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Try three private lessons for just $30
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Genevieve T.

Genevieve T.

Having 20+ years of playing experience, and 10+ years of professional experienced cello teaching, I feel very comfortable helping my students understand the foundations of cello technique. My lessons are structured very clearly with some technique work at the beginning, whether it be scales or a study, followed by a piece or work we’ll work on together to finish off the lesson. In addition, I send each of my students off with their very own practice regiment and practice journal/log ✍️, that they can use to track their own progress throughout their week, keep track of their assignments, and lastly, write out any comments or questions that come up in between lessons. I also share music and other supplemental materials to my students when possible in these practice regiments, so that they do not always have to purchase it or search for it themselves :) I’m happy to help and guide my students however they need it :) Here’s some more background on me: I graduated with a Bachelors of Music from the music conservatory Cleveland Institute of Music, and got my Masters in Music from Northwestern University's Bienen School of Music. In addition, I completed a 2 year rigorous Suzuki Technique Pedagogy Program where I am now certified to teach all 10 levels of the cello books. I am confident in explaining any questions a student may have. I love to make practicing a game, so that way we are developing the proper skills but also challenging ourselves while having fun! Even I can understand that practicing can get tiresome and dull at times! As a traveling musician who has performed all over the world, I feel it is important for students to appreciate all types of music. While classical training and technique are absolutely crucial to the beginning stages of a student's development, I like to show the student how their skills can be integrated into other styles of music as they develop. I am in a string quartet, called ATLYS, where we play a variety of genres and styles of music from classical to traditional to folk to rock. All music is connected and I love how my students can see this connection and start to use their skills to be a part of that bigger picture.
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Christopher B.

Christopher B.

I have over 7 years of experience teaching private lessons in addition to teaching seminars on songwriting and music business at Infinity Visual and Performing Arts and SUNY JCC. I teach both online and in-person lessons at my studio in Nashville and offer 30, 45 and 60 minute lessons. I have played over 1,000 shows, both solo and as an auxiliary musician for other touring acts. I performed on over 30 albums and have composed for radio, television, and internet video series, including sharing the stage with members of the 10,000 Maniacs. I've been featured in The New York Times, on the CBS Evening News, and on NPR. While each student is different, I do generally start everyone on either Suzuki or the Essential Elements books. As one of my old teachers said, “I'm not teaching you how to play cello, I'm teaching you how to teach yourself how to play cello.” This is something I strive for. Students will not only learn technical skills( how to play their instrument, read music, understand theory) but also learn about themselves, develop their own voices in and out of the musical world. Whether your 9 year old child wants to play in the symphony when they grow up, or you've just retired at 65 and want to play heavy metal cello all ages and goals are welcome.
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Tszto was the best instructor ever! He was well-prepared, experienced, and flexible. He always brought all of his teaching materials relevant to me and made sure we cover what I needed to learn/reinfo

Amy (Cello lessons with Tszto W.)

Patient and precise instruction.

Treston (Cello lessons with Tszto W.)

Tszto IS THE BEST CELLO TEACHER I have ever had because it is the first time someone explains me how to BREATH and ENJOY playing the cello, with a PERFECT TECHNIQUE and posture. He loves to play cello

Luz (Cello lessons with Tszto W.)

Jeanmarie helped me to learn the proper way to hold the cello and the bow. She watched carefully to be sure I maintained that throughout the lesson. I am pleased that she is going to be sure I learn

Debbie (Cello lessons with Jeanmarie J.)

Tszto was the best instructor ever! He was well-prepared, experienced, and flexible. He always brought all of his teaching materials relevant to me and made sure we cover what I needed to learn/reinfo

Amy (Cello lessons with Tszto W.)

Patient and precise instruction.

Treston (Cello lessons with Tszto W.)

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Austin, TX Cello Lessons

If you’ve ever attended an orchestra concert or listened to classical music, you’ve probably been mesmerized by the sound of the cello. The cello makes an undeniably mellow and warm hum.

This stringed instrument dates back to the 1500s, and it continues to thrive today as a staple in a variety of bands--not just orchestras. Nowadays, you can hear this lovely instrument in everything from rock bands to jazz sets. Because this wonderful instrument is so versatile, it’s no wonder so many students are looking to take Austin, TX cello lessons.

If you, too, are interested in learning to play the cello, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at TakeLessons, we offer all kinds of cello lessons for adults and children. Our professional cello teachers have the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your music goals. Sign up with us today to find Austin, TX cello lessons near you.

Reasons to Learn the Cello

Did you know that learning a new instrument is good for your brain? Many studies have shown that it can have several positive effects on you as it can improve your cognitive skills, enhance your creativity, and even enhance your memory. Other research has revealed that learning an instrument can also lower your stress and potentially increase your self-confidence.

As if that wasn’t great enough, learning to play the cello is fun! You get to discover new music and learn to play your favorite songs. The better you get, the more you can challenge yourself to take on more complicated compositions. Whether you want to start a band or join the symphony, you can do it all when you learn to play the cello.

Why Take Austin, TX Cello Classes?

Instead of learning to play the cello on your own, why not turn to a private instructor? Here at TakeLessons, our talented and certified cello teachers have what it takes to bring your cello skills to the next level.

Through one-on-one instruction, your cello teacher will assess where you are and where you want to go. Are you a beginner touching a cello for the first time? If so, you’ll likely start with the basics, such as learning the parts of the cello, discovering how to hold the instrument, and exploring finger placements. But if you’re more advanced with a solid understanding of this instrument, you might work on bowing techniques and more difficult music. Wherever you are in your musical journey, your cello teacher will provide you with undivided attention, helping you achieve all your cello-playing dreams.

Find a Cello Teacher Near You Today

Ready to start your journey toward mastering the cello? Sign up for Austin, TX cello lessons right here with us. Begin by choosing your preferred cello teacher. You can browse our inventory, reading about each teacher’s background and expertise until you find your ideal match. We also offer online lessons for those who prefer to take virtual sessions.

Join today and don’t miss out on our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all new students on their first sessions.

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