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Peter C.

14 Reviews
Newington, CT
Starting at $24
  • Speaks English, Italian
  • Teaches students 7 to 79
  • 2 years of Study from Hartford Conservatory
Teaching Locations:
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Peter C.

14 Reviews
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Private Guitar Teacher

I've played guitar for 50 years and have been teaching over 34 years.

I use standard instruction books books to get beginners off to a good start and then supplement with songs of the student's choice and those from my extensive library.

I am a Teaching Specialist having taken 4 extensive course in Study, Learning and Teaching breakthroughs so my style of teaching is to ensure my students learn from the right books for them and fully understand so they make great progress.

About Peter

*** Specialties *** I teach all styles and all ages but my specialty is in electric rock music and applied music theory as in guitar soloing and improvisation as well as song crafting. I can teach a student any song requested by looking it up on you tube if you don't have it and immediately tra

Recent Reviews
This is Peter. Rick doesn’t know me, never been here for a lesson. Shame on him. I will request it to be taken down. Who is he?
Pete is the best instructor that I have ever had. He is the only person I ever had that was able to explain things in a way that I could understand. I have taken lessons from other people and was not able to learn anything.
Profile-student-favorite Student Favorite
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Cameron S.

5 Reviews
New Britain, CT
Starting at $25
  • Teaching since 2000
  • Teaches students Male: 10 and up; Female: 8 and up
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Student Favorite
This teacher is rated in the top 15% of teachers in the specialty subject. This badge demonstrates subject mastery on a nationwide scale.

Cameron S.

5 Reviews
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Private Guitar Teacher

Whether you're the next Taylor Swift, want to rock out like Metallica, or just want to play simple folk tunes around the campfire, I'm the teacher you want! I've performed on stage and have done studio work on top of teaching on both acoustic and electric guitar. We'll cover music theory, ear training, soloing, and explore different styles of music on top of learning the songs you want to play!

About Cameron

STUDYING WITH ME: Learning guitar should be interesting and fun! While we're studying all the different aspects of the instrument, you'll also be learning how to play your favorite songs and solos! I approach each student as an individual and structure their lessons according to what I determine

Recent Reviews
I've taken guitar lessons on and off for a while, and Cameron is hands-down the best teacher I've had. He points out specific technical good points and bad points, and offers concrete suggestions and examples for improvement. The lesson material is progressively challenging, but not overwhelming, and is targeted to the student's interests, and lessons are fun and interesting. Fantastic instructor.
Cameron is an excellent teacher for me. I am 11 years old and have been playing for almost a year with him. He is patient and makes me stretch to be a better guitarist. He takes time to find songs at my level of learning and accommodates my tastes in music. I would recommend him for anyone who is interested in playing guitar.
Kim K.
I enjoyed my first lesson with Cameron. He explained things clearly so I could understand. Can't wait for my next lesson.

Ed D.

6 Reviews
Meriden, CT
Starting at $25
  • Speaks Spanish, English, Spanish, English
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Completed in 2008 from Western CT State University
  • Teaches students 5 to 90
Teaching Locations:
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Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Ed D.

6 Reviews
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Private Guitar Teacher

Pro Level ALL Styles from classical to shred to world music styles

About Ed

*** Travel Equipment *** Student just needs a guitar and amp if electric. I travel with a laptop/portable studio. *** Specialties *** Classical, Jazz, Rock, Metal, World, Electronic etc.

Recent Reviews
Itati S.
I took 5 lessons with Ed, very great instructor. I learned a lot in those few lessons. He helped with with my pitch and with my accent that I had to prepare for an audition. With his help I was accepted into my high school’s A cappella group “Madrigals” and overall I would recommend. We made it work and tried to make the best out of the situation. Great experience:)
Michael Y.
My kids thoroughly enjoyed lessons with Ed (both guitar and piano). Lessons started with my 7yo and when his brother turned 4yo, he started as well.
Having a great time learning the banjo with Ed!

Meet Online Guitar Teachers Serving Litchfield, CT

Profile-background-check Background Check
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Gabriel H.

13 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $28
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaching since 2004
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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This teacher successfully passed a thorough criminal background check with SterlingBackcheck. This badge verifies trusted teacher status.

Gabriel H.

13 Reviews
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Online Guitar Teacher

Teaches chords and the Songs you want to learn!

About Gabriel

I graduated with a BA in jazz studies from Columbia in 2007 and have been teaching since 2005. I have played in many different projects, covering many styles including Rock, Jazz, Latin, Hip hop, classical, orchestral, and country. So, I have a strong understanding on the specifics of each of the

Recent Reviews
Yishay L.
Gabriel is an amazing music teacher not only is he helping me with bass guitar but also understanding a bit of music theory. He shows me ways to to help maximize the amount of learning I can get out of practicing. Overall he is a great teacher with knowledge of a multitude of instruments and music in general.
Elliana really enjoyed her first lesson with Gabriel. She was able to play some new things for me right after he left. I'm excited to see how she grows.
Josh G.
He is so friendly and professional. I really enjoy his lesson.

John L.

16 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $45
  • Speaks French, spanish, french
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
  • Jazz Performance from San Diego State University
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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John L.

16 Reviews
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Online Guitar Teacher

I tried to teach guitar in the same manner in which I teach every instrument. First I teach students the rudiments of the instrument. Also I teach them how to read and a bit of music theory. From that point I like to follow the students lead. They bring in songs that they would like to learn, or possibly how to play lead guitar, or how to finger pick. At every point I try to point out general aspects of music that need to be learned from the material that they choose.

About John

Hello, Thanks so much for taking the time to inquire about studying music with me. Music and studying music has always been a passionate experience for me. I have been so blessed with the teachers and fellow musicians in my life. You should realize that your study of music may start with me

Recent Reviews
Emily C.
The first lesson was great. John is a great communicator .
John is good teacher, I completely satisfied.
Very comfortable atmosphere. John asked my son what his goals were and tgen taylored instruction to help him meet those goals..We were very pleased! We highly recommend him.

Alexander B.

Teaches Online
Starting at $15
  • Speaks English, Russian
  • Teaches Beginner
  • Teaching since 2015
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Alexander B.

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Online Guitar Teacher

Trying to learn something from scratch can be hard, especially when it comes a musical instrument (Where do my hands go? What do these notes mean? etc..) Trust me I've been there. And that's why I'll do my best to make your or your child's introduction to the world of guitar as smooth as possible.

I specialize in classical guitar, for beginner students. I begin with basic finger-plucking patterns and finger exercises, followed by music notation and exercises from a book.

About Alexander

I have been doing one-on-one private tutoring sessions with beginner students from home for a couple years now, and am proud to admit that I have seen many beginners become proficient in the guitar, and come to enjoy playing the instrument under my guidance. I am very patient with my students and a

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30 min
$39 average
45 min
$51 average
60 min
$63 average

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"Helped a lot in a short amount of time"
Took Guitar lessons from Jeremy R.
"Guitar lesson's with Eric Jayk
any good musician can teach you to play Guitar.
Eric can teach you to create your own music, work with you on songs you create.
and at the same time teach you to play everyone else;s music
I would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn to play Guitar
and anyone who wants to be a good musician and create original music as an art form"
Took Guitar lessons from Eric J.
"Class went very well!
Looking forward to learn new things!!!

Thank you!"
Took Guitar lessons from Guilherme F.
"Great teacher. Lot’s of patience!"
Took Guitar lessons from Michael S.
"Great instructor, very laid back & lets the student lead the lesson. Knows a lot about many different kinds of music & is great at teaching songwriting & music theory too. High recommend this teacher!"
Took Guitar lessons from Grant H.
"My son is 12 years old and prior to starting lessons with Luke had never played the guitar at all. Luke is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor. He communicates well and tailors each session to the student's learning status. We are 3 lessons in and I'm very impressed so far. Thanks Luke!!!"
Took Guitar lessons from Luke P.
"What a great teacher :-)

I'm 49 years old and decided to learn to play the guitar last month. Found Michele and as a teacher she has surpassed all my expectations. She's patient beyond belief. She works at your pace but pushes you to excel. But most importantly she makes your lessons fun. If you're looking for a great teacher, I highly recommend Michele ;-)"
Took Guitar lessons from Michelle W.
"Lars is a great teacher and an awesome guy. He makes teaching fun. He teaches in a flexible way that keeps my son wanting to always return, and keeps it interesting based on the music my son wants to learn. We would highly recommend him."
Took Guitar lessons from Lars N.
"Gavin is an exceptional teacher. I have progressed so much in six months it's hard to believe. He gives me exercises for skills as well as explanations of music theory which help everything makes sense. Highly recommended"
Mike. T.
Took Guitar lessons from Gavin L.
"My son has been taking guitar lessons from Russell for years. When my son was younger, Russell taught him how to play fun songs on an electric guitar. He knows how to engage his students of all ages so they enjoy the learning process. Over the years, Russell has incorporated acoustic guitar, music theory, music composition, and much more in his lessons. He is very passionate about teaching all components of music so his students develop their skills and have a deeper understanding of how music is made. He is an extremely talented musician who loves what he does. We couldn't have asked for a better teacher!"
Took Guitar lessons from Russell S.
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