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Rhonda C.

Rhonda C.

We are going to HAVE FUN! I will be customizing your lessons to your needs, your skill level, your age, and most importantly, what you would like to learn on the Banjo. I give lessons on the 5 string banjo, so if you still need to buy a banjo and you decide to have me as your teacher, please be sure to purchase a 5 string banjo. I will be including the basic fundamentals such as fretting exercises and picking patterns that will be used as warmup exercises. I want to keep this fun, not grueling or boring. You will learn how to strum chords and finger-pick, which is the most common method of playing the banjo. Even though you see many banjo players using finger picks, I like to start all of my students using their fingers without picks. This helps the student to learn the strings with ease, which makes learning fun instead of frustrating, which can happen when using finger picks. They tend to fall off, the ability to feel for the correct string is greatly inhibited, which causes a lot of mistakes in the beginning. Once a good foundation is established, we will introduce the finger picks. You'll be able to decide which you like best after using them for a while. Some love using fingerpicks, and then there are those who prefer to never use them. There are some great old time banjo players who never used fingerpicks! I will help you sight read music (new songs) which is extremely useful should you join a group or accompany others and they suddenly place a piece of music in front of you and would like you to play it. Sight reading helps you to play songs you've never seen or had a chance to practice ahead of time. Of course the most important is learning the genre of music (songs) you like. I am fairly versed in most music genres and we can discuss the areas you are most interested in before signing up to see if we are a good fit in this area. Before moving on to Lesson Details, should you sign up for banjo lessons, I want you to know that the above mentioned is not in concrete. I will never force a student of mine to do something they absolutely do not want to do. I will encourage you to try it, but once you've come to the conclusion you have no desire for certain areas, we will focus on what it is you desire to learn and feel most comfortable at learning. NEW! Starting on 9/1/2021: I have decided to offer all new students an "indefinite discount" for not only back-to-school students, but for all ages. To be a bit of a financial help, I've lowered my current prices to give a long term discount. A 30 minute lesson is usually $28.00. With the