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About Eric J.

Brooklyn, NY

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• Lead & Rhythm Guitar / Traditional and Modern Blues

• Chord voicing: triads, four note open/closed chord voicing, chord melodies, comping, strumming,
fingerstyle, standard grooves in various styles
• Step-by-step approach to soloing/improvisation:
major & minor scales & modes & arpeggios, blues/pentatonic scales and "licks". Phrasing & line
development over simple - sophisticated harmonic changes
• Alternate/sweep & tremolo picking, hybrid picking, slide guitar, hammer on/pull offs

About Eric
I began my partnership with takelessons in 2013 and have since taught over 5,000 singing/voice, instrumental & songwriting/composition lessons through the teaching platform. I teach many of my students in person at my creative and comfortable home teaching studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn but I also am a highly experienced online music instructor (Takelessons Live, Skype, FaceTime and G+)

I have coached well-known musicians/celebrities, been an on-set tutor for feature films, and coached music hobbyists to have more fun! I’ve help many students prepare for auditions college/conservatory auditions with great success, as well as for auditions for TV shows/movies, record industry showcases and recording sessions.

Every great performer needs a great coach, I will help you become your best!

I'm the vocalist, lead gui
tarist & songwriter for a well-known touring rock band with a worldwide fan base and nearly 4 million You Tube views. I graduated from New York University with Bachelor's of Music in Jazz guitar and trained with the most highly respected rock/pop vocal coaches in the world. In 2015, I signed a major label publishing deal with Fieldhouse Music/BMG played throughout Europe (and taught online lessons while away). My songs have been licensed for national/international TV (E!, MTV, VH1, Oxygen, TBS and more), commercials for CBS, Nike, Coca-Cola, Samsung and in video games. I actively perform/record and tour with my (3) bands, and produce/cowrite with artists for their own projects.

I’m endorsed by PRS guitars, Elixir Strings, Godin Guitars/Bass Guitars, & Metaldozer Mic Stands.

Styles I regularly teach include: Rock (Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock), Metal, Punk, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Funk, Soul, Classical, Folk.

Lesson Details

My students gain expertise in the following techniques and more...


∙ intonation / resonance
∙ proper breathing & breath support
∙ diction
∙ vocal placement
∙ understanding chest / head voice
∙ bridging registers & 'the high note'
∙ vowels and modification techniques
∙ mixed voice
∙ edgy/bright
∙ clean/distorted
∙ vibrato
∙ screaming
∙ rhythmic singing
∙ vocal health/maintaining your voice
∙ touring, recording, performing
∙ writing songs/melodies/lyrics to suit your vocal strengths
and personality

Lead and Rhythm Guitar:

I've developed a step-by-step approach to learning to solo and improvise.
Using simple, "guitarist-friendly” techniques you will quickly learn and begin to apply major/minor scales/modes, blues/pentatonic scales and “licks.” You will learn triads, arpeggios, interval studies, and extensions and how to use them to create interesting and melodic solos. With my line development/phrasing techniques, you will have your own library of “licks” that will help you navigate both simple and sophisticated harmonic progressions. I will help you to become a become a well-rounded, three-dimensional guitarist with a unique voice!

A few of techniques I teach:

∙ triads / arpeggios
∙ strumming
∙ alternate/sweep picking
∙ tremolo picking
∙ hybrid picking
∙ scales/modes
∙ slide guitar
∙ hammer on/pull off
∙ (up to 8 finger) tapping
∙ bending / double stops / unison bends
∙ whammy bar techniques
∙ diagonal scales,
∙ arpeggios & note groupings
∙ 3 and 4 finger per string scales
∙ fingerstyle
∙ Jazz scales, chords including
4 note open/closed voicing
7th, 9th, 11th, 13th chords
∙ chord melodies
∙ rhythm and grooves of various styles

Bass Guitar:

Right hand:
∙ finger style, pick
∙ slapping/popping
∙ groove, rhythms and playing time
∙ time signatures, walking bass lines,
∙ arpeggios, double stops,
∙ chords & improvising
∙ writing bass lines.

All of my students learn:

Sight reading (standard notation/tablature)
∙ music theory & ear training
∙ rhythm / timing (including reading rhythms)
∙ composition/songwriting

We will focus 1/2 of the lesson on repertoire and 1/2 the lesson on technique. Many of my students text/email me a few days prior to our scheduled lesson with a song selection for the week. I focus our lesson's technical study with the song in mind. It has proven to be very effective and makes the technique and theory are less "boring."

Studio Equipment
I have (7) guitars: including (4) electric, (2) acoustic/electric, & (3) electric bass
(2) tube guitar amplifiers, and various guitar effects pedals.

(1) full-size 88-key MIDI keyboard, (1) 61-key USB keyboard controller, and (1) Arturia MINILAB MIDI controller.

Also, I have an assortment of industry standard dynamic & condenser microphones for live performance and recording applications.

DAW recording software (Pro Tools 12.x, Logic 10.x, Ableton Live)
software synthesizers by Arturia, Fabfilter, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Steven Slate, Toontrack and more. I use plugin effects by Izotope, Fabfilter, Plugin Alliance and Universal Audio and Waves for many of my lessons and recording projects.

Travel Equipment
I can provide a guitar, videos, music recording, music workbooks and everything else a student may need. Students are only expected to bring a desire to learn. :)


I am a performer with a ton of touring/stage experience, a composer who understands the art of writing and a producer who is fluent in the latest recording technology. In addition to technical studies, my students receive performance coaching/career development. I will help you to find your unique voice, a polished and distinct sound, and your true personality as an artist. I am 100% committed to making you a success!

I will ignite a new, or recharge/rekindle your passion for music, and to sing/play the music you love a lot better!
Elliot August 14, 2018
· Singing · In studio
Nobody works harder to learn about the voice than Eric. He's also one of the most talented and kind people I've met. He helped me gain confidence in my voice and taught me how to treat it to get the best out of it and remain healthy.
stan July 14, 2018
· Guitar · In studio
Eric is one of the raddest dudes out there teaching. If you want your guitar playing to attract lots of hot babes into your life and make you feel like a rock star, then book your lesson with Eric. He was patient and attentive as I asked him many weird noob questions worthy of a few eye rolls. He understood my struggles, and sent me away with lots of homework to help me progress with my playing and technique. There’s never a short supply of wisdom and knowledge coming from this guy. I’m looking forward to learning more.
Josh July 4, 2018
· Vocal Training · In home
I've been training with Eric for almost a year now and I plan to continue for as long as I can. Learning to sing can be a difficult and nerve-wracking experience but Eric makes the journey much easier.

Eric makes you feel completely at ease during the lessons and does a great job of identifying and relating to the problems you have. Since he's had a wide range of singing experience, he is able to approach the lessons with various techniques to find something that works for you. I would highly recommend Eric if you're looking for a voice coach who is patient and committed to your success!
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Eric J.

Eric J.

starting at
$44 / 30-min

About chris M.

West Nyack, NY
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Hi, my name is Chris I have been teaching guitar for over 20 years and have been playing guitar since I was 7 years old. I am an enthusiastic teacher and I love teaching for so many reasons. The way I teach is simple, I teach my students how to play correctly while having fun. Whether you are a beginner or someone with a few years experience, take lessons with me and I promise that you will get better and enjoy your lessons. I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your goals!

About chris
Hi guitarists, my name is Chris. I am a singer songwriter and guitar player. I teach beginners to advanced in the styles of Rock/Pop,Country/Bluegrass, and Blues. Everybody is different and learn at a different rate. I set up a class that will work best for you. We start with the basics. All the good stuff! You learn to read, keep time. We will pick a song to start that you want to learn, and away we go! I feel that learning shouldn't feel like homework. You should be excited to pick up the guitar. No doubt learning something new can be a bit scary, and the beauty of the guitar is what you put into it, you will get back in spades!

Some students I teach are interested in songwriting and recording, which I teach as well.We will learn what makes a song a song, and how to write one. I have a Pro Tools studio and offer my songwriting stud
ents the chance to write their own songs and record and make a CD or MP3 of their new hit. Feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss further how best guitar/songwriting fits in your world!
Joshua Kent November 16, 2016
· Guitar ·
Chris is an excellent instructor. My teenage son enjoys his lessons. Chris makes students very comfortable and motivates them to learn.
He has a great disposition and we couldn't be more thrilled. Thanks Chris!!!
Kevin P April 22, 2016
· Acoustic Guitar ·
I have studied under Chris’ tutelage for a little over one year. I can say with confidence, Chris is
one of the kindest, most knowledgeable, accommodating, and encouraging instructors I have ever had
the privilege of studying with.

Instruction: Chris works at the level of his student. He doesn’t assume you have mastery in any skill and
works with you each week to build up a core set of basic skills. From an early point, Chris was able to
adapt to my level and show me fundamental skill building exercises.

Lesson Variety: Chris would teach different aspects to learning the guitar with each lesson. He would
supply any instrument or tool needed and would take the time to explain what each object does. At the
end of each lesson, I would feel confident in the material that was being taught, and felt that each
lesson was new and important. I’ve learned various rhythms, notes, styles of playing, and more.

Flexibility: Chris was very accommodating to my schedule. He was consistent and timely for each lesson,
and understanding when life circumstances would interfere. He works well at adapting to how you want
to learn, a key ingredient to being an effective instructor.

In summary, Chris was an excellent instructor, I learned a lot from his weekly lessons, and he is
just a straight-up nice guy. I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to play the guitar or
improve one’s skills.

– Kevin P.
Noah Tahir April 14, 2016
· Guitar ·
Hello to all,
I was a weekly student for Chris, and I have to say that our lessons together we're always a great time for the both of us. I practiced with Chris for about two years, and in that time I never once felt like I was under some sort of pressure to get prepared for the next lesson. The reason for that is because Chris is the kind of teacher that makes you want to get better. Every time he left me an assignment of some sort, whether it be practicing blues progressions to recording a solo part to a rythym track, I could never help myself from getting to work the second he stepped out my front door. Chris truly created an atmosphere for me that made it easy to learn, and I'm the kind of person who has a hard time learning. I seriously recommend Chris not only because he is a great teacher but a great friend as well!
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chris M.

chris M.

starting at
$50 / 30-min

About Christopher G.

Milwaukee, WI
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I am a very patient teacher.
I have 2 children of my own, so I am very understanding and great with kids, my lessons are fun and never boring!
Adult students trust me, I will have you learning your favorite songs before you know it.
I teach by asking and understanding what each student is looking for, then based off each individual students needs and abilities I teach from there.

Thank you,
Christopher P. Giaimo
Rock n roll of all styles is my speciality.

About Christopher
I have been playing guitar for 25 years.
I have taught hundreds of student how fun guitar can be.
I have played in bands all over the USA.
Opening for bands like Evanescence, Filter, Smashing pumpkins, Stabbing westward,
Slayer, Pantera and more.
I absolutely love to teach others, teaching is a part of who I am.
Shaun December 15, 2017
· Acoustic Guitar · In home
Chris and I live in different states, and we use Skype for our lessons. It is working out great. His schedule has been flexible, and he plans our lessons around my hectic schedule. I am a beginner, and Chris is patient, positive, and encouraging. His teaching style and personality are great. He makes me feel calm, and relaxed during our lessons. I always look forward to my next session. He is an excellent person and instructor, and I highly recommend guitar lessons from Chris.
Sam Fargus December 15, 2017
· Guitar · Online
Chris was my favorite teacher by far this year. I actually went to about 6 different teachers in town.
But none of them were giving me the info I was looking for most of them seemed bored. But Chris is my teacher for life he made everything fun, easy
And actually gave me absolutely everything i was looking for. If there was a certain song part I wanted to learn he would either know it already. Or would learn it for me specifically then teach me in a way that was easier than say a youtube video. He knows like hundreds of songs off the top of his head... Crazy!
Thanks again chris
See ya next week!!
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Christopher G.

Christopher G.

Milwaukee, WI 53213
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Glenn R.

Oconomowoc, WI
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I'm originally from Los angels California, I grew up outside of Hollywood and grew up like all of us being a fan first. I grew up playing in bands of all sorts and became a guitar tech and teacher soon after. I throughly enjoy passing down next generations with knowledge acquired throughout my years of playing, building and teaching.

About Glenn
I'm originally from Los angels California, I grew up outside of Hollywood and started off just like all of us being a fan first. I've played guitar , bass and drums in numerous bands of different genres primarily rock, metal, country and blues based. I soon after became a guitar tech (since I worked on all my own instruments anyways) and began giving lessons very soon after. I strongly believe going outside of one's comfort zone musically as a great way to open new doors and pathways not normally seen.
With teaching of any musical instrument, circumstances can easily force the teacher and student to frequently go outside of their own comfort zone. For me personally this helps so much with viewing things from different perspectives and with connecting with principals or methods. And developing a visual and cognitive understanding
of the instrument. I throughly enjoy teaching and passing down my acquired skills and information to anyone willing to learn. For the preservation of generations to come.
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Glenn R.

Glenn R.

Oconomowoc, WI 53066
starting at
$20 / 30-min

About Henry S.

Atlanta, GA
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I can play any song just by listening to it once or twice. Three times if it is really difficult. I can do this with guitar, drums, bass, piano, or harmonica. I am intermediate at trumpet, violin, mandolin, and ukulele as well and have 6+ years of teaching music experience.

About Henry
I am a recent college graduate looking to continue my side work as a music teacher before I go on to graduate school in Atlanta. I have been playing multiple instruments for many years and can play any song just by listening to it once or twice. I am an expert in guitar, piano, bass, drums, and more and have taught numerous individuals over the last 8 years. My favorite artists include Bob Dylan, The Allman Brothers Band, Charles Mingus, Radiohead, The Black Keys, Thelonious Monk, and Muddy Waters.
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Henry S.

Henry S.

starting at
$17 / 30-min
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About Stephen P.

Fort Collins, CO

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I have 20 years of experience as a working professional musician. Whether a beginner or a budding artist I have something to offer all levels. From basic music theory and guitar technique to advanced classes in live sound, recording, gigging 101, and vocal technique. Student have access to my professional recording studio with a wide array of vintage and modern industry standard equipment. Classes and lesson plans are adaptable to all skill levels and based on the students musical goals.

About Stephen
I am a singer songwriter guitarist with over 20 years experience. My first gig was in a blues ensemble with my first instructor at the age of 16. He went on to become a professor at the University of CIncinnat and eventually director of the music dept. where I also attended. It lit a fire in me to perform that has never dimmed. We performed at many high level blues and music festivals opening for legends of the blues and rock genre. the 1998 I joined an established touring band and hit the road for a couple years performing original music on the club and festival circuit. We officially released one album and countless live recordings exist. In 2003 I decided to focus on my own material and began performing a solo singer songwriter. Since then I have released 2 full length albums, 1-ep, and several singles. In 2011 I built a professiona
l studio where I teach and produce my own material as well as other artists. I have mentored several students that went on to successful music carreers. I have also owned two different live music venues over the last 20 years selling the last in 2017. I still provide live sound reinforcement gear and mixing services as well. I hold over 50 copywrites and my songs have been covered by several artists, licensed for television, and used in film in addition to being available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and most other streaming sources. Throughout my entire career I have taught and mentored other aspiring musicians. I truly enjoy teaching and seeing the excitement students of all skill levels have as they learn to play.
Andrew June 29, 2018
· Blues Guitar · In studio
I’ve had 3 teachers in the last year and a half and he is by far my favorite. The lessons are well paced and engaging.
Renee June 25, 2018
· Guitar · In studio
This experience has been incredible! Steve is a very patient teacher! I have taken other lessons with no success. I have learned more in just a few lessons with Steve than months with other instructors. Going to sign my kids up as well because he is a great teacher and so patient. I cannot day enough great things about my experience with this instructor. Also, his house studio is a really cool and comfortable place to learn. I enjoy my time there.
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Stephen P.

Stephen P.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Danny B.

Culver City, CA

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I am very patient, understanding and personable.
I am a licensed High School teacher.
I have experience working with students with disabilities. I have 20 years of teaching experience.
I have a Bachelor's Degree from the University of California. I also have experience in writing songs and production . I can record on Protools and Logic. I have many connections in the music industry . I believe that if my students work hard I can help them reach their dreams. I have excellent references. I am also part of a rock band and I write all the lyrics . I work closely with my college music professor in music production and mixing songs.

About Danny
My name is Danny. I am a high school teacher, college tutor, and professional song writer. I graduated with a BA from the University of California. I also passed the CBEST and CSET exams. I have taught and tutored many subjects. I also have had great success teaching many students.
I enjoy working with students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADHD. I love teaching all ages and levels.
Academic subjects: English 101, Essay Composition, ESL , TOEFL, Sat English, music theory, art , biology, US, world and European History.
I also currently do freelance work in the music industry as a lyricist and a song writer. In addition, I also teach beginners in music engineering on the following DAWS: Protools and Logic. My rates are reasonable.
My students love me & I love to teach. I am very patient an
d personable. I have over 20 yrs of experience and excellent references.
As I mentioned before, music and lyrics are my passion. Guitar is my primary instrument.
I enjoy rhythm and lead guitar work. I am the guitar player and lyricist for a professional alternative rock band.
I also really enjoy teaching the basics of song writing. I focus on lyrics and song structure.
This includes basic music theory, recording, and engineering. . I love producing demos on Protools.
Beginners are my favorite students. I can teach anyone to read music.I have many connections in the music industry. I took college classes on music business also. My rates are reasonable.
Thank you. God bless. Danny
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Danny B.

Danny B.

starting at
$50 / 60-min

About Jaime G.

Saint Petersburg, FL

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Music can bring happiness and passion to your life. My goal is simple, to give you the tools so you can play the music you love.

About Jaime
Hello! My name is Jaime Gonzalez I have been learning guitar my whole life and after sustaining a hand injury I have turned to teaching! My goal Is to give you the tools that you need so that you can enjoy music. I am here to help with technique, reading sheet music, understanding theory, gear and any other questions that you may have. I have experience performing music genres such as blues, jazz, and popular music.
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Jaime G.

Jaime G.

starting at
$15 / 15-min

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