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Elia F.

Elia F.

I am a professional clarinetist passionate about sharing the joy of music with others. I specialize in beginner to intermediate students of all ages. I teach students how to practice and why to practice in order to help them fall in love with the clarinet! Typical lessons involve scales, sight reading, and a piece that the student chooses. If you like having fun and learning about different kinds of music send me a message!
/30 mins
Michael R.

Michael R.

Tired of being frustrated by the pace of self-teaching or is your child bored with the progress in school band class? Are you an adult who never played an instrument but are really interested in learning a wind instrument? Not able to express yourself creatively or don't really understand why your favorite songs or styles of music work? Do you want a more hands-on way of teaching with personalized plans just for you? Learn how to play the Clarinet with Michael! Michael teaches a variety of instruments and subjects in the woodwind family: - Saxophone - Clarinet - Flute - Improvisation - Music Theory - Jazz Studies Michael creates versatile and fun lesson plans that incorporate learning your favorite music while teaching theory, improvisation, note reading, songwriting, or any other interests! He has an easy-to-follow, fun, but yet structured and thorough plan designed for results to help the student reach their goals, rather than imposing an one-size-fits-all plan just from lesson books! Michael teaches anyone from kids to adults and seniors and encourages all students to be creative while really understanding the music they play. Michael incorporates classical and traditional music into lesson programs alongside modern styles to create diverse and interesting repertoire!
/30 mins
Rhonda C.

Rhonda C.

We are going to HAVE FUN! I will be customizing your lessons to your needs, your skill level, your age, and most importantly, what you would like to learn on the Clarinet. Before getting into the pertinent details for clarinet, I also offer lessons on the "Recorder" or also known as the Flutophone. The recorder is a terrific beginners instrument for young children who have no prior experience with music. As an adult, if you enjoy the sound of the flute, but prefer to start with something easier, then the recorder would be a great choice. If you, or your child is interested in the recorder, sign up here for clarinet, but make a note it is the recorder you are signing up for. TakeLessons has not added the recorder to the list of instruments, but is in the process of doing so. Also, if group lessons is something of interest, we can make arrangements through this platform. Group lessons are great for homeschool groups, especially when a music class has been incorporated into a home school co-op, and no one is available teach recorder. This is an excellent platform to provide those group lessons. Years ago, I taught the recorder in our Christian School, grades K-6th. The students looked forward to each class and had so much fun! Ever so often, I will hear from someone (who is now a grownup), and refers to those times as some wonderful memories. I will be including the basic fundamentals (for example, scales and arpeggios as warmup exercises when you practice) keeping them fun, not grueling or boring. Students interested in learning clarinet will be instructed in the basic principles of the clarinet such as proper finger placement and how to sit while playing. We will focus on both note reading as well as ear training (learning to play by ear) which opens up a whole new level when playing any instrument. Of course we will focus on the strengths of each student as everyone will vary in these areas. Some are stronger in note reading, whereas others are skilled and even gifted in playing by ear. My ultimate goal is for each student to have fun and enjoy this fun instrument. I will help you sight read music (new songs) which is extremely useful should you join a group or accompany others and they suddenly place a piece of music in front of you and would like you to play it. Sight reading helps you to play songs you've never seen or had a chance to practice ahead of time. Of course the most important is learning the genre of music (songs) you like. We can discuss the areas you are most interested in before signing up to see if we are a good fit in this area. Before moving on to Lesson Details, should you sign up for clarinet lessons, I want you to know that the above mentioned is not in concrete. I will never force a student of mine to do something they absolutely do not want to do. I will encourage you to try it, but once you've come to the conclusion you have no desire for certain areas, we will focus on what it is you desire to learn and feel most comfortable at learning. Concerning very young children, we may not be as flexible as they do not have the ability to discern what they want or need quite yet. As they progress, and I can see where their strengths and weaknesses lie, we can discuss what will be best for them to progress without having difficulties, which could be discouraging and lead to quitting early on. NEW! Starting on 9/1/2021: I have decided to offer all new students an "indefinite discount" for not only back-to-school students, but for all ages. To be a bit of a financial help, I've lowered my current prices to give a long term discount. A 30 minute lesson is usually $28.00. With the discount, it will be $23. A 45 minute lesson is usually $39, with the discount, it will be $34. A 60 minute lesson is usually $50, with the discount, it will be $45. *** Lesson Details *** Listed here are the basics you will need to get off to a great start at your first lesson and future lessons. These are required items to learn properly, as well as for me to teach you adequately. Without these tools, we will struggle as both teacher and student, which is not what either of us would want. Please be sure to order these items as soon as possible once you've committed to lessons. If these items have not arrived before the lesson, I do have material we can and will use, so again, don't fret over this. As you will see, I am flexible and want this to be fun, not frustrating for you. 1. A Clarinet This may sound simple, just get a clarinet, and you're all set. But there's a little more to "just" having a clarinet in your possession and presuming you or your child can play it with ease. The pads must be in very good condition. If they are worn, old, dried out, cracked or worse yet, missing altogether, you will need to have this instrument refurbished or purchase one in excellent working order. The keys and mechanisms must also be working properly. Bent or missing springs/screws can cause a malfunctioning of the keys needed to be pressed to achieve different notes on the clarinet. 2. Reeds A reed is vital to play the clarinet. My suggestion is to go to your nearest music store with your clarinet and let them know who will be learning on this instrument. They will be able to help you purchase the correct reed for your instrument. Please be sure to buy multiple reeds to have extra on hand as they do chip or crack easily. A reed can last quite a long time when well taken care of and properly stored, but things happen, and quickly. Once a reed has a crack or a p