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Acoustic Guitar with Michelle W.

North Las Vegas, Nevada

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Teaches online
Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
Age: 5+
Speaks English
Teaching since 2012
  • 2 Repeated Students

Tailored for beginner guitarists of all ages for fun easy lessons to start playing the guitar TODAY!

Simple & easy for all ages of beginner guitarists! Learn your favorite songs right away! Each lesson will consist of a unique and personalized curriculum to fit your needs! This will be done at a pace that allows for confidence to be built and a complete understanding of the material to become a pro guitar player! Along with your favorite songs, each student is taught what I call 'beginning fundimentals'. These are a basic set of skills that can help any guitarist become an independent and self-sufficient musician with a strong fundamental foundation. Crucial skills such as: reading music TAB scales various chords playing your favorite songs and more... will be taught in each lesson. Each lesson will be just as enjoyable as it is informative.

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Teaches Online
Teaches Online

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7 AM-7:45 PM
7 AM-5 PM
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5 AM-7 AM
6 AM-7:30 AM
5 PM-5:45 PM
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