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Lee Q.

Lee Q.

I teach positive and productive lessons in electric guitar, songwriting/music theory, and live performance. My goal is to bring the best out of beginning to intermediate players using a holistic and minimalist musical approach: you only learn what you really need to know. Can you pick up an instrument and play a song by ear, or play simple power chords, or play "Happy Birthday" in a key suited to your voice? I can show you how. Learn guitar basics & speciality skills, including: - note reading/melody in first position - reading guitar tablature (TAB) - major chords & scale tones (diatonic) - Nashville Number System - chord progressions using I-IV-V (1-4-5) - 12-bar blues song form - pentatonic (5-note) scale: major & minor - key transposition & using a capo - the 5 movable chord & scale shapes - 'barre' chords & the major scale: 2 positions - intervals (m2 to P8) & playing by ear - minor chords (diatonic) & scales: natural, harmonic, melodic - fingerpicking (including Travis picking) - chords with moving bass - altered tunings: drop D, open D - non-diatonic chords (bVII, bIII), secondary dominant chords (V of V) - added tones & altered chords: augmented (+), diminished
/25 mins
Russell S.

Russell S.

If you are ready to start taking your guitar skills SERIOUSLY then stop wasting time and money on teachers who don't fully understand the instrument or subject matter themselves. My name is Russ and I have been playing guitar professionally for 20 years and teaching music and producing records for over 15. I have a Platinum #1 Billboard charting record under my belt, worked with artists such as Mac Miller, Sean Kingston, Red Velvet, Lifehouse and more; and have composed music to 100s of your favorite TV shows! Feel free to browse my official website for a full list of credits. Want to learn to shred guitar? Produce beats? Write your own songs? Dive into theory? Record yourself? This page is the one stop shop. Feel free to reach out with any requests or questions!
/60 mins
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