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Jesse H.

Del Mar, California

Learn to play guitar like a pro from a guitar teacher with 10 years of experience

Learn any song you want from any time. I have a good ear and can pick any song off a CD or YouTube. I can then write it out for you and teach it to you in any key. Don't be afraid, I like to use Tablature so you don't need to be able to read music. Do you want to play Lead Guitar? I can teach you all the scales, arpeggios & Pentatonics that you need to know to become a rock 'n' roll guitar god!
About Jesse H.

Jesse H. plays guitar with The Mar Dels, one of San Diego’s best-known dance and party bands. But he’s more than just a rock-and-roller — he’s studied jazz and classical guitar with other master musicians. His lessons focus on developing: - Right and left hand technique - Finger picking and flat picking - Tonal and sound quality - Playing and singing - The ability to play a solo (a classical piece, a rock guitar piece or an improvised solo) - Chords, scales, and arpeggios Jesse’s broad skill set allows him to teach a variety of styles, though he’s happy to focus on one particular style if that’s what the student prefers. Don’t miss this opportunity to take guitar or ukulele lessons from one of the top musicians in San Diego. *** Overview *** I studied jazz guitar with Peter Sprague and classical guitar with Celin Romero. While at UCSD, I studied with Pepe Romero in master classes. In 1982, I became interested in classic rock and founded my band, The Mar Dels. During my time with the band, I’ve learned and performed many classic rock hits. One of the best-known dance/party bands in San Diego, the Mar Dels continue to play at private and public events locally, nationally, and globally. *** Lesson Details *** I give my guitar students a solid background in right and left hand technique. This includes finger picking technique for the right hand as well as flat picking. It’s important for students develop a correct left hand position, if they wish to continue to play for many years without injury to the left hand. It’s also very important to young students who may wish to move into classical music. Most classical guitar music can’t be played well with a standard rock left hand technique, but all rock music can be played very well with a good classical left hand technique.  Most of the studies I use with my students are songs, scales and arpeggios from my personal library, so it won’t be necessary for my students to buy any books right away. However, if students want some additional materials to review, I can suggest some titles. I emphasize the quality of sound that the student produces with the instrument. Many musicians feel that playing a piece of music is like running a 100-yard dash. I prefer that my students play at a comfortable tempo and create beautiful sounds, rather than rushing through a song simply to show an ability to play fast. I feel that it’s very important to practice any new piece or exercise at a slow tempo till it can be played well with relaxed hands. When the tempo is gradually increased, one acquires beauty with speed. Within the first three months, the average student should be able to play some open position chords, bar chords, and arpeggios, and be able to improvise over a chord progression using four or more notes from at least one pentatonic scale. I like my students to learn at least one guitar solo (a piece that features guitar either solo or with accompaniment) within six months that they could play for their friends or parents. If the student’s goal is to use the guitar to accompany their voice, they can learn to sing and play at the same time. This is a special skill that takes time to master, and is something that I have done for years. I’m happy to share my ideas on how to develop this skill with my students. Ultimately, the progress of the student depends on their talent level and their desire to acquire skills. If a student is interested in only one style of playing, I am happy to focus on it; however, I have a very broad skill set on the guitar and I like my students to develop as many techniques as possible. *** Equipment *** Depending on the student’s interest, I bring either a steel string or a classical guitar, and I prefer that the student also have an appropriate instrument. If it’s an introductory lesson for a beginning student, I can bring an instrument for them to use for the lesson. *** Specialties *** Since 1982 I have played guitar in The Mar Dels, a popular dance and party band so I am familiar with most pop, blues & rock styles of playing. I have always loved the classical guitar and I am especially interested in good technique and tonal quality.

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Teacher's studio

I play ukulele and I want to have a better grasp of music theory. At my first lesson, Jesse listened to me play and explain what I want to accomplish. He was then able to "prescribe" a couple of simple ways to get started. I'm looking forward to taking his advice to the letter, and I plan to be ready for my next lesson!

Posted Apr 11, 2023

Jesse is amazing to work with and is very supportive and kind! I really enjoy our sessions. He is a very knowledgeable teacher and I have learned a lot from him. I'm amazed at the progress that I have been making thanks to his guidance.

Posted Feb 2, 2023
Student's home

Jesse has been teaching ours kids guitar & ukulele for the past 2 years. We did both online and in-home lessons and Jesse has been able to adapt to each of our children’s styles and musical aptitudes very well. Both of our kids were beginners and never played cord instruments before and in no time Jesse taught them how to play some songs which was super motivating for them. He uses positive reinforcement to keep bringing them along and be comfortable learning new things all the time. We’re very grateful for Jesse’s lessons over the years!

Posted Jul 6, 2022
Guitar & Ukulele Teacher
Nov 2011 - Present
Teaching beginning through advanced guitar and ukulele.
Chief Financial Officer, musician / singer
Sep 1982 - Present
The Mar Dels Band, Inc.
I have held my position with The Mar Dels, Inc. for over thirty years which is an unusually long time be a top performer in the music business. In addition to playing guitar and singing during Mar Dels performances my responsibilities include, contracting events, holding deposits, banking, keeping calendars up to date, paying the performers and keeping books and financial records, filing all quarterly payroll tax returns and end of the year corporate tax returns and filing our annual statement of domestic stock. I am also involved in producing all of the promotional recordings, videos, website information and e-mail blasts about public events. Somewhere in this big mess I need to find time to practice my own music and increase my own skill level. I also need to practice to learn my parts as the band adds new songs.
Sep 1982 - Jun 1985
Sep 1982 - Jun 1986
Limited Proficiency

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