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Pedro V.

6 Reviews
New York, NY
Starting at $40
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaching since 2006
  • MA Music Performance from Hunter College
Teaching Locations:
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Pedro V.

6 Reviews
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Private Viola Teacher
About Pedro

I offer lessons to students that have a desire to improve their playing and knowledge of music. A brief summarization of my process: -Establish concepts for healthy practice routine with the student. The type of practice is more important than the raw amount of practice. -Set a 3-4

Recent Reviews
Franklin L.
He is superb!
Pedro is an excellent teacher. He's able to blend the technical aspects of playing with the artistry of the instrument. I've already learned a great deal from him in only five lessons.
Versatile Instructor for All Ages

I'm an adult student, but you can feel a comfort and relaxed atmosphere in the immediate presence of Pedro. This is such an important factor in learning an instrument. This feeling would serve to greatly help and child right on through adult learning. Good Job!

Paul L.

New York, NY
Starting at $75
  • Teaches students 8 and up
  • Awarded First Prize from Tertis International Viola Competition
  • Teaching since 2005
Teaching Locations:
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Paul L.

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Private Viola Teacher

Violist Paul is an established professional concert violist of the highest order in solo, chamber music, and orchestral performance. First prize winner of the most recent Tertis International Viola Competition, Paul has performed concertos with the major Symphony Orchestras of Pittsburgh, Atlanta, New Haven, New Jersey, Nashville, and Bogotá, as well as recitals in London at the Wigmore Hall, and at the 40th International Viola Congress held at Eastman School of Music.

Paul's chamber music life includes over 7 years with the Grammy Award winning Catalyst Quartet, as well as guest appearances around the globe in the major venues of Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong, Moscow, Macau, and New York's own Carnegie Hall.

Paul also enjoys performing with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra as guest musician, from time to time.

Paul is dedicated to passing on the knowledge and skill he has inherited and developed to the younger generations. Interested students should be serious in ...

About Paul

1st Prize winner of the 13th Lionel Tertis International Viola Competition and the 14th Sphinx Competition, violist Paul is enjoying a major international career as soloist and chamber musician. Acclaimed for offering “long lines with lyricsm and poise”, Paul has been soloist with the Pittsburgh S

Cristina H.

6 Reviews
Brooklyn, NY
Starting at $45
  • Speaks English, mandrine
  • Teaches students 5 to 60
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
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Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Cristina H.

6 Reviews
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Private Viola Teacher

I Love to teach viola, because I love the way this instrument sounds. Everyone thinks it is just like violin but actually there is so many different way to bowing and tech from violin. My goal is make hear how viola sounds, it can actually even touching then cello and violin in some melo piece .

About Cristina

I am Cristina, Violin Piano Music teacher, recording artist and educator. Classical trained from Piano and Violin when I was 5 and switched to viola after high school. I earned Advanced Certificate and Music Performance Master degreed from New York University where I also teach private lesson as

Recent Reviews
My son has been taking lessons from Cristina for 2 years and wow has he progressed. He loves his lessons, can read music, and is playing well. The struggle is getting him to practice! Cristina has a great blend of warmth, knowledge and discipline that works well for my 6,7, and now 8 year old son. I highly recommend her.
Our 8 year old had been taking violin for two years and was about to the point of quitting due to the lack of motivational teaching. I went in search of a teacher that could motivate her while still progressing rapidly each week! My daughter is so eager to please Cristina, because she makes the lessons fun and interesting. When I check in to see how the lesson is going, my daughter is engaged, and answering questions correctly which tells me she's still paying attention - even in the evening hours when she's tired. Cristina mixes classical and popular music as well. I still have to ask my daughter to practice each night but she pulls out her violin on her own a couple of times a week as well. It's a complete 180 from where we were 8 months ago. Cristina is a rare find and I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to ensure their child is getting the best violin training while being inspired!
Our 11 year old daughter, Drew, started with Cristina for a little over a year, and has made some amazing progress from not knowing how to play, to having great intonation and musicality. Cristina teaches our daughter in a way that works with her interests and learning style, rather than having a regimented curriculum. I think this has allowed Drew to be way more excited about playing.

i've been playing music all my life but since i'm a square parent, it's hard for me to teach drew :) Cristina does a great job giving her guidance during the lesson.
i would highly recommend her as a teacher!

Meet Online Viola Teachers Serving Westwood, NJ

Catherine G.

Teaches Online
Starting at $42
  • Teaching since 2014
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaches students 5 and up
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Catherine G.

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Online Viola Teacher

Canadian Opera Company Orchestra
Masters of Performance, McGill University
Years of experience teaching all levels. All ages welcome! Each lesson plan will be customized to each student's goals. I have extensive experience in classical, pop, and jazz.

About Catherine

I am a member of the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra. I've been featured on CBC Radio, CBC Television, and BBC3, and have been described as " the ideal soloist and a chamber performer of superb musicianship and high quality" (Ludwig van Toronto) and "une altiste formidable" (Le Devoir, Montreal).

Profile-background-check Background Check

Mary V.

35 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $25
  • Speaks Russian, Italian
  • Teaches students 11 and up
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Mary V.

35 Reviews
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Online Viola Teacher

Although I mainly sing now, I was originally a violinist and played all through college in professional orchestras, quartets and even as a soloist.

As a professional Music Educator, I have run String Programs in various International Schools among many other instrumental ensembles. I've conducted student orchestras & built many programs from scratch.

Although I do not play professionally anymore, I still play very well, and am a perfect teacher for a beginner and intermediate student. I know how to get students started quickly and with confidence. Choose me to jump start yourself or your child.

I think my biggest strength as a strings teacher is helping this tedious time as a beginning violinist be fun and useful. My students really enjoy their lessons. I also have a lot of experience online and anticipate all of the normal issues (tuning, instrument care, etc;)

I've trained a lot of parents and students how to tune their instrument!

A typical lesson with me would ...

About Mary

Hi Everyone! I am the rare combination of a teacher AND a professional opera singer! Please see my experience towards the bottom (I discuss teaching & students next). I am suitable for people of all ages and levels. I am a certified Music Educator (with a degree) and experience working in Int

Recent Reviews
It was good, She correct my sing, I sing better love peace harmony song. once I finish I will post on YouTube to share. people can learn. I also try to learn another Italy song from Mary. thank
Jinhua G.
Its a good start. Today we learned chest and head voice. Looking forward to master and singing a few beautiful song with because voice voice.
I have had a wonderful time training with Mary over the past couple of weeks. She's been very patient with me during our lessons, and she is very helpful with information in and out of the lessons.
I was hesitant to take some lessons at first because I hadn't sung for a while. There was a point when I was in a choir group in school, I was passionate enough to compete against other schools. But after I graduated, I wasn't able to find time to further practice my singing skills. Signing up to take lessons with her has restored my voice a lot, as well as teach me new things to make my voice more clear. I've had a wonderful time learning from Mary and hope to take more lessons with her in the future. For anyone looking for a professional, serious chance to train your voice for the better, Mary would be your best option.

Elisa B.

16 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $35
  • Speaks English, Finnish
  • Teaches students 3 to 70
  • Awarded Concerto competition winner from Willamette Falls Symphony Orchestra
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Elisa B.

16 Reviews
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Online Viola Teacher

Correct play position, reading viola clef, scales, etudes, solo pieces, shifting, vibrato. Possibility to play in a student string orchestra!

About Elisa

Violin Teacher's Certificate - Sibelius Academy, Finland Suzuki Teacher Training - Marylhurst University, OR Classical and Suzuki options - starting Suzuki students as early as 3 yrs old. Teaching Suzuki Books 1-11. Beginners, intermediate and advanced levels I am using classical method books

Recent Reviews
Gale Shuey
Elisa is patient and encouraging
Ms. Boynton is a thoughtful and positive teacher.
Grace G.
Elisa is wonderful! She’s patient and fun. My granddaughter really likes her and looks forward to her lesson. She was playing songs by lesson #4.

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"Susanna is an excellent teacher. She patient and kind, and she also has great insight to help students improve, both technically and musically. I would recommend her to anyone!"
Took Viola lessons from Susanna S.
"I just completed my first lesson with Elisa. I felt so good at the end of the lesson. As an adult learner, I am often uncomfortable with my beginner skill levels and end up feeling embarrassed and apologetic when working with a teacher (silly I know). But she did not make me feel this way at all.

She quickly assessed where I was with my playing and identified quick and easy technical practices to enhance my technique as well as took in my own personal goals. I feel super motivated to practice and look forward to my next lesson with her. I'm so glad I found her!"
Took Viola lessons from Elisa B.
"very good fixed the viola so now i can use it properly which i had a hard time doing myself."
Took Viola lessons from Emily S.
"I've been getting lessons for 2 years and I've improved greatly."
Took Viola lessons from Speedy B.
"Keiko is very patient and kind. She made several suggestions for me to modify my technique to improve my sound. Even though I had difficulty with it, she encouraged me to keep going at it. I am excited for our next lesson."
Took Viola lessons from Keiko T.
"Lauren is progressing so nicely! JoAnne is a great instructor."
Took Viola lessons from JoAnne H.
"My 12 year-old daugher has been practicing viola with Jill for 7 months now. From day 1, I have been impressed by Jill's teaching style that is rigorous, but also flexible and supportive. In just a few lessons, my daughter's music playing deepened.The most important to me was to see and hear my daughter starts to breath, feel and enjoy her music. I believe that now my daughter is not playing for me but more for herself. I am extremely thankful to Jill and recommend her highly as a violin and viola instructor. I believe her instruction will have a lifelong impact on my daughter. On top of things, my daughter and I enjoy our time during her lessons very much."
Took Viola lessons from Jill G.
"If you’re reading reviews I bet you’re kinda curious how someone can help you learn Viola online. Let me tell you it really does work!! I am a 26 year old adult who decided to learn viola and Mimi has been helping me fine tune my notes and read music and theory to get better! I wouldn’t recommend online in the very beginning. I feel it was best to go to a shop, get tape on your instrument to know where the baseline for your fingers go. How much rosin to put on your bow because that is tough to tell via a camera, but once you have the basics taking lessons online is great! Mimi is very patient, she can hear my notes and tell me if it’s flat or my bowing is crooked. I send her sheet music I’m interested, we work on basics like scales then we work on sheet music! And if you’re not happy with it they offer a full refund. I would definitely give it a shot if I were you!"
Took Viola lessons from Mimi D.
"Friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible!"
Joshua Allen
Took Viola lessons from Martina S.
"I love it!"
Took Viola lessons from Charles B.
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