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About Ryan S.

Philadelphia, PA

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country triads, nashville number system, country soloing and chicken pickin tech.

About Ryan
Bio as Musician:

Ryan was born on Chicago’s South Side and started playing guitar at the age of fourteen. Born with a deep passion for a broad variety of musical styles, Ryan studied with Grammy award winner and jazz giant Frank J. Rumoro at the Chicago Acadamy of Jazz Guitar. Since that time he has made a name for himself as a teacher, performer, session guitarist, and true stylistic chameleon. With hundreds of live performances under his belt, he has been actively touring the East Coast with several nationally recognized artists since 2014.

As a session guitarist, Ryan’s skill and endless pursuit of unique sound, tone, and technique have established him as a fixture in the Philadelphia recording scene. As a solo experimental guitarist his work pushes the sonic envelope of modern-day technology in pursuit of new and original musi
cal ideas. A dedicated collaborator, Ryan bring his personality and passion for experimentation to each project, while always working to serve the vision of each employing artist.

Lesson Mission:

“Music study was a way for me to find structure, discipline, self worth and expression. Through that I have grown as a person and a musician. My sole reason for teaching is to help others find that passion and those qualities within themselves to live a beautiful and fulfilling life through his/her instrument.”


Lead Guitarist for:

-"The Voice" Country Star, Audra McLaughlin

-R&B singer Ces Picerno

-Rock band, The RAKNOSS

-Hip-Hop recording artist, Drew Smith

-Italian pop singer, Giada J.

**endorsed by Wampler Effects Pedals**

**over 200 live gigs played**

Guest Lecturer at University of Akron, OH "Pentatonic Scales the Western Integration"

Philadelphia Session Guitarist 2013-Present

Featured online instructor via Ibanez Guitars USA

Author and teacher of online lesson videos. "S. Shred Tips"

15 years of Guitar repair and modification experience

Extensive knowledge of guitar effects and applications


2009-2013 Harmony and Theory at Rumoro Academy of Jazz Guitar in Chicago, IL

2004-2008 Experimental Sound/Production The School of the Art Institute Chicago

*** Lesson Details ***
Students should expect a relaxing learning environment that is cultivated to bring the fundamentals of guitar playing to the student and promote individuality in the player through a meditation of self-awareness while using the vehicle of Guitar. Lesson are taught out of my home studio space located in the East Falls/Manayunk Philadelphia!

Lessons are structured around: Finger exercises, Chord building, Strumming patterns, Scales, Arpeggios, Harmony studies and Improvisational chop building.

Some lesson materials referenced are:

The Real Book 6th Edition Jazz Standards
30 hour Guitar workout Steve Vai
The Music Lesson Victor Wooten

after just 3-6 short months, students will see an increase in comfortability with the notes on the fret board, basic chord progressions and single note soloing!

*** Studio Equipment ***
iMac i7 Mavericks

*** Travel Equipment ***
student only needs guitar and Binder for materials given in class

I have amps

*** Specialties ***
Rock, Blues, Country and Jazz approaches to guitar as well as home recording practices
Dana September 29, 2017
· Guitar · Online
Ryan is professional and easy going at the same time. So far so good. I'm excited to keep going.
Shelly S. November 9, 2016
· Guitar · In studio
Ryan takes his time and tailors my lessons specifically to my level and to the type of music I’d like to play. He covers everything from the basics – like the proper way to hold the pick – to more advanced teachings like music theory. Ryan is flexible, patient, easy going, and he consistently teaches at a pace that I’m comfortable with. He provides take-home practice after every lesson and always has helpful suggestions any time I have questions. What I find incredibly helpful is that at the end of the lesson Ryan will run through the take-home practice on his guitar and let me record it on my phone so it’s easier for me to remember. When I’m ready to practice the next day I just pull up his notes and the video and I’m ready to go!

It’s obvious that Ryan has a passion for music, and it shows in his lessons. I would easily give him my highest recommendation.
Brandon October 4, 2016
· Blues Guitar · In studio
I have taken my first few lessons with Ryan and so far they have all been awesome!! Ryan is an extremely knowledgeable and talented guitarist, but he meets you right where you are. I feel my confidence growing more and more with every lesson. I look forward to many more!!
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Ryan S.

Ryan S.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Bryan B.

Richmond, IN
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I have 20 plus years of experience teaching guitar. Find out why private one on one instruction is still the best way to learn how to play. With the amount of free sheet music and videos online you may wonder what the point in paying for private lessons is. While some content is helpful it is usually a hindrance to your improvement. Students often develop bad habits that they don't realize and a personal guitar instructor can easily spot these and correct them. It's also easy to gloss over critical information and techniques on how to play the guitar properly and thus slows the amount of time it takes to start playing well.

Through my 20 years of teaching I've picked up on what the most vital information is and what the fundamentals of guitar playing are that students need to learn so you can cut through a lot of the clutter and focus on learning the guitar the right way.

I've taught ages 7-70, all styles and genres from total beginner to advanced. I'm also still an active working

I've played guitar since I was a little kid, lucky enough to have a Dad who is an accomplished musician. I've continued to play and teach ever since and think my experience in actual live band paid performances is a great asset in my teaching career. I know what it takes to become a good guitar player and can help students achieve their goals.

I currently play with the Ashley Martin Band and the Gil Puckett band in addition to doing acoustic solo and duo shows and doing studio work. Again, my experience in these situations provides a great teaching perspective as I concentrate on getting students playing and performing songs quickly while also teaching the fundamentals of great guitar playing.

I've taught students from all age groups and from all experience levels. Most of my students are beginners but I'm also well equipped to handle
intermediate and advanced lessons in a variety of genres. I find it extremely helpful when giving lessons that I can say I not only teach these styles but preform those styles on stage every week. Playing professionally gives me a few insights on learning the guitar that students will find useful.

Perhaps my greatest strength however is my continued passion for guitar and music. I don't consider playing gigs and giving lessons a job. It's very satisfying to be able to do what I love every day and my excitement for music can make the lessons fun and entertaining. I hope you consider me as an instructor for you or your child.
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Bryan B.

Bryan B.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Jason U.

Manassas, VA
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I have been teaching professionally for 5 years. I have a various teaching curriculum with an emphasis on proper training, but the flexibility of time and effort to ensure improvement and growth even after the 1st lesson!
I believe music should be a joyful experience and one that will be a positive change in your life professionally and mentally.
I teach all genres of music and specialize in performance and event ready, audition preparation, and competition dynamics.
I want my students to reach their musical potential and aspirations while having a wonderful time!

About Jason
I am a professional singer, instrumentalist, songwriter, and recording artist. I even dance. I am currently attending college for Recording Technology and I will be graduating from the Los Angeles Film School with a major in Music Business and Recording Technology.

Students can expect to improve week to week in their technique, skill, and ability. Every student has a unique, so I like to teach students using different techniques in order to unlock their own individual ability and mindset. I can help any student to play and perform with freedom, confidence, and expression.

I teach piano students of all different ages and experience levels. I studied classical piano for 9 years, and keyboard and synth for 5 of those. I can teach students to read music and pursue classical, to learn how to play contemporary music using chord sheets, or eve
n rock and roll depending on the goals and preference of the student.

My passion is music but I firmly believe that great technique is essential to any and every style. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to become a better performer!
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Jason U.

Jason U.

Manassas, VA 20110
starting at
$27 / 30-min

About Barney C.

New Braunfels, TX
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Take a different approach to learning the guitar! My theory on teaching is to first look into your influences and what made you want to pick up the guitar: the source of your PASSION, which is what will drive you to want to LEARN, and build from there. We'll identify what about your favorite guitarists are the sounds and styles that specifically drive your love for the guitar and pick apart these styles and techniques through learning specific riffs and licks from their playing, with the ultimate goal of building your very own, unique style!

About Barney
Hi! I'm Barney Cockburn, born and raised in Austin, Texas. Music inspires every aspect of my life- from my faith to my marriage and everything in between. Everyone speaks music, and because of this, I believe that it has certain powers pertaining to the mind and soul that it, and only it, can access and stimulate.

Growing up in Austin, I picked up the guitar at church at 9 years old. I began giving lessons through my church until I graduated high school and left for Texas State University, where I continued to give lessons at the University. I also played in 4 bands in my 5 years at Texas State University, and have played in 3 more since graduating. I now live in New Braunfels, Texas with my wife and two dogs- a town lush with professional musicians, and work as a hired gun performing with many bands around the Texas Hill Country.

My ph
ilosophy on teaching is a bit different than most others. I believe that developing your own style whilst learning is key to maintaining passion, discipline and progress in your playing. And maintaining these three things is the best (and only, if you ask me) way to maintain a life-long love for music and make sure that you never grow tired of it.

Identifying your influences (and their influences) and pinpointing exactly what techniques, sounds, theory and styles they use is very focal to my approach. Inside the focal point of identifying your influences, their influences, and learning the riffs, solos and licks that personify their playing and style, we will be studying their tone, vibrato, phrasing, chord progression, techniques and other aspects of their playing to identify what exactly about their playing is what drives you and makes you want to be a better guitar player. It will also help you to learn the instrument in general.

Early in your playing, we will keep it simple. We will hover around the basics in your influences, and through learning some of their more iconic riffs, we'll learn your basic chords and scales. But as you progress, we will then develop these aspects that you enjoy in others, and begin to apply them to your playing to develop your own style. We will get more into technical aspects of the guitar and deeper into music theory.

This all, of course, will be catered exactly to who you are, what you want, (your goals as a player) your improvement and how your style is developing. Come with me on this musical journey of developing your guitar playing, and you will not be disappointed! Thanks!
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Barney C.

Barney C.

starting at
$20 / 30-min

About Ben S.

Woodland, CA

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I make learning fun! I'll be able to help you learn whatever you want and we'll have a blast getting there. I have a strong background in various styles of music. I am the lead guitarist of The Five Thirty and am a singer / songwriter.

I teach Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele
I was accepted to the Berklee College of Music in Boston
15 years of experience
Extensive background in performance and music theory

About Ben
I am a performing artist, session guitarist, songwriter, and producer. I have a background in guitar, voice, bass, ukulele, percussion, and piano. I was accepted to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, but decided to continue my career in California. As a gigging musician for artists of various styles, I have studied and am able to teach guitar, bass, and ukulele in all genres to students ranging from beginner to professional. Music is about having fun and as a performer I know how to bring that excited energy into the lessons I teach!

My goal is to give students the tools necessary to chase out their personal desires with music wether it be learning to improve their technique, theory knowledge, or songwriting / compositional skills. I have an ability to simplify the way students visualize the fretboard so they can access the interva
ls and progressions they hear in their head.

Currently I am gigging, writing, and producing for The Five Thirty and my own project 'Ben Simmons' while teaching and providing services as a session guitarist. With The Five Thirty, we recently released our first single, 'Heat Stroke' in February which will be followed by our debut self produced EP.

My personal passion with music revolves around the guitar and writing the best songs I can. I grew up on Santana, Led Zeppelin, John Mayer and Nora Jones.

I teach from my home studio, a music store in downtown woodland, and my students' homes. Please contact me with any questions regarding lessons and I will be happy to get back to you!
Ben April 18, 2018
· Bass Guitar · In home
Ben is a good teacher for all ages (I'm 70 something). He is experienced, knowledgeable, and patient. I particularly liked that he came to my house. Give him a try!
Virginia April 17, 2018
· Guitar · In home
I'm having such a great experience taking guitar lessons with Ben! He's flexible about teaching me what I want to learn, even though that may change from week to week. As a music teacher myself, I know that progress happens in the practice between lessons. Since most of my practice time goes to my primary instrument, my progress on guitar has not been what it might be. But, to Ben's credit, he is patient and accepting of how it is with me. So I look forward to my lessons, knowing that Ben will make it fun and interesting regardless of my lack of preparation.
Ben is skilled in many different styles of guitar playing, and well versed in music theory, which he incorporates seamlessly into the lessons.
The in-home aspect is such a convenience! Highly recommended for parent-chauffeurs.
Martin April 17, 2018
· Acoustic Guitar · In studio
I took lessons from Ben for just under 2 years, and it was a great experience. He's extremely patient and easy to work with. Highly recommended!
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Ben S.

Ben S.

starting at
$30 / 30-min
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About Tony P.

Minneapolis, MN
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Tony Petersen graduated from Berklee College Of Music as a guitar major with a Music Business degree in 2011. Since then he has been performing and touring full time as the lead guitarist for The Social Animals. Prior to starting The Social Animals, Tony spent summers touring across the states in a bluegrass band as the banjoist and vocalist. Tony's guitar teaching method centers around learning useful fret-board road-maps and helping you learn your favorite songs/solos with a healthy dose of technical workouts and theory (if requested).

About Tony
Tony Petersen graduated from Berklee College Of Music as a guitar major with a Music Business degree in 2011. Since then he has been performing and touring full time as the lead guitarist for The Social Animals. Prior to starting The Social Animals, Tony spent summers touring across the states in a bluegrass band as the banjoist and vocalist. Tony's guitar teaching method centers around learning useful fret-board road-maps and helping you learn your favorite songs/solos with a healthy dose of technical workouts and theory (if requested).
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Tony P.

Tony P.

starting at
$42 / 30-min

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