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About Jesse M.

Sunnyvale, CA

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Learn about rhythm, melody, harmony, and dynamics, and how they apply to the violin. Explore the range of your instrument through various scales. Build solid skills through understanding the mechanics of how your body and instrument work together.

About Jesse
I'm currently not taking beginner students on voice/singing, guitar, bass, drums, piano, and ukulele. I highly recommend my studio partners Melissa though. Please check out her profile:


My Background

I've been playing with classical ensembles and rock bands since 2001. Even though I started on classical trombone and rock guitar, I have come to expand my repertoire to a variety of instruments and genres. During my time in college I performed with the University choir, orchestra, and band. I also have organized, wrote/arranged for, and performed with a variety of bands in my home state of New Mexico, as well as Japan, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since 2006 I have been an active teacher. This profession has taken me everywhere from working with classical guitar cla
sses in New Mexico high schools to Elementary students in Japan to a variety of private students of various musical instruments and genres everywhere I've been. Since relocating to the Bay Area in 2010, I've had the pleasure of working with lots of great students from kids to adults with a wide range of ambitions. Since 2012 I've been running my own full time studio.

Philosophy of Learning

Lessons are generally designed to work towards giving students the tools to accomplish their goals and become increasingly independent over time. While all students will study similar fundamentals regarding technique, theory, and performance, every lesson is as different as every person. What kind of music do you want to make? I'll tell you what you need to do to get there, and help you take the steps to achieve your aspirations.

I also love to help students put together a song, record, and produce it for them so that they can have a recording to share with their friends and family.

I also hold events for my students. (Check out our pictures and videos below!)
Younger students have opportunities to perform for friends and family at my studio every few months. Once or twice a year we'll also stage a larger event off site for more individual students and bands classes to perform.
Adult students also occasionally have events where they get a chance to get together and play music as well.

Aside from in-studio lessons, students also have the option to sign up for online lessons via Skype.
(*Online lessons offered during different times than in-studio lessons.)

*Unfortunately due to scheduling issues, I'm not currently accepting students for bi-weekly lessons. I can do regular weekly lessons, or occasional drop-in lessons, but bi-weekly appointments make it really hard for me to give the best scheduled times to my existing weekly students. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

My studio is equipped with:

*Music Stands

*A P.A. System

*Vocal and instrument microphones

*Guitars, Basses, Ukulele, Banjos, etc

*Two guitar amps and a bass amp

*Various percussion including a fully equipped acoustic drum set

*A Roland V-Drums electronic drum set

*An electric piano console and Yamaha organ

*A MicroKorg Synthesizer

*A Tuba, Trombone, Cornet, Saxophone, and Flute

*An extensive physical and virtual music library

*A recording system that students are not only welcome to use but encouraged to

*HD Webcam and condenser microphone for high fidelity online lessons via Skype
Wan C. January 5, 2019
· Ukulele · In studio
I am a senior student and Jesse knew what was needed to develop a course of classwork and homework to enable me to have more fun with the melodious ukulele. I appreciate his clear, concise, and congenial approach — serious, mindful, and leisurely.
Ricky R. December 16, 2018
· Violin · In studio
Vanessa October 22, 2018
· Singing · In studio
I like these singing classes
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Jesse M.

Sunnyvale, CA 94086
starting at
$70 / 30-min

About Kristen K.

Berkeley, CA

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About Kristen
My name is Kristen K. and I am an accomplished violinist and teacher from Lexington, Kentucky. I began my musical studies at age 7 and quickly discovered my passion and love for music. As a young musician, I attended numerous summer music festivals, participated in the Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra. I was a winner of two concerto competitions, which gave me the opportunity to perform solos with the youth orchestra. I continued my studies at the University of Kentucky as a Violin Performance major and it was there that I discovered my love for teaching music! After completing my performance degree, I decided to also pursue a Bachelor’s in Music Education. During my college career, I served as a teaching assistant in the University of Kentucky String Project, I taught group and private lessons at several local middle and high schools, an
d also maintained my own private violin and viola studio. I was also awarded the McCracken Scholarship Award for Excellence in Music Education. The most rewarding part of teaching has been seeing my students continually improve and reach their goals!

In addition to teaching, I also am an avid performer. I have been a member of the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra for 7 years and was a member of the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra. I perform as a soloist, in chamber groups, and in orchestras regularly at various events and concerts. In the past few years I have attended international chamber music festivals in Prague, Czech Republic and in Lucca, Italy. I have also had the opportunity to perform with some of the world’s most renowned musicians including Itzhak Perlman, Midori, and Gil Shaham in additional to performing in the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and in Carnegie Hall in New York City. Studying music has provided me with many wonderful opportunities to learn and to grow. It is my goal to help students really love and enjoy playing music and develop the skills that allow us to share the magic of beautiful sound. Maintaining a high level of mastery as well as continuing to learn about the art of teaching are fundamentally equal and of highest priority for me. Through teaching music, I hope to inspire students and help them reach their potential.

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching style is relaxed and understanding of where each student is at, while always maintaining a quick pace for learning new skills and always expecting the student to put forth their best effort. I am very encouraging and positive. I work with each student and his or her parents to determine short and long term goals and try to best provide the materials, instruction and motivation to achieve those goals!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lessons in the living room, well lit, piano, music stands

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in teaching classical music but I also teach bluegrass and fiddle. I particularly like the Suzuki Method for beginning to intermediate students, but when they become more advanced I begin to incorporate concertos and sonatas.
Ethan September 29, 2018
· Viola · In studio
Thank You!
Katie January 26, 2018
· Violin · In home
Kristen was an amazing teacher! My daughter loved her. When we moved she was sad Kristen would no longer be her instructor.
Andrea October 27, 2017
· Violin ·
Kristen has been so patient with me and already taught me many things to help me be a better violist. Many thanks!
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Kristen K.

Berkeley, CA 94704
starting at
$27 / 30-min

About Lin X.

Belmont, CA
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I have been teaching children and adults in bay area to play the violin for years. Now I am also offering private instruction to those students who play in their school orchestra or in the Peninsula Youth Orchestra. For more information, please contact: lartstutor at gmail, or leave an online message. I am looking forward to working with you:)

I have been playing violin for more than 12 years and have passed the highest violin performance level test (Grade 10). I have once played in an orchestra and took many performance competitions in China. I would like to share my experiences with you :)

I am a very patient person and enjoy communicating with people. I offer one-on-one private violin lessons at your place or in my home studio. I am teaching students who want to learn an instrument for fun to entertain themselves, or for a even higher goal to achieve their music pursuing in the future. You will learn rhythms, melody, harmony, dynamics etc with me, and we will ...

About Lin
I have been teaching Chinese and Violin in bay area for years. I am very experienced in customizing private lessons for students of different age. I have got my Master degree in Education in China, with a high school teaching credential. I have passed the violin performance exam Level 10 in China, and played in the first student orchestra in the city. I wish one day I could share all my learning and teaching experiences with you:) If you have any question regarding my course, please contact: lartstutor at gmail or send a message online.

My class is designed in a student-friendly way. I will always discuss your learning goals and expectations at the very beginning; I believe a mutual understanding of the big picture between the student and the teacher will serve a good start. I enjoy exchanging ideas with my students in the class and le
t them dig deeper through this two-way communication. In my class, you can learn with joy, making a steady progress step by step. I will also introduce a most-fit textbook to you, with plenty of supplementary learning materials provided, as well as a customized teaching plan offered based on your goals and learning progress.
Course benefits include:
- 1-on-1, or 1-on-more tailor-made executive private tutoring lessons
- Most flexible option and suited to busy lifestyles
- Having lessons on your preferred timetable
- Focusing solely on your learning requirements and obstacles
- Opportunities to practice in the class with timely feedback

Now I am accepting new students in my private violin / Chinese class.
Maxwell H. February 23, 2019
· Violin · In home
Highly recommend for my son of 4years and since his first class only, he tells me he learned a lot then and will love to appreciate and learn more in the future sessions with teacher Lynn.
Michael January 24, 2019
· Mandarin Chinese · In studio
好有准备, 很专业. 对于学习很期待。
Shan Z. November 20, 2018
· Violin · In studio
She is a great teacher. She gave me good advices for renting the instrument and buying book. Besides Lin spent her extra time to give me good advice on how to achieve my goal and how to learn violin fast.
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Lin X.

Belmont, CA 94002
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Samuel N.

San Francisco, CA
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Teaching students about:
-scales and arpeggios
-proper bow technique
-left hand facility
Improving these skills can greatly increase the enjoyment of playing in students.

About Samuel
I'm Sam, and I've been playing the viola for 17 years, and teaching for a total of 7-8 years. I'm at graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, but I'm a native born South Dakotan. I'll tell you a little bit about myself and my philosophies as a teacher.

I love sharing what I've learned with students, and I'm particularly interested in teaching students what they want to work on, but also giving them the tools that they need to hone their facility. I teach from either a traditional standpoint, or from Suzuki books in order to teach technique through Dr. Suzuki's repertoire selections.

I know that playing a stringed instrument is quite challenging, so I do prefer students who are willing to commit to lessons, and a time that we meet each week. Committing to a time aids in students preparation for lessons, as individual
practice is crucial if you are looking to advance in your craft.

I always hope to open the eyes of my students and teach that confidence, determination and hard work can not only progress them in learning an instrument, but with most skills in life. Most importantly I never want my students to feel that music is a burden! I want them to always enjoy themselves when they are practicing or performing.

I don't provide instruments or the accessories that go along with it, so please be prepared to have those things before our first lesson. I may also provide a list of sheet music to order after our first lesson if I feel we do not have the necessary materials.

I only travel to homes in the city of San Francisco for lessons at least an hour in length. If you live outside of the city in the Bay Area, you are more then welcome to find a time to come to my studio for lessons.

I do not teach beginners online (via Skype), as I believe it is vital to have an instructor in the room in order to make physical adjustments to maintain proper bow hold, posture, and left hand positioning. I'm more than happy to teach intermediate-advanced students online!

My Performance Bio:

Sam is a native born South Dakotan who began his viola studies at the age of ten. He started taking private lessons at the age of fourteen with his teachers Coral White, and Carol Knowles. Eventually, at the age of eighteen, he continued his studies with Kate Weeks in South Dakota.

Sam is a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where he studied viola with Jodi Levitz. He worked closely with Mark Sokol and Bettina Mussemeli as chamber music professors, and studied orchestral excerpts with Katie Kadarauch, Don Erlich, Scott Sandmeier and Adam Smyla. He has performed in master classes for David Kim, Helen Callus, Jay Liu, Jonathan Vinocour, Jerzy Kosmala, Hank Dutt, William Goodwin, Jackie Schwandt, and Kelly Hall-Tompkins.

Mr. Sam was the principle violist of the South Dakota All State Orchestra from 2007-2009, principle violist of the J. Laiten Weed Honors Orchestra from 2008-2010, and associate principal of the Black Hills Symphony from 2006-2010. In 2008, he was the 1st prize winner of the Lucy Palermo Weed String Competition, and won South Dakota's ASTA viola division. Two years later, he received the Henry Charles Smith Award in the SDSO's Young Musician's Competition, and also claimed 2nd prize in the BHSO's Young Artist Competition. Sam is also the former principle violist of the San Francisco Youth Orchestra which toured Germany, Austria and Luxembourg in the summer of 2012. Featured performances took place in the concert halls at the Gastieg in Munich, Berlin Philharmonic and at the Rheingau Musik Festival. In 2013-2014, Sam was the principle violist of the San Francisco Conservatory Orchestra.

In 2011-2012, he was invited in to the Orlando Chamber Soloists, which is now known as the Chamber Music Festival of the Black Hills. In summer of 2015, he joined UFOMT as a violinist and violist performing operas, musicals, orchestral programs, and a chamber music series. Recently, he began performing with the band Evanescence. In summer of 2018, he was invited to join the San Francisco Conservatory of Music as a guest artist in a workshop for young composers. He currently works throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as a teacher, soloist, chamber musician, orchestral musician.

His dream is to revive interest in Western Art Music so that is once again accessible to every human who is curious. He never wants music to be a burden for his students, and hopes that teaching the benefits of preparation, confidence, focus and determination can inspire his students in all areas of their lives. He loves working with his students on what they are interested in, and aims to enhance them with the technical and musical facility they need in order to play beautifully.
Laurie January 20, 2019
· Violin · In studio
Very detailed and specific, really hones in on technique. Also, he is very kind and has a really cute and funny cat
Danielle February 26, 2018
· Violin · In home
My 9yo daughter has been taking lessons with Sam for half a year now and she really enjoys her lessons- she actually wants to practice playing her violin and learn. We have in-home lessons and Sam is always on time. If you're thinking about lessons for yourself or your child, I would definitely recommend Sam!
Carissa February 16, 2018
· Violin · In home
Sam seems very comfortable teaching kids and is a confident teacher that makes the student feel at ease. He has very practical tips and focuses on the students well being and encourages them to try their best!
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Samuel N.

San Francisco, CA 94102
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Rebecca K.

Vallejo, CA
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Want to learn to play the violin (or get better)? I can help!

About Rebecca
Hello! I am a classically trained vocalist and percussionist, with a BA in Music, specializing in Education and Theory. I have taught band, choir, orchestra and piano in high school and middle school. I have also done Music Directing with kids aged 7-14 for various musicals and have taught elementary students aged 4-9, so I am ready for whatever you've got! I have also appeared on stage in various settings including opera, musical theater, solo work and even the occasional karaoke night. I am willing to work with your schedule and offer scholarships to those who are willing to earn them!
Claire March 4, 2019
· Singing · In studio
We just had our first lesson with Rebecca and she did a wonderful job with our young daughter. She's the right mix of patient and keeping the student on task! Needless to say our daughter is looking forward to her next lesson.
jose March 1, 2019
· Saxophone · In studio
Rebecca is a wonderful teacher. My son loves going to saxophone lessons.
Juliana R. February 7, 2019
· Piano · In studio
Wonderful teacher
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Rebecca K.

Vallejo, CA 94590
starting at
$20 / 30-min
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About Ava P.

Boulder, CO

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I've been teaching violin for about 8 years and am currently pursuing my Doctorate of Musical Arts in Performance at CU-Boulder. Having taught as a private teacher for younger students as well as a Teaching Assistant for a String Methods class in my undergrad, I am extremely comfortable working with a wide range of ages and skill levels. I teach classical and Suzuki style, as well as basic music theory, note-reading, and other skills based on the student's needs and skill set.

About Ava
A native of Houston, Texas, violinist Ava Pacheco is a Boulder-based performer, collaborator, and teacher. She holds a Master of Music in violin from the University of Colorado Boulder and a Bachelor’s of Music in violin performance from Truman State University. As an active performer, Ava has been involved in solo, orchestral, and chamber ensemble performances across the United States and Italy, including performances at Icicle Creek Chamber Music Institute in Leavenworth, Washington and the Alba Music Festival in Alba, Italy.

Recent solo engagements have included Antonio Vivaldi’s Spring Concerto with the Icicle Creek Chamber Music Institute Young Artists as well as Eugene Ysayë’s Solo Sonata No. 2. In the fall of 2018, Ava was named a semi-finalist in University of Colorado Boulder’s Bruce Ekstrand Memorial Graduate Competition. Wh
ile at Truman State University, Ava was a two-time Gold Medal Competition finalist on concerti by Kabalevsky and Shostakovich. She has performed in master classes for artists such as Anne Akiko Meyers, Stephen Rose, Altius String Quartet, and Alberto Bologni.

Most recent chamber performances have featured Prokofiev’s Sonata for Two Violins as well as Granados’ Piano Quintet in G minor alongside members of the Volta Piano Trio and Avalon String Quartet. As an orchestral musician, she has regularly played as a member of the Midland Odessa Symphony & Chorale. Ava currently serves as the associate principal second violinist of the Boulder Symphony Orchestra and assistant concert master of the University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

Ava is currently pursuing the degree of Doctor of Musical Arts from University of Colorado Boulder under the tutelage of former Takács Quartet member Karoly Schranz. Her previous teachers include Harumi Rhodes, Sam McClure, Julie Lundgren, and Kathy Karpicke.
Sarah December 1, 2017
· Viola · In studio
Jennifer June 11, 2017
· Violin · In home
My 9 year old says, "She's awesome. She will help you if you are stuck."
I say that Ava is always on time and very accommodating. We have had to change our schedule a few times, but we have always found a way to make lesson time work. Thank you!
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Ava P.

starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Mia N.

Oakland, CA

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I emphasize tailoring lessons to the students' age level, ability, and learning style. Method books that I use vary depending on these factors. For my young beginners, I start with the Adventures in Violinland method books, which were written by my teacher, the famed pedagogue and Juilliard Pre-College faculty member Shirley Givens. I do also teach out of the Suzuki repertoire books as well as supplementing with scale books, shifting exercises, etudes for left-hand facility and bow technique, and more. In my studio, there is an emphasis on high standards for playing, strong practice techniques, music theory and ear training!

About Mia
Hi there!

I'm Mia, a professional violinist in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been playing the violin for over 18 years, and bring with me 9 years of experience in private lessons, chamber music coaching, and music theory and ear training.

Here is a little bit about me as a teacher:

I believe that music is a powerful tool, and encourage my students to have fun while playing and practicing the violin! Studying the instrument teaches discipline, self-expression, dedication, and many other valuable skills.

My students range from young beginners to collegiate-level performers, and lessons have an emphasis on a high level of playing and building strong practice techniques, as well as fostering a love for music and self-expression. My students regularly perform in seasonal recitals, audition for regional youth orchestras, part
icipate in All-City Orchestra, and gain entry to the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts.

I offer private violin lessons through my studio in Oakland, California, but I am also available to travel to your home if it is in the Oakland/Berkeley area. If you are in San Francisco and would like private lessons, please contact me as I accept students in the city on a case-by-case basis.

Playing the violin is a challenging and rewarding endeavor, so I ask that my students commit to a weekly time slot and expect to practice every day; practicing and regular lessons are the best way to master the instrument and be satisfied with your own progress!

I do not provide a violin or the necessary accessories to my students, but I am happy to provide recommendations for where to acquire or rent them; please come to your first violin lesson with an instrument and bow, as well as tools like a shoulder rest, metronome, rosin, etc. I will provide sheet music for the first lesson or so, but expect to order the books that we will use after that point.

I have been on the faculty of Little Mission Studios, the Chamber Music Institute of the University of Maine, and a chamber music coach at the Kipp-Bay Academy. I currently maintain a studio at Inspire Music in SF with over 25 private students in addition to my home studio in Oakland, so it's easy to say that teaching the violin is a passion of mine!

About me as a performer:

Violinist Mia N-H is quickly gaining recognition as a versatile and dynamic performer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her passion lies in pushing the boundaries of classical music through self-expression and collaboration with other musicians, composers, performance artists, and dancers. She has performed in major venues including Carnegie Hall, Symphony Space, The National Arts Club, The Legion of Honor, and The Masonic, as well as on the world stage in Italy and Switzerland.

Mia has performed with leading artists and groups such as Opera Parallele, Brad Mehldau and Joshua Redman, Elevate Ensemble, David Kim, Gamelan X, David Tanenbaum, Bettina Mussumeli and Jean-Michel Fonteneau. She is also the resident violinist for the contemporary chamber music ensemble Wild Rumpus, a collective dedicated to the performance and commission of innovative new works.

In the realm of pop and indie music, Mia has recently collaborated with The Singer and The Songwriter on their track "Apparent Brightness", recorded for Marcus McCauley and Portrait Maker, and performed with Evanescence on their "Synthesis" tour at The Masonic.

Passionate about the creation and performance of new music, Mia has recently premiered works for Jake Heggie, JooWan Kim, Brian Fitzsousa, Nick Vasallo, and Dan Van Hassel. Her performances are often in conjunction with movement or performance art, most notably AXIS Dance company's piece "Radical Impact", performances at the SF Movement Arts Festival, and collaboration with the Juxtapositions Chamber Ensemble and Cellista.

Mia studied the violin with Shirley Givens and Akiko Silver, as well as at the Mannes Pre-College Program in New York City before moving to California in 2010. She earned her BM in 2014 and her MM in 2016, both from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music studying under the tutelage of violinist Bettina Mussumeli. While at SFCM, she was concertmaster of the Conservatory Orchestra and the recipient of the Sergei Barsukov Violin Scholarship. She has also studied chamber music with Mark Sokol, Mack McCray, and Paul Hersh, and has performed in masterclasses for eminent musicians such as David Kim, Sidney Harth, Claude Frank, Stefan Milenkovich and Daniel Philips.
Kelly March 1, 2018
· Violin · In studio
Mia is one of the warmest and kindest violin instructors I have ever had. Not only is she a wonderful person- she is also an extremely skilled teacher!

With her help, I was able to play like I never have before! She helped me improve my sound and intonation so much!!

I hate that I moved away for work, I would still be taking lessons with her if I could!
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Mia N.

Oakland, CA 94611
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Dr. Elizabeth M.

Mountain View, CA
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A dedicated teacher as well as performer, Dr. M has been actively involved in the training of young violinists in NYC and abroad. She currently maintains a private violin studio in Mountain View and performs regularly with the Santa Cruz Symphony and the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra.

About Dr. Elizabeth
A dedicated teacher as well as performer, Dr. MacCorquodale has been actively involved in the training of young violinists and pianists in NYC and abroad. She currently maintains a private violin/piano studio in Mountain View.
Through her work as an instructor, Dr. MacCorquodale has built up a studio of very talented musicians, some who have performed in such acclaimed venues as Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center and Citi Field. Many of Dr. M's students have received top scores in New York State School Music Association Exams (NYSSMA), the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Exams (ABRSM) and others have been accepted into top universities in the country such as NYU, Bard University, Juilliard Pre-College and Rutgers University.
She has performed as soloist with orchestras in Canada and the United States and ha
s received numerous awards and scholarships. She was the 2nd prize winner of the Frank Preuss International Violin Competition in Ibague, Colombia, “special prize” winner of the Diabelli International Chamber Competition in 2012, 1st prize winner of the Columbus State University Concerto Competition, 2008, 2nd prize winner of the LaGrange Young Artist’s Competition in 2008, top prize winner of the Canadian National Chamber Music Festival 2005, and 1st prize winner of the Atlanta Community Orchestra Competition. For more information see elizabethmaccorquodale dot com.
Priya January 18, 2019
· Piano · In studio
Elizabeth's is an exceptional teacher and I am so glad I found her!
Ramanuja V. December 30, 2018
· Violin · In studio
Keeps the lesson fun, and is great with kids!
Becca September 30, 2018
· Violin · In studio
Elizabeth is the best out there. She started teaching my nine year old about a year and a half ago. She is encouraging, fun, energetic, and incredibly talented and patient. Our daughter has learned so much and developed a new love of her Violin that with previous teachers was missing. We have never had a teacher our whole family loves seeing every week as much as her. Our daughter has improved so much and it is all thanks to the encouragement and skill that Elizabeth gives each lesson. She is one of a kind and an incredible teacher. We cannot recommend or thank her enough.
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Dr. Elizabeth M.

Mountain View, CA 94041
starting at
$60 / 30-min

About Michael L.

San Francisco, CA

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My aim as a teacher is to set students up for success with a relaxed, comfortable technique so that they can produce a beautiful sound soon and become expressive musicians. I believe that people love to do what they can do well! My job is to give students the tools for excellence.

With the knowledge passed down to me from my teachers from the Moscow Conservatory and my passion for helping others learn, I tailor what I teach to the goals, the personality, and the hands of each student. Whether you want to take a traditional classical path towards a professional career, or whether you just want to learn to play for fun, I can help you achieve your goals.

About Michael
I am a professional freelance violinist and teacher living in San Francisco. I began studying violin at the age of 5 and have had the privilege of studying with renowned teachers who taught at Moscow Conservatory, Stanford, and Curtis Institute of Music. I have performed violin and viola in North and South America (including Carnegie Hall and the National Theater of Costa Rica) and in Europe.

My violin and viola students can expect me to tailor the way I teach to their unique goals and learning styles. Everyone's hands and arms are different, and string technique is not "one size fits all." I believe that all students can achieve success and play musically if they have the right tools. My job is to provide students with those tools. I specialize in teaching a relaxed technique that allows players to get a warm, beautiful tone from their
instrument so that they are free to play musically and expressively with confidence!

I teach violin and viola students of all different ages and experience levels. I've studied classical violin for 24 years. I can teach students to read music and pursue excellence in a traditional classical way, or I can teach students how to play their favorite pop tunes, depending on students' personal goals.

I currently serve as concertmaster of the Mozart to Mendelssohn Orchestra in San Francisco, lead chamber music nights with the SF Civic Music Association, and play gigs around the Bay Area. I love being a part of community music-making and believe that the benefits of music education reach far beyond the instrument itself to social and cognitive skills, confidence, and creativity.

My personal passion is classical music but the kind of technique I teach applies to all styles, and I am experienced teaching fiddling, pop music, or whatever music inspires you. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to become a better musician!
William February 7, 2019
· Violin · In studio
Michael is the best instructor ! He is very experienced with children , my son is four and a half years old and his attention focusing is short. Michael has a way to make the lesson so much fun and he is also very patient. My son loves to take lessons with him!
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Michael L.

San Francisco, CA 94114
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Merav S.

El Sobrante, CA
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Have you been wanting to try the violin, but are afraid you don't have good pitch or rhythm? Let me help you sound good and feel good!

Learn to...
• Hold the violin comfortably
• Develop good pitch and rhythm
• Read notes and understand music theory
• Make the most out of practice time
• Feel good while playing

Whatever your musical abilities and knowledge, we can work together to get you where you want to be.

I have an M.M. in violin from Cincinnati Conservatory, and a PhD in ethnomusicology from UC Berkeley. I have performed in symphonies, Early Music ensembles, chamber music groups, and international folk dance bands, and I especially enjoy strolling violin. But my true passion is helping students like you have a rich and rewarding experience learning violin.

I look forward to hearing from you!

About Merav
I grew up in Israel listening to my parents' bluegrass band, and I enjoy playing everything from Old Time fiddle to klezmer. My training is classical, with an M.M. in violin from Cincinnati Conservatory. I believe that solid technique can give you a foundation for learning any kind of music. Although I have a particular course I recommend for beginners, I'm happy to help you learn whatever music inspires you.

I've always liked learning about music too, and I integrate music theory and history into lessons. Understanding the harmonic structure of a piece can help you learn it more easily, and knowing about the composer and the style can give you insight into how it might be performed. Together they create a richer learning experience.

My PhD in ethnomusicology from UC Berkeley allowed me to think about music in a social context, and I'
m especially interested in violin music around the world. I still teach musicianship at UC Berkeley and can help you with sight-singing if you like.
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Merav S.

El Sobrante, CA 94803
starting at
$34 / 30-min

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Accomplish Anything: The Ultimate List of Empowering Songs [Infographic]

Accomplish Anything: The Ultimate List of Empowering Songs [Infographic]

There's nothing you can't accomplish with a pair of headphones and the right soundtrack. From doing chores around the house to preparing for an interview, we've got 50 empowering songs that'll take your productivity to the next level...   Did you know that pop music is scientifically-proven to be the best music for working quickly and accurately? It's true! Try throwing on some Taylor Swift the next time you need to work -- it'll help! Moreover, did you know that music can actually … Read More

Accomplish Anything: The Ultimate List of Empowering Songs [Infographic]
There's nothing you can't accomplish with a pair of headphones and the right soundtrack. From doing chores around the house to preparing for an interview, we've got 50 empowering songs that'll take your productivity to the next level...   Did you know that pop music is scientifically-proven to be the best music for working quickly and accurately? It's true! Try throwing on some Taylor Swift the next time you need to work -- it'll help! Moreover, did you know that music can actually
10 Wacky Facts About the World's Most Famous Piano Players [Infographic]
If you’re learning how to play piano, chances are you’ve come across the works of famous piano players, such as Rachmaninov, Beethoven, and Chopin. But do you know anything about these famous pianists? Sure these famous piano players wrote and performed some of the most well-known classical music pieces, but their personal lives are equally just as colorful. For example, did you know that Rachmaninov had enormous hands? Or that Beethoven went deaf at the age of 25? Check out the info
A Simple Way To Expand Your Guitar Solos
Do you feel like your fingers get locked in a box on the neck when you want to improvise on the guitar? This simple tip from guitar teacher Samuel B. will help you blow the lid off that box and start building better guitar solos... At the age of fourteen, I could readily cite figures such as Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jimi Hendrix as musical role models. I was not a child prodigy, but I maintained a pretty infectious enthusiasm for my instrument (and obviously still do). A year
What's the Best Way to Learn Math? 3 Strategies That Work
Struggling with math assignments? Perhaps it's time to change your perspective. Here, Forest Hills, NY teacher Claire W. explains how to make the subject much easier to learn:   What's the trick to learning math? Before you begin, you must believe that you can do it. People often try to find shortcuts for learning math, since it is a set of associations that have been founded on pattern recognition, and it can be hard to catch up if you have gaps and holes at a foundational level.
2 Effective Techniques for Smoothing Out Your Legato
What are the best exercises for practicing legato music on the piano? Here, Helendale, CA teacher Sylvia S. offers her tips and tricks for mastering the technique... Legato… a beautiful and mysterious word that brings images of a pair of swans gracefully gliding on the placid waters of a still lake. In the phrasing of the Italian renaissance, the time and place where the language of music was born, legato meant tied, bound, or connected. In terms of legato music, it means this and more. The a

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