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Daniel A.

Aurora, CO

About Daniel

Now accepting students in Aurora, Co. and surrounding areas!!!

In addition to teaching music, I have also worked as a special education assistant and wrestling/track coach at Lake Zurich Middle School South and an assistant Kung Fu/Tai Chi instructor at Green Mountain Arts in Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois. Jazz piano, Voice, and Composition are my main areas of expertise. However, I have also been recording, and playing guitar almost my entire life. I fully believe in music education not only for entertainment and personal enjoyment, but for many other means. Beyond its capacity for being
used as entertainment, music aids in learning, helps develop advanced motor skills, increases memory function, and many other purposes for a well rounded education. It is my goal to help educate the next generation in traditional music practices as well as incorporate new techniques that are relevant to our current day and age.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lesson plans vary from person to person. I always make it a point to get to know the student's existing musical knowledge, goals, and background before I create a personalized lesson plan. All important concepts are covered as they are needed so students can understand theoretical concepts based upon actual application and usage. In short, I teach in a way that students can "dig in" right away and play, create, improvise, sing and/or compose freely and naturally. I always encourage students or parents to contact me with their goals, previous musical training, etc., and discuss what they really want out of lessons so they can get the most out of taking me on as an instructor.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Acoustic and Electric piano, Digital Recording Studio, Extensive library and teaching resources

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers marked as a Student
Has taught a minimum of 25 lessons and has received the highest
feedback rating from students.Jazz Piano, Composition, Choral


James L. November 14, 2016
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Daniel was very patient with me with our first lessons. I would highly reccomend daniel to anyone who likes a teacher who will patiently guide them to become a better singer and person.
Noah F. July 6, 2016
Singing · In home
Verified Student
Daniel is very talented & did a good job giving my 2 grandsons their first singing lessons as a duet.
We intend to schedule more lessons
Gianna W. November 3, 2015
Calligraphy · In studio
Verified Student
Daniel was very knowledgeable, very patient with my 9 year old and taught at her pace. The environment was clean and quiet and conducive for learning. We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Would recommend to anyone!
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Daniel A.

Daniel A.

Aurora, CO 80017
starting at
$20 / 30-min

Joey I.

Denver, CO

About Joey

My name is Joey and my dream is to bring balance to the world and all people through educating people about health, wellness, and music. I have been studying health, wellness, and music for 10 years and have received certifications through the CHEK institute, Dr.Guy Voyer's SOMA training, and Berklee school of music. I have learned AMAZING things that are on the leading edge and have the power to radically transform people's lives, and the state of the world. Will you join me in my endeavor to change the world? If you sign up with me, I will give you many tools to expand your life, your health
, and/or your musical ability in the fastest and most enjoyable way possible. I'm looking forward to meeting with you and sharing knowledge, laughter, and good times. I wish you the very best!


Mark December 13, 2016
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
Joey did a great job. He was very open to focusing on what I wanted to learn and keeping it fun.
Sharon February 23, 2016
Guitar · In studio
My 11-year old son absolutely loves taking guitar lessons with Joey. He says he's smart and fun, and he really looks forward to each lesson. Thanks, Joey!
Allison February 23, 2016
Drum · In home
Verified Student
Joey is patient and kind and really knowledgable about music. He has helped me learn to play the drums and have a fun time doing it. He's very encouraging! I am well on my way to playing the drums!
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Joey I.

Joey I.

Denver, CO 80237
starting at
$25 / 30-min

Teresa V.

Evergreen, CO

About Teresa

Teresa Anne V., originally from Boulder, Colorado, has taken her career from coast to coast, and abroad. She began her stage career as a classical ballerina, training and performing with such notable companies as The Joffrey Ballet and Pennsylvania Ballet. A graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy (Dance) and University of Utah (BFA- Theatre), Teresa has gone on to craft a dense and eclectic resume on both coasts and internationally as an Actress and as a Dancer/Choreographer (classical & contemporary works, Argentine Tango, musical theatre).
Teresa’s film credits include screen time with acad
emy award winning actor, Sean Penn in “The Assassination of Richard Nixon,” leading roles in independent film gems such as “Life at Bay”, “The Hideout”, and “Seven Fallen Objects.”, and stars in nationally running commercials for Dyson Vacuums and Animal Planet. Her vast theatre credit highlights include “Tango Fever”(TeatroLaTea, NYC), “Buried Child” (Aaron Davis Hall, NYC); ”Objectivity”(FischHouseThtr, SF), ”Scheme of Things”(El Portal Thtr, LosAngeles), ”Light in the Shadow”(The Complex, Los Angeles).
Prior to returning to New York in the Spring of 2012, Teresa dedicated her dance career to a tango dance partnership in Warsaw where she performed, toured, taught, and also stepped in as a dance consultant to the 2011 winners of the Polish edition of "Dancing With The Stars."
After her time abroad,Teresa taught/choreographed/performed full time in NYC until 2015. She is now based in her homestate of Colorado. Frequently she is a guest judge for Dance Competitions across the country.
In addition, Teresa has launched a series of specialized dance programs (“Slippers to Heels: Ballet Technique & Tango Stylization”), Choreographic and Acting intensives, and specialized workshops for professional/pre-professional dancers. She is a proud member of the Actors Equity Association.


Gail April 2, 2016
Ballet · Online
As an older person who never had ballet lesson, this could have been a very intimidating experience but Teresa was very patient and thoughtful about her instruction. She really wanted to be certain I understood the terms, technique and overall format of ballet. A great experience! I look forward to my next lesson!
Lisa April 1, 2016
Sewing · In studio
She made me feel right at home, talked through every step in the sewing process, gave me pointers without taking over built my confidence while guiding me along the way
MacKenzie March 31, 2016
Dance · Online
Verified Student
Teresa did an amazing job! She quickly figured out how best to work together even over Skype! Amazing!!!
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Teresa V.

Teresa V.

Evergreen, CO 80439
starting at
$120 / 90-min

Don R.

Arvada, CO

About Don


My name is Don. I am excited that you have chosen to review my sport performance coaching experience and qualifications. I am equally honored that you are considering working with me to improve your own sport performance and enjoyment.

I am a sport, exercise, and performance coach. Although evidence-based applied sport psychology is the primary emphasis in the services I provide, I am also competent, experienced, and excited to provide sport-specific skills training, evidence-based physical training, and evidence-based performance coaching services to athletes, coaches, teams,
and parents from a wide variety of sports and sport populations. A unique combination of art and science is an important part of my service delivery framework.

Whether we work on the mental, sport-specific, physical, or performance parts of your sport, the opportunity to work closely with an individual player, coach or team to help them succeed and enjoy their sport performance and lives more fully is something I consider to be very special and a privilege.

A few of the sports where I have been successful in helping players, coaches, teams, parents of athletes, and others include baseball, bicycle racing, high school cross country and track, high school diving, diving, motocross, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, and ski racing.

A few things about me. I live in Arvada, Colorado, I am married, and we have two boys. I first experienced the joy of sport as a very young person, and that joy and passion is still with me today. As an athlete I have trained and competed in a variety of sports throughout my life including baseball, football, basketball, tennis, and ski racing. In addition, I raced motocross for over 10 years. Currently, I compete in racing road bicycles. However, it is with the sport of baseball that I have the most experience, both as a player and coach.

My baseball coaching experience includes competitive youth baseball (Pomona Mudcats, Record: 154-66, three World Series appearances and ten major tournament wins), high school junior varsity and varsity baseball (Colorado 5A State Champions), and college baseball (Regis University NCAA Division II). In all three of these programs I was involved with in- and out-of season strength and conditioning. In addition, I was instrumental in designing and teaching mental skills programs.

In addition to significant baseball coaching experience, I am a former Certified Level 3 USA Cycling Coach (and current competitive road racing cyclist). Not only have I safely and effectively increased the muscular strength, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, and speed of cycling athlete-clients, but I have successfully helped cyclists with the mental aspect of training and racing bicycles.

My education includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology, with minors in kinesiology (exercise science) and psychology. I have a recent master’s degree in sport psychology, where my master’s degree thesis examined the sources and types of sport-confidence in a sample of recreational and competitive youth baseball players. Lastly, I am currently enrolled in a PhD program in General Psychology, with a continued focus on sport and performance psychology.

While I am competent and comfortable working with athletes of both genders, athletes of all ages and abilities, and culturally diverse athletes, my primary area of research interest is with youth and high school age student-athletes. As such, my doctoral thesis will likely address a topic within this important sport population.

Please see my Profile for additional educational achievements.

The opportunity to work closely with you to provide sport performance coaching services falls under four areas: applied sport psychology (mental skills), sport-specific skills training, physical training, and life performance coaching. In our work together, we can focus on any one or all of these areas. It is up to you and what you would like to accomplish.

As an athlete do you have doubts about your sport performance before or during competition? Do you perform better in practice than in games? Do you feel so nervous before or during a game that you don't play as well as you could? Do you lose focus during critical times of the game? As a coach do recognize these things in your players or yourself? Parents, do you notice some of these signs in your son or daughter?

If you answered 'Yes' to one or more of these questions, then the applied sport psychology, mental skills, or psychological readiness training that we can work together on will likely provide some help toward playing or coaching at a higher performance level and with more joy and passion.

Most athletes, coaches, and parents of athletes recognize the importance of the mental game in sport. Surprisingly, many mistakenly consider the state of their mind and behavior to be a random performance factor over which they have little control.

However, as we work together on sport psychology approaches to developing the mental aspects of training and competition, I am confident you can consistently achieve your best performances by being psychologically ready to compete.

Some of the mental aspects we can work together on include mental toughness, self-confidence, motivation, focus, imagery, self-talk, coach- and parent- created motivational climate, coach-player relationship, and parent-athlete relationship.

Aside from the mental aspects, addressing the physical aspects means we can work on helping you get stronger, faster, quicker, and more agile for your specific sport.

For the skills training part, we can work to improve the exact skills that are used in your sport, such as pitching, hitting, or fielding.

Finally, if you want to work together on the life performance area, we can address those other things that are part of your life in and outside of sport.

Importantly, the evidence-based performance coaching we can work together on will help you see future possibilities, expand past your limitations, and become a stronger, more alive individual. After all, my goal is to for us to work together so that you get better and become happier and more successful in what you do in your sport and in what you do with your life. Further, it is my belief that it is just as important to develop the whole person as it is to develop sport performance enhancement and athletic excellence.

Whether you are a player, coach, or parent of an athlete, and regardless of the area or areas you decide are most important, my coaching approach is an athlete, coach, and team-centered approach.

This means I am committed to your positive sport performance growth and development. This person-centered approach also means that I recognize that you are the expert in your sport, and I need to take the time to learn about your sport from your perspective. Too, it means that the working relationship between you and I is the most important thing needed for your success. Finally, trust, rapport, genuineness, and a belief in you as a unique, valuable, and highly functioning person defines my athlete, coach, and team-centered approach. This approach makes it much more fun, personal and rewarding for everyone involved!

Thank you for letting me tell you a little about myself, my experiences, my passions, my approaches, and some of my story. Due to my playing, coaching, and educational experiences, I am able to competently and ethically provide sport performance coaching to a wide variety of individuals- male, female, young, older, beginner, elite, coach, team, culturally diverse- from a wide variety of different sports and performance environments.

I look forward to a collaborative and engaging working relationship, one that will enable you grow, get better, and become happier and more successful in what you do in your sport and in what you do with your life.

Best wishes.
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Don R.

Don R.

Arvada, CO 80005
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Rose H.

Denver, CO

About Rose

A few years ago, I stepped outside of my apartment to do something immensely difficult: find lunch. As I walked down the streets of Geoje Island, South Korea that first day of arrival, I was overwhelmed by the tall buildings, trucks blasting a strange language over loud speakers, and incomprehensible signs in Hangul. However, two years later, I would think of it as the best experience of my life so far, and one that I hope to experience again and again in new countries.

I have extensive experience in cross cultural training and teaching. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Univer
sity of Akron in December of 2008 with a baccalaureate in Anthropology and a minor in English, and I graduated with a Masters in TESL from Kent State University in August of 2011 with a 3.95 grade point average. I began teaching English at a community center in 2010. I spent over two years teaching at the university level and two years teaching English classes in an elementary school in South Korea. I have been in the field of teaching for over sixteen years. In addition to teaching English I have taught horseback riding, swimming, and ballroom dancing.

I always give one hundred percent and take initiative in leading projects to better serve my students. During the time that I taught at Kent State University, the ESL center underwent some dramatic changes in which I participated. The head of the department began to standardize our curriculum. Committees were formed to create a curriculum for every course. I led the listening committee and co-created a curriculum for listening courses at all levels. We worked with the speaking committee to choose an integrated textbook series for all listening and speaking courses. I then trained all new listening instructors. In my time at Kent State University, I would often spend time outside the classroom helping students with assignments. I often set aside office time to meet with every student to give them individual feedback on their assignments.

While I was in S. Korea, I spent much time outside of school hours working with students and creating materials for the classroom. I often created new materials based off the research of my favorite TESL scholar, Paul Nation. I created many on-line presentations to help students learn grammar and vocabulary. I also wrote stories using simple grammar and words taken from a list of the 2,000 most common words. I created board games for students to encourage them to use the language in an authentic way. In addition, I helped students prepare for speech contests. I spent time after school with several students helping them to develop and articulate their speeches.

My professional goals are to create curricula and new exciting materials for the English language classroom, and to continue to develop as a teacher. I am particularly interested in the connection between dancing and language learning. Recently, I have been working on a curriculum that uses Swing dancing to teach English language students fundamental vocabulary and grammar while learning about American culture.

My personal goal is to experience as much of the world as possible. Every time I enter into a new culture, my world not only opens up to different ways of doing things, I also learn more about myself. Seeing myself through the lens of another culture helped me to understand who I am, what I stand for, what I want to be. I realized that every culture contains both unimaginable beauty and some aspects that could use changing. I really enjoy seeing the different ways people do things and trying to understand why they do it the way that they do.

I will contribute my expertise in teaching, leadership, ambition, and love for others. I hope to bring the principles of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) to programs around the world to facilitate life-long language learning in students. I want to ignite in them a love for learning that will burn long after I leave them. I hope to create new leaders who will emerge to make the world a better place.


Lin January 17, 2017
ESL · Online
Rose is an excellent and dedicated ESL teacher. She quickly gains an excellent rapport with her students and creates an atmosphere to learn easily and quickly.
Linda January 17, 2017
Horseback Riding · In studio
Rose worked for me at one of her early teaching experiences as a therapeutic horseback riding instructor for special needs children and adults. The students loved her. She was enthusiastic and dependable. I still use many of her teaching methods as well as her curriculum for the program which she created on her own time. She put countless hours into her lesson plans, above and beyond what was required. She is person who loves to teach.
Andrew January 17, 2017
Ballroom Dance · In studio
I had several dance instructors, Rose has been by far the best. She takes a vested interest in what motivates you. She was always attentive and customized the lessons to me rather than using a one size fits all mentality.
I would highly recommend Rose.
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Rose H.

Rose H.

Denver, CO 80226
starting at
$45 / 30-min

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