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About Paul N.

Milwaukee, WI
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Beginner students are welcome and shown how to enjoy music in a simple and fun way along with learning songs too.
* Chords and strumming patterns
* play your favorite songs
* learn melodies and solos
* the basics of your guitar (tuning and maintenance)
* keeping time, reading music,
* or just taking it slow and having a little fun...

Intermediate students can improve areas in which they wish and learn new areas or another instrument.
* chord voicings, triads, music theory
* soloing, double stops, scales, arpeggios
* improvising, ear training,
* fingerpicking, classical/acoustic/pop

Advanced students can really improve their music by learning more difficult aspects of music, technique and songs. They can also use the recording studio for their lesson to practice or record their own music.
* advanced soloing and improvising techniques
* composition and songwriting and recording
* favorite songs written out in tab or music notation
* major & minor scales & modes & ...

About Paul
***My goal as a teacher***

I try to teach what the students are interested in and make it fun and interesting so that they learn the lessons and their favorite songs. Every student is different and needs to be taught in a way that makes learning easy and fun for them.

I have a passion for all people and all ages and am blessed to be able to teach from the very young, (ages 2-5 Toddlermusik lessons) to teens and adults.....all the way to senior citizens. I've had many older students all the way up to a 93 year old gentleman who is taking singing lessons and asked me to put music to his lyrics. We have recorded over 50 songs together.


I started playing trumpet in 5th grade and knew that music was for me. I also liked playing with drums and piano also because they seemed exciting. I've competed in WSMA (Wi
sconsin School Music Assoc.) for many years which taught me a lot about performing for judges, being relaxed, and the importance of preparation.

I started playing the guitar and bass guitar when I was 13 and have never stopped practicing and performing since. I also have done a lot of writing, recording, producing, and have a Pro Tools Studio for students to use.

***College and Teaching***

I began teaching music lessons in college and enjoyed it very much. I received my B.A. in Music from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. There I was very much involved with guitar, piano, voice, trumpet, and being in bands and writing music. After receiving my B.A. I also took 3 years of Education classes at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. I write, produce, and perform my music along with performing with bands around the Midwest.

***Life in Music***

After receiving my B.A. in Music, I continued teaching and opened up my home studio. After a year and a half I had enough students that I was able to quit my factory job and teach music full time. I've been teaching, performing, and writing music ever since.

***Performing and more***

I have been on stage performing music since I was 11. In school band, marching band, competing in music competitions, and in bands touring the Midwest.

I have recorded many CDs with bands and on my own. My most ambitious project was a CD of my original music called, "Girls". I've performed my music and promoted it by being interviewed on Milwaukee radio stations along with internet music sites such as CD Baby. It is very exciting talking on live radio about my music and my passion. It is also even more exciting, and scary, playing my music live on the radio, lol.

***Instruments Taught***

I have been teaching for over 2 decades. Students take lessons for:
* guitar (electric / acoustic)
* piano
* violin
* voice
* drums
* trumpet
* saxophone
* harmonica
* music theory / ear training
* studio recording / songwriting

I also give kindermusik lessons to 2-5 year old all the way up to senior citizens 70-93. I play parties, concerts, and Nursing Home performances.

I am experienced as an online (Skype) instructor, and I have taught online lessons worldwide. I've witnessed great results from my online students (both national and international).

I hope I can help you with all of your musical goals and get you going in a positive musical direction.

Jacob December 13, 2018
· Violin · Online
My son loves his lessons, he gets really nervous prior because he always wants to get it right however, he likes the fact he’s at home and no one is watching him as he’s learning! As his parents we like that as a military family that will be moving again this is something that we can keep normal for him since it’s done online as well! Paul Neatherly is wonderful with him as well and very patient! I recommend this service and Paul to anyone looking for this type of learning!
Monica M. February 21, 2018
· Drum · In home
Extremely knowledgeable. Pays attention to detail and he makes it easy for me to understand. I’m looking forward to my future lessons!
Brian July 23, 2017
· Guitar · In studio
I meet Paul about three months ago, While not a complete beginner, I had tried to teach myself thru out the years and picked up a lot of bad habits. Paul helped me to see and fix my habits. Paul is a very qualified teacher, of many instruments, drums, keyboards, guitar, and others. I'm 59 years old, Paul doesn't mind my age, doesn't treat me like I'm too old to learn new stuff. And is more than willing to see me thru complete guitar instruction. Thanks Paul...
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Paul N.

Milwaukee, WI 53227
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$25 / 30-min

About Chris V.

Los Angeles, CA
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I want to have you walking out of the lesson happy, and excited to go home and practice some new material. With me you'll learn about guitar, but you'll also learn about music and how playing can help you in life (perseverance, basic math foundations, etc.)

About Chris
I am a jazz guitarist based out of beautiful Los Angeles, California. I received and Associate of Arts degree in Music in 2015, and have been pursuing a bachelors in Jazz Studies since then.

While in community college I really grew into my own as a musician and discovered that I love jazz. Not only the music, but the history of how it formed as well as the differences from classical music. When at school I stood out from the other guitarists because I was hungry to learn and that attitude will hopefully follow me for the rest of my life.

Thats what I'd hope to pass on the students; that knowledge, be it music, english, math, physiology, etc. is the key to everything. And that it doesn't have to be all stuffy and boring! I tailor my lessons to the student whether its guitar, piano, ukulele, etc. and my main objective is to learn and
have fun, so the learning is reinforced with good natured thoughts. This will set up the student to actually want to practice!

As a musician I've been in a couple of groups, and starting to get a jazz group together recently. I also try to utilize the computer to produce when possible so I can learn about that aspect of music. My passion is improvisation/composition, because I hope to one day leave songs behind that people can play forever and be influenced by them like so many have influenced me.
Ephraim May 21, 2019
· Piano · In home
Chris is patient, understanding and supportive. After only one lesson I already feel better about my musical journey. Thank you!
Caleb April 6, 2019
· Piano · Online
Ronald R. September 26, 2018
· Electric Guitar · Online
Chris is a great teacher. I met him in group lessons. And now I’m using him for personal lessons. It was a good lesson.
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Chris V.

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$35 / 30-min

About Sharon H.

Poway, CA
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The most important thing a teacher can do for a student is to guide him or her to a point where advancement becomes a self discipline.
This is accomplished by getting to know a student's learning style and adapting to it. And absolutely laying a strong foundation in fundamentals of music.
I've been teaching private lessons for over five years and all of my students have extensive instruction in music theory. I also encourage experimentation and creativity to work in some music composition.

About Sharon
Music has been a central pulse to my entire life. I started taking piano lessons at age 5 and picked up the clarinet in elementary school. By the end of middle school I was writing songs on the piano and guitar and trying to get anyone I knew to play in a band with me.
In High School I finally did manage to play in a band that would play shows in the Greater Rochester Area in New York State. Once I hit age 18, I packed my bags and moved to San Diego where I continued working on my craft and started my new life.
I never stopped playing music, writing songs, and trying to find people to collaborate with. By the time I started my career as a hairstylist, I knew that I had to share my love and passion for music with others and endeavored to build a student schedule.
My first students, as an adult, were my future in-laws. Mother, father and si
ster in-law learned piano, guitar and music theory with me. My late father in-law had a left leg amputation and was blind. We taped rice on the back of the guitar neck so he would have a tactile reference to his frets. It felt so good to bring a dream of his to life and to prove to naysayers that anyone can play, even if the challenges are far greater than average.
Within a year, I had enough referrals to fill 2 days of the week with students. I have held 3 recitals and plan on having a holiday recital this year.
I will never stop sharing music with others and look forward to meeting any new students granted via this platform.
Dorothy August 8, 2017
· Classical Piano · In home
Excellent teacher! I haven't played my ukulele in years, she helped tune it and teached me a few more cords. I have guitar and piano lessons with her. She has lots of patience and encouragement when teaching. I highly recommend!!
Keoni July 5, 2017
· Piano · In home
She's great! She's helped me learn about music and I highly recommend her. She's nice and great at answering any music question. She's an 11/10
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Sharon H.

starting at
$50 / 45-min

About Anja W.

Los Angeles, CA

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“I’m a professional guitarist with a dynamic sound. I navigate diverse styles of music with ease, including jazz, rock, blues, soul, pop, latin, and more. In addition to years of study on the guitar, I have studied different methods and approaches to music education. These include but are not limited to the Kodály Method, the Orff-Schulwerk approach, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, and Gordon Music Learning Theory. With a blend of these methods, I provide a unique and personalized experience for each guitar student based on their needs, strengths, and goals.”

When you take lessons with me, you will:
Take lessons catered to YOU
MAXIMIZE results
MAKE MUSIC immediately
Receive SPECIALIZED training with your goals and interests in mind
LEARN from an instructor with top-notch performance credentials AND formal pedagogical training

About Anja
About me:
Based out of LA, I'm a professional guitarist with a dynamic sound. I balance work as a session guitarist, solo artist, and teacher. I can teach you whatever you'd like to learn on acoustic or electric guitar! Jazz, rock, blues, soul, pop, latin, and more.

About my teaching background:
I've been teaching for almost a decade and I love helping my students learn. In addition to years of study on the guitar, I have studied different methods and approaches to music education. These include but are not limited to the Kodály Method, the Orff-Schulwerk approach, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, and Gordon Music Learning Theory.

About my musical background:
My earliest influences were blues and rock guitarists such as B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and Jimi Hendrix. Later, I fell in love with jazz as well - though I am just as into things like f
olk music and heavy metal! I studied guitar in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Mark Koch (Pat Martino) and R.J. Zimmerman (Aaron Shearer). I am an avid performer as well as an educator.

What our lessons will be like:
I am passionate about teaching. We'll work on reaching YOUR goals and playing the music YOU want to play. I'll help you build a strong foundation for all things musical - theory, technique, song repertoire, etc. But we'll do it in a way that's tied to actually making music and experiencing music. We'll learn by doing, and we'll play as much as we talk - if not more!

For more information, feel free to check out my videos on this website or message me with questions!
Nyah L. March 10, 2019
· Guitar · Online
Anja is a wonderfully responsive teacher. Nyah’s perfect match! When a teen describes a lesson as “fun” then know you found the right instructor.
Kara L. February 23, 2019
· Guitar · Online
Cara February 19, 2018
· Guitar · In studio
We had the pleasure of having Anja teach both of our daughters their lessons for ukulele, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and piano. She is an excellent teacher that is able to connect with her students in a way that inspires them as musicians. She not only cares about their growth as technical musicians, but their growth in all facets of music education/leadership. She acts as a mentor and guide for her students as they find their passion.
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Anja W.

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$25 / 30-min

About Glenn R.

Oconomowoc, WI
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I'm originally from Los angels California, I grew up outside of Hollywood and grew up like all of us being a fan first. I grew up playing in bands of all sorts and became a guitar tech and teacher soon after. I throughly enjoy passing down next generations with knowledge acquired throughout my years of playing, building and teaching.

About Glenn
I'm originally from Los angels California, I grew up outside of Hollywood and started off just like all of us being a fan first. I've played guitar , bass and drums in numerous bands of different genres primarily rock, metal, country and blues based. I soon after became a guitar tech (since I worked on all my own instruments anyways) and began giving lessons very soon after. I strongly believe going outside of one's comfort zone musically as a great way to open new doors and pathways not normally seen.
With teaching of any musical instrument, circumstances can easily force the teacher and student to frequently go outside of their own comfort zone. For me personally this helps so much with viewing things from different perspectives and with connecting with principals or methods. And developing a visual and cognitive understanding
of the instrument. I throughly enjoy teaching and passing down my acquired skills and information to anyone willing to learn. For the preservation of generations to come.
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Glenn R.

Oconomowoc, WI 53066
starting at
$20 / 30-min
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About Malcolm H.

Bordentown, NJ

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My goal with guitar lessons is to help students make the guitar an extension of themselves. We'll focus on learning songs you love and the mechanics involved in facilitating ease of play. We'll be strumming along to all your favorite acoustic guitar songs in no time!

About Malcolm
Malcolm is an experienced performer, instructor and songwriter specializing in both classical and electric guitar.

Malcolm began studying guitar at the age of nine, started his first rock band by the age of 10, and has been performing ever since. His studies began at the Perkins Center for the Arts and continued with Leighann Narum through the Mason Gross Extension Division. Malcolm then went on to pursue degrees in both Communications and Classical Guitar Performance at Rutgers University/Mason Gross School of the Arts. He continues to study under the guidance of world-renowned guitarist/composer Jorge Caballero.

In addition to classical training, Malcolm is also a seasoned rock musician. Having the experience of playing in rock bands for over 15 years has provided him with a "College of Rock and Roll Knowledge" type of education.
Malcolm is currently the lead singer/guitarist/songwriter of Malcolm and the Haze. He also performs regularly with cover band Einstein Bridge.

Malcolm has taught over 2,000 lessons with School of Rock, In-Home Music Teachers Philadelphia, and recently joined TakeLessons. He takes pride in helping his students achieve the results they desire by using teaching methods that are both fun and effective. Many of his students have started from scratch and achieved a high level of proficiency in months. No matter your experience, Malcolm looks forward to helping you learn and grow as a musician.
Mike December 6, 2018
· Guitar · In home
Malcolm is an outstanding instructor! I have been playing for some time but never had any formal training. Malcolm's knowledge and teaching methods accelerated my skills and re-energized my playing. I highly recommend Malcolm as a guitar teacher for musicians of any skill level. He is patient but p[assionate!
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Malcolm H.

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$50 / 30-min

About Brendon D.

Durham, NC
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I have been teaching the guitar for the part 7 years with a high level of success. Many of my students have gone on to music schools and have played professionally in Music bands.

I love teaching and come from a family of musicians and teachers. Everyone in my family has been a professional and has taught in our own music school.

I am a very patient teacher and take great pleasure in teaching students the secrets of the trade. I take a lot of satisfaction in making sure my students understand everything and learn at every moment during the class and outside the class during their practice sessions.

About Brendon
Hi, there! My name is Brendon and I'm here to make your dream of playing the guitar come true! I've been teaching private lessons since 2013 and have loved helping my students learn how to read music, bring out the musician in them, and best of all, perform live on stage. I'm friendly, passionate and a music lover and my teaching style is very hands on, patient and structured. I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

Whether you have had a childhood dream of rocking on a stage or just want to play the guitar to relax in your free time, we can do it together!

I’ve been teaching for the past 7 years with a high level of success. Many of my students in the past have gone on to play for events at their schools and local churches, few have gone on to music schools and some have even gone professional by joining a cover band.

I have a passion for teaching music and I come from a musical family wherein everyone in my family play multiple musical instruments (with my sister playing 6 different instruments!) and everyone in my family being a music teacher at some point in their careers. My mother and sister are full time music professionals teaching music in reputed schools in two different parts of the world. I have been playing the guitar for more than 15 years and have been part of multiple music choirs and have been playing in my Church choirs for a number of years.

Nothing helps me unwind more than just playing the guitar to myself at the end of the day. That is my stress reliever. Nothing makes me happier than making music and I hope to share this gift with you. Looking forward to helping you achieve your guitar playing dreams.

Music. It's not what I do, it's who I am.
Roma April 11, 2019
· ·
I’ve learnt the Keyboards and guitar from Brendon! It was fun and he was very Patient! I have been playing at church and various functions . Cheers. if you want to enjoy and learn he is the one
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Brendon D.

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$25 / 30-min

About Santiago L.

Somerville, MA
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Together we will make a plan catered to your specific goals and needs to improve your guitar playing and stay motivated. The lessons will cover topics such as chordal vocabulary, comping, sound, soloing, improvisation and technique. We can work on the music style of your preference, including, but not limited to, rock, pop, jazz, blues, funk, and beyond.
My goal is to help you to discover your inner musical voice and allow it to develop your unique sound as a guitarist.

About Santiago
I am a professional guitar player originally from Ecuador and based in Boston. During my long music career of more than 15 years, I have played many styles, including jazz, rock, pop, funk, and blues. My professional performance experience as well as my Bachelor of Performance from Berklee College of Music have both given me a solid foundation on the instrument and in music theory. I have experience teaching students from all levels and ages, from young children to adult learners and seniors. It is my goal to always make my lessons educational and fun at the same time to keep my students motivated, as this is the key to enjoying the process of learning an instrument.
Lessons can be held at your home or at my Somerville studio, which includes convenient off-street parking.
Jayne May 7, 2019
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Santiago is an absolute rock star guitar teacher. What I appreciate most is his artistic attention to detail, which is exemplified by his emphasis on technique and focus on the texture and color of the instrument. He is very patient and funny. He has definitely inspired me to keep playing and discover a wider range of genres. I highly recommend him!
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Santiago L.

starting at
$42 / 30-min

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