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About Murray P.

Baltimore, MD

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Snare Drum
-Proper sitting & standing posture
- Care & tuning of snare drum
- Proper grips and hand placement
- Stone & Moeller technique
-Basic rudiments development single stroke, double stroke, open stroke rolls, single, double, triple paradiddles, flams, flam taps, flamadiddle, flam accent, ruff family
- Reading simple rhythms & notes, whole, half, quarters, 8ths, 16ths, 8ths note triplets and 16ths note triplets
- Develop time keeping skills, working with a metronome or click track

Drum Set
- Intermediate drum set book
- Reading various time signatures
- More style studies such as, reggae, latin, gospel, rock, jazz, blues, samba, r&b etc...
- Enhance time keeping skills, working with a metronome or click track
- Use of brushes, mallets and hot rods on drum set
- Double bass drumming concepts
- Development creativity and endless ideas on the drum set for grooves, solos and drum fills

About Murray
I received my B.S. & Music Degree with concentration in instrumentalists from Morgan State University. I have been playing since the age of three years old and have been teaching since 2004. In 2016, I was accepted as a member of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). I am very well rounded in all styles of music such as, Rock, Jazz, Gospel, Christian, Latin, Marching, Classical, Blues and the list goes on. I am a Emmy Nominated drummer for my outstanding role in the 2015 Stage Musical "Oh Gospel" The Evolution of Gospel Music. My drumming & percussion career has launch me into one of the most sought after instructors & drummers of our time. My skill level and personalty has brought about major partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Vic Furth, Evans Drum Heads, Sabian Cymbals, JamTec USA, Urbann
Boards and Kick Strap. I have performed with many Stellers & Grammy artist such as Richard Smallwood, Tamela Mann, Marvin Sapp, Dorinda Clark Cole, Isaiah D Thomas, American Idol contestants and Sunday Best contestants just to name a few. I currently play full time at the New Antioch Baptist Church of Randallstown in Baltimore MD where the congregation is over 10,000 members. I am very proud of the releasing of my latest DVD entitle "Piper's Time 2 Groove" & "Nothing Too Hard" video to inspire all musicians around the World. With the launching of Passionate Drumming & Music Lessons, I am dedicated to equipping all my students with the instructions for reaching students goals. I welcome all students any age, any skill level. Hope to have you as a new student very soon!

*** Lesson Details ***
My students will quickly learn the basics of drumming, including: stick control, technique, rhythms, drum fills, and licks. It does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced drummer. The same time and effort will be exercised. We will have a fun and meaningful time playing, both by ear and by reading music. These lessons will really be hands on using teaching methods such as music books, DVD’s, and playing of my own. Students will have a great time also studying music theory, learning how to assemble the drum set, learning the parts of the drums, how to tune the drums, and how to accompany other musical instruments. After 3 to 6 months taking lessons, all students will be well on their way to a very successful musical career having had such fun and learning to play all different styles of music. My motto: Lets play Good, get Better, and be our Best!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Finished Studio: (3) drum sets, recording equipment, hand drums & instruments, seating for students & guest.

***Endorsers & Sponsors***
*Odery Drums
*VicFirth Sticks-http://vicfirth.com/artist/Murray_Piper/
*Sabian Cymbals & Sabian Education Network
*Evans, D'Addario & Company, Inc.- http://www.daddario.com/education/murrayspiper
*NAMM Member
*Low Boy Beaters
*Urbann Boards
*Kick Strap
*JamTec USA

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will bring snare and sticks. For the more advance lesson drum kit if one not provided. For the beginners sticks snare and if they already have a drum kit that is fine too.

*** Specialties ***
Gospel, Christian, jazz, blues, rock, R&B, pop, Latin, reggae, funk, shuffle
Shanelle June 21, 2018
· Drum · In studio
Not only does he teach, but he’s also in high-demand for professional music gigs all over the country! Murray is very patient and has a tremendous passion to teach at ALL LEVELS!! Take me for example, I’m not a beginner, but I needed to sharpen my skills and kick a number of bad habits -Murray is perfect for that!
Russ W. May 22, 2018
· Drum · Online
Murray has been our instructor for a few years. He is fantastic. He brings energy and enthusiasm to every lesson. He caters to the needs of our child with caring patience and an pure love for drumming.
Doug March 10, 2018
· Drum · In studio
Murray is a fantastic instructor. Very laid-back, fun, but also superb at teaching. Highly recommend!
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Murray P.

Murray P.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Jacob P.

Yucaipa, CA

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I grew up playing and listening to jazz and rock music. That is my main focus in the beginning. We will start simple rudiments and beats for snare and drumset and grow from there. Technique, control and passion.

About Jacob
Jacob was born and raised in Palm Springs; California. Growing up with parents who had very different musical backgrounds, which led him to want to live in world full of music. At the age 10, he picked up his first guitar and began to take his first piano lessons and a year later then picking up the first pair of drumsticks. He developed a self-taught technique for drum set, while being mentored by his older brother, Sean, (endorsed by Aquarian Drumheads, and former student of LA Music Academy and University of Oregon) traditional jazz artist, Allen Goodman. (Goodman has performed with many famous jazz artists in his during his drumming career and was mentored by Buddy Rich. He wrote the intro to the George of the Jungle cartoon series, and is now playing with many jazz artists at Vickys of Santa Fe in Indian Wells, California
, with the Desert Cities Jazz Band) Gregory Whitmore, Band Director at Cathedral City High School, has also been a mentor to Jacob.

In 2009, he performed Ron Nelsons Danza Capriccio with the Cathedral City High School Symphonic Band and world renowned saxophonist Kenneth Tse at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. That event was followed by a performance tour of the United Kingdom with the Cathedral City High School Symphonic Band.

In 2011, he ventured off to France and Germany with the CCHS symphonic band for his second performance tour with the group. Playing at many venues including, Heidelberg Castle in Germany and Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte, outside of Paris, France. He has been on national television performing at the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl in 2007 and in the Hollywood Christmas parade in 2010 with the CCHS Marching Band. He has performed with various groups within the community throughout the years.

In 2012, began studies at the Art Institute of California Inland Empire studying Audio Engineering and received his Bachelor's of Science in the subject in December of 2015. During the time of his undergraduate studies, Jacob was working with various local artists at local venues around the Inland Empire and Los Angeles. Eventually joining the band, "Eva and the Vagabonds" in 2015 and worked on the recently released EP as a recording and mastering engineer. With the band he has played at Dreamworks, SOKA university, American Parlor Songbook, and DVAC. Now, Jacob attends Cal State San Bernardino studying for a teaching credential in Career and Technical Education. As well, Jacob now works on American Parlor Songbook on NPR as an audio engineer, working with various actors, comedians, and artists from LA and all of over the United States.

*** Lesson Details ***
Beginner to intermediate for Guitar and Drum Lessons

Professional Style Studio Recording

*** Studio Equipment ***
Fender Stratocastor HSS
Ovation Acoustic Guitars
Epiphone EJ-200 CE
DanElectro NOS '59

Grestch Custom Set 10", 12", 14",20"
Grestch Energy 10' 12', 16', 22'
Tama Snare Artwood All Maple 14"
Sabin SR2 Crash 16"
Sabian Hi-Hats 14"
Sabian Dry Bell Ride 21"
Paiste Rock Crash 14"
Paiste Thin Crash 12" and 14"
Vator Drumsticks

Alesis Multimix8/iO4
PreSonus FireStudio
MXL 604 Pencil Condenser
Blue Spark SSL Condenser
SM 57's
MXL A-55 Kicker Dynamic
Audio Technica ATH-M45 Headphones
M-Audio BX5 Monitars
Alto Professional PA Speakers
M-Audio 49 Venom Synth VA/Midi
Arturia MicroBrute

Logic Pro 9, X
Main Stage 3
Protools 10
Macbook Pro

*** Travel Equipment ***
Epiphone EJ-200 CE
MacBook Pro

*** Specialties ***
Recording Services!
All genres of music!
DERICK April 17, 2018
· Acoustic Guitar · In home
Keeps his student motivated .Very good teacher.
Ryan September 25, 2017
· Drum · Online
great start!
Káel B. February 15, 2017
· Drum · In studio
My son was really energized by his first lesson and looks forward to his next!
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Jacob P.

Jacob P.

Yucaipa, CA 92399
starting at
$15 / 30-min

About Paul V.

Lake Arrowhead, CA
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About Paul
First off, my hope for you is that for whatever reason you're on this site looking for a drum teacher is something I can help you fulfill, whether you would like to play in a band, learn better technique to help you play what you want to (but maybe aren't able to yet), record your drums, create beats, learn to read music, or understand and play different styles of music.

With over 20 years of teaching experience, I will help you reach your musical goals, now matter how big or small. We'll work together on uncovering your talents and use them to your advantage while improving on areas that might be holding you back - all while having fun, because let's face it, playing music, and especially the drums, is fun!

About Paul:

Paul V., originally from St. Louis , Missouri, studied drums for several years before becoming interested in cl
assical percussion and piano in college, eventually becoming Principal Timpanist for the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra and also Guest Artist with the nationally acclaimed St. Louis Brass Band. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2002, Paul has played/recorded with WAL (formerly the Jacob and Matthew Band), Jane Lui, Danielle Rose, Warren Charles, Scott Detweiler, Hunter Parrish (from Showtime'€™s Weeds and Godspell on Broadway), Brendan James, Billy Mitchell, Bill Purdy, Don Kirkpatrick (Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker), Jeff Littleton (Herbie Hancock, Stanley Turrentine), John Thomas (Bruce Hornsby), Pete Anderson (Roy Orbison, Dwight Yoakam), and has opened for acts including The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, The Wailing Souls, Clint Black, Junior Brown, Rodney Crowell, and has also played for members of the Library of Congress. He has performed at numerous venues ranging from Lucas Oil Stadium, the Verizon Center (Washington, DC), and Cowboy Stadium to the Cerritos Performing Arts Center, Hotel Café, the Roxy, and many others. Paul is an active educator and has taught at the Los Angeles College of Music and Music Performance Academy and has also studied with Steve Ferrone, Peter Erskine, Joe Porcaro, and Ralph Humphrey.

*** Studio Equipment ***

Yamaha DTX electronic drums in personal home studio and Pro Tools for recording lesson progress.
Ara D. May 10, 2015
· Drum · In studio
Paul does a great job of balancing the theoretical and applied. He focuses on developing strong fundamentals and good habits but also delves into songs that apply new skills learned along the way at the appropriate pace. As a beginner, Paul has helped me get off to a good start where I'm learning a lot but also having a lot of fun.

A big plus is that he's got a real down-to-earth personality that makes the lessons even more enjoyable and really interesting to talk to about all things drums and otherwise.
cindi G. November 9, 2014
· Drum · In home
My son has taken lessons with Paul for over 5 years. Not only is Paul an accomplished musician, he's a great teacher. His teaching style is positive and supportive. He has modified my son's lessons through the years, as his goals and needs have changed. Paul has always been professional, reliable and enthusiastic. He genuinely seems to enjoy what he does, and as a bonus, Paul is also a really nice guy, who has had a positive influence on my teenage son's life.
Alex D. September 18, 2014
· Drum · In home
Paul is an awesome teacher! He is super positive, friendly, joyful, and professional. He was always on time and always adequately prepared for the lesson. He is not only a fantastic musician, but also very supportive in helping you accomplish whatever your goals are as he cares about you as a person. I highly recommend Paul!
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Paul V.

Paul V.

Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Matt S.

Oceanside, CA

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Learn everything you'll need to know about drum set technique, keeping solid tempos, and professional grooves that will set you apart from your peers and the competition.

About Matt
With most of my music students, we focus on several key areas to ensure success of overall technique and knowledge: WARM-UPs, SCALES, MUSIC THEORY, SIGHT-READING, and PREPARED SONGS. I tailor my approach and style to each student. Although I'm very detail-oriented with lessons and followup, I'm constantly in search of finding FUN ways to make sure the student is enjoying the journey. I also prefer to work on a song that the STUDENT wants to learn. It's music, and it should be fun!

Please review the rest of my profile and send me any questions or concerns you may have. If I don't think I can be the best teacher for you, I will gladly refer you to someone else on Takelessons or elsewhere.

I've been a lifelong musician, and love finding unique and fun ways to motivate my students. I've worked with most styles of music before,
and arranged music for many as well, so I'm very comfortable helping students with a variety of disciplines and interests. My professional experience in both the civilian and military music communities has given me an open-minded yet direct approach to WHAT you should learn, and HOW to develop each student's individual skills. I'm able to teach most students to an advanced level.
Wendy February 18, 2018
· Singing · In home
Matt is an exceptional musician. His knowledge of a variety of music genres, ability to sight read and transpose into any key is extraordinary and makes him the accompanist of choice. As a man of faith, he inspires others to celebrate music as a gift from God, that should never be taken for granted.
Ling February 9, 2018
· Piano · In home
Matt has the ability to keep his students interested in their music while bringing out their appreciation and musical creativity. I would highly recommend him as an instructor no matter the age of the student.
Al February 7, 2018
· Composition · Online
A very good teacher all phases of music and application.
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Matt S.

Matt S.

starting at
$45 / 30-min

About Austin Y.

Milpitas, CA
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Do you feel the beat? Whether it be listening to your favorite song, going to a concert, or making your own band, the drum adds flavor and sets the mood! Learn the basics of rhythm, style, and speed with the drum.

About Austin
Hello! My name is Austin, and my personal life motto is: doing my best to help others realize and reach their best! I have been teaching a number of topics ranging from music, fitness, to technology, writing, and religious texts for over 7 years. Over these years, I have also worked a myriad of jobs to receive invaluable experience as well as learn how to interact with all kinds of people.

It has always been my deep passion and true joy to journey along with someone who is simply willing to learn the many gifts that life has for us to enjoy! I am currently studying for my masters at Western Seminary, interning at a church in Milpitas, and a certified teacher here at TakeLessons.

Time and time again, I have come to realize that life is about serving, teaching, and loving others with what we already have; teaching is such a simple y
et profound way to practice this!

I look forward to doing my best in order to help you realize, reach, and ultimately relish your best!

Best regards,

Austin Ying
Neha S. March 27, 2017
· Volleyball · In studio
I am an adult and absolute beginner in volleyball and was looking to learn some basics and Austin did a great job of teaching me.
Samuel February 25, 2017
· Weight Loss · Online
It was a treat to have Austin guide me toward my personal goals of losing weight while gaining muscle. He displayed constant knowledge and patience. I really enjoyed each session and have learned a great deal from him! Really great tutor to have!!!
test February 11, 2017
· Acoustic Guitar · In home
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Austin Y.

Austin Y.

starting at
$30 / 30-min
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About Jack P.

Claremont, CA

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Some students are more serious about the drums than others and that's totally fine! My lessons are designed to work with the student, establish goals, and accomplish those goals. Some of those goals could be learning a song, a rudiment, or a type of coordination like a "beat." As long as the student is having fun and learning about music there will be progress.

About Jack
I've been a working musician, recording artist, and teacher in the Los Angeles area for over 10 years now. I've had the opportunity to study with many great educators like Maury Baker (Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Frank Zappa) and Kei Akagi (Miles Davis, Stanley Turrentine, Al Di Meola). I received my Bachelor's degree from the University of California Irvine in music (specifically in jazz drum set performance). I'm also well versed in marching percussion and can teach beginner to advanced levels if necessary. No matter what level, music should be fun. When you establish goals and make progress, music can be the most rewarding thing in your life.
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Jack P.

Jack P.

Claremont, CA 91711
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Zen R.

San Bernardino, CA

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I focus on drum grooves such as Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Latin, Swing, Rock, and RnB. I have experience from multiple drum teachers, and have attended Cuesta College (A.A. in Music Performance) and CSUSB (B.A. in Music). If you're a beginner or are looking to improve on some new ideas and techniques, I'd be glad to teach you.

Primary focus: Drums

About Zen
Trying to learn the drums? Want to know how to produce, mix, master, record, or perform with Ableton Live? Set up a lesson time to learn and collaborate right away!


Starting with percussion and drum set in the styles of Classical and Jazz at Cuesta College for his A.A. in Music Performance. He then moved to the Inland Empire (Southern California), attending Cal State San Bernardino focusing on his B.A. in Music and Minor in Music Technology. Co-Founding his own Record Label called, MASS Productions, he now works with many artists for live performances, music production, recording, mixing, etc. Still, actively playing in a Jazz Quintet (“Half-Past”), Orchestra, and Percussion Ensemble. Drum lessons taken with Mike Raynor, Darrel Voss, Todd Johnson, Justin Scott, and Joel Taylor. Tech lessons taken with Scott Vance.
Zen contin
ues his study’s as an instrumentalist with Ableton Live 10 and the Push II, using the Push as a musical instrument.

-Push II
-Maschine Mikro MK2
-M-Audio Keystation Mini32
-Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2

Studio Gear:
-KRK Rocket 5's Monitor Speakers
-Focusrite 2i4 Audio Interface
-Audio Technica AT-LP60
-Audio Technica M50x
-15" Traynor Tube Amp
-ddrum Triggers (Chrome)
-Neumann TLM 102

-Gretch Catalina Club Drum Set
-15" Zildjian Kerope Hi Hats
-20" Zildjian Kerope Ride
-21" Sabian Cross Vault Ride
-8" Zildjian A Splash
-Late 70's Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drum (14" x 4")
-Tama Swingstar Snare Drum (14" x 6")
-Nord Stage 2 (88)
-Electric Guitar
-Nord Stage 2
-Makala Ukulele
-Aux Percussion
Adam June 4, 2018
· Ableton · Online
Zen is a great teacher and makes online lessons worth your time and money. I appreciate his patience and knowledge in ableton and look forward to more training from him.
Luke May 1, 2018
· Audio Engineering · Online
Learned some great mixing tips on Ableton.
Donna February 24, 2018
· Drum · In home
Awesome teacher very respectful and knowledgeable
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Zen R.

Zen R.

San Bernardino, CA 92407
starting at
$26 / 30-min

About Brayden W.

Pomona, CA

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I began taking drum-kit lessons at the age of 7, and have not stopped playing since. In high school, I participated in the drum line for all four years, serving as drum captain as a senior. Participating in the group was a year round commitment with exceptionally high standards of musicianship, which would ultimately serve as one of the defining factors in my proficiency with percussion today.

All ages and skill levels are welcome! We will work together to assess what your learning style, and will cater the lessons to fit you and your own development as a drummer. We will cover all the basics as needed, but I also recognize and understand the desire to see clear results quickly! I will get you drumming along to your favorite songs in no time! I'm looking forward to getting started!

About Brayden
I began my musical journey at the age of 7, when I received my first drum kit and was enrolled in drum lessons by my parents. Though they themselves were not musicians, they were supportive of my interest and eventual obsession with music from the very beginning, which is something I will always be thankful for.

As you may have guessed, I continued to make music and even went on to learn more instruments, including the guitar, bass, piano, and vocals. I didn't know it at the time, but learning all these instruments and understanding how they interact with one another in a band setting was ultimately setting me up to become a proficient musical arranger and songwriter.

During my college years, I was frontman for a band called 'The Skariginals,' which was a family-friendly ska band that ended up being the outlet for a lot of my son
gwriting efforts. In 2014, we were lucky enough to make it on the Vans Warped Tour and play for crowds of thousands of people.

In 2016, I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.A. in Music Industry Studies, a program which not only emphasized an understanding of recording technology and the music business, but also focused highly on promoting musicianship and music theory comprehension.

Following graduation, I have continued to work in live audio, namely as Audio Visual Coordinator of Associated Students Inc. at Cal Poly Pomona. In this position, I supervise a team of 6 student audio visual technicians, which has allowed me to realize my potential as a mentor and educator as I help to develop my student's skills in audio and visual technology.

I am looking forward to prospect of dedicating more of my time toward helping others begin or continue their own musical journeys. I can proficiently teach drums, guitar, and bass (though we may use the piano to discuss music theory).
I have all the necessary gear to teach these instruments in my home, so in some cases you may not even need to bring anything to your lesson! I am also open to commuting to your own home if this is more comfortable for you or your child.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my profile, and I hope you will consider taking your next drum, guitar, or bass lesson with me!
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Brayden W.

Brayden W.

Pomona, CA 91766
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Christian F.

Jersey City, NJ

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My name is Christian Finger and I am a professional drummer and educator born and raised in Germany and have been living in the US since 2001; I have been performing and teaching for over 30 years and hold a BA in teaching and an MA in drum set and percussion.

I have been teaching students in all age ranges, worked at several music schools in Germany and in New York; taught at the Long Island University and conducted master classes at Music Colleges and Workshops at other places like the famous Goethe Institute the German government cultural branch) and Music Conservatories. I also teach at the LREI Afterschool Program in Manhattan
I created a special curriculum for Kids Ages 5-8 called the “The Drumming Zoo” which show amazing results. Some of my students went to La Guardia High School and to colleges in the US.
My students learn to play the drum set in a fun and efficient way that produces immediate results. The lesson plans I create challenge and encourage students to enjoy ...

About Christian
-Great Drum lessons by Christian Finger!
I am a professional drummer (with MA and BA Degrees) for over 30 years and have played with some of the best musicians in New York City and abroad.
I also love to teach and have many years of experience.
You will:
Learn and improve your drumming skills in a fun and efficient way with highly qualified lessons!

All Ages/ Levels (beginners/kids welcome) and Styles (e.g. Rock, Pop, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, World etc...)

You'll be surprised how much you learn from a:

- Holder of BA teaching & MA percussion degrees
- Patient, friendly and encouraging teacher (23 years of experience)
- Award winning, very versatile professional drummer in all styles, born and raised in Germany
- Writer for the famous "Modern Drummer" Magazine (see pix)
- Endorsed by Gretsch Drums & Vic Firth Sticks
- Judge at "
DRUM OFF" competition
- Author of "The Drum Workbook" drum book

Curriculum consists of:
- All kind of Grooves, Solos & Fills
- Snare Drum Technique, Rudiments, Matched and Traditional Grip

- Foot Technique
- Coordination and Independence

- Sight Reading
- How to function in a band, what to listen for, how to "play in the pocket"
- How to create and read Drum Charts
- Expanding your ideas and vocabulary on the drums
- Special attention to musicality & detail
- Sound & Tuning

Use of tried & true materials/concepts:
- Play Along Tracks
- Transcriptions of the Masters
- Practicing w/ Metronome
- Books

- Videos
- Recording/filming drumming progress

-Drum Apps and more

All this will lead to a specially developed curriculum set according to YOUR needs.
Very high success rates: students have played w/ famous artists like Debbie Harry, recorded CD's, went on tour, won competitions and auditions and play actively in NJ, NY venues and abroad.

I can teach in English, German or Dutch; Gift Certificates now available.

"... loves to teach and it shows."
Mike D.
"...You know, you're pretty amazing. I've had 2 lessons with you and you have already improved my playing!! I am astounded. Thanks a million!!"
George D."
Tarek June 13, 2018
· Drum · In home
Amazing knowledge of drumming and music in general. Great personality. My son liked Christian a lot and he really improved tremendously with him.
Evan June 13, 2018
· Drum · In studio
Christian is knowledgeable about all styles of music, is patient, and impresses upon the student the value of the mastery of the basic elements of music, in particular the importance of the pulse.
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Christian F.

Christian F.

starting at
$50 / 30-min

About Dorien D.

Durham, NC
View Full Profile

Hey guys!

I offer such unique techniques & ways to advocate the best, most enjoyable way to learn.

Why should I take lessons?
Taking lessons with me ensures you will definitely have fun, be encouraged, motivated, maximize learning, and also become the most killing drummer. My skills & knowledge of percussion/drumset extends to all ages and talents. I’ve had experience with elite marching bands, drumlines, orchestras, concert ensembles, fusion bands, gospel, funk, rock, R&B, Jazz, country, metal, touring groups, & years of playing & teaching with other great musicians worldwide... If you are serious, and willing to become a great musician, sign up and lets make some music!

About Dorien
Hey Guys!!!

My name is Dorien Dotson. Percussionist, Drummer, Music Enthusiast.

I am gigging and traveling musician, who also teaches and advocates higher musical learning for ages and levels. My motive is to supply you with the MOST enjoyable, MOST energetic, MOST motivating, & MOST encouraging teaching experience ever. My students in previous years have been nominated for countless awards, and have gone on to pursue some form of musical career.

I’ve studied my craft in detail for years, and also have tried different methods of teaching throughout my career. My drive and willingness to extend my knowledge to you is what I live for. So lets get you signed up, and playing some drums!
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Dorien D.

Dorien D.

starting at
$34 / 30-min

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