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Popular Online Chess Teachers

Gio A.

New York, NY
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Batuhan K.

Chula Vista, CA
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Darren S.

Jamaica, NY
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Gio A. New York, NY

I've played chess since I was a young child. I remember being in the chess club at my elementary school, over 20 years ago! I've since led a chess club of my own and taught plenty of young students how to play. I'm happy to teach the basics - the moves and strategies of chess to the novice player.

About Gio

I studied music at UCF (Orlando), focusing on classical and jazz guitar, but I also have years of experience playing rock, blues, folk, hip-hop, and musical theater on both guitar and drums. I have been teaching guitar, drums, and piano for about eight years to students of all ages. Music is what I'm passionate about and it's what I enjoy. I want to inspire that same passion into the hearts and minds of others. *** Lesson Details *** I am a laid-back teacher, fun, and I focus on the needs, abilities, and ambitions of the student. In turn, students must realize that learning an instrument takes a lot of work and dedication. One can't expect to learn very much if s/he only practices or thinks about the instrument during the lesson. If the student is willing to put some time into ...


Charles W. September 15, 2014
Clarinet · In studio
Verified Student
Gio has been wonderfully patient with my efforts as a total beginner. His instructions are clear and helpful, and he has provided a good mix of motivation and encouragement. Highly recommended!
Kristina T. February 10, 2014
Great, creative teacher

Gio has a great way of thinking outside the box and teaching my daughter each week. He uses creative methods to engage her and help her relate to the material and provides easy instructions for practicing during the week. He is patient and easy going which allows for her not to feel overwhelmed as she's just learning the guitar. I'm very happy with how he's teaching her!
Mary V. January 26, 2014
Attentive and great at teaching technique

Gio truly focuses on the student's needs. I've met too many self-absorbed musicians in the past, but Gio really pays attention to details in the student's playing. He is excellent at teaching technique and was the first guitar teacher to help me fix physical problems regarding posture and arm tension. His kind, easy-going manner makes a student comfortable. He has a wealth of musical knowledge to share.
Batuhan K. Chula Vista, CA

I've played chess professionally and my rating in Turkey was 1900+(UKD) which equates to 2300+ Uscf rating. I've thought to all ages and 100+ students over the years. If you have passion for learning and want to take your chess playing to the next level you've found your teacher!

About Batuhan

I'm a devoted and a passionate teacher, even though I'm teaching a wide variety of subjects my focus is on music and the drum set. Lessons Lessons are generally in a relaxed setting and designed to work towards accomplishing student determined goals. While all students will study similar fundamentals, every lesson is as different as every person. What are your goals? I'll tell you what you need to do to get there, and help you take the steps to achieve your aspirations. As a teacher, my goal is to provide a positive hands-on experience. I strive to create an environment where learning is enjoyed and explored, teaching in an exciting, fun, and passionate mode. I am not strict, and have a strong sense of humor - although I do expect the students to practice. I have an extremely ...


alexandra P. January 11, 2015
Chess · Online
Verified Student
Batu has been teaching my two girls, 5 and 7 year old, chess. The lessons have been great, not only he teaches them the fundamentals, he also changes his teaching methods to match their needs. He relates them and makes the lessons fun and exciting. I'd suggest everybody to try his lessons out, not only chess.
Donna M. October 15, 2014
Drum · In home
Verified Student
Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Batuhan is gifted at teaching drums to students no matter what the age. I learned more in three months from him than I did from my previous instructor in 18 months.
Josh B. July 24, 2014
Drum · Online
Batu is a great teacher, he is very knowledgeable and understanding. At times he was strict, but you could sense he was doing it for your betterment. He was always available for me and anything questions I needed to ask him. Although he is younger than me, it definitely felt like I was being taught someone with lots of wisdom.
Darren S. Jamaica, NY

About Darren

I began teaching adults ESL in 1991. I received my BA degree in September of 1991 and I began teaching Spanish in urban High Schools and middle schools in February of 1992 until June of 2011. I received my MA Degree in TESOL in 1999 and I have taught ESL to American and international students until 2012. I have taught GED courses, math, writing and English since 2012 and I have lessons on my Youtube channel swandiveent


Pernell R. July 14, 2014
Essay Writing · Online
Darren was able to help me brush up on my essay writing as I started prep for the GED. I had not been in school in 20 years, and never got around to going back, even though I always wanted to finish. Darren spoke in a down to earth way that made things easy to follow, and he took away all the rust. I am happy to say that I passed all GED subjects on the first attempt, and I am currently holding a 4.0 as I am approaching the end of my first year of college. I never thought I would go to college, or even finish high school because of lack of focus. I am happy to say I have done both! Thanks Darren, you are a life changer!
James H. July 7, 2014
Essay Writing · Online
I found Darren's method of teaching to be refreshingly succinct, relative to previous instructors. He explains the necessary subject matter in a way that is comprehensive, and most importantly effective in practice. His style is that of a real person, rather than some of the monotonous "talking text books" you may remember from school.

My testimonial: How Darren helped me

Recently I was tasked with writing a blind topic essay for the first time in years. This had me nervous, as while I was certainly rusty, I could never claim to be a very talented writer even in school where the lessons were still fresh.
With Darren's simple essay breakdown at my disposal, I found myself confidently organizing each paragraph before my pen touched the paper. I was not stressed, not focused on or worried about the time limit. When I finished my essay, I felt satisfied with what I had composed.

I LITERALLY received 99% on that essay (papers were graded by two separate instructors and averaged), and I feel that result speaks for itself. I could hardly have asked for a better result, and strongly believe Darren's methods helped significantly.

Aaron C.

Portland, OR
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Adam C.

Minneapolis, MN
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William B.

Midlothian, VA
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Aaron C. Portland, OR

I enjoy helping players of all ages and skill levels, and currently work with students as young as six years old. I learned to play at a young age myself, and chess has helped me greatly in achieving success in other areas of my life.

I have taught for over 10 years, and I generally give online classes so we may utilize the premium features from the website. On this platform, we can setup customized boards so that we can focus on any areas of the game you want to strengthen. We will also have a Skype chat going so we can discuss moves and tactics in real-time.

Whether you would like to focus on openings, tactics, end-game, attack combinations, defense, positioning, or sacrificing, I am happy to help. My favorite chess term is the "windmill". Ask me more about this concept!

The website also allows me to draw arrows on the board and highlight key squares. Because of these features, I am able to teach those who have not played before how each piece

About Aaron

Hi there, My name is Aaron and I am looking forward to connecting with you. I offer a wide variety of areas to help improve your life and enable you to follow your dreams. I specialize in teaching conversational English as a Second Language to learners of all ages, and had a most wonderful experience living in Dalian, China for nearly two years. I love languages and am also learning German at present. I am also an expert chess and bridge player if you would like to try learning a game that enables you to use your brain and get away from the computer screen or video games. These games help keep your mind active and focused, and it is proven that those who play chess and bridge experience increased success in other areas of their lives. Check out my profile, videos and photos to ...


Tobias B. January 26, 2015
Life Coaching · Online
Hi there,

I started taking lessons and coaching from Aaron some time ago and I can only recommend to give him a try. He is very engaged, passionate and dedicated. His lessons are always helpful and full of fun.

Best regards
Adam C. Minneapolis, MN

This is one of the oldest and most beautiful games in the world. Great for learning the ways of the mind and creative thought, chess is a gateway to higher learning.

About Adam

I was born in California and raised all over the West Coast. Being an only child from a single parent household, I was encouraged to find solace in learning. I am 30 years old and I began tutoring as a senior in high school. Math, patterns and music have always come easy to me but more than that, I have a love for seeing "shinning eyes" (a term coined by Benjamin Zander). Here is a link you might enjoy on teaching through music: What I've learned from Leonard Bernstein (famous conductor/educator and friend of my grandfathers) was more than an education in any particular subject. I fell in love with teaching. I have been teaching music and chess since high school graduation. I try to create a structure for each student that is crafted to their style of learning. Getting people to ...


Daniel P. November 5, 2014
Composition · In studio
"Best instructor ever" is an understatement.

I've had lessons with Adam for a very long time now (more than a year), and he's the best instructor I've ever had. He's taught me what it meant to be a musician, the kinds of mindsets I needed to adapt to be good, and most importantly, he taught me that anybody can be a good musician, as long as you develop the right mindsets and you care enough about your music to make it wonderful.

He's incredibly good with children, and one of the most friendly and empathetic people you'll ever meet. Adam is the kind of person that you feel blessed for knowing and having in your life - and (I bet he doesn't know this :P) all of the people I've talked to who are his friends too, feel the same way. I met one of his teacher's over at a McNally Smith open house, and the implication there was that Adam was one of the best students that they've ever, EVER had.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this instructor to ANYBODY who has any kind of drive to improve their musical ability - you've found the right person. And I guarantee you, whether you're 5, or 10, 60, with no experience in music or a masters degree in performance, he has the vocabulary, the skills, the friendliness, the personability, and the attitude to help you out. :)
William B. Midlothian, VA

In the past, I have taught elementary school kids and some high school kids at the beginner level. I am a great chess tutor for beginner-level and intermediate-level players as I currently hold the United States Chess Federation(USCF) Candidate Master title with a USCF rating of about 2100.

About William

From September 2005 to June 2007, I was a high school math tutor for other high school students in their math courses (Algebra I-II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus.). From August 2007 to May 2011, I attended VCU as an undergraduate major in Biomedical Engineering and minor in Mathematics. Math courses that I took were Calculus II, Differential Equations, Multivariate Calculus, Statistics, and Probability Theory (GPA = 3.8). I graduated Cum Laude in May 2011. From August 2012 to December 2013, I attended Pennsylvania State University as a graduate student in the Master in Applied Statistics program. In December 2013, I completed the Master in Applied Statistics program with a GPA of 3.41. I tied for 2nd in the 2013 Virginia State Chess Championship (OPEN) where I was the only ...


megan C. January 14, 2015
Statistics · Online
He is a very skilled and intelligent tutor! He helped me cover an entire semesters worth of statistics in just a few weeks. He is also very patient and walked me through the problems step by step in a way that was easy to understand.
cyndee C. December 21, 2014
Statistics · Online
I am in the graduate nursing program. William has been a great help to me with my statistics. He is very patient and our tutoring is all online so it is very convenient. He is a excellent teacher !
ellen D. December 19, 2014
Trigonometry · In home
Williams a great Tutor. My son has been struggling with Trigonometry this year & William is helping him a lot. He's always on time & it's nice to have him come here to our home.

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