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Steve teaches: Ages 5 and up
Teaching since: May 2002
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Music has been a part of my life for over 4 decades. I stepped onstage when I was 15, and have been active in the music business ever since. I was raised in the New York / New England area, and played in many bands in the 70's and 80's, most notably the band AVALON. I moved to Florida in the late 80's and began to develop a one man show, using the emerging technology available. I called the show YIN YANG, the infinite possibility of Music. I chose the name, as it is the Oriental symbol for balance, and used it to represent the balance between the electric and acoustic, and the technology of today with the classic music from yesterday. Midi guitar and guitar synthesis became my trademarks as I pushed the boundaries of how I could express myself on the guitar. Being able to play sax, flute, strings, pianos, even percussion on the guitar took my imagination to new places and enabled me to express myself in ways I didn't know were possible. I grew up influenced by the classic rock guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Alvin Lee, Duane Allman, and used their techniques to springboard me into developing my style. I am also influenced by some of the great guitarists of today, such as Satriani, Vai, Bonamassa, etc. I am fluent in electric and acoustic guitar, slide guitar, open tunings, modal playing, and guitar synthesis. I also can play and teach mandolin, ukulele, banjo, bass, and also harmonica and folk harp. I am working on the bagpipes now. I also give lessons on music technology, audio recording, and music software such as Sonar, Reason, and Finale, to name a few. Music is the passion that feeds my soul, and a decade ago I started teaching, to have a chance to give back to the next generation and share what I have learned along the way. I love bringing out the soul of each new student I meet.

*** Lesson Details ***
When I take on a new student, the first thing I do is to sit down and talk to them and find out a bit about them... their personality, what their influences in music are, what artists they like, and what they are looking to be able to accomplish on the instrument. Each student is an individual, so depending on what they like, I will frame my lessons around the styles and artists that they like, and will incorporate the fundamentals and the exercises around the music that they enjoy. I will use the artists and the songs that excite my students to frame the lessons that we work on. I use music software to create custom grooves for each of my students to practice to, and also sometimes use a video cam to film my student working on a particular lesson that they are having trouble with, so that when they go home, they have an example of themselves playing the lesson, so they can study it at home to get it right. I am a firm believer in learning all the rules. I am also a firm believer, when you know the rules, to break them all. You have to know the rules to be able to break them. I will provide you with everything you need to shine on your instrument. My teaching technique is something that I developed myself, is quite unique, and, if you follow my program, you will progress REALLY fast. But keep in mind, anything good is worth working for, and if you REALLY want this, you will grow in leaps and bounds. Most of my students have been with me on an average of 4 to 5 years, some 9 or 10 years. I look forward to meeting you and helping you make magic with music! Ciao!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Acoustic 6 &12 string guitars
Electric Guitars
Electric Bass, Fretless Bass, and upright Bass guitars
Baritone Ukulele
Guitar amps
Reason Software
Sonar Software
Video Equipment
Hard Disk Recorder

*** Travel Equipment ***
Everything necessary for my lessons I provide
My student needs an instrument and amp, if needed

*** Specialties ***
I have developed a curriculum that combines my knowledge of music software with my teaching technique. This enables me to create musical templates tailored for each student according to their musical interests, what they would like to focus on, and what their ultimate goals are. For example ...lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar accompaniment to their voice, etc. which ends up making for an exciting experience as my student learns their instrument framed around the styles of music that they enjoy.

Photos and Videos

A promotional video of cover music I made for 2013


Music Instructor
Jan 2011 - Present

I provide a music performance and hands on music experience for preschoolers in the Dade , Broward, and Palm Beach counties with Kindertime, a mobile performing arts school in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Besides entertaining the kids with many different musical instruments and puppets, I give them hands on experience with over 20 different traditional andexotic musical instruments.

Languages Spoken

Fluent / Native Proficiency


American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
Mar 1991

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is a membership association of more than 480,000 US composers, songwriters, lyricists and music publishers. The ASCAP is committed to nurturing music makers throughout their careers.

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RJ K. Jun 22, 2017
· Banjo · In studio Amazing first lesson and Steve is awesome! Can't wait for more lessons already.
Greg L. Apr 2, 2017
· Guitar · In studio Helping me progress with correct technique.
Alexandra Mar 11, 2017
· Guitar · In studio Mr. Steve, is amazing with kids! He has gotten my boy to love the guitar and to practice at home without me mention it! I'm so blessed to have found him!
Mark Mar 9, 2017
· Banjo · In studio Great teacher. I highly recommend Steve for banjo lessons.
Dan K. Feb 12, 2017
· Ukulele · In studio Great experience. I have learned a ton and had a lot of fun with the lessons. Steve has a gift simplifying the theory and practice. Highly recommend!
Km! Ra -. Jan 7, 2017
· Music Recording · In studio Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for! Steve G. really knows his stuff, and his studio and home are really cool! 30 minutes per lesson is not long enough, so I plan to change my future lessons to 45 mins.
Dan K. Jan 7, 2017
· Ukulele · In studio Thanks steve sounds like dan enjoyed and learned a lot
Nigel Sep 3, 2016
· Guitar · In home This was my first lesson after playing guitar on and off for 30 years! Steve assessed my playing and immediately homed in on some well established bad habits as well as outlining a plan to fill all the gaps in knowledge I have from never having learned the theory. I can immediately see this is going to be very good for my playing. Very excited, should have done this years ago.
Todd R. Aug 24, 2016
· Guitar · In home Steve was wonderful. He was on time, easy to work with, and an excellent instructor. In one lesson, I've already gotten so much better! I'm excited for our next lesson.
Keith J. Jul 26, 2016
· Guitar · In studio Steve is a very knowledgeable instructor. He'll help you achieve what ever goals you have in mind. He is also very patient instructor. I'm just a beginner and already have a good feel for what I'm learning.
Steve Gagnon
Steve G.

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