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Helen M.

I am in love with teaching languages. Being a Russian native speaker, I can help students to understand this subject deeper and to concentrate more on speaking practice which is very important in learning language. I've been teaching Russian as a second language for more than 10 years.
/30 minutes

Yekaterina K.

Hello! My name is Yekaterina. I am a language expert, polyglot, and a performing concert pianist. I received Bachelor of Fine Art degree with emphasis on classical piano performance and pedagogy, and later advanced my studies in Cape Town, South Africa. I concider myself an expert in languages, pedagogy and child psychology, with over 20 years of teaching experience. Being a native Russian speaker, I learned English and Spanish (as well as Portuguese, French, Italian and some Mandarin and Japanese) from the ground up, so I understand very well the challenges of learning a language. I have structured a specific approach that incorporates tricks and shortcuts, that worked very well for me. Little things ythat ou can do to bring the language into your everyday life make a big difference in how fast you start speaking... these little things accumulate and make the whole experience of learning a language much easier and more natural. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have, and I am looking forward to teaching you!
/30 minutes

Tatiana D.

Our lessons will be customized to reach your goals as soon as possible. I am a native Russian who lives in the USA. So I will be able to explain to you nuances of Russian language and cultural differences as well. You will learn how to speak as a native Russian! I have been teaching Russian for 20 years to students of all ages. Our lessons will be fun and you will learn a lot! See you soon!
/30 minutes

Victoria M.

Professional , organized, dedicated , I create straight to the point content . Besides having appropriate education (two Masters Degrees in Second Language Acquisition) I also have over 10 years of teaching experience in different countries with all age groups and levels. I tailor my lessons for my students' individual needs and interests . I work with non native as well as heritage students who need to improve reading , writing and comprehension skills.
/30 minutes

Aliaksandra P.

I am a native speaker and I will try to do my best to improve your Russian to reach the native speaker level as soon as possible.
/30 minutes

Roman N.

*****Your progress begins as you are reading this intro***** There are three simple things you need to know about my tutoring program:  1 Making the right choice requires two things. First, collect the info:  Watch my videos, read my profile and my reviews.  I provide a well structured curriculum,    various sets of input and comprehensible grammar sheets which are all included.  Second, try a few classes and see if you get the feeling "I like this guy and I trust he can help" because YES: chemistry is important since it creates a special bond that will help us achieve our goals. 2 Always record your sessions so you can stay focused during your interaction with the teacher because that’s when the real learning is happening. After you can watch it and take notes. This approach has proved itself as the most efficient way to improve retention. All those tons of material will be well organized in your notebook and in your head. It’s like you are creating your own textbook which is an additional but very valuable bonus to the investment you are making. 3 One of the ways I prove my loyalty to my students is to always keep the same rate no matter how long it will take you to get to the level you desire. The reason why my students succeed is because they enjoy the process. When you have the trust, right program and chemistry: And when all three come together, the sky's the limit. Don't forget to watch my "Russian FAQ" video.
/50 minutes

Anna C.

Do you need the magic pill that will help you speak Russian? The recipe is here. I am a highly qualified Russian language teacher with a degree in linguistics/teaching and more than five years of experience. I have developed several teaching methods, which I use during my classes. Together we will establish clear objectives for our lessons and will work on your grammar proficiency, listening and speaking skills, and accent neutrality.
/45 minutes

Zhao Yang L.

I am a native Russian speaker and love utilizing my knowledge of Russian language, history, and culture to help people to learn Russian language.At my lessons, I have creativity and do my best to build an exciting and interesting learning experience. In practice I utilize interactive teaching methods and activities to motivate students to learn and communicate in a foreign language. I often use visual aids, such as software tools or videos and make students feel that learning a foreign language is fun and interesting. I believe culture is a crucial concept in language teaching, in a certain sense language learning is culture learning. So my lessons always include a basic cultural section where I introduce culture and customs to the students.
/30 minutes
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Polina is really patent, helpful and has a great approach to students as a teacher. She has a great view on learning and the material used was well blended and easy to understand. I had to improve m

Tibor (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

Very clear explanations of concepts.

Vivek (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

We are learning conversational now...thanks!

Jackson (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

Amazing! I've learned so much

sophie (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

Polina is really patent, helpful and has a great approach to students as a teacher. She has a great view on learning and the material used was well blended and easy to understand. I had to improve m

Tibor (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

Very clear explanations of concepts.

Vivek (Russian lessons with Polina L.)

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