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Dave K.

Dave K.

When you sign up for bass guitar lessons, you will begin by learning the basics of the instrument including proper holding and playing position, tone production, rhythm, first position notes, and notation. Once you get the basics down, you will learn how to play your favorite songs regardless of style. All of this can happen within the first 4-6 months of playing.
/30 mins
Paul W.

Paul W.

I tailor all my lessons to the individual students interests and wants. Whatever your goals are, I'll help you get there.
/30 mins
Sebastian A.

Sebastian A.

Bass is a key part in a song which helps the grove and pace. It could be as simple as playing the root notes and as intricate as playing arpeggios, modes, and sometimes soloing. I will teach you the fundamentals of playing bass either by yourself or with a band. We will work on drills, scales and learn other songs that are related to the genre you are interested in.
/30 mins
Jason M.

Jason M.

As a bass player in a punk rock band I learned to apply the concepts I know on the guitar over to bass and slowly started introducing intervals and right and left hand techniques that are not as common on the guitar. A few of my bass students are professionals and have applied to big name music schools after taking my class.
/30 mins
Joe A.

Joe A.

Experienced teacher of over 20 years. All styles, techniques taught..focusing on fundamental musicianship for beginner/intermediate levels. Hal Leonard books used with lessons tailored to students goals and musical tastes. Teacher and staff member of Victor Wooten's Bass Nature Camp and Gerald Veasley's Bass Bootcamp for over 15 yrs. Let's have fun and learn together!!
/30 mins
Claire A.

Claire A.

Bass is the backbone of all your favorite tunes! As a professional bassist, I've played, performed and recorded with a variety of groups, and toured nationally and internationally, and had my bass lines featured on TV, Video Games and even a Royals commercial. In lessons, we'll go over the fundamentals of technique and improvisation, and how to construct effective bass lines.
/30 mins
Charles B.

Charles B.

I'll teach you to sound like whoever, whomever or whatever you'd like! -Slap (Davie504, Victory Wooten, Marcus Miller, Boosty) -Pick (Blink182, Punk, "Money, Money, Money" bassline) -Finger (Jaco, Jamerson, Rocco) -Upright (Ray Brown, Mingus, Bill Black, Lee Rocker) -Jazz (Walking bass, the Blues, Rhythm Changes) -Latin (Tumbao, Salsa, Samba) -Arco/Bow (Classical & Ballads) -Theory (What is a...? "I, IV, V" or "ii, V7, I") -Reading (Important for school and the studio! ) Try with me!
/45 mins
Akos F.

Akos F.

I am an experienced bass guitar teacher with 10+ years of professional career behind me. I'm looking for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of good playing habits (learning the right songs that you makes you a better musician!). I specialize in rock, jazz and funk. I focus on playing by memory but sheet music and cheat sheets are also available upon request. I also have the following tools available to use during lessons: sound recordings, sheet music, and more upon request. Let's plug in that guitar and play some smooth bass lines :)
/30 mins
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Paul’s experience of the bass and acoustic guitar are so helpful to growing your skills as a musician. He is such a great teacher with patience and clear directions in how to develop as a musician an

Daniel (Bass Guitar lessons with Paul W.)

Paul's great. He's been amazing about listen to me and what I want to learn. I'm actually more interested in music theory, and learning about bass than I am interest in becoming proficient at playin

Braden (Bass Guitar lessons with Paul W.)

Fantastic instructor. He seems to really know his stuff and the way he explained and demonstrated techniques was excellent. That coupled with his personality made the whole experience outstanding. As

David Lockett (Bass Guitar lessons with Paul W.)

Paul is the best instructor.I lost count of how many lessons we had but we are on like on our 8th lesson and we are already learning Roundabout!He writes tabs into parts and it makes everything so muc

Joseph Heyman (Bass Guitar lessons with Paul W.)

Paul’s experience of the bass and acoustic guitar are so helpful to growing your skills as a musician. He is such a great teacher with patience and clear directions in how to develop as a musician an

Daniel (Bass Guitar lessons with Paul W.)

Paul's great. He's been amazing about listen to me and what I want to learn. I'm actually more interested in music theory, and learning about bass than I am interest in becoming proficient at playin

Braden (Bass Guitar lessons with Paul W.)

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Bass Guitar Lessons in Chicago

The bass guitar is often referred to as the heartbeat and the backbone of a group—two life giving aspects every band needs. If you want to fill that role in a group in the heart of Chi-Town, learning the fundamentals from an experienced bass instructor can help you achieve your musical goals.

Envision yourself taking the stage and becoming the life-giver of the show. TakeLessons makes it easy to find affordable, electric bass lessons near you so you can learn new skills and showcase your hidden talents to the world.

The Benefits of Learning Bass Guitar in Chicago

This vibrant city is not only a great place to live, but it’s also a great place to learn a musical instrument. As one of the nation’s largest cities, Chicago is famed for producing fantastic musicians. Plenty of famous bassists took advantage of the many musical “flavors” that Chicago exudes, including Milt Hinton, Malachi Favors, Wilber Ware and Eddie Calhoun.

These players crossed many genre lines such as jazz, blues, rock, swing, gospel and soul, which are still popular in the city today. Regardless of which type of music you want to play, private bass instruction in Chicago can help you tap into your deeper talents.

Bass lessons in Chicago might even be a stepping stone for you to realize higher goals and aspirations. Perhaps you want to gain entry into a music program at one of the local universities such as Loyola, Columbia College or the prestigious University of Chicago. Many of our bass teachers have attended these fine institutions, so they know what it takes.

Finding a Teacher to Learn Bass Guitar in Chicago

If you’re a beginner, private bass instruction in Chicago will help you learn the fundamentals of music and the instrument from an experienced player. Our teachers also work with more experienced players, to pick up where they left off and progress in more advanced-level studies.

We have more than 200 qualified teachers available both online and in-person, so you can take bass lessons near you, or from the comfort of your home. With our simple directory, you’ll find teachers in Skokie, Alsip, Forest Park, Palos Heights and other neighboring Chicago communities.

You can also view each teacher’s credentials, experience, and areas of expertise. For example, Dave K. in Palos Heights has a Master’s in Music Education and specializes in style variation, improvisation and harmonic analysis.

Music theory is essential to becoming a stronger, more versatile player and if that’s what you’re hoping to focus on, Paul W. in Chicago has a strong background in instrumental performance theory.

Where to Take Bass Lessons in Chicago

The choice is yours whether to take lessons in your home or your teacher’s studio. You also get to choose what time works best for your schedule, taking your desired teacher’s availability into consideration. It’s no secret that it can be challenging to navigate this sprawling city and its traffic. Essentially, you might want to avoid peak morning and afternoon rush hours.

Because traffic in Chi-Town is ranked as some of the worst in the US, there are numerous areas to avoid during rush hour. For example, various stretches of the Dan Ryan and Kennedy Expressways should be sidestepped whenever possible.

Fortunately, Chicago has one of the largest public transportation systems in the nation. The Chicago Transit Authority services the city and 40 neighboring communities with reliable train, bus, and rail services. There are also bike sharing stations and taxis citywide if your lessons are nearby.

You’ve Booked Bass Lessons in Chicago - Now What?

Most first-time students will need to obtain a bass guitar and a few accessories. You can rent or buy gear through reputable Chicago dealers such as Tommy’s Guitar and Trading Post, Avenue N Guitars and the Chicago Music Exchange.

If you would like to find some free resources to supplement your lessons, check out the Sulzer Regional Library or the Chicago Public Library. They offer music books, sheet music, tapes and other materials.

When it comes time to practice, there are countless groups in town to consider joining, including the Logan Square Open Jam Session. These groups offer the chance to meet other players, make connections, and of course, jam with new friends. When you’re ready, check out the open mic nights at Lizard’s Liquid Lounge, Gallery Cabaret and Cole’s Bar.

If you haven’t booked your bass guitar lessons in Chicago yet, what are you waiting for? Start learning the fundamentals, theory, better techniques and more with one of our experienced bass instructors today!

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