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Siddharth G.

Siddharth G.

I have been teaching chess for six years and my students have gone on to tournament level and won competitions. Within the first few lessons, my students have developed a deeper understanding of chess strategies As they progressed further in their lessons they have developed special moves to win the chess games. I take pride in my students' success and love working with them. I do provide tournament chess boards for my students.
/30 mins
Jessica U.

Jessica U.

Chess is a great hobby for children and adults alike! Learning chess helps develop and improve critical thinking skills, patience, problem solving skills, and memory, as well as being an incredibly fun game to play. I've been playing chess since I was a child, though recently, as an adult, my love for the game truly ignited. I understand how complex of a game chess is, and I will help you gain a strong grasp over the main concepts involved in the game at whatever pace you prefer. I've been teaching chess for over two years now (through private lessons and at the Los Angeles Chess Club) and my lessons are as fun and engaging as they are educational. We will analyze historical chess games, as well as games that you've played, where we'll learn about common openings, tactical motifs, mating patterns, theoretical endgames, and so much more in our lessons. Whether this is your first time seeing a chess board in your whole life or if you've been a casual player for years, I can help you develop a deeper understanding of all aspects of the game.
/30 mins
Daniel M.

Daniel M.

I am an avid chess player. I am a 3rd category chess player. I am part of the Chess Federation in Peru and USA. I can teach little kids as well as to people who want to improve their openings, middle game, and endgame. My Rating is 1500+.
/30 mins
Dipankar G.

Dipankar G.

"My rating has gone up from 935 to 1474 in just 3 months working with Dipankar." " I scored 1st place in the unrated category in my first chess tournament and went on to improve my rating by 200 points." "The sessions are fun and educational and although I was a total beginner, I recently got my first ever medal in a chess tournament." These are the testimonials from just a few of my students. Learn from an International Chess Coach who is ranked in the top 7% of all players in the United States. As a coach, I have coached over 150 students ages 5 to 82 for 6+ years. My students have gained more than 500 rating points in a span of 3 months. As a player, I have over 16 years of experience competing in various national and international tournaments. My USCF rating is 1965 which puts me in the top 7% of all players in the United States. Each lesson will be personalized to the unique strengths and weaknesses of the individual student. You will go through a structured chess curriculum which will ensure there are no gaps in your understanding of the game. Lessons will consist of the following : ->Analysis of the student's recent chess games with detailed feedback on all stages of the game ->In-depth discussion of openings, middlegame tactics and strategy, endgame technique ->Analysis of model games by World Champions and Grandmasters ->Anwering all chess-related questions of the student and filling in any gaps in understanding ->Homework assignments to reinforce the topics covered during a lesson If you have always wanted to learn chess but never did, or you are an avid chess player but are tired of being stuck in a plateau and not seeing improvement, contact now and let's improve your chess!
/60 mins
Kyle B.

Kyle B.

I'm a passionate chess player with an extensive knowledge of chess theory who specializes in teaching beginner/intermediate (up to ~1600 USCF) players of all ages. Lessons will be personalized to focus on student's weaknesses and areas of needed improvement, as well as generalized chess instruction. Chess is a great platform to improve critical thinking skills and one's ability to focus, as well as a great way to have fun. My lessons will help you or your children gain an understanding of the art of chess and improve your confidence and ability to play the game.
/30 mins
Cindle V.

Cindle V.

I am ranked as a top female chess player and have played the game for most of my life. I have played in many national, state, and local tournaments and placed well. I have been teaching students of all ages for over 15 years. I make lessons fun and enjoyable but also very understandable. I teach all levels and ages. This is a great game and I believe anyone can benefit from learning the game of chess.
/30 mins
Andrew H.

Andrew H.

I am a passionate chess coach available for instruction of all levels. I have been teaching for over 10 years in many schools and training private students. I have helped establish top chess teams recently including NEST+M, PS33, and Success Academy. Several of my students achieved highest performance awards - top 100 in the country, two of which are now rated as high as 2300. I have taught an advanced class with chess world champion Magnus Carlsen. I make learning and playing chess enjoyable and fun. I have achieved a Candidate Master title with FIDE and USCF ratings of approximately 2100. I have a business degree in finance from Bentley University and have worked several years on Wall Street. I enjoy all aspects of risk management and how it combines elements along with chess. I love working with children and have a strong track record of making many strong relationships. You will not find a more dedicated coach. My average student gains 200-800 points in strength quickly! Please feel free to contact me.
/30 mins
Danial A.

Danial A.

At age 11 I achieved the title of Master, and since then have become an International Master (with 1 Grandmaster norm), 5-time National Champion and am currently the #1 18-year-old on the west coast of the United States. Without chess instruction from the most patient, inspiring, and hardworking chess coaches none of this would have been possible. I began to play chess at 7 years old and after my coach ended our first class by saying, "Every champion was once a beginner" my youthful imagination ran wild and I was hooked. My early development in chess proved to be nontraditional where my structured classes provided by my school were supplemented by the aggressive, unconventional playing styles I learned from spending my weekends sneaking games in with hustlers at my local chess park. Yet learning these vastly different approaches to the game allowed me to become a more complete player, and after 6 weeks of practice, I could beat every kid in my class and almost defeated my coach. Fast forward to my first competition I lost every game and finished in last place, but I loved every second of it and quickly learned from those mistakes. Now, I have defeated numerous world-renowned Grandmasters and played some of the best in the world including world champion Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura. My peak United States Chess Federation and International Chess Federation ratings are 2425 and 2340 respectively, awarding me the titles of International Master and FIDE Master (top 0.43% in the world). I founded a School of Chess and have taught for 4 years in chess camps across the state with 100's of students ranging from 5-85 years old. One of my biggest teaching accomplishments is assisting one of my students to go from #117 in the country to #13 in the country (gained 500 rating points) for their age group in a matter of 5 months! In addition, two of my students went from 1500-2000+ achieving the master title in less than a year! After receiving many hours of coaching myself (even from Former World Champion Viswanathan Anand) and improving to where I am today, I can guarantee I can help you get to the next level. My personalized approach, creating lessons tailored to each individual, dramatically improves players' weaknesses at an accelerated pace. I specialize in thinking through problems along with my students, and fostering understanding rather than memorization. If you are ready to improve your Chess don’t hesitate to shoot me a message! * Currently I am teaching a free chess camp for 160 kids from across the country as well as a group of refugees who recently immigrated to Northern California with the goal of motivating communities to come together through education and to inspire hope during the COVID time period. *
/30 mins
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We had great conversation in general and insights in chess. Florin is very engaging and great individual. Overjoyed to have met him. Alex

Alex (Chess lessons with Florin F.)

First lesson and already I have so much helpful direction from Florin. His coaching is exactly what I’ve been looking for. He’s also personable, friendly, and easy to talk to. Looking forward to conti

Thomas (Chess lessons with Florin F.)

Very helpful and knowledgeable of the game and tactics. I'm a beginner, but I felt like a pro by the end of the lesson. I learned so much. Highly recommended.

Candice (Chess lessons with Florin F.)

What a great instructor! After six months of lessons I can say, without a doubt, Florin is the best instructor anyone could hope for. Florin is very knowledgeable and helped me improve my game more th

Kevin (Chess lessons with Florin F.)

We had great conversation in general and insights in chess. Florin is very engaging and great individual. Overjoyed to have met him. Alex

Alex (Chess lessons with Florin F.)

First lesson and already I have so much helpful direction from Florin. His coaching is exactly what I’ve been looking for. He’s also personable, friendly, and easy to talk to. Looking forward to conti

Thomas (Chess lessons with Florin F.)

Trending Chess Articles

Chess Lessons

The game of chess is based on an Indian game called chaturanga, which was played more than 1,500 years ago! The game evolved over the years as it passed through Asia and Europe.

Today, we’re still infatuated with this game of strategy as students—both young and old—are eager to learn to play chess. If you fall into that category, then check out our chess lessons. We offer in-person sessions, along with virtual classes, which some consider the best online chess lessons around! Sign up with us today to learn with a certified teacher.

Certified Chess Teachers

Here at TakeLessons, we know how important it is to study with a tutor who understands your needs and learning style, and that’s why we invite you to choose your preferred chess teacher.

We feature an assortment of chess teachers who are all certified and have undergone background checks. To find your ideal match, explore their profiles. You can see everything from their qualifications and expertise to their availability and rates.

It’s our goal to offer affordable sessions, so our lessons vary between $15 and $210. On average, the cost of a 60-minute session is $72, while a half-hour class is $41.

Chess Online Lessons for All Ages

While chess is fun for students of all ages, studies have found that when children learn this game, it can help improve their attention span, enhance their visual memory, and increase their spatial-awareness abilities. As for adults, it can boost their problem-solving skills and potentially decrease their risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Because there are so many mental benefits to learning this game, we offer chess lessons for kids and adults. Our tutors gear their sessions to the student’s age group, ensuring they get the most out of each personalized lesson.

Chess Lessons for All Levels

The beauty of chess is that there’s always something new you can learn about the game, no matter how familiar you are with it. Even if you’ve played for years, you might not know about a certain trap or strategy. Since there are so many different levels when it comes to this game, we teach students of all skill sets.

New to the game? Sign up for our chess lessons for beginners to learn the basics. Already have a few years under your belt? Check out our more advanced classes. We’ll help you find a suitable course for you and your needs!

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Chess Lessons

Your chess teacher might cover the following subjects in your chess lessons for beginners:

  • Learn the rules of the game
  • Study opening strategies
  • Learn how to apply opening strategies to play
  • Understand counting
  • Open vs. closed positions

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Chess Lessons

Your intermediate chess tutor might cover the following topics:

  • The Petroff Defense
  • Playing fluid positions
  • Learn to develop pieces
  • Understand the concept of delayed attacks
  • Finding your opponent's weak spots

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Chess Lessons

The subjects studied in advanced lessons depend greatly on each student's goals and interests, but your teacher might choose to cover the following topics:

  • Recognize and avoid traps or poised pawns
  • Study the game's dynamics and tension
  • Learn to make highly strategic exchanges
  • Use computer chess to explore strategies
  • Competition and tournament preparation

Sign up Today

Chess is a wonderful game, and it’s high time you signed up for our in-person or online chess lessons to learn all the ins and outs of it. Doing so is easy: Select your tutor, pick your class time, choose your package, and know that you can take advantage of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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What are the best chess lessons?


We might be biased, but we think we offer the best chess lessons around right here at TakeLessons. That’s because we only work with certified and background-checked tutors who have the qualifications to teach you this strategic game. When you take our private lessons, you’ll receive your tutor’s undivided attention, which means you can ask all your questions and focus on whatever areas of this game interest or challenge you the most. But don’t just take our word for it—check out our reviews to see what past students are saying about our instructors.

How can I teach myself to play chess?


If you want to teach yourself to play chess, we suggest signing up for private chess lessons. During your private session, your teacher will determine what you already know about this game and what you’d like to know in order to create a personalized lesson plan for you. Never played before? No problem. Your private tutor will start with the basics, informing you of all the rules and opening strategies. No matter where you are in your journey, our tutors take the stress out of learning this game.

Are there free chess courses?


While you might come across free courses, paying for chess lessons is a wise investment. You’ll receive a lot more value out of these lessons than free courses because you get the opportunity to work one-on-one with a private tutor who is dedicated to helping you succeed.

At TakeLessons, we don’t offer free courses, but it’s our mission to keep our lessons affordable for all our students, no matter their budget. Our lessons range from $15 to $210 an hour, depending on your specific needs, the teacher, location, and lesson type.

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