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About Eric J.

Brooklyn, NY

View Full Profile
About Eric
I'm lead vocalist, lead guitarist & songwriter for a well-known touring rock band with a worldwide fan base and over 3 million youtube views. I graduated from New York University with Bachelor's of Music in Jazz guitar & trained with some of the most well-known and respected vocal coaches in the world. I'm currently teaching around 50 lessons a week to students ranging in ability from beginner to professional. My versatility, experience and formal training helps me to make the learning experience easy, stress free and fun.

I play in 3 active bands (gigging regularly) & produce/cowrite with a number of artists for their own projects. I spent much of the past 15 years touring, writing and recording with my bands and with internationally known artists/celebrities. My songs have been licensed for national/international TV (E!, MTV, VH1, Ox
ygen, TBS and more), commercials for CBS, Nike, Coca-Cola, Samsung and in video games. Recently, I contributed to the development of an iOS meditation/breathing app.

In 2015, I signed a major label publishing deal with Fieldhouse Music/BMG played throughout Europe (and taught online lessons while away). Since 2016, I have released 3 singles and 2 EPs, for my own projects. I am currently endorsed by PRS guitars, Elixir Strings, & Godin Guitars/Bass Guitars.

I teach my clients in my creative and comfortable home teaching studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I work with Vocalists/Singers, guitarists/bassists, pianists & songwriters/producers/composers in a wide age range and of various skill levels. I help my students reach their goals!

I regularly teach these styles: Rock (Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock), Metal, Punk, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Funk, Soul, Classical, Folk.

I'm highly experienced as an online (Skype, Facetime and G+) instructor, teaching online lessons worldwide for the past 4 years to students who reside locally, nationally and even internationally.

*** Lesson Details ***
My students gain expertise in the following techniques and more...


∙ proper breathing & breath support
∙ vocal placement / resonance
∙ how to sing edgy/bright and clean/distorted
∙ diction
∙ vowels and proper modification techniques
∙ bridging registers & 'the high note'
∙ mixed voice
∙ vibrato
∙ vocal health/maintaining your voice
∙ touring, recording, performing
∙ screaming
∙ rhythmic singing
∙ writing songs/melodies/lyrics to suit your vocal strengths and

Lead and Rhythm Guitar:

Chord voicing: triads, four note open/closed chord voicing, chord melodies, comping, strumming, finger-style, standard grooves in various styles.
Step-by-step approach to soloing/improvisation: major & minor scales & modes & arpeggios, triads, blues/pentatonic scales and "licks". phrasing & line development over simple & sophisticated harmonic changes.

Techniques including:
Alternate/sweep & tremolo picking, hybrid picking, slide guitar, hammer on/pull offs, (up to 8 finger) tapping, bending and whammy techniques, diagonal scale, arpeggios & note groupings and 4 finger scales.

Bass Guitar:

Right hand:
finger style, pick &
Groove, rhythms and playing time
Time signatures, walking bass lines,
arpeggios, double stops,
chords & improvising
Writing bass lines.

**All of my students learn:

Sight reading (standard notation/tablature)
Music Theory & Ear Training
Rhythm / Timing (including reading rhythms)

We will focus 1/2 of the lesson on repertoire and 1/2 the lesson on technique. Many of my students text/email me a few days prior to our scheduled lesson with a song selection for the week. I focus our lesson's technical study with the song in mind. It has proven to be very effective and makes the technique and theory are less "boring."

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have (7) guitars: including (4) electric, (2) acoustic/electric, & (3) electric bass
(2) tube guitar amplifiers, and various guitar effects pedals.

(1) full-size 88-key MIDI keyboard, (1) 61-key USB keyboard controller, and (1) Arturia MINILAB MIDI controller.

Also, I have an assortment of industry standard dynamic & condenser microphones for live performance and recording applications.

DAW recording software (Pro Tools 12.x, Logic 10.x, Ableton Live)
software synthesizers by Arturia, Fabfilter, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Steven Slate, Toontrack and more. I use plugin effects by Izotope, Fabfilter, Plugin Alliance and Universal Audio and Waves for many of my lessons and recording projects.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide a guitar, videos, music recording, music workbooks and everything else a student may need... I prefer for students to print chord/fretboard & staff paper and bring to their lessons... Although I can do it if they can't... Students should just bring a list of songs they wish to learn to our lessons and a desire to learn

*** Specialties ***

I am a performer and producer, fluent in the latest recording technology, with a ton of touring/stage experience. In addition to technical studies my students receive performance coaching/career development. I will help you to find your unique voice, a polished and distinct sound, and your true personality as an artist. I am 100% committed to making you a success!

I will recharge your passion for music and making music.
Andre January 11, 2018
· Guitar · In studio
Eric was really helpful in breaking down the rudimentary elements of the music I enjoy and would like to play .
Derek January 2, 2018
· Bass Guitar · In studio
Eric from day 1 was super in tune with what I wanted to accomplish with my first bass lessons and has catered lessons around that. After just 4 lessons I am playing at a new level and really enjoying it. I really appreciate his patience as well as his ability to challenge me weekly. Thanks!
Sizhan December 29, 2017
· Guitar · In studio
Eric is the best guitar teacher I've had, and I've had many over the years. He is remarkably skilled at the full range of guitar vocabulary, so no matter what I am interested in learning more, he is able to teach. As an instructor, he is very vested in the students' growth, and makes sure I am getting the help I need to get better even outside the class. He is extremely perceptive about my strengths, weaknesses, and interests, and carefully sequencing the best material according to my level, explaining why they are important, and showing me the next steps. After 6 months of taking lessons with Eric, I am very proud of the progress I've made, and even more excited about what I am able to do in the future.
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View Profile
Eric J.

Eric J.

starting at
$34 / 30-min

About Caleb T.

Seattle, WA
View Full Profile
About Caleb
My name is Caleb T. I am twenty-six years old and a graduate from Antioch University Seattle. I have lived in Washington since 2006, and have been an avid performer in the greater Seattle area.

I am a violinist of fifteen years. In high school, I won the Outstanding Underclassman in Orchestra Award two years in a row, as well as the Arion Award and Scholarship my Senior Year. I have played in groups such as the Louisiana All-State Youth Symphony, the Cascade Youth Symphony, the Seattle Rock Orchestra, and the Rainbow City Orchestra. In addition to this, I have soloed with the Rainbow City Orchestra and Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra. I have performed numerous times in pit orchestras for the Driftwood Players, Madrona Children's Theater, and several other institutions/shows.
Debra M. August 19, 2014
· Violin · In home
Caleb is an awesome teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable, very patient, and makes learning violin fun!
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Caleb T.

Caleb T.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Elizabeth M.

Lynnwood, WA

View Full Profile
About Elizabeth
Elizabeth is available for lessons in your home in the greater Seattle area. She teaches all experience levels and age groups. Lessons will be scheduled to fit with the student's availability whenever possible.

Although trained in standard teaching methods, Elizabeth has developed her own practice of teaching to positively enhance her student€™'s strength, dexterity, ear-training, and trombone techniques. Her teaching is tailored to help you achieve your goals as an artist and a musician. Elizabeth frequently employs technology in her lessons and encourages students to use it to enhance their learning and their practice.

Elizabeth grew up in a music-loving household and started playing the trombone at age ten. More than a decade later, she now plays a variety of styles including classical and jazz. She has her Bachelors degree
in Trombone Performance from UC Santa Barbara and has recently completed a Masters in Brass Performance at University of Washington.
Harvey October 12, 2016
· Trombone · In studio
The Best! Elizabeth is both patient and at the same time challenging. My son is learning that work, and effort invested, lead to measurable improvement. And he is enjoying playing the trombone!
Bethany S. August 18, 2016
· Trombone ·
I have worked with Elizabeth for years and she is a fantastic colleague. I'm not sure if I've met anyone else to match her incredible work ethic.You can expect very creative and effective lessons from her - she has a knack for inventive problem solving that makes musical improvement really fun and transformative for her students. While she is extremely friendly and warm, she is also informative and knowledgeable - a great balance to look for in a music instructor!
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View Profile
Elizabeth M.

Elizabeth M.

starting at
$50 / 30-min

About Donnie E.

About Donnie
Want to carry out at least one of your life goals? Well, if one of your goals is to learn the guitar, I can certainly help you!

Hi! My name is Donnie and I can't wait to meet you! I've been teaching private lessons for several years and have loved helping my students, Kevin, Andrew, and Avery (all of whom have left 5-star reviews) reach their goals! I strive to not only give my students exercises and riffs to learn, but to teach them the reasoning and Music Theory behind those notes and chords.

My teaching style is committed to showing you "how" to learn and not just throwing various songs, scales, and techniques at you. I will be firm and provide you with the accountability you need to move forward.

My favorite artists (many of whom have songs that are taught as part of my curriculum) are The Beatles, Metallica, Santana, Stev
ie Ray Vaghan, Nirvana, Green Day, Johnny Cash, The Eagles, Avenged Sevenfold, and many more!

Additionally, in 2017 I was given Takelesson's "Student Favorite" award. This means that I have consistently ranked in the top 15% of Takelessons teachers based upon reviews, number of students, and student retention!

Guitar has been a love of mine since I was 9 years old and I enjoy helping other people realize their full potential! I have training in standard notation and tablature, and I am equipped with the resources necessary to get you going quickly!

I am currently attending Liberty University and working on earning a degree in Business Administration. Each week, I teach around 18-20 students! I am looking forward to helping you reach your goals!

Please feel free to use the "Ask a question" feature, I will reply to you as soon as possible.
Ethan January 8, 2018
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Great first guitar lesson!
Jim Z. December 27, 2017
· Guitar · In studio
First Lesson went great, i can't wait for the other 9 lessons.
He made me feel very welcome. He's very down to earth and fun to be around.
Chase December 23, 2017
· Guitar · Online
Donnie is great. I can see The difficulty with learning guitar online but he does a great job. We are really looking forward to the future lessons.
View Details
View Profile
Donnie E.

Donnie E.

Nixa, MO 65714
starting at
$16.50 / 30-min

About Ron C.

Tulsa, OK

View Full Profile
About Ron
Ron is a professional musician in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. He has been playing music since the age of six. He began his music career by studying piano and has picked up many instruments along the way. Ron has been playing live music for private events in the Midwest region since moving to Tulsa in 2014.

Ron shares his love for music off the stage by teaching private lessons to students of all ages. He has mastered an encouraging and effective pedagogical style of teaching. He has taught diverse students to play and sing music, including lawyers, doctors, retired adults, and children as young as six years old. In 2016, he founded Curtis Music Academy and has enjoyed expanding his musicianship as a performer as well as a teacher.

| Songwriter |
Ron wrote his first song at the age of thirteen, which he stil
l enjoys playing to this day. After writing many songs over the years, he was presented with the opportunity to record his first full-length album in 2015 titled, “Live in KC.” From this album, Ron received recognition from the electronic-pop artist Ampyx. The two collaborated to produce the song, “Shoot For the Stars,” which was signed by a record label after just three days after its release.

| Awards & Achievements |
Ron was the recipient of a four year, full-tuition music scholarship at the University of Tulsa, where he was named the Outstanding Senior for K-12 music education. He graduated with honors, achieving recognition on the President's List each semester. Prior to attending TU, Ron received the Charles Ferguson Music Award for outstanding contribution to the music program at Missouri Valley College.
Paul November 15, 2017
· Acoustic Guitar · Online
Ron has helped me right away.
Staci November 1, 2017
· Singing · In studio
Inspiring. Just 10 weeks later I'm singing, confident & out of my box. Whether it's singing or an instrument you want to learn but you're afraid, just hire Ron. It's only the lessons you pay for the rest is free but both last a lifetime.
Staci September 12, 2017
· Singing · In studio
I was given homework last week. Came back today & nailed it! That's what he said. Still a long way from being a singer(my opinion). I'm still nervous & in my box but at least my box is open now. Ron's so great at what he does, he could make the sun freeze. After 20+ yrs of not being able to sing & only 3 lessons with Ron I can sing a Sandi Patty song then you know Ron's the man to call if you want to learn to sing. He'll make it happen!...Piece of advice, relax ;)
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Ron C.

Ron C.

starting at
$30 / 30-min
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About Tudor B.

Lansing, MI
View Full Profile
About Tudor
I have been playing for 13 years consistently.I am definitely looking towards a beginner to intermediate musician. If you are interested, I would be happy to devote my time and attention to you!
View Details
View Profile
Tudor B.

Tudor B.

starting at
$15 / 30-min

About Allie H.

Rogersville, MO

View Full Profile
About Allie
Raised on the Texas Opry Circuit, Allie Hutsell, formerly known as Allison Moore, has been performing professionally since the age of 7. During that time she worked with multiple Nashville recording artists such as The Judds, Jim Ed Brown, Porter Wagoner, Little Jimmy Dickens, Linda Davis and Leann Rimes just to name a few... From age 17 to 27, she was a featured Female Vocalist, Vocal Director and Production Assistant with The Shoji Tabuchi Show in Branson, MO. From 2000 to 2012, she performed as an independent contractor with her band The Allie Catz, and vocal duo "ShugaRush". She returned to The Shoji Tabuchi Show as a featured vocalist for the 2013 Season. Today, Allie is pursuing her solo career booking performances in many different genres, styles and formats as a soloist, small combo and full band as "Allie Hutsell"... all over Mis
souri and the US. Her passion for performing and entertaining audiences is absolutely contagious! In addition, Allie is a vocal and industry coach, mentor and consultant. She is owner and CEO of Doozy Productions & Consulting which offers specialized services for individuals and businesses in both the Vocal Performance Industry and the Online Media Marketing Industry!
Isaac December 4, 2017
· Country Singing · In studio
I have had the pleasure of working with Allie Hutsell and Doozy Productions for over 3 years now, and as a country singer/songwriter, I can attest to the professionalism and experience that Allie has to offer.
With an impressive resume in the music industry, she has been invaluable to me as a vocal coach, indispensable in the studio as a producer, and there are few entertainers in this region who can top her talent and energy on stage. I learned so much just from watching her play and sing.
When you hire Allie, not only will you benefit from top notch vocal coaching, and the basic social media consulting that Doozy Productions has to offer,.. you will gain performance opportunities, media exposure, contacts with other local artists & professionals, and so much more.
I feel privileged to call Allie my friend and one of my music mentors, and I know you will love her as well!
-Isaac Kenneth
Jessica November 23, 2017
· Vocal Training · In studio
Allie is everything I need/want in a vocal instructor. She is truly a hidden gem in the town of Rogersville, MO. The technique she uses has helped grow my range and take the strain off my vocal chords. If you ever get the chance to work with her, take that opportunity! She's amazing!
Rachel November 21, 2017
· Country Singing · In studio
I loved getting to work with Allie! She taught me how to sing in a country style as opposed to a classical which is what I had been taught my whole life. Due to her connections, I was able to start my country music career and even gets one of my songs on the radio! She is a loyal and loving teacher! She is her students biggest cheerleader!!
View Details
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Allie H.

Allie H.

Rogersville, MO 65742
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Charles B.

Jamestown, NC
View Full Profile
About Charles
Our mission is to allow the young and young in heart a face to face contact with a craft that can change their world.  We inform and give the basic steps in become a successful drummer/percussionist. With this we empower human development and stress the importance of education. We make an effort to create and build more than drummers. We help development the talent.

DS'W3000 expose the drummer within.

Our literacy program is called Reading2ThaRhythm creating effective readers and drum illustrator

Group or individual: we take every child  and explore them into

1. Word recognition 
2. Syllables
3. Pronunciation
4. Sentence structure 

This program is a take home and continue for readers of all ages.

We take the book that is selected and over come the barriers of reading.

Upcoming events access to to them.
View Details
View Profile
Charles B.

Charles B.

starting at
$42 / 60-min

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