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Lake Stevens, WA
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    June 1988

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    About Matthew


    Hi.. My name is Matt. I'm a very energetic, friendly, understanding & passionate music coach who has worked with students & clientele throughout the US. Possessing more than 25 years of music training & music industry experience, I've been able to take people's Playing to amazing levels.

    I've networked and/or shared the stage with many famous NW music legends:
    1.) Roger Fisher- Heart-2013 Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Inductee
    2.) Lynn Sorensen- Paul Rogers/Bad Co/KZOK's Spike & Impalers
    3.) Queensryche guitarist Donny Evola - Geoff Tate/Foghat
    4.) Jeff Kathan- Paul Rogers/Bad Company/Montrose
    5.) Doug Mcgrew- Geoff Tate/Queensryche

    I challenge my students to view music more than just as a "skill", but also a tool to communicate effectively and to combat life's obstacles.

    I have had many guitar teachers myself including one true Famous Rock Star legend here in Pacific NW. Congrats Rog. U Earned It, & inspire myself, & others everyday.

    You got to know the rules 1st, before you can then break the rules. This is how you develop your own unique style. And it's what separates the Pro Players from the rest of the pack.

    But even if you don't want to play professionally, maybe you just want to learn a few chords, licks, songs, for yourself, or to impress friends. That's okay too!

    I welcome every level and style. I always learn something from my students.
    That's what music is all about. Learning & trading tips and licks from other musicians.

    Bottom Line Is... I can help you learn and progress on your instrument faster...

    Let me be the Music Coach to get you there!

    *** Lesson Details ***
    The most important thing in a lesson with me is to learn while having FUN! I am a very laid-back teacher who wants to focus on music making you smile. We will choose material and a pace of learning that will keep you excited to rehearse and return the following lesson improved!

    PERSONALIZE your guitar lessons by learning techniques used by your favorite artists in "their" songs.
    FEEL FREE learning in a comfortable atmosphere where you can excel successfully as a musician!
    CONQUER shyness and insecurities by unleashing the dynamic performer in you!

    Most All Styles/Genres/Experience Levels Taught - We go over everything systematically. Music Theory, Songwriting, Chords, Scales, Determining Key Of Songs, Performance, etc

    After 3 to 6 months, you should expect to be playing some of your favorite songs and artists accurately

    Be sure to check out some of my you tube demos. Let me be the Music Coach to get you there!

    *** Studio Equipment ***
    I have a Sound Proof Pro Recording Studio, PA System, guitars, basses, amps, drums, recording gear, mics, mic stands, strobe & lights, fog machine, seating for parents.

    Sorry No Disco Ball Yet.. You Can Bring Your Own If You Want Though.
    I've Got Some Bell Bottoms Somewhere Around The Studio Here.

    *** Travel Equipment ***
    *** Brand New*** Now Offering Music Lessons Online (From My Recording Studio To Your Home via Skype)
    I'm really excited to add that to offer lessons online through TakeLessons! It's a great thing to get to work with students all over this country and I'm looking forward to help pioneer the future of music lessons!

    *** Specialties ***
    *Teachers classified as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.

    My Unique Specialty - is teaching students the rudimental basics 1st, & then how to copy your favorite artists off the CD, radio or iPod, almost note for note. Believe me, it can be done. You just have to know what to listen for..

    Brand New - MEASURE your success by recording your music progress along the way. I do own a recording studio, so we can record students progress via audio or video and then post to my YouTube channel.

    Photos and Videos

    Sample Freebie Lesson For Misty Mountain Hop Guitar Solo By Led Zeppelin.


    SuperAffiliate Internet Marketer

    Jan 2000 - Present

    As extra income, I started my own successful Internet Marketing Business in 2000. I sell other peoples products online for a nice commission. I'm very good at this and have been working part time from home or a bus, and making full time income with it. It allows me to choose who I work with, and what hours I choose to work. I started coaching others how to legitimately do this about a year or so ago.

    Rhythm & Lead Guitars/Bass/Singing/Drums

    Jan 1993 - Present

    I have been in and out of various bands and done studio work since 1993 to present.
    I have played, recorded & taught music professionally since around 1998.

    Promotions Assistant

    Jan 1992 - Dec 1992
    Warner Elektra Atlantic Records Seattle WA

    Here is where I continued after my job at KXRX radio.
    Here, I continued to network with industry insiders as well as professional working musicians and here is where I decided to go into music as a performer full time. I have been studying, performing and teaching music ever since. & I have played with some amazing performers.
    I love Teaching Music Because Of The Confidence It Instills In My Students, Not Just In Music, But In The Handling Of Life's Many Obstacles..

    Promotions Marketer

    Jan 1990 - Dec 1991
    KXRX Radio - 96.5 fm

    This is where I started working right out of college, met some great professional music talent and started networking for my my own music career.


    Bachelors Degree in Communications

    Jan 1987 - Aug 1991
    Washington State University

    Bachelors in Communication

    Jan 1987 - Aug 1991
    Washington State University - Edward R Murrow School of Communications

    Languages Spoken


    Fluent / Native Proficiency


    Limited Proficiency
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    24 Reviews on Matthew H.

    Marty Stewart Jun 11, 2015
    WordPress · Online
    Verified Student
    What an incredible resource and teacher. Matthew tailors the pace to your ability and proceeds from there. I thought I was ahead of the curve on SEO and Wordpress but I have learned so much more in my sessions with Matthew. Highly recommended. I'm signing up for more lessons right now. I look forward to making my site an authority on the web; and I'll do this with Matthew's help.
    Bob N. Jun 6, 2015
    Singing · In home
    Verified Student
    My daughter has been performing vocal lessons with Mathew over the last 7 months and I must say both my daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time with Mathew learning the finer details of singing. Mathew has great knowledge in all areas of music and has helped my daughter grow as a singer. He is patient, detailed and connects well with my child. I would also add that he has also been more than flexable with rescheduing lessons when needed, which has made our experience even more rewarding. (: Kids and their sport!
    Merrily G. May 27, 2015
    Bass Guitar · Online
    Verified Student
    Patient and clear directions to accommodate learning disability. Courteous, encouraging.
    Scott T. May 5, 2015
    Guitar · In studio
    Verified Student
    I've just completed my first 5 lessons with Matt and have already signed up for more. I've been progressing quickly, and am impressed with Matt's knowledge. When I began, I had expressed interest in a particular genre of music. After showing me basic techniques, he focused on techniques that are used heavily in my genre. Matt teaches theory as well as technique. His explanations of scales and the layout of notes on the fretboard has really improved my sense of how chords and riffs are constructed.
    Seth P. Apr 3, 2015
    Drum · In studio
    Verified Student
    Matthew is a caring attentive teacher. Both of our sons are thriving with their drum lessons through his teaching. Thank you Matthew!
    Nick D. Mar 29, 2015
    I started out knowing NOTHING about how to play the guitar. Matt has had great patience and a cheerful attitude when teaching me how to play. He has taught me good warm-ups and simple practices to become a better player. Im already learning how to play songs only with 5 practices! Great instructor.
    Malcolm C. Mar 29, 2015
    Singing · In studio
    Verified Student
    Matthew was a great instructor. I only had a week to do all 5 of my lessons but he was very flexible in scheduling, and I learned plenty of things I can do to practice and improve my singing on my own. He has a great method of teaching that really helped me succeed. I'll be coming back for more lessons!
    Frank R. Feb 25, 2015
    Guitar · Online
    Matt is a proficient teacher and connects well with his students. Matt displays professionalism while allowing the student to learn the music that most interests them. He is patient with students beginning a new instrument and instills a passion to the art of guitar. He quickly finds the best method through differentiation to teach his students. Matt is adept at finding the right words and drills to best improve his students. I highly recommend Matt for guitar lessons via skype.
    Frank R. Feb 25, 2015
    Drum · Online
    Matt has a knack for teaching drums via his personality and experience. My son quickly improved from square one while enjoying this new instrument. Matt was able to find the cues and communication techniques that helped my son learn to love the instrument. All this while using skype! I highly recommend Matt for anyone interested in taking lessons no matter where you live!
    Shelly P. Feb 11, 2015
    Drum · In studio
    Matthew is a fantastic drum teacher. My 8 year old son recently started lessons with Matthew, and he is so excited to come home and practice. Matthew's home studio is immaculate and inviting for budding musicians! Thank you Matthew for making our son's first experience with lessons challenging and fun at the same time. I am even learning musical terminology with my son ( I even secretly practice the drums when no one is around - it's like 2 for the price of one!).