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William C.

Taught American Sign Language (ASL) full-time and part-time (nights) for 39 years, just recently retired from full-time teaching. I have primarily used Signing Naturally (SN) workbooks, all levels. I have also used Learning American Sign Language (LASL). Currently, I am teaching Deaf Culture as an online course at San Diego Mesa College. I have been using ASL since I was 4 years old and I have attended California School for the Deaf, Berkeley (Fremont) and Riverside. I have received valuable experience from Deaf peers of Deaf parents, Deaf adults and Deaf leaders. In this sense, I am a native user of ASL and ASL Fingerspelled Signs. Graduated from Gallaudet College (University) in Washington, D.C. with a B.S. in Business Administration. I received two Masters degrees from California State University, Northridge, one in Deaf Education and the other in Educational Administration. I received my Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from University of Southern California (USC). With all the experience and education that I have acquired, my objective is to provide motivated students a very good foundation to learn and use ASL. This means enhanced receptive and expressive skills that all of you will exhibit. Also, my other objective is to make this experience enjoyable for you.
/30 minutes

Serfirys V.

Do you want to learn how to communicate with the Deaf? Are you intrigued by the use of sign language? Come learn with me. I am Deaf and I use American Sign Language. My brother is also Deaf, so we grew up using ASL together and at school. I have been teaching online for the past 5 years, and I love teaching others how to improve their communication skills in ASL. Sign language is one of the most expressive languages, have you seen an interpreter recently on the new? Have you noticed how fast they move their fingers, and make a variety of facial expressions. I can help you, no matter what level of ASL you know, I want to help you make progress and become fluent. I have a toddler and he is learning ASL, if he can, you can! See you in the classroom!
/30 minutes

Ariel L.

Hello, my name is Ariel and I am excited to be ASL teacher. I am immersed in the ASL language everyday as an Interpreter which has allowed me to become fluent. With experience in medical, educational, and teaching settings, I have learned the best and most effective ways to learn this language. Why should you take lessons with me? First, I work at the pace of the student, consider your goals, and your strengths/ limitations. Every lesson will be custom-made for you only. Second, I have received training and teachings from professors and interpreters from College and Universities. So, I am trained to be familiarized with different settings and subjects, such as medical, educational, astronomy, computer/technology, and law. I am dedicated to teach ASL to every student ready to learn. I am very eager to teach you this extremely unique and amazing language. I am also excited to meet you and begin our learning adventure! See you in class!
/30 minutes

Jonah E.

I have over two decades of experience teaching signing at all levels. I have been very successful in teaching students to learn and acquire good expressive and receptive sign skills. I am very passionate about the success of my students. I use strategies that make learning signing fun and very interesting. I keep my students very involved and engaged in my lessons. New sign vocabulary and sign structures I teach are immediately modeled and put into practice, which enhances students' retention. I pace my lessons to ensure the learning styles of the students are very well accommodated. I use approaches that foster deeper level of thinking and understanding of the use of signing in various contexts. I treat all my students with due regard, acceptance, and caring support. Their success in acquiring good sign language skills is very important to me. I provide one-on-one support to achieve that goal when required.
/30 minutes

Kat F.

If you are looking for a relaxed, fun and natural way of learning American Sign Language (ASL) let's try some lessons together. I teach in an interactive and empowering way where discovering the beauty of this visual language and the valuable culture cherished by Deaf and Hearing Americans is part of every lesson. I am a college professor, state certified educator, and an Interpreter. I love working with students and sharing what I know. It is such a joy watching students understanding and skills grow. I am thrilled and honored to be part of continuing the use of ASL and appreciation of Deaf Culture. I cater lessons to match your learning style and communication needs. Your classes will also have music, role-play, games and story telling. I introduce every new lesson with grammar concepts, vocabulary, and interactive practice. Then you will be able to use a DVD and workbook to rehearse and study on your own. You are always encouraged to ask questions and enjoy every step of your learning. When we meet again we will review what you have learned and continue to build your dynamic, practical, and exciting new language skills. I have taught ASL and Deaf Culture to many different students and groups: K-12 students, families with special needs children, college students, interpreting students, professionals, families with Deaf children, adults, home schoolers, choirs, and dance troops. I am a certified Interpreter with the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and have been a professional interpreter since 1991. I am a certified teacher and hold an MS in education, a BA in Communications Human Relations/Interpreting. I have been teaching since 1991 as well.
/30 minutes

Vanessa L.

Hello, my name is Vanessa! I am an experienced Sign Language teacher, specializing with beginner/intermediate students. I have known Sign Language for several years now. I am very flexible when it comes to my curriculum. It all depends on you, the student. I want to help you not only learn signs, but to be able to have full conversations. Try it out yourself!
/30 minutes

Chaneé N.

Sign Language is an awesome form of visual communication! I love ASL and the deaf culture. I have years of experience and I'd be delighted to teach you. All ages welcome. Lessons are customized and catered to your needs and goals. Not only will you be signing like a pro in no time, but you will be able to communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing communities. Let's get started!
/15 minutes

Tanya H.

I have been communicating using American Sign Language for over 20 years. I have a bachelor's degree in American Sign Language interpreting. I have been an interpreter since 2008 and I am nationally certified through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. All ages welcome. Lessons are customized and catered to the needs/goals of each student. Not only will you be signing in no time, but you will be building a strong foundation of grammar, vocabulary, Deaf Culture, and more. Let's get started!
/30 minutes
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She’s great. I’ve been meaning to learn ASL forever and now that I’ve finally taken the plunge I m so lucky to have someone as kind snd PATIENT as Kimber. She makes it all easy to understand and is pa

Earl (American Sign Language lessons with Kimber W.)

Wow, can’t say enough good things about Bill! My boyfriend and I decided recently that ASL was something we would really like to pursue learning together, so I signed us both up for lessons with Bill

Blair (American Sign Language lessons with William C.)

Great all the time fun 🤩

Frances (American Sign Language lessons with William C.)

This was my first lesson with Kimber (Ollie) and she was excellent. She was prepared, when she saw that I understood something quickly, we kept moving and when I struggled a little bit, she had me rep

Skylar (American Sign Language lessons with Kimber W.)

She’s great. I’ve been meaning to learn ASL forever and now that I’ve finally taken the plunge I m so lucky to have someone as kind snd PATIENT as Kimber. She makes it all easy to understand and is pa

Earl (American Sign Language lessons with Kimber W.)

Wow, can’t say enough good things about Bill! My boyfriend and I decided recently that ASL was something we would really like to pursue learning together, so I signed us both up for lessons with Bill

Blair (American Sign Language lessons with William C.)

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