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About Eric J.

Brooklyn, NY

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chords/chord voicing: triads and their practical use in modern music.
7th chord open/closed chord voicing, chord melodies, comping, strumming, fingerstyle.

standard strumming and rhythmic grooves in various styles

About Eric
Every great performer needs a great coach, I will help you become your best!

I began my partnership with takelessons in 2013 and teach many of my students in person at my creative and comfortable home teaching studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but I’m also highly experienced as an online music instructor (Takelessons Live, Skype, FaceTime and G+). Through our partnership, I have helped takelessons launch/beta test new online programs and watched both the company grow and my student's succeed!

My experience includes playing/coaching well-known musicians/celebrities, on-set tutoring for feature films, coaching for recording sessions, and helping music hobbyists have more fun (kill it in front of their friends/family!)

I work with many students to prepare for high school/college/conservatory admission, casting calls for TV/Film, m
ajor tour auditions, industry showcases and studio recording sessions.

I'm the vocalist, lead guitarist & songwriter for a well-known touring rock band with a worldwide fan base and nearly 4 million You Tube views. I graduated from New York University with Bachelor's of Music in Jazz guitar and trained with the most highly respected rock/pop vocal coaches in the world. In 2015, I signed a major label publishing deal with Fieldhouse Music/BMG played throughout Europe (and taught online lessons while away). My songs have been licensed for national/international TV (E!, MTV, VH1, Oxygen, TBS and more), commercials for CBS, Nike, Coca-Cola, Samsung and in video games. I actively perform/record and tour with my (3) bands, and produce/co-write with artists for their own projects.

I’m endorsed by PRS guitars, Elixir Strings, Godin Guitars/Bass Guitars, & Metaldozer Mic Stands.

Styles I regularly teach include: Rock (Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock), Metal, Punk, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Funk, Soul, Classical, Folk.

Lesson Details

My students gain expertise in the following techniques and more...


∙ intonation / resonance
∙ proper breathing & breath support
∙ diction
∙ vocal placement
∙ understanding chest / head voice
∙ bridging registers & 'the high note'
∙ vowels and modification techniques
∙ mixed voice
∙ edgy/bright
∙ clean/distorted
∙ vibrato
∙ screaming
∙ rhythmic singing
∙ vocal health/maintaining your voice
∙ touring, recording, performing
∙ writing songs/melodies/lyrics to suit your vocal strengths
and personality

Lead / Rhythm Guitar:

I've developed a step-by-step approach to learning to solo and improvise.
Using simple, "guitarist-friendly” techniques you will quickly learn and begin to apply major/minor scales/modes, blues/pentatonic scales and “licks.” You will learn triads, arpeggios, interval studies, and extensions and how to use them to create interesting and melodic solos. With my line development/phrasing techniques, you will have your own library of “licks” that will help you navigate both simple and sophisticated harmonic progressions. I will help you to become a become a well-rounded, three-dimensional guitarist with a unique voice!

A few of techniques I teach:

∙ triads / arpeggios
∙ strumming
∙ alternate/sweep picking
∙ tremolo picking
∙ hybrid picking
∙ scales/modes
∙ slide guitar
∙ hammer on/pull off
∙ (up to 8 finger) tapping
∙ bending / double stops / unison bends
∙ whammy bar techniques
∙ diagonal scales,
∙ arpeggios & note groupings
∙ 3 and 4 finger per string scales
∙ fingerstyle
∙ Jazz scales, chords including
4 note open/closed voicing
7th, 9th, 11th, 13th chords
∙ chord melodies
∙ rhythm and grooves of various styles

Bass Guitar:

Right hand:
∙ finger style, pick
∙ slapping/popping
∙ groove, rhythms and playing time
∙ time signatures, walking bass lines,
∙ arpeggios, double stops,
∙ chords & improvising
∙ writing bass lines.

All of my students learn:

Sight reading (standard notation/tablature)
∙ music theory & ear training
∙ rhythm / timing (including reading rhythms)
∙ composition/songwriting

We will focus 1/2 of the lesson on repertoire and 1/2 the lesson on technique. Many of my students text/email me a few days prior to our scheduled lesson with a song selection for the week. I focus our lesson's technical study with the song in mind. It has proven to be very effective and makes the technique and theory are less "boring."

Studio Equipment
I have (7) guitars: including (4) electric, (2) acoustic/electric, & (3) electric bass
(2) tube guitar amplifiers, and various guitar effects pedals.

(1) full-size 88-key MIDI keyboard, and (1) Arturia MINILAB MIDI controller.

Also, I have an assortment of industry standard dynamic & condenser microphones for live performance and recording applications.

DAW recording software (Pro Tools 12.x, Logic 10.x, Ableton Live)
software synthesizers by Arturia, Fabfilter, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Steven Slate, Toontrack and more. I use plugin effects by Izotope, Fabfilter, Plugin Alliance and Universal Audio and Waves for many of my lessons and recording projects.

Travel Equipment
I can provide a guitar, videos, music recording, music workbooks and everything else a student may need. Students are only expected to bring a desire to learn. :)


I am a performer with a ton of touring/stage experience, a composer who understands the art of writing and a producer who is fluent in the latest recording technology. In addition to technical studies, my students receive performance coaching/career development. I will help you to find your unique voice, a polished and distinct sound, and your true personality as an artist. I am 100% committed to making you a success!

I will ignite a new, or recharge/rekindle your passion for music, and to sing/play the music you love a lot better!
Tommy December 6, 2018
· Guitar · In home
Great teacher Eric started teaching my son at age 8 and within a couple of weeks he was on his way to being a rock star! A perform at the schools talent show playing a compilation of 8 rock songs Eric has a special way of teaching that make you understand the fundamentals guitar.

I highly recommend Eric

Tommy Gunn
Claire December 5, 2018
· Vocal Training · In studio
Eric is great and is a huge part of my growth as a singer. I've been taking lessons from him for years - initially we worked on exercises and the basics of placement and pitch, and have now moved on to applying it to different song styles. He's always up for whatever kind of music I want to do, and in even one lesson has helped make a huge difference in recreating the singing style of my favorite songs. Would highly recommend!
Jake December 5, 2018
· Vocal Training · In studio
Eric was really helpful. I had never taken vocal lessons before despite singing in various musical projects over the years. He helped me gain control of my voice, taught me warm ups and put me in a better place vocally for both recording and playing live.

Would recommend
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Eric J.

Eric J.

starting at
$44 / 30-min

About Oliver H.

Chicago, IL

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I am here to demystify the music world--with my teaching methods any student can accomplish their dreams! First, we will start with simple techniques to embark on your musical journey and work our way towards our lofty musical goals together.

Learning guitar requires a lot of patience and a good attitude. I focus on fundamental exercises to help any beginner guitar player reach an intermediate level. I cater my lessons to learn tunes that my students care about and love. I let them guide the work!

About Oliver
I specialize in upright bass, jazz bass, funk bass, bass technique, and rhythm. I will inspire a positive attitude and good practice habits that will help any student succeed. I’ve extensively studied jazz, latin jazz, funk, rock music, hip hop, bluegrass, folk, and composition.

I can also teach guitar, piano, drums, and voice. As a mulit-instrumentalist, jamming with my students is a priority. Being able to play with other musicians is one of the best feelings you’ll ever experience. I’m happy to take you there!

Recently, I helped one of my bass players get a scholarship to go to Berklee Summer Camp to study music.

I am very excited to continue my teaching on TakeLessons. I look forward to helping new students to become the musician of their dreams.

I've been playing professionally in Chicago for five years where I play up
right for a classical chamber pop group called the Nine Worlds Ensemble and for a jazz group with Frank Catalano, a popular Chicago sax-man. I co-managed, played upright bass, and sang for an ambient-folk band, Sedgewick, based in Chicago. I've played upright bass in the Frank Catalano and Jimmy Chamberlin (drummer for Smashing Pumpkins) super group and Bowmanville.

I am currently dreaming up my own jazz-inspired project called the ohm trio. Working on my debut record under my solo name ohm. Be on the look out!
Megan October 24, 2018
· Acoustic Guitar · In home
Oliver is a wonderful teacher. This is my daughter's second guitar teacher and what a difference from the first. He is enthusiastic, talented, patient and a lovely person. All qualities that truly make him the best instructor. She is learning quickly and really looks forward to her guitar lessons each week. So happy that we found him!
YC W. October 8, 2018
· Guitar · In studio
Would recommend! Oliver tailors classes to your level and goals. He is patient and gets excited about songs that you want to play.
Jackie L. August 9, 2018
· Guitar · In home
Oliver is very patient with my teenage son. He had a very basic understanding of music when he started with taking lessons with Oliver, and I've seen the upward transition in both passion and skills in a matter of few months.
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Oliver H.

Oliver H.

starting at
$34 / 30-min

About Enmanuel A.

Bronx, NY
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Experienced teacher of 15 years, specializing in the beginner/intermediate piano student! All ages welcome. Lessons are customized and catered to the needs/goals of each student. Not only will you be playing songs in no time, but you will be building a strong foundation of note reading, music theory, ear training, sight reading, technique, and more. I have different graduated professional music teacher available For classical guitar and electric guitar

About Enmanuel
Hi my name is Enmanuel I'm a Experienced teacher for 15 years, specializing in the beginner/intermediate/advanced in piano,guitar,violoncello,violin,viola,flute,saxophone etc.. for students! All ages welcome. Lessons are customized and catered to the needs/goals of each student. Not only will you be playing songs in no time, but you will be building a strong foundation of note reading, music theory, ear training, sight reading, technique, and more. I have different graduated professional music teacher available For all the instruments offered.
Carol August 23, 2017
· Cello · In home
The best teacher I've had in a long time great teacher!!!
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Enmanuel A.

Enmanuel A.

starting at
$60 / 30-min

About Alan P.

Roseville, CA
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Quality music lessons in a fun environment. I base my curriculum around my student's goals and interests.

About Alan
I have been around music my whole life and have been teaching music lessons for 10 years. My passion for music is matched only by my passion for teaching and seeing my students succeed. Alongside teaching, I enjoy performing and writing original music.
Liam T. November 6, 2018
· Drum · In studio
Alan was awesome! My son needed some last minute lessons before an upcoming concert he was performing in. Alan helped him fine tune his part and gave him the confidence he needed. My son is now excited for the concert and can't wait to show everyone his talent!
Arianna P. June 6, 2018
· Ukulele · In studio
He's a great instructor and he's very good with children.
Cristiana February 20, 2018
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
I took guitar lessons with Alan for two years. Now my sons take piano, guitar, and drum lessons with him. I would recommend him because he is patient, very knowledgeable, and is a good teacher.
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Alan P.

Alan P.

Roseville, CA 95678
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Renee D.

Orangeburg, SC

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In addition to additional instruments, I teach beginners acoustic guitar

About Renee
I'm a full time piano teacher. I began playing over 30 years ago and later turned my passion into a career. I have more than 15 years of professional training. I teach all genres ages 4-99.
I have a variety of lessons that I use to teach. I teach preschool private and group lessons (ages 3-5). In addition I teach all levels of piano and keyboard and various genres.In addition to lesson courses, I offer master theory, composition, auditions preparations, performance prep and musical history courses. Our studio also offers a master sound system for performance recordings and musical demos.
Melia October 25, 2018
· Piano · Online
Renee is incredible! The only thing I knew before starting was how to play Happy Birthday, with 1 hand, lol. But after 2 months, I was comfortable enough to play in church a little and after 4 months, the church began to ask me to participate more and I began playing for children in Sunday school! I was amazed at how much I learned and she let me guide the genre I really wanted to play and she was sooo encouraging, it was like I had a personal choice checking in and giving me encouraging tips and tricks! I’m so glad I choose her and I’d certainly recommend her. A++++💯☑️
Taylor February 22, 2018
· Piano · In studio
A++++. My kids love their lessons and get so upset if they can’t attend
Travis W. February 22, 2018
· Piano · In studio
As an adult, I’ve always wanted to play the piano but was skeptical that I couldn’t learn. Very impressed that she made a curriculum specific to my needs. I’m still taking lessons and intend to continue
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Renee D.

Renee D.

starting at
$34 / 30-min
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About Krista J.

Rocklin, CA

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Guitar and bass specialist. Rock, pop, folk. Play them all! We teach on electric and accoustic bass and guitar, and ukulele.

Learn from one of the best teachers in the area. Learn a performing musician and songwriter who takes lessons at your pace.

Play songs the first day. Pick your own songs or learn from our library. We are here to help you reach your goals. Casual or serious study. We will cover chords, picking & strumming.

You get an all inclusive studio membership, with free music, free events and free music from our library.

Let's get started. We travel to you, you can learn online, or come to our studio.

Schedule a free intro lesson today!

About Krista
Welcome! I am a performing pianist, accompanist, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. I have been teaching for over 25 years, in schools and privately. I emphasize learning enjoyment and convenience, with lessons at your location or at the studio.

You will use top tier programs, and technology as appropriate, to learn quickly and with good techique.

Voice students can expect to improve week to week in your vocal technique. Every voice has a unique sound; we will work to unlock your own individual style and sound, using music you enjoy. You can sing with freedom, confidence, and expression.

I teach piano students of all different ages and experience levels. I am classically trained, but perform many styles of music. For students age 7+, your accelerated piano program includes a proprietary software to help you progress at amazing
speed, so you can play the music you love, with technical skill and artistry. No more wondering what to do next!

Young students (age 3-5) use a story based curriculum just for young beginners, with fun characters and success. Adult learners and players who want to refresh your skills love our group recreational music program. It's a relaxed environment to play and improve your foundation.

As a multi-instrumentalist, I encourage students to explore a second or third instrument or voice training. I love to mentor students who want to develop their talents. I teach several instruments.

My passion is teaching music. Everyone can learn, given the right tools. I firmly believe that great technique and performances are possible with just a few minutes of practice a day.

I look forward to helping you add to your natural abilities in an enjoyable, convenient learning environment. Let's get started!
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Krista J.

Krista J.

Rocklin, CA 95765
starting at
$36 / 30-min

About Lucas F.

Las Vegas, NV

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Education background:
Doctor of Musical arts: Indiana University
15 years experience teaching guitar and music theory.
Teaching experience includes private studio, online, secondary and post secondary educational settings.
Students have successfully auditioned into guitar programs such as Indiana University, Middle Tennessee State, Austin Peay, and University of Nevada Las Vegas.
Other students have simply enriched their lives by learning more about guitar and music!
Styles taught range from classical to rock depending on interest.
Pending ability and level, students will learn how to read notes, charts, number systems, accompaniment and fretboard harmony/improvisational techniques.

About Lucas
I am an academic and performer. With my expertise and successful methodology you will learn how to play if you are a beginner and expand your knowledge of guitar and music theory if you are experienced!
I have a bachelors, masters, and doctorate in music performance and a background in teaching and preparing students for success in a variety of musical ventures.
I have also performed with acts out of Nashville opening for Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker, Eric Church and more.
I have also had success as a cruise ship soloist.
Whether you simply want to enrich your life, get better at soloing, songwriting, reading, technique, and/or compete for successful auditions, taking one in one lessons with me will help you have fun while gaining success.
Let’s find time in our schedules and make it happen!
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Lucas F.

Lucas F.

starting at
$42 / 30-min

About Mario Q.

Homestead, PA

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Learn to play like your favorite musicians! From hard rock to jazz and everything in-between. I have been playing, teaching and performing for over 20 years and am currently a professional touring musician. I learned from some of the best instructors while at Berklee and have developed a very unique way of teaching. Instead of learning right out of a book, I teach you real world applications that you can take directly from your lesson to the stage (or your practice room). We will focus on your strengths and tastes and develop a style that fits what you love about music. Hope to hear from you soon!

About Mario
I've been playing guitar for 31 years and been a professional musician and recording/mix engineer for over 23 years.

After attending Berklee College of Music for jazz guitar and composition, I moved to San Diego and opened a recording studio, where I recorded and produced over 200 different artists.

Throughout my career I have taught private guitar and bass lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. Seeing people develop their own style and grow as musicians, is one of the things that brings me the most joy.

I am now in a nationally known touring band and travel about 5 months out of the year performing across the US and Europe.
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Mario Q.

Mario Q.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

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