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Popular Music Performance Teachers in Wappingers Falls, NY

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Heart-empty Heart

John A.

New Milford, CT
Starting at $25
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home

  • Speaks English, German, English, German, French
  • BA Composition from University of California Berkeley
  • Awarded Emmy Award for Music Direction from Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
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John A.

New Milford, CT


Private Music Performance Teacher

I've performed on and off Broadway as a pianist, and on television in many familiar shows. I've worked professionally as an arranger, vocal coach and orchestrator.

About John

My job is to get your child crazy about the piano. If you have to nag your child to play, something is wrong. The basics are, of course, important, but until you have gotten the child to accept and love the piano as an object of enjoyment, all that practicing will go nowhere. How do I do it?

December 31, 2014
Andrew R.
John has been teaching my 6 year old daughter for 3 months now and not only has he done a tremendous job gauging her abilities and teaching her but he has made it so much fun she wants to play the piano all the time.
July 23, 2014
Janet S.
John's biggest strengths are his patience, understanding and seeming endless facility with music. I read music but not fast enough to allow me to play good pieces, so John translates everything into physical movements. This makes it very easy to play interesting music, which makes me want to play more. I think he has shown me how learn, how to refine things so they are satisfying. I highly recommend him as a teacher, for beginners or advanced.
July 22, 2014
Heather S.
My son is six years old and has been taking piano lessons with John for six months. John is a unique and engaging teacher. His extensive knowledge of music and skill at the keyboard were apparent from the beginning. He can easily demonstrate a multitude of songs and then teach them on the spot. My son is excited to play a "whole song," be it Sponge Bob or Beethoven. John's teach-by-numbers technique appeals to my son's love of numbers and patterns yet he is also quickly learning how to read sheet music. John really is skilled at disguising a lesson on technique or theory as a game. He is goofy while at the same time encouraging and supportive of my son. He keeps it light, fun, and skill appropriate. Since he comes to our home, I also appreciate John's focus on the lesson - he arrives and departs in a timely manner. I highly recommend John as a piano teacher.
Heart-empty Heart

Maria O.

Brewster, NY
Starting at $40
Teaching Locations:
Studio Studio
Teaching Locations:
Studio Studio

  • Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from The KIng's College
  • Teaching since 1982
  • Teaches students Male: 7 to 30; Female: 7 and up
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Private Music Performance Teacher

Experienced violin, viola and piano teacher of 30+ years available for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of reading, theory and performance skills. I specialize in classical music. I use a variety of methods and literature all dependent on personal need and style of each student.

About Maria

Maria O has been teaching piano lessons since she was in high school. There were enough children in the neighborhood who inspired her to teach piano. She took up BS degree in Music Education, and her main interest was teaching private violin and piano lessons. Her usual clients really varies a g

Heart-empty Heart

Stephanie M.

Music Performance
Starting at $45
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home

  • Background Checked
  • Speaks Spanish
  • Master of Music from The New England Conservatory of Music
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Stephanie M.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Music Performance Teacher

Each lesson includes studies of fundamental techniques, ear training, and music history in order to facilitate the development of a whole musician.

About Stephanie

Hello, and thank you for your interest! My name is Stephanie, I am a teaching-artist from El Paso, Texas. I currently reside, perform and teach in the Boston and greater Boston area. I am a recent graduate of The New England Conservatory of Music with a Masters and Graduate Diploma in Saxoph

January 21, 2019
I'm an older student (old actually) who started piano 2 years ago with Stephanie . She is great for a beginning student. Knows how to teach. Is encouraging, but demanding enough to keep me on my toes. Just wonderful and a thoroughly lovely person.
October 30, 2017
Jon S.
Stephanie is a patient, knowledgeable, enthusiastic educator and collaborator who loves to perform and teach. I had the honor of working with her for nearly four years while we pursued similar degrees at New Mexico State University. She consistently brought a level of maturity and preparedness beyond her age to our rehearsals and practices. If I was limited to only one word to describe her, it would be "professional".
September 21, 2017
I very much enjoyed my lesson!
Stephanie is very personable and patient! Can't wait until next week!

Meet Online Music Performance Teachers Serving Wappingers Falls, NY

Heart-empty Heart

Gregory V.

Music Performance
Starting at $20
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home

  • Teaching since 1986
  • B.A. Music Composition, Credits toward M.A. Music Education from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pa
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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Online Music Performance Teacher

Everything from visualizing to preparing to doing it! I've been teaching Music Performance for 27 years and my students have gone on to play in their own bands and work with major artists everywhere. Within the first few lessons, you will feel the power of technique, stage presence & confidence.As time goes on you'll be much, much further along than you would have expected! I specialize in Pop, Rock, R&B, Country, Gospel and pretty much everything in-between. love working with students of all ages and experience levels and I can't wait to meet you!

About Gregory

Just moved back home from Los Angeles for the past 21 years and looking for new students who want to really take that first step or take it to a whole other level! Join me! The shortest and most direct methods to unveiling one's musical dreams. Voice, Guitar, Keyboard & Bass Private & Group

August 29, 2019
Annabelle J.
Super patient and very good with kids. Added on guitar lessons as I see us being long term students.
August 13, 2019
Cole S.
Gregory is a great teacher, he is so patient! He has a great way of getting through to the student. My son really enjoys going to piano. 🎹
May 14, 2019
Victoria B.
Gregory was great! Looking forward to the next lesson :0)
Heart-empty Heart

Francisca M.

Music Performance
Starting at $39
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Speaks Spanish
  • Teaches students 9 to 60
  • Teaching since 2005
Quick view profile
Online Music Performance Teacher

There is so much more to singing than just a great voice. The performance goes hand in hand and is something that myself as a performer, place a lot of emphasis on for those of you that are going out there and auditioning for musicals, plays, schools, bands etc.

You must always connect with the song and the story line. How do you relate?

These are all topics I go through with students that are looking for more of that edge in their overall singing experience.

We discuss character, character choices, emotion, presence, movement, microphone technique, stand out parts in the music and much more.

It is very important you can relate to the song in some way. It will not be the same as the person who wrote it, but you can still find something that will help you relate. You chose the song for a reason, even if it was for the melody, what is it about that melody you like? what is it about the guitar line, or piano line you like? etc. These and much more are topics I go through in ...

About Francisca

Hi there, my name is Francisca! I am a very passionate and dedicated instructor. I love working with students at all levels from ages 9 and up, from beginners to experienced adults. It doesn't matter where you are in your musical development, I can help and encourage you to be your very best.

November 24, 2018
Pablo T.
So thorough and very personable. Makes you feel comfortable and works with you
May 19, 2018
Colleen C.
The first lesson went well. My teacher is very good. She explained everything well and was very encouraging. She told me good things and was very patient. She is very good in what she does. I look forward to learning more and more.
May 10, 2018
I have known Francisca since late 2015 and come to know pretty well. She is an outstanding singer, composer, song writer, actress and musician. I have had the honor to attend many of her performances, including one in Lake Worth, FL as part of the Core Ensemble. All I can say is that until I heard her performance in Lake Worth I had no idea the depth of her talent. She is a great teacher and sets a high, but achievable bar for students. That’s how students grow. If you are lucky enough to have her for your teacher you are in good hands.
Heart-empty Heart

Coren Z.

Music Performance
Starting at $35
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio

  • Speaks English and limited Spanish
  • Vocal Performance, Songwriting and General Music from Dick Grove School of Music
  • Teaches students 6 and up
Quick view profile
Online Music Performance Teacher

My partner teaches performance and acting. It is important to know how to marry vocal technique with a strong performance so neither one suffers. In today's market acting is as important as singing well music videos and live performance keep the artist viable and working it is a visual market so acting plays a vital role in a singers career. A working singer has to be able to tell the story to keep the audience engaged and interested.

About Coren

Coren Z Coren is an award winning TV talk show host co-starring with her husband Ren on the Las Vegas TV show Dreamweavers StarTrax interviewing performers from all different genres about their journey towards career success. A seasoned live performer Coren has played many different venues acr

October 7, 2018
Remy T.
Coren was warm, positive, and patient with a great sense of humor. She connected well with my 11 year old granddaughter, making her quickly feel at ease during the first lesson, and making her look forward to her next lessons. I highly recommend Coren for her professionalism and for her caring and cheerful personality.
July 7, 2018
I have so much fun with Coren. She is very informative, charismatic and funny! I look forward to each and every one of her lessons!
March 14, 2018
Sue B.

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"Daughter Loves Class

My six-year-old loves to perform. Randy has been helping her with her intonation, piano playing, performing, and general ear for music in a manner that is fun and successful. My daughter is excited all week to go to her class."
- Erika
Took Music Performance lessons from Randy L.
"I played in the Advent Band with Vandi as our worship leader for several years. Her energy and enthusiasm was contagious and she always provided positive, constructive criticism. Vandi's knowledge of music theory was demonstrated in her ability to arrange our songs to suit the various skill levels of the band members and the congregation! This is not an easy task and she handled it with ease and grace. I would highly recommend her as an instructor."
- Dan
Took Music Performance lessons from Vandi E.
"Bo Wade was my first percussion teacher over 10 years ago. A friend I played guitar with invited me to a Samba dance class set to live percussion. Bo was in charge of the percussion section, orchestrating both the drummers and dancers from behind his drum set. Bo is an elite musician and instructor with a broad understanding of percussion styles from around the globe. Whatever your experience level, focus, or preference of music, Bo will add value to your practice techniques and performance approach. I highly recommend taking lessons and developing a relationship with Bo."
- Jack
Took Music Performance lessons from Bo W.
"Since I was in high school, I’ve always wanted to develop my skills as a piano player, drummer, or guitarist. I had a ways to go, and Greg was assigned to help me grow in our youth worship team. Out of the years I spent there, Greg was the best teacher I had! Hands on training, coherent instructions, and constructive feedback from our sessions were what made me into the musician I am today. Greg Campbell is the best!"
- Christian
Took Music Performance lessons from Greg C.
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"We just wanted to thank you so much for all your help over the last few months in preparing Sara for her recitals. Her talent show at school was last night and she did fabulously and projected for all to hear and she couldn’t have done it without your teaching!"
- Jennifer
Took Music Performance lessons from Melissa M.
"Really friendly, easy to talk to, and positive teacher. I can already tell that I will learn a lot from him!"
- Shelby
Took Music Performance lessons from Alex P.
"She is the best she gives u great pointer you would love her and she is very nice."
- Princess
Took Music Performance lessons from Cyndi E.
- Robert
Took Music Performance lessons from Matthew K.
"Great violin teacher!

Jill is a colleague and friend that I've known for many years. She is a wonderful violinist and one of the most experienced violin teachers of students of all ages that one can find. Especially gifted in working with young children, Jill is extraordinary in her ability to connect with kids. She sets her students up with beautiful violin technique and inspires in each one a love for music. Jill is a wonderfully kind person with so much talent for playing and teaching violin. She comes highly recommended by anyone who has known and worked with her!"
- julia
Took Music Performance lessons from Jill G.
"Excellent musician, vocalist and performer. Worth your time and money to utilize T King as your instructor."
- Lynn
Took Music Performance lessons from Timothy K.
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