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Dave K.

I have been teaching Saxophone for 18 years and have taught hundreds of satisfied students. When you sign up for saxophone lessons with me, you will begin by learning the basics of the instrument including proper holding and playing position, tone production, rhythm, first position notes, basic notation. Once you get the basics down, you will learn how to play your favorite melodies and songs. All of this can happen within the first 4-6 months of playing.
/30 minutes

Michael H.

I have had many successful students in my 10 years teaching saxophone! I always gear lessons toward the individual student's musical goals and interests and I am constantly reinforcing good technique and practice habits. My favorite genre to teach is jazz, but I can help you with classical and pop music, too!
/30 minutes

Sean H.

Saxophone is my life! I have played saxophone for 20 years and nothing makes me happier than sharing my knowledge with others. I have a BM Jazz Studies/Saxophone Performance from Western Michigan University. While my passion is jazz, I also have plenty of classical experience. I love teaching saxophone!!
/30 minutes

Jesse M.

Learn about rhythm, melody, harmony, and dynamics, and how they apply to the saxophone. Explore the range of your instrument through various scales. Build solid skills through understanding the mechanics of how your body and instrument work together.
/30 minutes

Jeff B.

Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, R&B, Latin, etc. ¡Hablo Español! I Teach All Ages, at All Levels: Songwriting, Music Theory, Composition Lessons, Arranging for Horns and Voice and Strings, Soloing, Improvisation, Classical Technique, and much much more! I have been a pro musician all my adult life, teaching thousands of students over a span of more than three decades! I am a published contributor to the #1 best-selling Jazz Theory book "Jazzology" (published by Hal Leonard - the world's largest music publisher), in addition to having almost 20 books published on the subject of theory and technique! I also have many many professional recordings to my credit that you can listen to online anytime! I authored the following books (available on Amazon): "Saxophone – Vol 1. Scales" by Jeff Brent 2014 The Fastest Way to Master Fingering All Your Scales on Sax! "Jazz Saxophone Arpeggios" by Jeff Brent 2014 Internalize the essential finger gestures on saxophone into pure subconscious reflex I use the Zoom app for live interactive lessons from the comfort of your home. You certainly have many options available regarding choosing an instructor, but I have to assume that you would like to hire the most qualified teacher to guide you on the journey through the wonderful world of music. Everyone moves further, much faster, and is more likely to stay engaged by learning from a master teacher with decades of real-world professional experience to share. I will give you what you need to know, in order to take you where you want to go!
/30 minutes

Daniel K.

Learn to play great solo and ensemble performances.
/30 minutes

Elia F.

I am a professional musician passionate about sharing the joy of music with others. I specialize in beginner to intermediate students of all ages. I teach students how to practice and why to practice in order to help them fall in love with the saxophone! Typical lessons involve scales, sight reading, and a piece that the student chooses. If you like having fun and learning about different kinds of music send me a message!
/30 minutes

Bill T.

The saxophone is an incredibly expressive instrument and is used in a wide range of styles of music including: jazz, pop music, blues, rock and roll, and classical music. No matter what style of music, whatever your goals are I can get you there! Regardless of style and genre, it's important to have certain aspects of the saxophone playing under control including: sound production, breath support, technique and musicality. I use a wide range of of exercises and techniques, method/etude books, duet playing, as well as listening and ear training to give my students a well rounded approach to the saxophone and music in general, helping them to become the best musician they can be.
/30 minutes
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have never touched a musical instrument in my life. Im 46 years old. Dave brought the lesson to my level beginers and I feel confident that I will do well with Dave.

carlos (Saxophone lessons with Daniel K.)

Sean is a great teacher-very upbeat and positive! He explains things in a way that makes it easy to understand. Sean makes learning fun! :)

Jenae (Saxophone lessons with Sean H.)

Great Teacher! Great experience. I have homework (yay!), and I am looking forward to returning.

Jo (Saxophone lessons with Sean H.)

Super great, gave me tips and resources to practice at home and had a wonderful personality.

Leslie (Saxophone lessons with Sean H.)

have never touched a musical instrument in my life. Im 46 years old. Dave brought the lesson to my level beginers and I feel confident that I will do well with Dave.

carlos (Saxophone lessons with Daniel K.)

Sean is a great teacher-very upbeat and positive! He explains things in a way that makes it easy to understand. Sean makes learning fun! :)

Jenae (Saxophone lessons with Sean H.)

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