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About Erin P.

Bronx, NY
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About Erin
Erin has helped students get into advanced orchestras, audition successfully for competitive summer programs like Camp MSM, and refine their technique for more enjoyment of our fantastically challenging instrument! She was a former flute player who transitioned successfully to horn playing, and specializes in helping students of other instruments come over to the "horn side" of life.

Erin earned her bachelor of music degree at The Hartt School, and a master of music in horn at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She is currently freelancing in NYC, playing in venues from Carnegie Hall to the New York Public Library. As an expert in her field, Erin looks forward to helping new students achieve their goals. Erin's teaching style is fun, accessible, and tailored to the student's individual needs and goals.

Erin P. has been teaching pr
ivate lessons since 2006, and is currently available to teach lessons in her home studio in Riverdale (Bronx) or online. Riverdale is convenient to the 9A Henry Hudson Parkway, I-87 Major Deegan Exp, and I-95 Cross-Bronx Exp, just 7 minutes from the George Washington Bridge.
Anleah W. April 20, 2016
· French Horn · Online
Erin is such a pro! A wealth of knowledge, but more importantly, she knows how to RELATE to students - like my daughter! :)
Bonnie C. September 1, 2014
· French Horn · In home
Erin is one of the kindest and most engaging musicians I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know. She has a natural way with children which puts them at ease. She's thoughtful and completely professional. Her years of experience playing and her demeanor make her the perfect French Horn teacher. My son had the passion to learn to play and she tapped into his enthusiasm and matched it with her energy and appreciation of a student who is eager to learn! I can't say enough about Erin accept that she is uniquely talented and the perfect music teacher.
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Erin P.

Erin P.

starting at
$39 / 30-min

About Randy L.

White Lake, WI

View Full Profile
About Randy
Teacher / Musician / Producer

Are you an adult who always wished you could play or sing?
Or a homeschooler who wishes you had music for your child?

Do you wish you or your child could just sit down and play the music you feel?

Is fear or uncertainty stopping you from playing in front of others?

Have you written some great song lyrics and just need help with the music?

Do you live far away from a good selection of teachers?

Maybe we should be talking.
We make it easy to study online, from anywhere in the world.

Children don't learn to read before they can talk. So why should anyone have to try to read before they play or sing?

That is how music has been taught for many years, andone reason why many students just quit or had a miserable time with piano lessons. Music should be fun. Period.

We use m
usic to help you find your own voice.
When you find your voice, the rest of you is not far behind.

We help people to overcome any fears they may have about playing. We simply help you to find your confidence. Many people are afraid to express themselves because of negative comments from a family member or friend. We help you move far past that and get to your own voice, free of worries.

It has been said that playing only from sheet music is like only being able to talk when you are reading it from a book.

We help people to play and sing by ear.

Yes, learning to read music brings you wonderful music from some great composers. But there is so much more.

First, we find out how you learn and what you are interested in. Life is just different when you get in touch with the music inside you. Sure, it is some work, but it is very satisfying!
I love to help people do this!

All that said, reading musical notes is like your alphabet.
When was the last time you had to ponder the alphabet when you wanted to speak? Once you know the alphabet, you just forget it and move on, to words, stories and communication.
Music is a language as well.

Everybody loves music. How will you find yours? It’s different for everyone.
Maybe you want to sing like that great pop singer you love, or play keyboard. Some people write songs. In all cases, the keyboard helps you to understand all about music.

Bach used to improvise all the time. Why shouldn't you?

If you write songs, just bring in an idea and we will record it. We set a tempo and a key, and get your basic groove looped, all in about two minutes. Then we lay down the chords and a bass part and you sing a reference vocal. You can easily lay out a song in a one-hour session. Then it is easy to see how to produce it. It is amazing to go home with a recording of your song that did not exist in the world until you gave it a voice!

Along the way, you become a better writer, singer and/or keyboard player. You will learn to play by ear. And have a LOT of fun. You can do this online too.

You create a rough sketch and we track it, with your input.
We can help you to set up your own songwriter studio as well. If you get Logic software at your end, you can put on phones and cut a vocal with me producing you.
Seriously, great fun.

“ amazing instructor...inspiring mentor...compassionate.”
“...a lot of patience.”
“My son's love for music has come from Randy.”
“...positive attitude and friendly personality.”
“...wildly entertaining.”
“ ...will teach you in a way that will make you want to learn.”
“We look forward to our lesson every week!”

"Randy, I like your "Semper Method of Music” teaching method.
It's applying knowledge with fun, and common sense... the best combination. Good luck. You’re a great musician."
Joe Messina,
Motown recording guitarist & Funk Brother

Your music. Instantly.
We use recording as a powerful tool to help you listen and improve.
Tired of crappy tabs? Struggling to capture your song? No worries.
Learn a process, instead of a lesson. Apply it anywhere.

Go from musical idea to music, fast.
Get to the groove in 2 minutes or less. In any software.

SONGLab Studio. The antidote to rote.

Please note: If the particular time you had in mind is listed as unavailable, don’t worry. Between working online and two locations, I am very flexible and will work hard to make our schedules click.

Everyone's needs are special. If your child has been diagnosed ADHD or ASD, music can be a joyful and rewarding way to see real growth and make a wonderful experience for parent and child. We help with the Proprioceptive and Vestibular senses in a fun and therapeutic way.

Just Google "BrainVolts" for a tremendous study from Northwestern University on the amazing effects of music study!

Playing by Ear
Pretty much everyone can play by ear. So we help you to find your own voice, reach your musical goals and to create and perform music as a real and beautiful part of your life.

Making music should not be a boring job. Rather, it should be something you can't wait to do. A way to get in touch with the rest of the universe. You will also learn to read and write, but it won't get in the way of your music.

Since a very young age I have loved to improvise and to create music. It is very satisfying to pass this on to others who are full of music inside but may not know how to get it out. If you wish that you or your child could get some help creating your own music as well as playing the great music already written, perhaps we should be talking.

I am from Canada, and I have been a professional musician since 1970. I studied music performance in school, piano with the Royal Conservatory of Toronto and Music Education at Queens University. I have toured with national acts, produced dozens of recordings of all kinds and played, arranged and conducted music on cruise ships all over the world.

Music is my life. Bringing other people's skills to a higher level is what I do best.

Tell me what you want to accomplish, either for yourself or your child. I look forward to speaking with you.
Warm regards,

A note about allergens:
I teach online and at my home and my studio. At home we have two very friendly dogs and a cat (Julian) who sleeps all day. If you have allergies, we will study at the Troy studio which is allergen-free. Unless you love animals. In that case, you will get to meet Vinnie & Buddy, the two most kid-friendly, loves-everybody, most gentle little guys you will ever meet. I put Vinnie's picture up so you can see him.

Teaching teachers
Several excellent teachers I know who have been teaching music for many years were frustrated by not being able to play without a sheet of music. They have found satisfying and positive results from this approach.

Wouldn't it be great to be gifted? In fact... It turns out that choices lead to habits.
Habits become talents. Talents are labeled gifts.
You're not born this way, you get this way.
~ Seth Godin

*** Lesson Details ***

Music should be fun. Period.

My only real job is to make sure you have fun and want to learn more. Then you will do the rest. you will astonish yourself and everyone around you!

In a traditional music education, reading the works of others is the focus, with no encouragement to improvise or to play by ear.

In our community, there is a prestigious, private college prep school that charges just under $80 per hour for traditional private music lessons. If you take away the music, most cannot play a note.

My method is every bit the equal of that school for those who are drawn to express themselves playing by ear. You will still learn all the core skills needed to be a well-rounded musician.

Music study helps people young and old to overcome shyness and build confidence. It empowers them as they refine their special talents.

We will always have a lot of fun, but there is a lot to do, so we need to be efficient. My teaching method is a combination of the best methods I have found. It is backed up with the same solid principles that I received when I was a student myself. If you choose to continue and pursue a classical education at a high level, you will be well-prepared.

Please note:
You are most welcome to start with 30 minute sessions to see if we are a good fit. 30 min lessons are offered for this purpose and also for very young children with short attention spans. For any student, wishing to make progress, lessons will eventually need to be an hour or 45 minutes at minimum in order to reach your goals.

While fun is our main goal, we need results and I am an old-school stickler for results.

Weekly sessions are the only way to get measurable results, and the only way I teach. Two absences a month is noted by colleges as a clear path to dropping out. That is what bi-weekly sessions will do.

Though you'll receive serious critiques from me, I always uplift and encourage. Positive energy is the ticket.

My Method:
Listen, Sing, Clap, Play, Read and Write. With these tools you can look deeper into the elements that make up music. Folk, jazz, pop, rock or classical; all Western music is derived from the same principles. We will study ear training from a wonderful ear training book by a famous guitarist. It'™s simple: you learn all the theory so you will be at the top of your game, but always have fun doing it.
For notation, we will use The Semper Note Speller.
For scales, we have the famous Brown Scale Book.

We use recording as a tool to help you hear how you sound and we always encourage you to express yourself with improvisation. In many cases, you will have tracks to practice with. We also use apps for your phone that really help. A guitar tuner to nail down vocal pitch, as well as a metronome app that is with you wherever you go. If you have a minute anywhere you can get in some good practice time. So we truly have the best of all worlds: playing from music and learning to play by ear! If you stick with it and do the work, the end result will be that you can always just sit down and play, whether or not you have any music in front of you!

On our first lesson we will do a duet jam session together and you will not believe how great you sound!

The Big Picture
In the old days, a tiny percentage of students would become a concert pianist.

Today, there are a multitude of other ways to become involved with music. Whether you are looking at music as a profession or as a hobby, we let parents know of the many choices available so that they can make good decisions, for themselves and for their children.

Having fun as you improve is a big priority. I also teach songwriting, singing, music recording and performance, as well as piano.

A piano should be an irresistible invitation, not an obstacle.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Troy studio: A digital keyboard in a professional recording control-room environment at our media production studio. The studio is near Big Beaver and Stephenson Hwy.

Home studio: An acoustic piano and recording studio environment at my home in Franklin/Beverly Hills.

Your Instrument
If you are taking any kind of music lesson, we recommend a tuned piano or digital keyboard, preferably with at least 76 full-sized keys.

We have helped many people to find the right piano.
If you like, I can suggest several different models of keyboard that I have researched and of which I approve. They range from an inexpensive but effective starter keyboard for ear training and just plain fun to an 88 note weighted keyboard for more expressive practice.

*** Specialties ***
Adults who always wanted to.
Homeschoolers who are frustrated.
Kids who just love music.

My youngest student is 4 and my oldest student is 102 now. )At 100 he recorded an album of songs from the 1920s!)

I teach people of all ages first to play by ear and to have fun while they study. Then I back up ear training with solid theory so they can read and write music. In school I studied many traditional methods and I have distilled my own distinct method from them. Though I am classically trained, I specialize in improvisation.
Here's to a most satisfying musical experience!
Best regards,
Andrew August 11, 2018
· Speaking Voice · Online
Passionate and promising!
Shannon Gordon May 23, 2018
· Speaking Voice · Online
Engaging, quick to follow up with notes. Looking forward to next lesson.
Keith April 20, 2018
· Piano · Online
Awesome!!!!!! Such a great teacher!!
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Randy L.

Randy L.

starting at
$40 / 30-min

About DeAndre K.

Huntsville, AL
View Full Profile
About DeAndre
I am looking for students who want to work hard at learning an instrument or anyone that would like to learn to read music. I specialize in classical and religious music. I have been playing in the Huntsville/ Decatur area for years.
Eric O. October 6, 2016
· Viola · Online
For the last year I have been taking piano, viola and violin lessons online with DeAndre. He is a natural, insightful teacher and I look forward to years of lessons with him. I would absolutely recommend him.

I'm a beginner with the violin and viola and an intermediate pianist. I was doubtful at first that I would be able to learn through a video chat. I'm amazed at the detail DeAndre can pick up just by watching a video chat. There have been many times when we just did the lesson over the phone with no video and he was able to tell that my fingering hand was in the wrong position or I was holding the bow wrong just by listening over the phone!

On and off through my life I've taken piano and viola lessons (I'm 46) and was never able to get very far. I found my teachers discouraged me in many ways without trying to. DeAndre has been fantastic. With his instruction I've been able to do things I never thought I would ever be able to do. He's excellent at giving feedback about the things I'm doing wrong but in a way that keeps me positive and makes me aware of the things I'm doing well and the things I need to improve.

DeAndre is absolutely worth the time and money.
Meika H. February 1, 2016
· Violin · Online
Very nice guy. He puts a strong emphasis on both technique and theory.
Tiesha T. October 4, 2015
· Cello · Online
My daughter is extremely shy and introvert, she said she felt comfortable with DeAndre. From my observance of him interacting with her he is very patient and is able to work well with young beginning students. My daughter is 11 and her only experience was playing with her strings class last year in 5th grade. You can tell DeAndre has a very calm personality that translates into his lessons with his students. That is such an important quality to possess when working with young beginning students. Thanks for a great lesson we look forward to many more with you.
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DeAndre K.

DeAndre K.

Huntsville, AL 35810
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Rodena B.

Huntsville, AL
View Full Profile
About Rodena
I am a professional musician. Studied classical viola for 36 years and piano for 18 years. I do lots of freelance work with orchestral, churches, and string quartets.
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Rodena B.

Rodena B.

Huntsville, AL 35810
starting at
$34 / 30-min

About Jill K.

Huntsville, AL
View Full Profile
About Jill
Passionate about teaching ASL to everybody!! Weather you're a business owner looking to expand your communication boundaries, or a parent learning to help communicate with a child, or even a child, who is HOH/ deaf, or has friends who are deaf and want to communicate better with them, I am your gal!! I also have extended experience in helping nonverbal children communicate using sign in the world of special education..I am flexible, and I love teaching/signing. Welcome to the world of singing, it's a glorious art!
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Jill K.

Jill K.

Huntsville, AL 35801
starting at
$15 / 30-min
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About Twanna R.

Hillsboro, AL
View Full Profile
About Twanna
I am a professional public speaker, singer, songwriter, and recording artist.
I am also a professional makeup artist.

Voice students, both speakers and singers, can expect to improve week to week in their vocal technique. Every voice has a unique timbre; I teach students to release built up tension and apply foundational techniques in order to unlock their own individual sound. I can help any student to sing or speak with freedom, confidence, and expression.

I teach makeup to students of all different ages and experience levels. I studied cosmetology and graduated in 1994, and I will help any student reach their goals.

I love to mentor students who want to become effective, dynamic professional people.

My personal passion is Christian music but I firmly believe that great technique is essential to any and every style. I look forward
to meeting you and helping you to become a better public speaker, vocalist or makeup artist!

View Details
View Profile
Twanna R.

Twanna R.

Hillsboro, AL 35643
starting at
$100 / 60-min

About Jan B.

Huntsville, AL

View Full Profile
About Jan
I LOVE TEACHING! I have never had a student I didn't like, and I have taught in classrooms and privately for over 40 years, so that's a lot of students!

I have been blessed to have some ability for playing the clarinet, and that along with many hours and YEARS of practice, have made me be able to help 100's and 100's of students to achieve success, winning competitions, receiving Superior ratings, making All-State Band, Honor Bands, ALL-AMERICAN Band, and being awarded college scholarships!

My extensive teaching experience, along with my extensive LIFE experience has brought me to where I am now...a happy, healthy, energetic, successful, and blessed person. If you give me a chance as your tutor/mentor, I pledge to you 100% of the best I have to give, and I will take you from wherever you are now, to as far as you want to go! Kal Opper
man was a famous clarinet teacher who taught many of the world's best clarinetists, I love so much of his teaching, including this saying, "The only thing that is separating you from the world's greatest clarinetist's is hours!" WOW! Think of it..YOU have what it takes right now! I can help you dig down, do the work and find it!

VERY sincerely, Ms. Jan (Betterton)
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Jan B.

Jan B.

Huntsville, AL 35801
starting at
$27.50 / 30-min

About Billy P.

Harvest, AL
View Full Profile
About Billy
Billy Pettinger is a music industry professional who has been teaching for over 20 years. She began studying piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music located in Canada at age seven. Her passion for music already evident, she took up classical guitar at age 11 and drums a few years later. By age 18 she had made the transition to popular music songwriter and performer, fronting her own band, releasing albums and touring the world.

In 1999 Billy founded Lost Records and was the catalyst for the release of 19 musical albums and their marketing campaigns. Billy has acted as a tour booking, radio servicing and publicity release consultant for 14 years. To date she has over 200 registered songs, 19 releases and has had her original works featured in shows such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent, A&E’s Biography and Continuum, Foreverland
featuring Juliette Lewis and Larry Crowne featuring Tom Hanks.

Billy teaches all ages and all styles, from classical to rock. She attributes her success in the recording studio to her classical background, which focused on structure and discipline. She was never a fan of either of these things, however, and prefers to just enjoy the process these days.
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Billy P.

Billy P.

Harvest, AL 35749
starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Brandin K.

Louisville, KY
View Full Profile
About Brandin
Brandin Kreuder (24) enjoys a growing career as a chamber musician, studio musician, and as an orchestral musician. Mr. Kreuder began the violin at the age of 9, and at 23 he switched primarily to the viola. In 2018, at the age of 24 he was named a finalist for the New World Symphony Orchestra in Miami Beach, Florida. He is currently the viola TA to Brittany MacWilliams at the University of Louisville School of Music, and performs in the graduate string quartet.

With a strong entrepreneurial drive, Mr. Kreuder performs with pianist Craig Jordan as Duo Vis-À-Vis. They have performed five self-organized concert tours since meeting in 2016. Recent performance locations have included Kansas City, Missouri; Boulder, Colorado; San Francisco, California; Madison, Wisconsin; and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

As a fellow with the Henry Mancini I
nstitute orchestra at the University of Miami from 2016-2018, Mr. Kreuder has performed and shared the stage with Julie Andrews, John Williams, Kristen Chenoweth, Matthew Morrison, Bruce Hornsby, Monica Mancini, and James Galway (among others). In 2017, he served as the concertmaster for the world premiere performance of The Pink Panther live with the film in Boca Raton, Florida.

In summer of 2016, Mr. Kreuder was accepted as a leadership scholar to the Sewanee Music Festival in Tennessee, where he had the privilege to attend on full scholarship and coach student chamber groups. In 2014 he attended the Oberlin Baroque Performance Institute (BPI), as an intern on full scholarship. Mr. Kreuder credits baroque practice to developing looser playing.

Mr. Kreuder has performed in pit orchestras for over 30 theatre productions. In the summers of 2018 and 2017 he held the position of Principal Viola with the College Light Opera Company in Cape Cod, after formerly serving as Assistant Concertmaster in 2015. Additionally, he worked as the Principal Second Violin with the Franco American Vocal Academy in Périgueux, France.

Mr. Kreuder has been fortunate to perform on a number of fine instruments, including a 17th century Andrea Guarneri violin from Lawrence University, and most recently a Gaetano Gadda viola on short-term loan from violinist Charles Castleman.

Outside of music, Mr. Kreuder exhibits his ceramic and drawing work professionally. In spring of 2018, he had work exhibited in both Petoskey and Traverse City, Michigan. In April of 2017, other work was featured in a juried exhibit in Miami’s Wynwood art district, where it was selected as the Best of Show. Mr. Kreuder is also an avid traveler and has visited 12 countries outside of the USA.
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Brandin K.

Brandin K.

starting at
$25 / 30-min

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