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Chris adapts to different learning styles very well, and he's very approachable and kind. His passion for music is inspiring and he makes complex ideas simple and easy to understand. If you're a begin

Steph (Bass Guitar lessons with Chris C.)

Can't wait to bang-out the drills

Michael (Bass Guitar lessons with Theresa S.)

I had my first lesson with Theresa today. I am very impressed. She's very friendly and has a deep knowledge of bass and music in general - she showed me some finger exercises for flexibility, we disc

charles schoch (Bass Guitar lessons with Theresa S.)

Since our first lesson I've been progressing nonstop. He's a great teacher for both learning songs and exploring the nuts and bolts of music.

Augustin Touton (Bass Guitar lessons with Adam C.)

Chris adapts to different learning styles very well, and he's very approachable and kind. His passion for music is inspiring and he makes complex ideas simple and easy to understand. If you're a begin

Steph (Bass Guitar lessons with Chris C.)

Can't wait to bang-out the drills

Michael (Bass Guitar lessons with Theresa S.)

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Bass Guitar Lessons in San Francisco

The bass guitar is an incredibly versatile instrument that directs the style of a song. Without the unique sound of the bass guitar, there would be no funk or jazz. A bassist is an instrumental role in any band - and after taking some bass guitar lessons in SF, you might just be the best person for the job!

There is a rich history of bass guitar players in the “Golden City.” One great bass player, Vernon Alley (1915-2004), made his home in San Francisco and played with many famous musicians such as Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Charlie Parker. Vernon Alley is referred to as “the most distinguished jazz musician in San Francisco History,” and it’s no wonder that he played with nearly all the top jazz musicians of his time.

Never underestimate how far bass guitar lessons in San Francisco will take you! Maybe someday you will grace the stage at the Spreckels Temple of Music or play at the Music Concourse in Golden State Park. You can also further your study of the bass guitar and develop tonality at San Francisco State University’s School of Music, or improve your knowledge of bass history with courses offered at San Francisco City College.

Finding a Bass Guitar Teacher in San Francisco, CA

Our directory makes it easy to find the perfect bass guitar teacher in San Francisco, CA. Among the many music teachers in the Bay Area, our instructors have years of teaching experience under their belt, and most have impressive performance experience as well. No matter what genre you’re interested, you’re sure to find one that’s a good match for your goals.

For instance, Alex L. holds a Bachelor’s in music from San Jose State University and has taught bass for the last 12 years. One student had this to say about lessons with Alex, “Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, flexible, and fun. I'm an adult learner and intermediate musician and Alex provided me with exactly the kind of hands-on assistance I wanted. He really kick-started implementing music theory into my own playing.”

Getting to Bass Guitar Lessons in San Francisco

Navigating this busy city can be a challenge, so be sure to plan ahead to make it to your electric bass guitar lessons in San Francisco on time. If needed, take the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). When commuting on the BART, the total ride cost will depend on the distance of travel.

Or, you might prefer to ride on the affordable Muni Bus/Train, which is even more convenient using the Muni Mobile App. The many public transportation options in this city make it easy to get to your electric bass lessons in San Francisco.

Choosing an Instrument for Bass Lessons in San Francisco

Shopping for your first instrument for electric bass lessons in San Francisco can be fun and exciting. At your local music store, you’ll learn all about brands, strings, wood and the other different attributes of bass guitars.

Keep in mind that the bass guitar comes in two variants: the solid-body electric bass and the hollow-body acoustic bass. Both are traditionally tuned like a double bass, with the same four lowest strings as a guitar (E-A-D-G), but an octave lower.

One shop to check out is Real Guitars, located on Lafayette Street. Real Guitars is San Francisco's oldest guitar shop. Opened in 1986, the store specializes in used and vintage equipment. It also sells amps, speakers, cables and all kinds of interesting instruments.

Looking for a pre-owned bass guitar? The local pawn shop is a great place to find terrific items at deep discounts. You can find gently used instruments at up to 50 percent off retail prices at pawn shops, such as Best Collateral Pawn Shop or Buy Sell Loan Pawn Shop, both located on Mission Street.

Practice Makes Perfect

In between bass guitar lessons in SF, there are a few fun ways you can practice your skills. Polish up your blues playing at local hotspot, Ed Ivey’s Blues Jam Session at Swig Bar. This jam session began in 1947 and is said to be the longest-running of its kind on the West Coast.

Or on Wednesday nights you can join the fun at the Bluegrass Country Jam, which takes place at a traditional Irish pub: The Plough and The Stars. There are also many local open mic nights, such as the one at The Bellevue Club’s Mural Lounge in Oakland on the second and fourth Mondays of every month.

Once you start getting bigger gigs, you might need a rehearsal space. Check out Lennon Rehearsal and Music on Dore Street. This is one one of San Francisco's largest rehearsal locations. Rooms are fully equipped with stages and sound systems. This can be very helpful when you need to prepare for an upcoming performance.

The possibilities for practicing and performing in and around San Francisco are endless! So what are you waiting for? Sign up for bass lessons today and become the bassist you’ve always wanted to be!

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