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Barbara L.

Rosamond, CA

About Barbara

Originally from Wisconsin, I was a music student at UW LaCrosse before coming to LA to attend Musician's Institute in Hollywood,(GIT) where I graduated with honors and was awarded a USA Custom Ibanez
guitar. I remained in LA working in numerous bands spanning a wide variety of musical styles including blues, rock, country, surf, and even Persian music! With "The California Girls", an all female surf band, I opened for "The Beach Boys" , "The Safaris", "Jan and Dean", "Steppin Wolf"; toured the US playing theaters, fairs, casinos; and played overseas for the troops in Bosnia, Kosovo, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Iraq, Afghanistan, Norway, Germany, the Pacific Islands, and Diego Garcia. Most recently I was a member of the Greg London band, an impressionist with whom I performed in Leicester Square in the West End of London, at Harrah's Reno and the Las Vegas Hilton for extended runs. I fill in with "ThundHerStruck", an all female AC/DC tribute band and recently did a tour to Afghanistan with them. I also have a band called "Sierra Highway" that performs in the Antelope Valley.
I have studied vocal technique extensively with Robert Edwards, renown vocal coach to the stars (Christina Aguilera, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow ) and learned to teach his method which is similar to the famous "Seth Riggs" method. I have played piano since early childhood.
I look forward to helping you achieve your musical goals and tailoring your lessons specifically to your needs!

*** Lesson Details ***
I like to combine specific basics about music and technique with material you would really enjoy learning and performing. Each song or piece has several lessons that can be learned from it. If you enjoy the material, you are more likely to practice every day and progress! You will have opportunities to perform at a recital solo or as a part of a group.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Private commercial studio w/ piano, amps, mic, and seating for parents

*** Specialties ***
Guitar is my main thing, personally I like blues/rock.


Madison K. July 9, 2016
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
Wow! Barbara is a very professional instructor with great communication skills. I believe that she is one of the best teachers I've met.
Lissandra S. April 3, 2016
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Very nice teacher! For are first time I like the way she was explaining to my daughter She feel comfortable that she is looking forward to go back thank youb she feel comfortable that she is looking forward to go back thank you Barbara! 👍😊
aleena August 9, 2015
Bass Guitar · In studio
Really great teacher, having fun learning.
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Barbara L.

Barbara L.

Rosamond, CA 93560
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Tony C.

Lancaster, CA

About Tony

Tony teaches.. All Ages, All Skill Levels, All Styles ,One on One instruction. Over 30 years teaching experience focusing on Drum set, Drum Line, Rudiments, Reading, Counting, Technique, Coordination,
Independence and Musicianship. Including annual performance opportunities and recitals.

Tony's Teaching approach is upbeat, enthusiastic and motivational with emphasis on ease of motion, relaxation and a natural physical approach to drum set. He also specializes in teaching Rudimental Snare Technique for modern Drum and Bugle Corps.

Tony is a graduate of Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood CA and was the Percussive Arts Society Rudimental Drum Champion. Versatility being Tony's strong point, he has performed with various artist such as: Gina Eckstine, Allen Rich (Son of Charlie Rich), The Convertibles, Fabian, Johnny Paycheck, Neil McCoy, Steve Warner, The Drifters, Jim Lauderdale, The Tony C Orchestra and Jazz Quintets.

Tony's credits include countless commercials, music demos, theater and various local and national television. He has taught at Simi Valley High School, El Camino High School, Royal High School, Palmdale High School, Lancaster High School, Rosamond High School. He was the Senior Drum Instructor/Workshop Clinician at both Mario's Music in Lancaster CA from 1990 to 2012 and World Music in Simi Valley CA from 1983 to 1990.

Tony is a Jazz Historian, Lecturer and Clinician.

Endorsements Include: Capella Drum Sticks, Percussion Drum Hardware and Accessories and Rhythm Tech Percussion Instruments.


Diana June 28, 2016
Drum · In studio
I started taking lessons from Tony about 15 years ago. I started taking them from Tony when he was teaching at Marios Music. The guy is an awesome teacher. He taught me how to hold my Drumsticks right, how to read Music, how to do perididdles, how to hit the snare the right way. How to relax my hand and work my wrist. He is an awesome drummer himself. He showed me the right way to be a professional Drummer. I told him when I first went in there I wanted to just play for my Church. I've never stopped and have been in 3 Bands. I'm always playing at Church as well as Bands. I love it. I am female. So ladies in f you want to be a working or just having fun drummer this is the guy that will hook you up. He is an awesome Drum Instructor as well as a drummer who goes everywhere to play. I'd you want a great Teacher call Tony. You won't be sorry. Also guys you too. Tony is easy to get along with and always helpful if you don't understand.
Erica September 8, 2015
Drum · In studio
Tony did an amazing job with drum lessons for my son! Works well with children and my son progressed rapidly. I highly recommend Tony!
Terry September 2, 2015
Drum · In studio
Many, many years ago, I was lucky enough to have a math professor at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo who found a way to make mathematics an exciting area of study for me and all of his other students.

Many years ago, I was lucky enough to have a professor in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at UCLA who had the ability to provide the perfect amount of background, not too much, not too little, in his graduate courses so that no matter what the student’s undergraduate degree was in, there was never a problem with them understanding the newly introduced graduate level concepts.

And now, I am lucky enough that I found a drum instructor who was willing to take on an old guy (remember the many, many years ago stuff above <g>) and work around my problems with arthritis, senior moments, bad vision, and an occasional decrease in motivation.

While I am probably his oldest student (a distinction I could have lived without), I have listened to him work with several younger, in some cases way younger, students and he is another one of those special people who can teach. Not everybody can teach. Of those that can, many don’t teach well. And, of those that can teach well, not all of them can teach well to people with a broad range of backgrounds, skill sets, motivations, and ages.

Tony has the ability to teach well, no matter what your circumstances.
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Tony C.

Tony C.

Lancaster, CA 93534
starting at
$24 / 30-min

Prophet C.

Lancaster, CA

About Prophet

Prophet C. is professionally known as The Prophet X. He is a professional rap artist, music production company owner, record label owner, website design company owner and more.

Currently Prophet is
teaching all of the following classes both in-home and online:

Reason 8
Hip Hop Production
Freestyle Rapping, Rap Composition
Rock & Metal Production
Midi Orchestration, Film Scoring
Audio Engineering
Multi-Track Recording
Mixing & Mastering
Reason Software, Sound Forge, Pro Tools
Live Performance tips & more.
Beginning Guitar & Bass

Prophet’s style focuses on the primary learning method of the student. All students are either Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic learners, or a combination of the three. By adapting teaching methods to these learning methods, great results can be produced in a short time.


Norman N. February 11, 2016
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
Great first lesson, and I have alot of practice to do,Thank's Prophet.
TECH August 8, 2015
Audio Engineering · In studio
The Prophet X helped me out a grip! Took My Mixing and Audio Engineering in Reason to a whole nother Level.

Not to mention Mixing and Mastering my first official album take a listen here @

I would highly recomend him to anyone who is looking for high quality music production.
Jamie August 6, 2015
Songwriting · In studio
Prophet is one of the last GOOD GUYS left. Not only that, but he has experience as a real musician. He plays guitar, bass, drums and keys. He has produced me numerous times on songs that I've written, but needed them to come to life. He works FAST and SIMPLE. I can't say enough about his professionalism, musicianship, follow through and kindness. Anyone looking to learn will get a dedicated teacher that will make sure you can walk away with the knowledge you need. Guaranteed!
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Prophet C.

Prophet C.

Lancaster, CA 93534
starting at
$20 / 30-min

Kymbr M.

Lancaster, CA

About Kymbr

I started tutoring and caring for children very early, volunteered in classrooms in preschools, elementary schools and special needs classes when I was still in school. I began my AA degree in Early
Childhood Education in 1993, but had to put my schooling aside in favor of employment and parenthood. I worked with children from infants to teens over the next twenty years in childcare centers, day cares, school age programs, tutoring and private lessons.I completed my BA in Education in March of 2014.


Tina W. April 20, 2015
Sewing · Online
Verified Student
Kymbr is an outstanding instructor. She and my daughter skype every week and she has surpassed our expectations of what my daughter wanted to accomplish in every way. She is well prepared, professional and patient. Highly recommend.
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Kymbr M.

Kymbr M.

Lancaster, CA 93534
starting at
$20 / 30-min

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