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Guitar with Austin K.

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Teaches online
Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
Age: 5+
Speaks English
Teaching since 2006
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From the basics to advance techniques I can guide you through all that is guitar!

I first started learning guitar at an early age. With the crazed boom of the video game Guitar Hero coming out I was determined to learn to play a real guitar. I studied guitar privately with instructors over the course of several years. Gaining a wide range of techniques, and approaches to the instrument. So pick up your guitar and let's start learning!

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Teaches Online
Teaches Online

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7 AM-7 PM
7 AM-7 PM
7 AM-7 PM
7 AM-7 PM
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About Austin K.

Austin has been playing piano, guitar, and ukulele for nearly two decades. He devotes his time to studying music, and finding the most effective methods to teach students.

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