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Christopher N.

Christopher N.

Chris’ guitar lessons focus on both technique and music theory, using songs as the mechanism to hone good technique. Early on, you will be playing songs like “Rumble” by Link Wray and “Evil” by Howlin’ Wolf to get acquainted with the fretboard. When you’re ready for an additional challenge, you can take on Chris’ “Master Of Puppets” unit (which actually pre-dates the “Stranger Things” appearance by several months) to really test your technique. If Nirvana and Grunge is more your speed, Chris has an entire unit that will teach you about Kurt Cobain’s rig, influences, and songwriting technique. Chris also teaches how to music from the soundtracks of video games (like Mario, Sonic, Cuphead, Mega Man, and more!) on the guitar.
/60 mins
Chris C.

Chris C.

Are you interested in being able to confidently play lead and rhythm parts in a band? Want to learn to write songs? Want to learn to just strum along to your favorite records by yourself? I will teach you or your child all of the knowledge and tools needed to do whatever your dream is on your instrument. My aim is to help every student achieve their personal goals on their instrument within the context of a relaxed and patient environment that promotes a love of music! I achieve this by: 1) Individualizing lesson plans so that each student stays engaged and learns in the style that is best for them as learners. 2) Ensuring that students learn BOTH how to play their instrument as well as the theory behind what they are playing. This creates a more well-rounded musician that is capable of problem solving on their instrument and being able to play in a variety of settings. I have been playing music for over 10 years and teaching private lessons since 2014. I play everything from solo guitar gigs, to jazz gigs, to musical theatre pit work, to lead guitar for country artists, dance/funk bands, and rock bands. The list of artists I have worked for includes: Doug McCormick, Aberdeen, Cody Webb, The 12 South Band, the 8 South Band, Safari Room, Colleen Orender, Kiera Loveless, Natalie Johnson, Katie Davis, Chip Colon, Faith Jackson, Hopscotch Mafia, and more. I've recorded lead guitar on records for Jaye Madison, Chip Colon, Monica Hutcheson, Safari Room, Miranda Powell, as well as others. I perform every week around Nashville, nearly every weekend in different states across the country, and once even had the opportunity to play in Scotland! I graduated from Belmont University in the Spring of 2018 with a degree in Commercial Music, so I have had the "conservatory training" in regards to music theory and history, but before college I was largely a self taught player and am now a professionally performing musician here in Nashville.
/30 mins