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Bobby S.

Bobby S.

The trombone is a colorful and exciting instrument played in many styles of music throughout the world, from jazz and classical to funk and soul to reggae, afro-beat, and Latin American music. In addition to covering the basic technical requirements of the instrument, I'm particularly interested in the many genres in which the trombone can be found, and I like to focus on the styles of music that most interest and challenge my students. I began playing soprano trombone over ten years ago, and I have taught tenor trombone privately and in public school programs for several years. I encourage the use of long tones, air support, and brass calisthenics to improve tone, increase range and endurance, and work towards greater flexibility.
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Grant R.

Grant R.

I have studied with some of the finest trombonists in the world, performed in the nation's top orchestras, and am firmly committed to excellence in the trombone field. Music is one of the most indescribably powerful and moving things in the entire world, and I want students to, above all, simply enjoy playing and experiencing this gift. The trombone is, of course, merely a means to an end in this regard; yet its rich, powerful, as well as versatile sound is what particularly draws me to it. My approach to playing the trombone is simple: producing the greatest sound on every note, as easily as possible. I think it is necessary to have the best sound that you can possibly make on the trombone in your head from day one, and to this end, I strive to play as much as possible for and along with the student so that they may develop their own ideal sound concept. I couple this with instruction on all the other fundamentals of trombone playing and music making, such as technique, scales, rhythms, intonation, breathing, etc. But never forget that the ultimate goal is to perform the music the way it goes and to simply sing through the instrument. By this I do not not necessarily mean playing all the correct notes, but instead performing the music in the correct style and context as the composer intended, and always playing musical lines. Remember that music is to be shared with others, and that making a statement with the music we play, in a way expressing our deepest emotions, is what this is all about!
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Very patient and conducts the lesson based on strengths and weaknesses in order to form well balance student. 5 stars.

Wilson (Trombone lessons with Billy D.)

I played the trombone when I was a kid but lost interest back then. After not playing for about 15 years Billy helped me to get back to it. We covered reading notes, learning a little bit about music

Johannes (Trombone lessons with Billy D.)

Billy was really kind and patient with my 8-year old son and did a great job helping him to convert from the French solfege system of music reading.

Niamh Hanafin (Trombone lessons with Billy D.)

I'm a classical trombonist by training and reached out for help with jazz theory and playing. Billy was an amazing resource who helped me develop concrete playing and practicing skills and become a mo

HEnry (Trombone lessons with Billy D.)

Very patient and conducts the lesson based on strengths and weaknesses in order to form well balance student. 5 stars.

Wilson (Trombone lessons with Billy D.)

I played the trombone when I was a kid but lost interest back then. After not playing for about 15 years Billy helped me to get back to it. We covered reading notes, learning a little bit about music

Johannes (Trombone lessons with Billy D.)

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In the press

(Real Life) Music Lessons in NYC: The Importance of Networking

Tao G.

Written by: TakeLessons Teacher, Tao G.

Most of the musicians making a living in New York City used the same crucial method to begin and build their career: networking. Don’t let that mislead you; they all worked hard at their craft and are very likely extremely talented. However, talent doesn't always promise success. Author Stephen King once said, “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” If you’re taking music lessons in New York City, you probably already knew that, but read on to see how hard work relates to networking in the greatest city on earth:

1.) Hi, my name is.. Tao and I play trombone! And I’m here to explain that you have to get out and meet other musicians. You can find local music literally everywhere from Battery Park to Marble Hill, with all kinds of genres from Jazz to Irish Folk. Even in my neighborhood in Queens, there is local music happening every other night minutes from my apartment. Use the Internet to scope out scheduled events happening around the city. Introduce yourself. Shake hands. Trust me, musicians love getting feedback from other musicians, especially honest feedback. And leave it at that. All you’re doing when you meet people is making other musicians aware of you. If you have a gig coming up, invite them! It’s always a two-way street.

2.) Follow up with people. And be gently persistent. If a musician decides to share their contact info with you, send them a message right away. Re-introduce yourself so they remember how they met you, what you play, and what you talked about. Explain that you’re taking music lessons in NYC and how their performing has inspired you. If you have mutual connections, go ahead and swap stories - but keep your conversation primarily about the person you’re talking to.

  1. What to do when you don’t hear back. Don’t sweat it. New Yorkers lead hectic and incredibly busy lives. Some cats are riding a dozen trains all day and making appointments all over the city. They probably didn't catch your text/email/phone call while on the train, and then got a handful of messages all at once and your message got buried in the clutter. Seriously, if they gave you their contact info willingly, they aren't trying to dodge you. Just wait a few days and send them another polite message reminding them of your correspondence.

4.) Don’t be a Mean Girl. If you've ever seen that movie, you know what I’m talking about. Don’t be the person that puts on a smiling mask for the public, and then insults everyone behind their back. It’s not only rude, but it also has a way of getting back to the person you’re insulting. Be it from jealousy or someone just rubs you the wrong way, you should rather want to be the person everyone gets a good vibe from. Again, nothing fake - just be pleasant and appreciative of the opportunity to meet other musicians. Many times I've seen music supervisors hire a less-talented individual because they were nicer and had a better attitude than a more talented individual.

So, network and be patient. As for myself, my networking began seven years before it led to consistent work in NYC. Granted, I worked continually on the road for several years before actually settling in the city, but the point is to stick with it! Stay committed to your music lessons, and remember that all good things come to those who work hard and cultivate their presence in the music scene. Network, my friends, so that one day wide-eyed youngsters seeking work will be wanting to shake your hand.

Like this article? I’m also a trombone teacher and performer. Check out my profile if you'd like to take lessons with me!

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