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Popular Music Theory Teachers in Marlton, NJ

Allison T.

11 Reviews
Oaklyn, NJ
Starting at $45
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Theatre from Pomona College, Claremont, CA
  • Teaches students 4 and up
Teaching Locations:
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Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Allison T.

11 Reviews
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Private Music Theory Teacher

Understanding music theory is an invaluable tool that will not only help you to learn new material more quickly and easily, but will also help you to communicate more effectively with other musicians. While my formal training is in classical piano, most of my professional work is as a songwriter performing pop and rock material. I will help you to connect theory to the music you're learning and can also teach practical musicianship skills, such as writing lead sheets or charts.

About Allison

Learn piano from a nationally touring recording artist, songwriter and composer with eleven years teaching experience. My approach to teaching piano is holistic, incorporating music theory, ear training, healthy physical technique, improvisation and sight reading. I have over eleven years experienc

Recent Reviews
Tyler D.
Allison is such a great teacher. Very knowledgeable, articulate and patient/caring when it comes to her lessons and teachers.

I would recommend her for anyone seriously trying to learn Piano/Music Theory!
Wonderful first lesson! Allison was patient and kind and by the end of the first hour, my daughter was playing a song I could recognize.
Richard (Rick) M.
Patient, competent and personable. Looking forward to my lessons.

Tom S.

17 Reviews
Bryn Mawr, PA
Starting at $40
  • Teaches students 13 and up
  • BM in Piano/Choral Education from Northern Arizona Universiuty
  • Teaching since 2008
Teaching Locations:
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Tom S.

17 Reviews
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Private Music Theory Teacher

Do you have a hard time understanding music theory? Does reading sheet music confuse you? Do you feel inadequate when talking music to your musician friends? WIth me, I will help you understand note reading, chords, scales, key signatures, etc! I have come up with a number of processes for understanding music theory!

About Tom

I have had a varied background growing up, from being an Eagle Scout, to holding a black belt in Judo.  Growing up in Arizona and being the youngest of three boys from a very musical family, I found classical music and it became my passion. I began with piano at age 9, while also sang in many chur

Recent Reviews
Tom is a very patient teacher who is supportive yet instructive in his feedback. As a novice I have very much appreciated his ability to see what I need as we move through the lessons. As an educator with over 35 years of experience, I appreciate his ability to connect with me, the student. My lessons have improved my ability and my confidence. Thanks, Tom! See you for another set of lessons
jia L.
Tom was my 7-year-old son's piano teacher, he also taught him music theory, he is very professional, also very nice and accommodating, would definitely recommend!
This man is friendly, nice and patient and he's smart, even talented at his job and works good & hard with students to make sure that they sound the way that they want to.He will never let anyone down and will not make fun of you but only wants to help students accomplish their goals.I recommend taking classes with this man, he's really great.

Hadi S.

6 Reviews
Bryn Mawr, PA
Starting at $35
  • Speaks Indonesia
  • Jazz Composition from Berklee College of Music
  • Teaches students 6 to 50
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Hadi S.

6 Reviews
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Private Music Theory Teacher

What do you offer for a beginner?

Assuming a student has never played a piano and is 10 years old or older, lessons will focus on fundamentals of technique and sight reading classically oriented material. I follow piano curriculum developed by John Thompson and Alfred.

For students under 10 years of age without any prior piano training, a preparatory book may be used.

After a minimum 6-12 months of continuous piano lessons (assuming a weekly schedule), music theory will be introduced, along with chord playing.

What do you offer for a non-beginner?

Assuming a student has had a minimum of one year of continuous piano training, depending on the lesson customization, lessons will be based around the Alfred and/or John Thompson curriculum, and music theory and chord playing will be introduced.

Should a student already know chord playing, I will fast forward the lesson to sight reading lead sheet/fake books and learning pop, rock or jazz piano playing styles (left and ...

About Hadi

Since 2009, I have completed over 600 public music performances as a part of a band and/or as a solo keyboardist. I have performed at over 50 different venues in Philadelphia, Wilmington, New York City, Baltimore and New Jersey area. I mainly play piano, electric piano and Hammond organ. As member

Recent Reviews
N B.
I have responsibility review of lessons with him.

First,when I contacted with him about lessons,he suggested me interview that there’s no charge but he would want to discuss with me what I would do expect piano lessons for my son for future.
After discussion,I sent my son another day,it was the first lesson.
Surprisingly,he had prepared its already pre-printed lesson flows!
I appreciated it that it means,we guardians don’t need worry about what we could expect lessons,but of course required practice for next time.
Patent could check what happened the lesson was,what would be for next.

Bastin,Alfred,as you know,those textbooks that kids could learn all the notes.
He uses some of them,it would be combined for your child.

If you looking for the best fundamentally for your child,to play piano,not only enjoyable one,I think he’s the best.

I know there are many Japanese families in Bryn Mawr,I would recommend he’s class!

We are moving family,I expect the piano lessons with him would be make my son’s knowledge to play piano more stronger,also beyond countries,even time passed by.
Bob K.
Excellent instructor
Sophia T.

Meet Online Music Theory Teachers Serving Marlton, NJ

Nadav P.

9 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $40
  • Speaks Hebrew
  • Jazz performance from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music
  • Teaches students 6 and up
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Nadav P.

9 Reviews
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Online Music Theory Teacher

I'll help you get to know your scales/chords/intervals and their practical use in music. Be able to analyze a harmonic structure for songs to better understand the music you play!

About Nadav

Hi there, My name is Nadav and I have been a professional guitar player and teacher for most of my life now. I have a very extensive experience playing festivals and venues in the U.S and abroad and have been teaching beginner and advanced guitar/bass and musical ensemble classes for 15 years.

Recent Reviews
Bill T.
Speaking from the standpoint of a colleague of Nadav’s for many years and professional musician/educator myself, Nadav is the real deal. He is my top recommendation, without question, for anyone looking to study the guitar and/or music in general.

Nadav is an extremely gifted and skilled musician, composer, and bandleader with very deep understanding of playing the guitar. He has the experience and versatility to so in a multitude of different styles ranging from R&B, Pop, Funk, Jazz and Ethiopian groove music (check out his incredible band: Abbess Orchestra). He is also extremely kind, has a gentle yet “matter-of-fact” demeanor and is the consummate professional.

For anyone who has interest in learning the guitar and needs an instructor, no matter their experience level, it’s impossible to go wrong with Nadav. Just check him out and sign up!
I was a self taught guitar player since a very early age, so when I met Nadav for the first time I already knew many songs and chords. But my technique was a mess.
Nadav helped me establish a healthy and meticulous practice routine that fixed my technique very quickly.
I would recommend him as a teacher for every level.
Great teacher with good vibes! Nadav showed me great ways to practice harmony and soloing on the guitar. Highly recommended.

Paul N.

32 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $40
  • Speaks Spanish, English
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • 3 years / Education Classes from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Paul N.

32 Reviews
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Online Music Theory Teacher

Learn music theory from note reading to chord structures to major/minor keys.

Ear training is also taught with music theory.

About Paul

GREAT ONLINE LESSONS GIVEN ***My goal as a teacher*** I try to teach what the students are interested in and make it fun and interesting so that they learn the lessons and their favorite songs. Every student is different and needs to be taught in a way that makes learning easy and fun for th

Recent Reviews
Lorence O.
Paul makes learning fun and he’s very good at what he does!!!
I had guitar and voice classes and they were awesome. He is patient with students, and helps you to grow fast and easy with his methods.
I came to Paul for some voice lessons before my band entered the studio. Not only did he help me improve my voice and ear training, but he gave me many tools to improve my timing, vocal range, and knowledge of theory. I highly recommend him!
Profile-background-check Background Check
This teacher successfully passed a thorough criminal background check with SterlingBackcheck. This badge verifies trusted teacher status.

Linda L.

22 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $25
  • Speaks English, Hebrew, Spanish, Hebrew
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
  • Associates Degree in Jazz Theory and Composition from Mannes Conservatory of Music
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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This teacher successfully passed a thorough criminal background check with SterlingBackcheck. This badge verifies trusted teacher status.

Linda L.

22 Reviews
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Online Music Theory Teacher

I studied music theory at the Rhode Island School of Modern Music, at the Mannes Conservatory of Music in Manhattan, and at the Reuben Conservatory, in Jerusalem, Israel.
My background in theory is primarily in jazz, which uses some slightly different terminology than classical theory, but mostly applies to all styles, especially as pertains to beginning theory.

About Linda

I have been teaching music (guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, recorder, music theory, and classes for toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children, and adults) for over 20 years. I am also a band/show director at the School of Rock! In addition to teaching music, I also tut

Recent Reviews
Nan -.
Linda is great. I left with a big smile on my face!
Dan T.
Linda is awesome. After 3 lessons I'm getting pretty good at a couple of basic rolls and have a song to work on. She is patient and knowledgeable, and has helped me get basic technique going. So far so good.
Megan K.
Linda was really awesome! I’m s complete beginner but she made me feel totally comfortable and at ease. Already working on a song! Looking forward to the next lesson!

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45 min
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"THANK YOU! I really could never get my head around music theory and you made it fun and easy to understand. I feel like I can really appreciate my songwriting skills having a better understanding about the science of music. Thanks so very much Ms. Christine."
Mr. Koby
Took Music Theory lessons from Christine G.
"I needed help knowing how to arrange a full band work for my Instrumentation Class project. I offered to pay him to do it for me but he wouldn't do that (haha). But he did sit with me and show me how to do it myself and I was happy I learned something. It wasn't great but if I had the desire to be an arranger then I would definitely study more with Jeremy."
Took Music Theory lessons from Jeremy M.
"Hi Everyone,
I’d like to tell all about what a wonderful experience I’m having with Tamari as my piano teacher.
First about me. I’m a 70 year old male with virtually no hands-on music experience or knowledge (other than listening). My parents forced me to take piano music lessons 60+ years ago which I totally resisted. Playing piano was a sissy thing and after a few months they gave up.
For the past 50 years I regretted my youthful error. So when I had the chance to take a piano/keyboard class from Tamari, through OLLI at Uconn I jumped at the chance.
Tamari started the first class totally prepared. Not only did she have startup handouts geared to beginner level students. She also came with extension cords and power outlet strips so all could set up comfortably. Right away we (9) were playing notes and learning. Tamari gave us terrific learning tips (beyond Every Good Boy Does Fine) to make grasping lessons much easier.
Sadly, the Virus hit, and self-isolation became the norm. So Tamari set up her classes through the ZOOM video conferencing software. Wonderfully, a fun learning experience.
One example from yesterday. Tamari helped me learn that just playing the notes , G A G C B by pecking at the keys isn’t music. There’s a certain rhythm needed to make the sound correct and enjoyable. And after, patiently, staying with me, turn after turn, I got it right. Bravo to her and me.
Let me wrap this up by saying, I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with Tamari as my Piano teacher.
Ralph A Famiglietti."
Took Music Theory lessons from Tamari (Tamara) W.
"Rebecca has GREAT PATIENCE. Best teacher I've ever studied with and I can't wait for our next lesson. Just from one lesson, my music theory skills have vastly improved."
Richie G.
Took Music Theory lessons from Rebecca S.
"Very inspiring. Antonella helped me realize just how much I needed to learn. She did this in a very encouraging way. I'm looking forward to my next lesson"
Took Music Theory lessons from Antonella D.
"Music Theory and Music Performance

Ms. Wilma's enthusiasm for life and music shines through in her instrumental playing and teaching style. She shows a strong proficiency in many music genres and can teach different kinds of musical instruments.

She's reliable, experienced, professional, and easy to be around. One of her main strengths is her ability to convey musical thoughts in a way that is meaningful, constructive and easily understood.
I really enjoyed how she have enriched my ability to think about musical concepts, discuss theories in music, and listen to different types of music."
Wilma Evangeline
Took Music Theory lessons from Wilma Evangeline B.
"When looking for an instructor what is best to find is knowledge of the subject. When it comes to Mr. Newbold, he delivers; Whether it be current or past. He has had outstanding experience with acclimating to every student's needs and learning style. He provides a great environment/atmosphere which is critical to learning. If his credentials don't speak enough, then his personal musical talent should."
Took Music Theory lessons from Dustin N.
"Very easy going and patient. Jamie would easily explain concepts that I didn't understand. Also had guitar lessons and he was wonderful! Would definitely recommend him!"
Took Music Theory lessons from Jamie C.
"Paul not only has a passion for music, but he has a passion for teacjing music and sharing his gift with others."
Took Music Theory lessons from Paul M.
"He is one of my co-workers at a high school and he runs a performing arts club. He teaches a high school music band that are seniors, he will make sure that everyone is on key as far as singing, playing drums, and guitar. The music band appreciates him and they enjoy the music lessons as well."
Took Music Theory lessons from Keith G.
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