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John M.
Carlsbad, California
Student Favorite
Student Favorite
Learn to Play Piano and Understand Music Quickly!
Student Favorite
Student Favorite
Learn the Tricks of the trade and get up and going fast on Piano!!! Please change "Subject" to see full bio for other instruments, especially Drums which is my primary.
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43 years of Professional experience, over 1200 lessons in 6 yrs with TakeLessons.com alone! Total Private Instruction over 15 yrs teaching by ear, performance & notation. Preforming drums has brought so much enjoyment to my life and has expanded my cognitive and creative mind more than I would have ever realized when I started in 1978. Teaching/sharing my drumming experience is a passion, my students are taught not only how to play drums but also about music structure (verse, chorus, bridge, etc.), how to perform with other musicians and how to dissect a piece of music. Various styles and rhythms are taught and rudiments are covered thoroughly - nothing better than an impressive double stroke roll! I have always been a teacher that I feel can understand each personality and adjust my approach to each lesson as needed and furthermore, I always treat my students with respect, courtesy and patience which I find makes them more apt to relax, listen, learn, feel the music and have fun!

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John is a great teacher and helped me really get into the drums! Highly recommended!

Posted Feb 10, 2022
Teacher's Studio

Mr. John is the best! My kids love him and he’s so great at teaching them and patient with my kids as they are learning and young. I recommend him to everyone!

Posted Sep 29, 2021
Teacher's Studio

John personalized the lesson to focus on the songs my son was interested in while he also covered the important fundamentals to start off right!

Posted Jun 30, 2021
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Drum Instructor
Apr 1993 - Present
Private Lessons
I began teaching drums after college in 1993 in Colorado Springs, CO. I relocated from San Diego on a wing and a prayer, and with quality jobs thin at that time I decided I could start my own business doing something I knew and loved, drum instructor. I transformed my basement to a studio and ran classified ads (no internet then) and the phone started ringing and friends told friends and before long a nice cliental emerged and I landed myself in a great band to boot. I was always looking for new and fun teaching ideas/techniques in the private lessons, and during these years I really learned a lot about customizing each lesson for each personality and ability. This kept (and to this day still keeps) things fun, interesting and makes for a great learning environ