Music Performance at Arizona State University, is the Flute Graduate Teaching Assistant at ASU, directs the ASU Commu

nity Flute Choir, teaches classes at the Arizona Flute Society's annual Summer Camp, and has an active private studio called the Colorful Clef Studio, with members ages 9-60+. She is on the board of the Arizona Flute Society, and is a member of the National Flute Association and the National Association for Music Education.

February 22, 2019
Ashley J.
Stephanie is an exceptional instructor! So grateful I found her!
May 31, 2017
I started taking flute lessons with Stephanie last September 2016. I have been playing flute since 2011 and play regularly at church. I take a hour long lesson. I have really enjoyed taking lessons from her. She has also been willing to adjust to my schedule, when she could, when work won’t allow me to make it to my normal lesson.
I had been taking lessons from another flute teacher since 2011 and knew it was time to change. Stephanie has always been able to help me. She is very knowledgeable about all questions and problems I was having on playing the flute or reading music. When questioning a technique she is able to demonstrate it or explain it in a different way so I could understand it. I’ve always had trouble with the high notes and alternate fingering and she definitely has helped me on those. Stephanie personally is a lot more enjoyable than my last teacher. She always seems happy to see me.
I also play Low Flutes and just bought my first Bass Flute. She also plays low flutes.
September 20, 2015
Maddie F.
My daughter loves her flute tutor

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Stephanie H.


About Ethan

My name is Ethan. I'm a trombone player and teacher in the Madison WI area. I received a Bachelors degree in Music Education from Missouri State University and a Master of Music Performance - Trombone at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I have taught private trombone lessons since June of 2014. Currently I teach private lessons at Madison East High School, the Isthmus Montessori Academy, Middleton High School, Rhapsody Arts Center in Verona, WI along with other middle school students from area schools.

Outside of music, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our two cats, camping, kayaking, hiking and watching movies.


August 22, 2019
MIke S.
May 22, 2019
Linda M.
Ethan meets you where you are, promotes solid fundamentals, is really helpful with questions, has strategies for moving forward & is encouraging but not patronizing.
January 24, 2019
MIke S.

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Ethan W.


About Scott

I enjoy helping students of all ages get the most out of their interest in piano! I've observed that if (1) the music is great, and (2) students understand what is being asked of them technically, then great performances and maximum enjoyment are likely!


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Scott C.


Patricia M.


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Patricia

I have taught piano for about fifteen (15) years at both the beginner and intermediate stages. I completed up to Grade 8 of The Royal School of Music Exams. It gives me great joy when my students are able to apply the theory foundation to the practical. I consider myself a patient teacher and look for fun ways to teach the younger ones. I also play by ear and am able to teach how to play contemporary music using chord sheets. I believe that even in contemporary music, great technique is essential to any and every genre, hence lessons are pitched to the goals of the student.

I am a firm believer that my students should own or have access to a piano or keyboard, as practicing on their own reinforces the material taught.

In addition to teaching piano, I have used my piano skills in my home church, playing for services, rehearsin

g with the praise and worship team and training the choirs, and have been professionally employed to play at weddings, graduations and church events.
Whatever your goal in learning to play the piano, I am here to give you that jump start and to help you to become a great musician.

May 13, 2019
Eileen Francis
I Eileen Francis, a graduate of Jamaica School of Music, and as a professional piano teacher, all my exams and passes were done in Jamaica and all this was from The Associated Board of The Royal School of Music London.

Patricia started music as a child, and took all her exams right up to Grade 8. She is an excellent musician and also a wonderful teacher. She taught with me for a long time. She now plays for churches, and professionally for functions. She knows how to get small children and adults to understand and read notes and also to write music. I recommend her very highly in this profession.
May 13, 2019
Nancy Hunter
I have known Mrs. Patricia Masters as a lover of Music whether it be Musical instruments, theatrical presentations, songs of different genres, she loves them all and is involved in creating the atmosphere where music has its input. She is very diligent and creative and excellent at what she does where music is concerned. Music is her life. As a teacher, a choir director and a musician, she makes sure that it is perfect for presentation and that at the end of the day, her student excels. Mrs. Masters is dependable and reliable.
May 12, 2019
My experience with my music teacher Patrice Masters has been great ,she take great care in her teaching. I've been with her since February this year and I've gain so much knowledge in (3)three months.I can safely recommend her to any who's looking for a teacher

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Patricia M.



Irina D.


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Irina

I am a classically-trained and educated Cellist with deep experience playing with Symphony Orchestra’s, Chamber Orchestra’s, Ensemble’s, Quartets, and Solo. I began my musical education at the age of ten, have played for 21 years, and have fourteen years of formal musical education. I specialize in classical music, and can play any musical style required. I am a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States.

I am a patient and sociable person who loves to teach. I am enthusiastic about my work, and am always thrilled to see the success of my students and share in their success. I was born in Uzbekistan in a Russian family. I graduated from the Music Conservatory of Uzbekistan with a degree in stringed instruments, as well as from the University of Foreign Languages with a degree in English, I am a classically-trained and educated C

ellist with deep experience playing with Symphony Orchestra’s, Chamber Orchestra’s, Ensemble’s, Quartets, and Solo. Currently I am working in Loudoun symphony orchestra and Pro Arte chamber orchestras. I have been teaching both Russian and English to children and adults since 2012.

August 8, 2019
Paul D.
I am coming to the cello as a brand new beginner. I have play around with some fretted instruments, ukulele, banjo, etc. But Irina was super at getting me relaxed, focused on basics and encouraging me with small, but important mechanics and technical details. I have taken other music lessons like sax, so could compare. I totally enjoyed the start of my cello training.
Oh, btw, I'm retired and over 65!!!

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Irina D.


About Kelly

Hi there! My name is Kelly. I have been playing violin since I was 4. I have always enjoyed playing the violin especially when I was able to express it though playing in a local church. I learned to hear the music and feel the emotion that a violin player can receive. I’m excited to teach you the basics to violin from the beginning.


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Kelly W.


About Robert

Currently I’m 18 I’ve played in many bands myself, some of which who have had older members, the latest was around mid to early 50s I’m a very hard hitting but fun drummer, my style is not too common to come by but if you’re looking for a full sound and more strength in your technique I’m the teacher for you Hope to see you soon, thank you.


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Robert T.


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"Danny has helped me get comfortable on stage. I always had a fear of talking to my audience in between sets. I get so nervous. Not anymore. So going in fo
r voice and learning how to use a the microphone but also the icing of knowing what to say. I am not perfect now, but not a horrifying mess like I was. Now I can at least speak and feel relaxed. Simplicity singing lessons that f work. :)"
"Trevor was very engaging and taught the fundamentals of music theory very well!"
"Awesome teacher!

Mike is engaging and wonderful to work with. He is task oriented. After just a month I have learned chords to three different songs and
can perform two of them. He does not shy away from different music. He allows you to take your time and always has various techniques of showing you how to learn the instrument. His time is flexible and works with your schedule as well."
"Overall, Jameson is wonderful. He is very personable, honest, knowledgeable in his field, and patient. You will definitely see improvement! He makes sure
you understand the best ways to make your voice sound amazing with least amount of effort."
"Camille is awesome!!! She is so knowledgeable and this was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! `"
"Great first lesson!"
"Lessons with Dr. Felix have improved my solo and choral singing immensely. I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking to improve their singing co
nfidence and vocal technique."
"Souaad was wonderful! Upon entering her home she made my 3 year old and myself feel welcome. I have a very shy little girl, but Souaad was able to bring h
er out of her shell on her first lesson. We will definitely be coming back."
Arden Hopkin
"Marti teaches a very sensible, progressive approach, well-based in best-knowledge of physiology and acoustic, combined with practical, traditional approac
hes. She works especially well with young developing voices. She has good experience with coaching traditional classical languages - Italian, Frenh, and German."

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