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Alexander A.

Tacoma, WA
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

About Alexander A.

My name is Alex, and my passion is teaching music. I offer clients a unique learning experience with customized lesson plans and personalized attention to fit your exact goals and needs. These aren’t just words to me…they are a commitment I make to everyone that I have the pleasure of working with.

Here’s who I am…

I earned a Bachelor's of Music from Berklee College of Music where I studied Bass Performance and Composition. I have years of experience playing upright and electric bass in many styles such as rock, jazz, orchestral, and big band. I’ve studied a variety of instruments over the last 20 years including guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, and piano.

Here’s what I can do for you…

I will give you my full attention and unyielding patience with each and every lesson. Together we will explore the principals of music that will enable you to learn to play in any style you choose to study. Ultimately my job is not to teach you to play, but to show you how to teach yourself. I will arm you with a thorough understanding of technique and theory.

I love working with kids and adults. I love brand new players with no experience as well as seasoned players who just want to fill in some gaps in their knowledge. Whatever your age, and wherever you’re at with your playing, I hope you will give me the chance to help you have more fun and confidence in music.

Every player I work with gets access to a personal online Lesson Journal where you can see my notes from our lessons, do homework from your “Stuff to work on” lists, and access my entire digital library! Every lesson is designed just for you.

Let’s get started…

You can take lessons at my studio, in your home, or online via Skype.

For lessons in my studio, I can provide instruments and amplifiers for both of us.

There is ample seating for parents to sit in on lessons. Parking is available in the driveway.

You’re going to love your lessons!

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  • Speaks Sign Language
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Bachelor's of Music in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

Reviews (25)

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Goudjor May 12, 2019
Guitar · Online

Good afternoon sir, my name is Goudjor messanvi Chris& I just read about you but I'm just starting my guitar lesson & I think your explanation is far better & please can we chart so I can be your student? Thank.

Andrew Nov 22, 2017
Bass Guitar · In studio

Great instructor ! He knows to shift focus towards what you need to work on. As soon as the instructions are given or the questions he asks you feel relief because the energy is going towards what you already feel you need to work on and not just moving on to the next lesson. The tailored lessons make for a low pressure learning environment to fit your needs. As long as your consistant with receiving his lessons you will get where you want to be with your talents and be jammin out soon.

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Sandy F. Jun 14, 2017
Ukulele · In studio

Very knowledgeable, tailored the lesson to my level and very open to anything that I want to learn.

Lisa Jun 9, 2017
Upright Bass · Online

Jake Jun 2, 2017
Upright Bass · Online

Alex was great! We had problems with the website audio but were able to continue via phone.

Kalani Sep 6, 2016
Ukulele · In studio

I purchased ukulele's for my kids on our last vacation to Hawaii. I figured the best way to make sure they played them was to sign them up for lessons. Alex allowed the kids to take their lessons together which was really nice for them. They thought Alex was an excellent teacher and they learned a lot from him. I was surprised at how fast they learned. He was very patient and open to helping them learn the things they wanted to know. They just want to play for personal enjoyment. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alex for anyone, no matter what your skill level is.

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Patty F. Aug 11, 2016
Guitar · In home

I tried taking lessons about two years ago from another instructor and I took one and never went back. I cannot say enough about Alex. He is an excellent instructor! I am a Veteran and have issues with learning new concepts, etc. Alex is able to work with me and is very kind and respectful. He definitely hands up is the best I have ever worked with including when I played in the high school band many years ago! I highly recommend him if you are looking to expand your horizons or just getting started again like me!

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Kanesha K. Aug 6, 2016
Upright Bass · In studio

Alex is an excellent instructor. Very engaging with his students. His passion to make sure the student learn and get the most out of his lessons is outstanding.

Rebekah (Group) C. Aug 5, 2016
Ukulele · In studio

We learned so much in just one hour. Alex is very informative and patient. He will stop and answer your questions and make sure you have a full understanding before continuing with the lesson.

NK May 19, 2016
Guitar · In studio

Easy going, very patient, and conducts a very collaborative and productive training session.

Kelly Feb 22, 2016
Guitar · In home

Not only am I learning to play the guitar, I'm re learning how to read and transpose music, and the best part about that is that Alex is making it a fun experience. Great experience fun teacher.

jesse kulp Dec 20, 2015
Guitar · Online

Excellent teacher, patient and attentive. really enjoying my lessons so far....

Matt Nov 9, 2015
Bass Guitar · Online

I'm having fun learning the bass!

GC L. Oct 9, 2015
Guitar · In home

Alex was wonderful and my daughter enjoyed her lesson. He is very clear and responsive to questions. He helped her figure out what she needed and wanted from her lessons so no time was wasted. Alex has a good way about him when communicating with his students and my daughter is looking froward to her next lesson. Excellent teacher!!

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Christian A. Jul 14, 2015
Ukulele · In studio

He's great! Teaches at my pace but also pushes me to go further.

Elijah A. Jul 3, 2015
Ukulele · In studio

My three kids (11, 10, and 8 years old) are taking Uke lessons with Alex and we're so pleased to have him as an instructor. He's very patient, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. I appreciate that he sends us home with material (online) so that my kids can continue their lesson at home. We've only had our first lesson, and my kids can't wait for the next one!

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Robert P. Jun 3, 2015
Bass Guitar · In studio

He is a good teacher. Made himself available at all times. Answers all my questions. Everything was good!

Tamarin M. May 25, 2015
Ukulele · In home

Alex is enthusiastic, patient and a great teacher. He answered all my questions, and kept the lesson at my pace. He offered suggestions and tools that went above my expectations.

Cole M. May 24, 2014
Guitar · In studio

I have had 3 lessons with Alexander so far and I have 2 more left. I'm still up in the air whether I will continue lessons with him or not. Here's why;

Sustains: Professional and Knowledgeable; Alexander definitely knows what he's talking about. I've noticed major improvements since I've started working with him. Keep in mind, I practice a lot on my own, but Alexander provides you with the tools and materials you need to continue growing in the fastest way possible. He doesn't have a teaching method set in stone. He tailors each lesson to benefit the student based on where he or she is skill-wise. Alexander observes you closely while you play and offers you advice and solutions to specific problems when he notices you struggling. Some of my issues are solved immediately.

Improves: Alexander lacks, in my opinion, a very important virtue that I believe all teachers should possess. A passion to teach you. You forget this when you are sitting with him in his studio, but the realization comes back and hits you when the clock hits 30 minutes exact and he says, "And that's all we have time for." Let me be very clear, -I'm receiving what a paid for-, so I'm not upset. I just think a teacher should invest in a student's growth and their commitment to the student shouldn't be based solely on what they make out of it financially. Unfortunately, I know that if the money ever stops coming in our lessons will end immediately. Once again, I can't complain or be upset. I paid for a service and I'm receiving it.

This was made clear to me again last week when I had to cancel a lesson.
The teachers need a 24-hour notice for cancellations which is fair and understandable. However, I didn't know this at the time so when I cancelled he only had about 4 hours notice. His initial response was that, "He understood but TakeLessons will charge you for the lesson anyway. Let me know if you still want to meet." After texting him back explaining my problem with that, he went ahead and ensured I wasn't charged. Let me repeat, -In the end he did help me-, but if I hadn't said anything he would've let TakeLessons charge me.

Conclusion: 4 stars. I paid for a service and I'm receiving it well. Alexander's talent for teaching really shines when you listen to his advice, act on it, and notice yourself improving. Understand that improvement comes from practicing on your own time, but Alexander will provide you with everything you need to expedite your growth.
Remember, however, this is a business. If they stop profiting from you don't expect any leniency.

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jeff T. May 24, 2014
Bass Guitar · In studio

I've had a good experience with Alex. He has a very thoughtful approach and is very knowledgeable. I think he is a great teacher and would fully recommend him.

Nira D. Nov 27, 2013
Upright Bass ·

Excellent Teacher

Along with being incredibly knowledgeable, Alex has the patience and communication skills that really make him excel as a teacher. As a complete beginner to the upright bass (and music in general), I find Alex breaks concepts down in a clear, step-by-step fashion, so that it is not overwhelming. He also gives useful tips on how to be a better learner when tackling challenges, which helps make my personal practice even more effective. Alex is approachable and eager to answer questions even in between classes - I highly recommend him as teacher!

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Rayann W. Nov 3, 2013
Upright Bass ·

Alex is the best music teacher ever!!!

Alex is an excellent teacher. He is great with kids and their parents. He is very patient and makes learning the bass fun. Alex provides feedback to the students and their parents which is helpful in the learning process. Our experience with Alex has been wonderful and we would recommend him to others.

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Evan P. Jun 5, 2013
Bass Guitar ·

Fantastic Teacher!

Alex is an awesome teacher! His ability to communicate information in a way that is easily understood no matter the complexity is a rare thing. Alex is obviously extremely passionate about teaching and music. Alex goes above the expected level of effort from a teacher, making sure every lesson has new and interesting material to be covered, as well as staying in contact as needed outside of lessons to answer any questions that may arise while practicing. If you are looking for someone who is dedicated to your learning process, as well as doing everything they can to keep material interesting and fun, I would suggest Alex.

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Nancy A. Apr 15, 2013
Upright Bass ·

Highly recommendable.

Alex can explain complicated things in a way that makes it accessible.

Tracy T. Feb 3, 2013
Guitar ·

Alex is a great teacher

I love taking lessons from Alex. At first I was skeptical about taking lessons via Skype but it really works great. It is such a time saver to be able to take the lessons from my home. Alex is very patient and always is prepared. I had been particularly interested in practicing guitar rhythms. He put together rhythm exercises in several keys for me to practice. He sends them to me in advance so I can practice. He is really good at letting me go my own pace while still pushing me to work on stuff that is not as easy. He is honest and isn't uncomfortable telling me I didn't stay on beat. However, his criticism doesn't make you feel bad or like a hopeless musician. My rhythm playing has vastly improved since I started taking lessons from Alex.

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May 2006 - Present

Step By Step Music

I teach, I write my own teaching materials, and I take care of my clients. What else is needed?


Bachelor's of Music in Film Scoring
Jan 2000 - May 2003

Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

Bass Performance and Composition
Jan 2000 - May 2003

Berklee College of Music


Sign Language

Limited Proficiency


Bachelor's of Music in Film Scoring
May 2003

Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

At Berklee I majored in Film Scoring, which is writing musical scores for movies and TV. My time at Berklee included in-depth studies of composition, bass performance, classical harmony, jazz theory, and piano. I was surrounded by nothing but music for four years and departed Boston with a wealth of musical knowledge.

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