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Ricardo P.

21 Reviews
Broomfield, CO
Starting at $30
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Piano performance from State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
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Ricardo P.

21 Reviews
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Private Guitar Teacher

I teach all popular music styles including Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Latin American Styles. I can teach you to read by notes and/or by chords based on your preferences and styles you choose to pursue. I like to give a solid foundation to all beginners learning to read music and basic music theory and as they progress I will concentrate more on elements that are more important for the style you prefer. I am flexible in my approach as I know the most important ingredient for a student's success in music is for the student to be motivated to play more by enjoying the lesson and the practice time. I'll work with you to make it learning fun!

About Ricardo

I have been a professional musician and teacher all my adult life. Music is my passion and has always been how I make a living. I teach piano/keyboards, guitar, voice, bass and ukulele. I studied classical piano at SUNY at Buffalo and I initially learned to play guitar and singing on my own. Years

Recent Reviews
Great lesson with great pointers!
Laura P.
Ricardo was readily able to determine my music level and goals. He has an apparent love of music and a gentle approach that focuses on proper technique.
Great start to my guitar practice with Ricardo. Patient teacher who clearly has a tried and true method. Excited to keep learning and develop a great new skill with his guidance.
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Karney S.

9 Reviews
Greeley, CO
Starting at $25
  • Teaches students 6 and up
  • Teaching since 1997
  • Associates of General Studies (Licensed Practical Nurse) from Front Range Community College
Teaching Locations:
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Karney S.

9 Reviews
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Private Guitar Teacher

As a full time dedicated guitar instructor for over 20 years, I have had the privilege of teaching numerous people from a variety of different backgrounds. Some students are starting to play an instrument for the very first time while others are looking to further their skills and gain new inspiration. My goal is to listen to each student and provide a comprehensive set of lessons to accomplish their goals.

About Karney

I believe the key to the success of the student is that they enjoy what they are doing and gain confidence through the skills they have worked hard to develop. Several of my students have auditioned for and were accepted as the sole guitar seat in the junior high, high school, and college jazz b

Recent Reviews
Kennda V.
It was great! I had fun! Can't wait for the next lesson! Karney was so professional and understood my musical goals!
Very accommodating; friendly and knowledgeable. This will be a life-long friendship!
Connor B.
Very patient and thorough with My son he really enjoyed it!!!

Alexios A.

16 Reviews
Boulder, CO
Starting at $34
  • Speaks Spanish
  • Guitar Performance from Berklee College of Music
  • Teaches students 10 and up
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Alexios A.

16 Reviews
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Private Guitar Teacher

I am a classically trained multi instrumentalist and composer who happens to rock & roll. I have performed all over the world on cruise ships, and I have recently settled in Denver to focus on teaching and creating new music.

I received my formal education from the world famous Berklee College of Music, and I received my informal education in Spain studying the art of flamenco with the larger than life gypsies themselves.

My instruments-
Guitar (electric, acoustic, and nylon string)
Bass guitar
Composition techniques for all of the above

Rock, Blues, Classical, Metal, Gypsy Jazz, Country, Flamenco, it is all music, and I go beyond the style to teach how to get to the MUSIC, the essence that makes each one unique.

Finding a teacher who has been down the path you are planning to go take can save you an enormous amount of time. I have been down many paths so far, and I specialize in finding the simplest route possible for each individual student with respect to

About Alexios

I am a classically trained multi instrumentalist and composer who loves to rock&roll. I have performed all over the world on cruise ships, and I have recently settled in Denver to focus on teaching and creating new music. I received my formal education from the Berklee College of Music, and I r

Recent Reviews
Catherine S.
Alexios A. Great teacher. I felt it was easy to learn from him ,I played a little guitar before but he was able to see where he could start me. I really enjoyed learning from him with his relaxed and calm energy.
Herb S.
He is exactly what I have looking for. He is patient, inspiring, positive and clear. I’m excited about my lessons and plan to work hard to show him I appreciate his mentoring.
Chip K.
Lots of fun. Plus, drills to work on till next time. Great experience.

Meet Online Guitar Teachers Serving Erie, CO

Desmond M.

11 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $50
  • Speaks Spanish, English
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Awarded National Award for Singing from JCDC
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Desmond M.

11 Reviews
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Online Guitar Teacher

Improve technique, build repertoire, sigh reading, ear playing

About Dr. Desmond

I have a Doctor of Musical Arts degree. I am also certified by the State of New York to teach vocal and instrumental music from K-12. I have more than 10 years of professional international performing and teaching experience. I have had students win awards in music festivals even shortly after wor

Recent Reviews
Dr. Desmond was a really great instructor! He was very kind and patient with me, he was able to teach me at ability level. He encouraged me to believe in myself and to practice in order to become a better player. He made me feel comfortable and and gave be positive reinforcements when I was doing well as well as positive constructive criticism when I was slacking. I look forward to continuing my courses with Dr. Desmond, I would recommend him to any one interested in learning how to play any instrument.
Had a really good lesson. Dr. Desmond helped me with my technique (which definitely needs work). Had instant impact on the quality of sound I was producing. I would call it an eye-opening experience
Roy F Williams
I'm new at playing the guitar and don't learn to fast. His patients with me was incredible. I'm looking forward to my next lesson.

David S.

14 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $35
  • B.A. in Music Composition from Salisbury University
  • Teaches students 8 and up
  • Teaching since 1996
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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David S.

14 Reviews
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Online Guitar Teacher

David enjoys teaching students from all different backgrounds and levels of proficiency. Whether you are just starting out or a virtuoso shredder in the making, he is happy to teach you! Over all, he is fairly laid back, as long as you practice. He usually combines work with reading off of the treble clef (what he likens to "eating your vegetables." You may not want to do it, but it will make you a healthier musician!) with learning more popular songs (or songs the student says they would like to learn) through tablature and chord charts, depending on the style of the song.

David is also very pro music theory. He usually incorporates music theory into the curriculum in conjunction with the material already being discussed. He is also very knowledgeable about composition/songwriting, and if the student is interested in learning more about this area, he is happy to share what he knows!

About David

David is a successful singer/songwriter/guitarist out of Fairfax, VA. He has a bachelor's degree in Music with a concentration in composition from Salisbury University, where he also studied jazz and classical guitar . In the 25 years he has been performing (20 of those professionally) and playin

Recent Reviews
Kamran Lutfi
I had to switch the lesson to in-home roughly 3 hours before the scheduled lesson. David was great and accommodating. He gave me a crash course on scales, which I didn't know anything about, and explained them so that I actually started to understand.
Samantha Gordon
My first lesson with David was excellent! He is very patient and knowledgeable. I now have extremely high expectations for learning to play the guitar. I highly recommend him. He gave me a thorough explanation about how guitars are made made, the parts, we tuned the guitar and I am ready to groove!

Scott L.

Teaches Online
Starting at $30
  • Teaches Beginner
  • Teaching since 2002
  • Teaches students 18 and up
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Scott L.

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Online Guitar Teacher

I have 30 years experience playing and teaching guitar. I cover most styles, including metal, rock, blues, acoustic, and fingerstyle. I am classically trained as well.

There are printouts, a lesson plan, and exercises for the week. My lessons include a little theory (it's not as bad as you think!), chords, and even a few songs to get you that sense of accomplishment.

About Scott

Hey future guitarists! My name is Scott. I have been playing for thirty years, and am passionate about sharing my knowledge of the best instrument with others. I can assure you the best lessons! I am here for YOU! I love the guitar, and it shows. I hope your drive for learning will find us in a g

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45 min
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60 min
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"Marc is wonderful with my enthusiastic 8 year old son. From our first contact with him, he freely gave advice for beginners as we looked for an instrument and continued to help us with everything we needed to know. He was always encouraging and inclusive with the planned jam sessions. The lessons were the perfect balance of a fun hang-out vibe and focus on technique... and a little gum bribe :)... whatever works! We were very lucky to find such a great teacher."
Took Guitar lessons from Marc M.
"Very knowledgable! Knows how to cater your lessons to you and what you know and want to learn, a very natural instructor.

Would highly recommend!"
Took Guitar lessons from Andrew D.

I have been working with George for over 10 months now and I am very glad that I chose George to be my instructor. I signed up for singing and guitar lessons with him. I have a more musical background with singing than I did with guitar. I came into my first lesson with my dads old acoustic guitar (which I am still using now) without any experience. We started from scratch and now I already know so much about guitar. I also know more about music theory and building your own keys to fit your voice and ability. I have aspirations of becoming a professional musician and without learning from George I wouldn't have pushed myself to become as confident in myself as I am now. If you are ready to learn an instrument or fine tune your voice, George is your guy! Very nice and really wants the people that he teaches to succeed. I recommend him to anyone who really wants to work hard and learn."
Took Guitar lessons from George F. H.
"Rachel is an excellent teacher! I can see that she will help me to improve my technique. I am looking forward to learning new skills and expanding my horizons."
Took Guitar lessons from Rachel H.
"We've been taking lessons with Zach for over a year now, and my son loves every minute of it! Zach is a great teacher and motivator for my son"
Took Guitar lessons from Zach B.
"Wow! I love Daniel's approach to teaching, he was able to explain things in a way that made sense. After a few session he addressed a few issues I was having and setup plan that allowed me overcoming those struggles. Not only have I improved, im feeling more confident as a guitarist. I'm very excited to continue learning with Daniel as my teacher and I highly recommend him!"
Took Guitar lessons from Daniel M.
"What a find Mike has been. Friendly, fun, knowledgeable, Mike is a great teacher. I have been playing decades and Mike is helping teach me a boat load of new things, even in the first few lessons. I can't wait till the next one."
Paul Gilliham
Took Guitar lessons from Michael F.
"Jonathan is truly outstanding. I was fortunate enough to meet him and begin working on guitar again with him in person when he lived in Virginia. He was so helpful I have continued lessons online and I continue to feel the quality and what I'm getting out of the lessons is as good as when we were able to be in the same room. The best thing I can probably say is that I have really enjoyed learning from such an accomplished musician while never feeling intimidated or thinking, "he must think I really stink at this!" He's very supportive and will make you a better player...whatever that means to you."
Took Guitar lessons from Jonathan S.
"Ted is extremely knowledgeable about music theory and is a talented guitarist. We had talked briefly before our first lesson so he could assess my goals...and he literally managed to fill in the missing pieces and get me the information that I needed in the very first lesson to be able to achieve my goal. It's an overwhelming amount of information, and now it's on me to silly what I've learned and practice, practice, practice! But in five short lessons my understanding of music has changed dramatically, and as a result, my playing has improved as well.

Thanks Ted!"
Took Guitar lessons from Ted M.
"Great with kids!"
Took Guitar lessons from Zachary J.
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