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Flute with Michael R.

Portland, Oregon

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Age: 10+
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Teaching since 2012
BA Jazz Performance
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Learn Flute in No Time with Personalized Lessons from a Pro

Tired of being frustrated by the pace of self-teaching or is your child bored with the progress in school band class? Are you an adult who never played an instrument but are really interested in learning a wind instrument? Not able to express yourself creatively or don't really understand why your favorite songs or styles of music work? Do you want a more hands-on way of teaching with personalized plans just for you? Learn how to play the Flute with Michael! Michael teaches a variety of instruments and subjects in the woodwind family: - Saxophone - Clarinet - Flute - Improvisation - Music Theory - Jazz Studies Michael creates versatile and fun lesson plans that incorporate learning your favorite music while teaching theory, improvisation, note reading, songwriting, or any other interests! He has an easy-to-follow, fun, but yet structured and thorough plan designed for results to help the student reach their goals, rather than imposing an one-size-fits-all plan just from lesson books! Michael teaches anyone from kids to adults and seniors and encourages all students to be creative while really understanding the music they play. Michael incorporates classical and traditional music into lesson programs alongside modern styles to create diverse and interesting repertoire!

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Teacher's Studio
Teacher's Studio
SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Teaches Online
Teaches Online

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About Michael R.

Michael is a freelance musician based in the Portland metropolitan area. His diverse skill set allows him to perform in a variety of musical groups. Michael is hired regularly to perform for: jazz and cover bands, weddings, corporate events, musicals, and studio sessions. He also leads and writes music for his own band that performs regularly in the Portland metropolitan area. He attended Mount Hood Community College and Portland State University. Michael graduated with a B.S. in Biology and Jazz Performance. Many describe Michael as genuine and passionate. He has a youthful, energetic teaching style that works well with most students. Michael’s creativity and patience allow him to help his students grasp tough concepts and improve at a faster rate than they would on their own. Michael’s practice philosophy is simple. Make practice enjoyable and efficient. He has experienced the common pitfall of practicing scales for many hours only to retain little or nothing. Michael shows his students techniques to focus, and get more done with less wasted time. Lessons are customized to meet the student’s goals and learning style. Michael ensures that every student will have the skills to be a complete musician that is comfortable in any musical genre or setting. He enjoys working with students of all abilities. Michael relates to the absolute beginner and experienced musician equally.
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85 Reviews
Michael is very knowledgeable, upbeat and encouraging for our beginner flute student. Our student looks forward to each lesson.
Posted Apr 15, 2024
Maria Elisa
My son (10) enjoys classes with Michael online. He is really professional, fun and amazing that he can make the kids focus and learn online. We feel so happy and lucky we have found him.
Posted Feb 28, 2024
Teacher's studio
After the very first lesson, I asked my son who never had a private teach but has been playing in school band for ~3 years, " was the session a little bit helpful for his struggles ? or very helpful" , he said "very helpful". :-)
Posted Feb 17, 2024
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BS Biology

Jun, 2005 - Jun, 2009

Portland State University

BA Jazz Performance

Sep, 2005 - Sep, 2009

Portland State University



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