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Riley W.

5 Reviews
Frisco, TX
Starting at $35
  • Teaching since 1985
  • Professional Guitarist from Guitar Institute of Technology
  • Awarded Best of 2012 award- One Man Band category from
Teaching Locations:
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Riley W.

5 Reviews
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Private Bass Guitar Teacher
About Riley

Since 1985, Riley has been one of the nation's premier guitar and bass teachers. He's been a working professional guitarist/singer since 1972, teaching since 1985 and a writer since 1987. You're read his work in "Electronic Musician," "Gig," "Guitar World," "Guitar School," "Real to Reel" and "Vint

Recent Reviews
Brent P.
Great 1st lesson and covered a lot in only 45 minutes. Very knowledgeable and professional. Looking forward to some practice time and my next lesson with Riley.
Event after more than 13 years of guitar instruction with Riley, there is always a new technique or song structure lesson to learn. He knows an incredible amount about music, performance, and (to be honest) living a good life. He is an inspiration to me both musically and personally, and his enthusiasm for both is unmatched.
In my opinion, I have very little natural talent for music. I hadn't played an instrument with any proficiency in the past. Well, I had played air guitar and guitar hero before, but neither of them really prepared me for actually playing a guitar. Sometimes I'd sing in the safety of my commute to work, but that's about it.

Riley helped me pick a guitar, gave me a book, and play along recordings. He had me playing classic chords in about two lessons. I can now read guitar music and have come up with some of my own tunes. I wasnt a very good student at first, but I showed up for my lessons. Just that took me a long way until I actually wanted to practice and really started to enjoy my guitar.

I was missing something in my life - all I did was work, eat, and sleep. I hadn't considered music as an outlet. My wife just signed me up one night and then told me I was going to learn something new. I was kind of mad at her at first (and hence my resistance to practicing), but I'm really glad she did that for me - and I thank her every time I play guitar.

Riley is great - he has a ton of patience with me. Considering that he went to one of the best guitar schools in the country (MIT/GIT), and can pretty much play wherever he wants, this really shows how much he loves to teach. Riley can play the obscure tune, pop, metal, classical guitar (he's got me on Beethoven now), and he even played yngvei with serious proficiency. The man has mastered the guitar and wants to teach. He is a working musician, and has had gigs every week that I've known him. He understands the music business, so he can give sound advice if you want a music career. So far as lessons go, it's just a matter of practicing what he tells you. There is no guitar, amp, or pick that can make you sound better. But Riley can.

I wish I (or my wife) had signed me up a long time ago. Best money I spend each month. Anyway, I better get back to practicing.

Billy H.

9 Reviews
Arlington, TX
Starting at $30
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • teaching musical instruments from diane remerson teaching community
  • Teaching since 1980
Teaching Locations:
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Billy H.

9 Reviews
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Private Bass Guitar Teacher

I am mostly experienced in bass thru playing on country and pop recordings in the studio. I have also played live gigs on bass throughout my life for many years. I read and write charts and know theory.

About Billy

I teach my students how to understand how music is put together so they can learn even more on their own. I read, write, and play all styles and I focus on teaching the student fundamentals that work in all styles of music ....AND I get them going on the style they are interested in - pop, rock,

Recent Reviews
Accommodating and knowledgeable.
Gracelynn B.
Really good at understanding where I made mistakes and very good atmosphere 😊
John Scott
Billy is a great teacher with a wealth of music knowledge and experience! Our 9-year old son is taking guitar lessons with him. Billy has met him right where he's at, and has made the lessons fun and engaging for my boy. GREAT WORK, BILLY!!!

Scott S.

6 Reviews
McKinney, TX
Starting at $27
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
  • B.A. In Jazz Guitar from Kennesaw State University
  • Teaches students 10 and up
Teaching Locations:
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Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Scott S.

6 Reviews
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Private Bass Guitar Teacher

Bass guitar is very similar to guitar in theory, but it is approached in a different manner. After playing in many bands I have learned the nuances of bass playing by having to fill in on occasion. As a writer myself, I have created many baselines for original music

About Scott

Scott S. I started playing guitar while in high school. Then, I furthered my studies in guitar at the Atlanta Institute of Music (2 Years) and Georgia Perimeter College (2 Years) where I studied Music Theory and Jazz. It was during these few years when I played in several rock, Bluegrass and Jazz

Recent Reviews
Scott is a very patient teacher. He adapts his lessons based on the students understanding music theory and what student wants to achieve on a personal level. Personally, I was very shy and with little understanding of theory but was willing learn and apply Scott's teachings. What I didn't expect, is a life long friendship. I would highly recommend anyone who from a beginner to experienced player to Scott Sadler to expand their knowledge in music.
I took weekly in-home lessons with Scott from (roughly) age 6 to age 13 and I could not recommend him more highly. Though I should be reviewing Scott as a teacher and musician, I feel that I should first mention Scott as a person; Learning from such a young age and through an incredibly formative time of my life, Scott became for me a sort of mentor as well as a teacher. He encouraged me to do what I cared about, allow myself to be creative, and get over the fear of making mistakes and owning my own work. Scott listens to what his students have to say, whether it’s feedback, goals, or concerns, guitar and life related alike. Easygoing, positive, and never judgmental, he creates a space where a student feels genuinely heard, and for me this was very important.

When it comes to lessons, it is impossible to miss how passionate Scott is for what he does; Scott is always full of ideas for each student and how they can use their strengths and interests, and he puts time and energy into personalizing each student’s lessons instead of simply going by the book. He does this because he is genuinely passionate about each of his students. For me, this meant turning to song-writing when I « just can’t do Taylor Swift » as I remember a 6-year-old me sighing one day, helping me learn to craft my own solos, or teaching me to write my own tabs for songs I couldn’t find yet online. Scott introduced me to blues and jazz at a young age and showed me so much about music I would never have otherwise found, and he always taught me the theory behind what we did so I understood what I was doing and could apply it on my own. I’ll never forget learning Georgia On My Mind, learning how to solo over it on my own (and do it well), and the pride of seeing what I was capable of after all that work; even 4 years later, I still know the song by heart.

In terms of capability, Scott is highly proficient and can handle just about anything you throw at him. Because he seriously knows what he is doing, he can improvise and tailor lessons to teach you what you want to learn. While I was learning, I always looked to Scott to play a piece I was struggling with to see how it could be improved, as he always played it beautifully. Listening to Scott play, I was always re-inspired or re-motivated to learn and to improve.

I’m sure I’ve been rambling for far too long at this point and I could honestly continue for a while, but I’ll spare you and simply leave it at this: I am endlessly grateful to Scott for what and how he taught and cannot recommend him more highly to anyone who wants to really learn how to play. No matter your age, experience, interests or other concerns, Scott can teach you, and teach you well.
Scott taught my son for 4 years before he married and moved away. Heart breaking for my son bc Scott encouraged my son creatively while teaching him fundamentals and theory. In the end Scott was teaching my son how to compose songs that my son had written. Scott is honest and great with kids.

Meet Online Bass Guitar Teachers Serving Dallas, TX

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Stanley R.

3 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $34
  • Speaks English, Russian
  • Teaching since 2015
  • Bachelors in Arts - Jazz Studies and Performance from Michigan State University
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Stanley R.

3 Reviews
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Online Bass Guitar Teacher

I completed a degree in Jazz Studies from Michigan State, where I studied upright bass and bass guitar. In addition, I studied with some of the best local artists and bass players in the Seattle area, such as Farko Dosumov, Dean Schmidt and consider myself a well respected musician and addition in the Seattle music scene. Find me at local Jams like Mo' Jam Mondays, Capitol Cider, and the Owl n' Thistle

About Stanley

Hello, my name is Stanley R., I come from a musical family where both my parents are full-time musicians and love what they do. Music is a soulful and fulfilling endeavor and I'd be more than happy to help you along that journey. I've been playing music since I was 7, beginning with the cello and d

Recent Reviews
Sidharth B.
Stanley has been teaching both my sons for the past month and a half and it’s been going great ! He recognized early on that the kids would need different teaching styles and was spot on in his assessment. We look forward to the kids gaining proficiency and a love for music under his tutelage.
Stanley was great and my daughter really liked working with him
Stanley is teaching my 8 year old son. My husband Is taking lessons with Stanley too. I can see a lot of progress in both of them! He found a good approach to my son - he is friendly and supportive and keeps my son curious about music theory.
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Joseph L.

7 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $29
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Bachelors Degree from Moravian College
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Joseph L.

7 Reviews
Book Now
Online Bass Guitar Teacher

Enjoy learning to play electric bass with harmonic and rhythmic understanding. The bass drives the band!

About Joseph

I enjoy teaching all types of music. My greatest passion is the legendary jazz rhythm guitar style of Freddie Green with the Count Basie Orchestra. That disciplined and understated beauty combines harmonic theory, rhythmic strength and dynamic sensitivity. Guitar in any ensemble or solo brings o

Recent Reviews
Luis T.
Already learned some techniques to improve hand placement. Mr. Joseph was very helpful and easy to understand.
Friendly, patient, and fun.
Works well with me.
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Jon A.

19 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $25
  • Awarded Blue Note Guitar Competition from The Blue Note
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaching since 1990
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Student Favorite
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Jon A.

19 Reviews
Book Now
Online Bass Guitar Teacher

I offer bass guitar lessons for the beginner to intermediate student specializing in rock and country, both classic and modern.

About Jon

I have been playing guitar since the age of 9. I have studied Classical, and Jazz at CCM's Prep Dept. in middle school and throughout high school as well as rock, folk, country etc. with other local teachers. I started teaching lessons at the age of 18 in local music stores and have never stopped

Recent Reviews
We love what Jon has taught our son. Our son has progressed so much in the past couple of years, and still enjoys meeting with his teacher despite him being a teenager. When you find a good teacher, you do all you can to stay with them.
J.G. M.
At 52 years old, my wife treated to lessons for Christmas. I haven't played in 30 years. Although, I have had a few lessons with several different instructors back in my 20's, I never felt any direction. I always heard 'you got it. just keep playing'. Unfortunately, I stopped as nothing made sense.
I have learned a ton from Jon in only 5 lessons. Bits and pieces are all quickly coming together. I have a long way to go, but know more already than I ever have. Jon is fun, friendly, and has a great demeanor for teaching. If he has the patience to teach me, he's the right guy for you.
Pam H.
Jon is understanding of the student's needs. He is friendly and made my son feel welcome immediately.

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"Jeff Stetson is & has been my #1 recommendation to learn to play music for 20+ years!

Jeff was probably the best thing to happen to me as a teenager. I took bass lessons from Jeff for 5 years & in that time, my world of music expanded as did my skills in playing music. My lessons with Jeff prepared me well enough to enter into college level music courses. If I had an audition, Jeff zeroed in on what I needed to know & helped me get the gig. His study techniques work, if you work em'! He will show you what you want & you will get a whole lot more. Ask him about the Louie Louie/Wild Thing thread & you will get the history & learn to play R-n-R, the Blues, R.n.B, Funk. & the foundations of Jazz. All levels, all styles, Jeff Stetson is my #1 recommendation for learning music. Thanks Jeff, I am positive you helped keep me out of trouble & possibly jail too."
Took Bass Guitar lessons from Jeff S.
"Andrew is a fantastic teacher!
He will go at your pace and make sure he is focusing on what you really want to accomplish. not to mention he is an actual gigging musician so he plays a lot. If you want to play in a band or play with a group he has feedback on that information for you as well!
I personally don't think you could go wrong with a teacher like Andrew."
Took Bass Guitar lessons from Andrew C.
"An amazing teacher that has truly changed my life, and challenges me to be a better musician every week!"
Eian Woodward
Took Bass Guitar lessons from Paul W.
"Peter has been teaching bass to our son for several years and our son has become quite proficient. It's a bonus that Peter is unfailingly upbeat, professional, and a pleasure to have around. He truly loves music and conveys his appreciation to his students - so much so that now my husband is taking cello lessons from Peter, too."
Took Bass Guitar lessons from Peter B.
"Paul has been EXCELLENT. I've learned an incredible amount from him and gained much more confidence in what I knew from past training. Highly accommodating and encouraging. I'd recommend him in a flash."
Took Bass Guitar lessons from Paul W.
"I really enjoyed working with Jordan! His flexible approach to teaching and learning was refreshing. He was able to quickly assess my skill-level and meet me where I was at. During our lessons, I learned what I felt was applicable, as he gears the lessons towards the student, not teaching from a one-size-fits-all lesson plan. He is open to learning new ideas, as I understood the instrument from one perspective, and he a different perspective. He was willing to listen and adjust his teaching style towards my level of understand, and I was able to quickly progress. With his knowledge and his experience, he answered so many questions I had about music. If I take lessons again in the future, I will request Jordan."
Took Bass Guitar lessons from Jordan D.
"Spiros has been an ideal teacher for me, he has a wealth of experience to draw from and has a natural nack for teaching (Im an absolute beginner).
His teaching method gets you playing fast and doesn't skimp on theory and musicality - he doesn't simply have you learn tabs and songs, this was a huge plus for me. Highly recommend him."
Took Bass Guitar lessons from Spiros S.
"Was very quick to spot the holes in my technique and theory and provided an exercise after the first lesson that has helped immensely. An astute musician and an effective communicator."
Simon Carlile
Took Bass Guitar lessons from David W.
"Know how to help you succeed

In a very short time, Kim has helped me to expand my ability as a musician. I played in a band for a few years, and I feel like only now through her guidance am I really starting to understand my instrument.

She has a great way of layering knowledge to help it stick, and is very patient. I highly recommend her."
Took Bass Guitar lessons from Kimberly A.
"Rob is great!

Rob is great. His teaching style is informal and comfortable. He is very laid back. Rob is very patient with beginning students and can really coax their talent from them. I've seen him with more experienced students too, and their sessions seemed to be almost a jam session.
Rob has taught my son since he decided to take up the Bass and so we have known Rob for many years and have become friends. We've seen him perform in a lot of venues. He can sound like Paul McCartney or John Lennon as a Beatle or Geddy Lee in Rush. I'm sure he can surprise me with his stylistic range. Even as a bassist, which usually are very staid, he leads the group with his vocals.
He can act too, and make us laugh with just the right timing.
As a teacher, you can't do better than Rob."
Took Bass Guitar lessons from Robert D.
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Bass Guitar Lessons in Dallas, TX

The bass guitar, also known as a “stringed percussion” instrument, plays tightly with the drummer to lay the foundation for the rhythm and beat of a song. Besides maintaining steady rhythm in a song, the bass enriches the music in a way no other instrument can.

Like icing on a cake, the bass guitar is a crucial part of any band.The style and voice that the bass player chooses will define the genre of the song. If you’re hoping to fill this role in a band, or simply improve your existing skills, you’ve come to the right place!

The Best Electric Bass Teachers in Dallas

Take a look at our directory of bass instructors in Dallas, and the surrounding cities in Texas. Our teachers offer bass guitar lessons in Dallas, Plano, Arlington, Frisco, and Keller. Or, if you prefer learning digitally, online Dallas bass guitar lessons can also be arranged - just ask!

Do you learn better by ear? One five-star instructor is Michel E., who played by ear for 11 years and is personally aware of the gift that is learning and creating your own music. Many reviewers say he’s one of the best electric bass teachers in Dallas. Whatever your desired learning style, you’re sure to find a TakeLessons teacher who can help you reach your goals.

Preparing for Bass Guitar Lessons in Dallas, Texas

Looking to purchase your first bass guitar? Your TakeLessons teacher will be there to help you pick the right instrument for your needs. You can also visit Guitar Center in Upper Greenville, or Sam Ash in North Dallas for a wide range of bass guitars and accessories to try out.

When getting to and from lessons, keep in mind that the multiple Interstate highways in Dallas can quickly become congested. Dallas drivers are delayed daily because traffic can be fierce during rush hours, especially from 6:30 AM to 9 AM and 4 PM to 6:30 PM.

For this reason, many students prefer to take public transportation to get to bass lessons in Dallas, TX. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit or DART offers a single-ride fare of $1.25 per person, and an affordable one-day pass (with unlimited rides) for $2.50.

Finding Your Own Musical Style

The bass can represent a completely different sound depending on who is playing it. Think of John Entwistle, Mike B., “The Flea”, James Jamerson, or Victor Wooten. These few musicians are all highly skilled, professional bass guitarists, but they each have their own unique approach to playing the instrument.  

Researching the many different musical styles is a fast route to creating your own unique style for your craft. A deep dive into professional bass guitarists and the music that made them famous will open your eyes and ears to the fantastic possibilities of Dallas bass guitar lessons.

To get inspired before taking bass lessons in Dallas, you may want to visit one of the local public libraries. The Eugene McDermott university library in Richardson has a wide range of sheet music, music theory books, and accessible recordings from hundreds of bass players, providing a wide range of songs and styles.

Another great way to discover your inner bass beat is to tune into local radio stations like 106.1 Kiss FM in Dallas. The High Noon Countdown features the top five songs in the country to get you inspired for your next bass lesson in Dallas, TX.

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the best ways to get better at bass is to connect with other local musicians. A common misconception is that you shouldn’t play for others until you are good enough. The fact is, playing with others actually helps you improve faster than you ever could by yourself.

Consider joining a jam group like the DFW Jazz Combo in Dallas, a community organization devoted to the study of jazz in an open combo “jam sesh” setting. This is a great opportunity to put your skills to use and absorb some confidence from the synergy of the group.

They welcome anyone who plays to join in, either by playing off shared charts or freestyle jamming. Working on improvisational skills in a group setting also builds performance skills! Membership to the DFW Jazz Combo is free and there’s no commitment required.

Your TakeLessons instructor will also likely be able to connect you with other musicians at your level that you can practice with, or even introduce you to local performance opportunities. When you're ready to take your skills to the next level, sign up for lessons and become the bassist you've always dreamed of being.

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Interested in online bass guitar lessons? Here, online teacher Justine D. shares what to expect in your bass guitar lessons, how to prepare, and more:   If you’re curious about playing bass but can’t find a teacher in your area, online bass guitar lessons may be right for you! Video-chatting technology like Skype and Google Hangouts make it easy to connect with a teacher and start making music from your own home. You may be wondering what to expect from online lessons, whethe …

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