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So far, my French classes were amazing and my instructor is amazing too. She made it very simple to learn and gave me tricks for fast learning.

Hind (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

Just the sweetest person. So much fun learning

Patrice (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

Very patient, friendly, and helpful. I am enjoying my lessons so far. I expect I will feel even more strongly positive about Evelyne's courses as I go through more of them. She is very sweet and encou

Daphne (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

She is an absolutely phenomenal instructor. Would highly reccommend.

Joelle (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

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Language Lessons

If you want to learn a new language, improve your vocabulary, or have more fun while you’re traveling, TakeLessons provides private language lessons from experienced teachers, helping you master the complexities and nuances of speaking, reading, and writing in a brand-new language.

TakeLessons strengths lie in the wide variety of language classes we offer on our platform. You can take French lessons to prepare for a trip to Paris or the Riviera, spice up your Spanish vocabulary for both international travel and day-to-day use, or learn a language you’ve always wanted to dig into more, such as German, Swedish, or even Chinese. We employ teachers with native-level speaking experience in the world’s most popular languages.

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Benefits of Language Lessons

Research has shown that learning a new language is a very effective way to build intelligence, stimulate your learning potential, and expand your horizons as a person. Different languages not only open up a world of food, culture, and ideas, but they can change the way you think and widen your perspective of the world in the process.

Our language classes are designed around you or your child’s goals. TakeLessons language teachers can cover common phrases used in travel, how to order food, and more in-depth conversational skills. Private language lessons can pinpoint your trouble areas with language, whether that’s with conjugating verbs, using different tenses, or understanding sentence structure and general grammar rules.

You can also learn more about literature and art in that language, learning songs, reading books, and listening to lectures as you learn. With our language lessons, you can follow your passions to maximize your learning potential.

Online Language Lessons

TakeLessons understands that the world of learning is rapidly changing. No longer do you have to rely on in-person classes or tutoring to learn a language and practice your speaking skills. This can be beneficial for those who don’t have the time to meet with a language teacher in person.

For that reason, TakeLessons offers stress-free online language lessons that allow you to learn from the convenience of your own home, office, or even while taking a break from work at a coffee shop.

The goal of our offering of language lessons online is to make it easy and hassle-free to sign up for lessons and connect with your private tutor. The only requirement is a stable internet connection, mobile device, or computer to sign in to TakeLessons and get started learning.

Live Language Classes With TakeLessons Live

Another benefit of using TakeLessons is our diverse learning options. In addition to our traditional lesson packages, we now offer TakeLessons Live, a new, dynamic take on learning that goes above and beyond one-off classes and solo learning options.

TakeLessons Live features online group classes you can jump into at any time, giving you the benefit of dynamic learning with other students. On our website, you’ll be able to easily view the rotating schedule of live classes and select the ones you’re interested in joining. For example, if Advanced Spanish starts at 2 p.m., you can join or watch a few class videos to improve your language skills while you take a break from work.

A TakeLessons Live membership allows you to craft your learning around your unique schedule and needs. Our online group classes give you the freedom to log in when you’re available to start learning. Our Live membership also comes with unlimited videos in any subject.

The beauty of TakeLessons Live is that it’s available 24 hours a day with on-demand videos and additional readings. You can also use our mobile app for learning on the go. These resources offer you the ability to access tips and tricks, in-depth readings, and skill-building exercises you can practice outside your classes.

You’ll also have access to any of our over 300 live courses. If you want to move outside of language classes in Spanish or French, for example, you can dive into a new subject. Try out guitar, learn to write some code, and explore your interests to your heart’s content. We are committed to taking your learning journey to the next level, and TakeLessons Live is a great way to get there.

Jump into one of our online group classes at TakeLessons Live and upgrade your learning journey today!

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Don’t delay you or your child’s education any longer. You can sign up today to learn language online or in person!

Our variety of class types for different ages and skill levels means there’s a perfect lesson waiting for you. We’ve got language lessons for kids, adults, teens, and even seniors. It’s never too late or too early to start learning!

On our website, you can browse through a list of certified, background-checked language teachers. Look at their customer reviews, starting rates, and in-depth profiles covering their background and experience. Once your interest is piqued, connect with a tutor and determine if a teacher is the one for you.

Rates vary for every teacher on TakeLessons. The average price for an adult language lesson is $56, but there are available lessons anywhere from $15 and $200, meaning there’s an option for any budget.

With your teacher selected, your budget set, and your schedule locked down, you’re ready to start learning. Because we want to make sure the process is worry-free, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee backing up all our lessons.

Learning a new language has never been so easy as with TakeLessons. Get started today!

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