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Popular Music Performance Teachers in Clementon, NJ

David P.

5 Reviews
Philadelphia, PA
Starting at $35
  • Speaks English, Hebrew
  • Teaches students 5 to 85
  • Teaching since 2000
Teaching Locations:
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David P.

5 Reviews
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Private Music Performance Teacher

I mentor and guide students who want to play as free lance musicians in various playing situations including wallpaper gigs, recitals, concerts, etc.. I prepare students for various performance situations and instruct them on proper preparation techniques.

About David

I teach children, adolescents , and adults. I have also worked with special needs populations for many years in a variety of settings. I am very patient adept and compassionate. I am also very skilled at my instrument as I studied music at the University Level. My goals are to combine my experience

Recent Reviews
David explains things in a manner that I could easily understand. He was calm, patient, and respectful of skill level.
J M.
Awesome teacher! Not just a great drummer, but patient and articulate. He was really able to help me understand and execute in ways I never could before. Seems like he would also be great with kids...super patient and encouraging!
Janna R.
David is a very skilled drummer and a very enthusiastic teacher. In lessons, he seems to like to split time between practicing rudiments and learning to play different rhythms on the set. He is also exceptionally patient and supportive with my 9-year-old, highly distractible daughter. David is very positive, pointing out things that are going well and interesting rhythms that they discover. I am really glad we found David--he is an excellent teacher and I love watching my daughter learn so much about music!

Hadi S.

6 Reviews
Bryn Mawr, PA
Starting at $35
  • Speaks Indonesia
  • Jazz Composition from Berklee College of Music
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
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Hadi S.

6 Reviews
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Private Music Performance Teacher

What do you offer for a beginner?

Assuming a student has never played a piano and is 10 years old or older, lessons will focus on fundamentals of technique and sight reading classically oriented material. I follow piano curriculum developed by John Thompson and Alfred.

For students under 10 years of age without any prior piano training, a preparatory book may be used.

After a minimum 6-12 months of continuous piano lessons (assuming a weekly schedule), music theory will be introduced, along with chord playing.

What do you offer for a non-beginner?

Assuming a student has had a minimum of one year of continuous piano training, depending on the lesson customization, lessons will be based around the Alfred and/or John Thompson curriculum, and music theory and chord playing will be introduced.

Should a student already know chord playing, I will fast forward the lesson to sight reading lead sheet/fake books and learning pop, rock or jazz piano playing styles (left and ...

About Hadi

Since 2009, I have completed over 600 public music performances as a part of a band and/or as a solo keyboardist. I have performed at over 50 different venues in Philadelphia, Wilmington, New York City, Baltimore and New Jersey area. I mainly play piano, electric piano and Hammond organ. As member

Recent Reviews
N B.
I have responsibility review of lessons with him.

First,when I contacted with him about lessons,he suggested me interview that there’s no charge but he would want to discuss with me what I would do expect piano lessons for my son for future.
After discussion,I sent my son another day,it was the first lesson.
Surprisingly,he had prepared its already pre-printed lesson flows!
I appreciated it that it means,we guardians don’t need worry about what we could expect lessons,but of course required practice for next time.
Patent could check what happened the lesson was,what would be for next.

Bastin,Alfred,as you know,those textbooks that kids could learn all the notes.
He uses some of them,it would be combined for your child.

If you looking for the best fundamentally for your child,to play piano,not only enjoyable one,I think he’s the best.

I know there are many Japanese families in Bryn Mawr,I would recommend he’s class!

We are moving family,I expect the piano lessons with him would be make my son’s knowledge to play piano more stronger,also beyond countries,even time passed by.
Bob K.
Excellent instructor
Sophia T.

Timothy K.

10 Reviews
Philadelphia, PA
Starting at $25
  • Teaching since 1997
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Timothy K.

10 Reviews
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Private Music Performance Teacher
About Timothy

Education- Currently a music performance major at Temple University Associates in Applied Science Major- Sound Recording and Music Technology I can teach all styles from reggae, funk, jazz, rock or blues to heavy metal. I can also introduce students to recording and preparing for the studio. I

Recent Reviews
He is a great teacher he helps you learn it so you can understand, he simplifies what your having a hard time on and then you'll get it
Tim is a really nice and patient teacher. I did not have any drum experience before, but Tim arranges the first courses from basic rhythm practice, and also asked me to set up a long goal of playing drum cover of my favorite song. So the drum lesson is always interesting and compact, which makes me want to practice more in my spare time. I hope I could follow up the courses with more improvement and did better with his guidance.
Great for the first lessons. .

Meet Online Music Performance Teachers Serving Clementon, NJ

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11 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $65
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Undergrad Music Major, Classical Percussion Performance and Studies from University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, WI
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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11 Reviews
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Online Music Performance Teacher

· Accomplished Drummer/Percussionist
· Outstanding Teacher/Private Instructor
· Played On Widely-Acclaimed National/Global Tours
· Online Ready for Recording/Lessons
· Exceptional Sight Reading
· Latin/World Styles
· Gifted Musician & Artist
· Performed with Blues/Rock/Country Legends
· Rock/Jazz/Latin/Fusion/Country
· Jazz/R&B/Blues/All Styles
· On Time/Prepared


An versatile, accomplished, energetic, and insightful musician, author, and educator, with more than 25 years’ playing and teaching experience - from national and international tours, (for audiences of all sizes, up to as many as 85k -100,000 throughout most all United States, and Spain, France, S

Recent Reviews
Returning to drums after several years, I found that the "Drum Control" book Perry created and wrote really cleaned up my technique and got me going again with the essential tools I needed. I can't believe how easy it was with this great book. The combination of his teaching and book got me rockin' in no time! Perry is a real pro and knows what he's doing. I am learning from the best! Thanks Perry!
Best drum teacher EVER!
Don M.
As a colleague of Perry, we often discussed the psychological aspects of programming the subconscious in order to bring the most out of ourselves and our students. Perry is a world class pro player, and his ability to articulate ideas is profound. Students could greatly benefit from studying under him.

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Phil A.

3 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $34
  • Master of Music: Jazz Performance from Aaron Copland School of Music: C.U.N.Y. Queens College
  • Teaching since 2009
  • Teaches students 5 and up
Teaching Locations:
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Phil A.

3 Reviews
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Online Music Performance Teacher

Phil Anthony has performed and recorded with various reputable artists as a bassist, music director, producer, and/or composer. Phil has completed tours and recordings with various artists nationally and internationally and has experience teaching various musical concepts and instruments including bass, piano, guitar, and musicianship.

Teaching Philosophy: “My goal is to help each student achieve and channel the utmost sincerest way of creating and pursuing a passion of music, through a strong foundation of creativity and individualism.”

About Phil

Phil Anthony has performed and recorded with various reputable artists as a bassist, music director, producer, and/or composer. Phil has completed tours and recordings with various artists nationally and internationally and has experience teaching various musical concepts and instruments including

Recent Reviews
Very professional during lessons, relaxed energy, specific with explaining concepts. Would recommend for anyone looking to improve musicianship.
James Feldman
Phil is a fantastic instructor. I am a beginner bass player, interested in learning rock and roll style music. Phil has been able to not only teach me all the classic songs that I love, but also improve my understanding of music theory in the process. In addition to this, Phil is very knowledgeable when it comes to recording music and playing in a live band, and he has shared many insights and personal experiences that have helped inspire me to keep pushing even when I am struggling with a simple bass part. I have seen major improvement in my playing ever since I started working with Phil. I would highly recommend Phil to students of all ages and levels: he is the ultimate professional, and on top of that a stand up guy!
John venezia
Amazing teacher! Extremely versatile musician! Has a ton of experience performing and teaching. Very inspiring musician and person to take lessons from.

Lilla H.

2 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $45
  • Speaks Hungarian, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Latin
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaching since 2014
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Lilla H.

2 Reviews
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Online Music Performance Teacher

Hi! My name is Lilla, I'm a Juilliard graduate (BM & MM) and Voice/Vocal Performance and Piano Teacher who specializes with all levels, ages and styles! I've performed at places like Carnegie Hall and have been featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, WQXR Radio, truTV, Alive Magazine, Opera Today, and Seen & Heard International.

My unique approach to vocal arts learning is designed to help you overcome your individual obstacles and leverage YOUR unique strengths! Together we'll work towards developing healthy vocal technique and learn how to:

- Optimize breath support
- Dramatically increase vocal range
- Remove vocal breaks
- Reduce straining
- Gain incredible flexibility
- Have better tone quality
- Unlock vocal power
- Have complete vocal freedom
- Increase confidence
- Become a dynamic performer!

Topics Include: Vocal Registration, Breath Management, Chest Voice, Head Voice, Pharyngeal Resonance, Mixed Voice & Twang, Balancing of Resonances, Vowel

About Lilla

Lilla's been featured in Business Insider, WQXR Radio, truTV, Alive Magazine, Opera Today, Seen & Heard International, and has won critical and international acclaim for her "appealing sound, agile coloratura and oversize wit." - The New York Times Lilla holds her Master's and Bachelor's degrees f

Recent Reviews
Jinhua G.
It was very good experience to helping me understand singing. Thank you Lilla.❤️
Lilla is a fabulous teacher. Very knowledgeable, but more importantly is able to convey that knowledge in an accessible way to a beginning student. Highly recommend!

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"Cheryl came by our Church Music Ministry in Detroit, and demonstrated her great music skills, dexterity, singing excellence, and versatility on both Organ and Piano. Her many years of experience make her an outstanding choice for professional music training. Her congeniality warmed the hearts of our Choir members and others she encountered."
Took Music Performance lessons from Cheryl M.
"Playing more music than ever

Elicia has help me learn what I always wanted to since I have started playing again I am now expanding my quartet repetoire."
Took Music Performance lessons from Elicia R.
"Stephanie isn't just a great player. Her compassion and open personality make her a great teacher as well. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone."
Took Music Performance lessons from Stephanie M.
"she is amazing she the best with any songs u give her top level teacher I promise"
Took Music Performance lessons from Cyndi E.
"Great lesson, getting me ready for an upcoming performance"
Took Music Performance lessons from Jerrica A.
"I was 16 years old when I first started with Coren, She has helped me to get an amazing sound out of my voice! I sang every thing in my Nostrils! and my Adam's apple up in my Brain! I started out singing with my church choir, then my church band. My music director said I Should Take some lessons. He gave me Corens number and I set up a lesson for the following Thursday.

I got to the lesson and I was shaking. I've always been an Actor and I've always had this mental block about my voice. But After talking to her, Within the first 5 minutes she had already had me laughing and relaxing in my chair. She not only showed me how to use my vocals, she explained (In Detail) why and what was making my voice tighten up in the first place. She understood everything that my vocal cords were doing.

I would certainly say that Coren goes the extra mile when it comes to training the voice. And she has one of the biggest hearts on this planet! There were many lessons I had with her where I would Just be in tears because I had a mental block about my voice. But Coren would not let me stay there. She Believed in me and she got me out of my mental patterns.

I owe a lot to this women and I couldn't be more Grateful that I have the opportunity to study under her!"
Took Music Performance lessons from Coren Z.
"I have had the pleasure of playing in very complex musical collaborations with Suzan G. a couple of times recently and am thrilled to find out that she is a teacher with Takelessons. I am a TL music teacher, and having seen her live and in person and discussed the theory of the music we are performing, I can highly recommend her.

Suzan is thoroughly knowledgable about music theory and composition and movement. Her piano skills are excellent especially when seen in the arena of jazz improve composition on the fly with a group of professionals. She can sight read complicated charts and sing beautifully at the same time, for songs she has never done, and these are the challenges that true musicians thrive upon.

As a TL teacher of children also, I can see that Suzan is very family friendly and cheerful, kind and helpful. All good signs of an excellent teacher! Your Kids will love her.

Way to go, Suzan, and keep up the great work!"
Jane Y. (Ridgefield, WA)
Took Music Performance lessons from Suzan G.
"Bo Wade was my first percussion teacher over 10 years ago. A friend I played guitar with invited me to a Samba dance class set to live percussion. Bo was in charge of the percussion section, orchestrating both the drummers and dancers from behind his drum set. Bo is an elite musician and instructor with a broad understanding of percussion styles from around the globe. Whatever your experience level, focus, or preference of music, Bo will add value to your practice techniques and performance approach. I highly recommend taking lessons and developing a relationship with Bo."
Took Music Performance lessons from Bo W.
"I have known Greg for over 25+ years. He can play any style and at the highest levels. He has never disppapointed us by either in his performance or teaching. He is the best and highly recommend."
Took Music Performance lessons from Greg C.
"Eric is and outstanding hard working musician with many talents to share and looking forward to working with him & his band and learning more about Bass."
Took Music Performance lessons from Eric J.
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