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Claire G.

Claire G.

Since 2016, after getting my master, I started teaching English as a second language. I have taught dozen of ESL students. As a former international student, I know the struggle of learning a new language. I can speak and write English as fluently as a native speaker and earned a bachelor, master and doctorate degree in the United States. I am really good with grammar and with my knowledge of French and Spanish, I can compare languages and make grammar much easier to understand for you.
/30 mins
Elise H.

Elise H.

I can speak four languages, so I understand what it is like to learn a new language which is what makes me an excellent English Second Language teacher. I also hold TESOL and TEFL certificates as well. Even though I grew up in a home where we spoke English, I did not go to an English-speaking school until I was 11. When I first started learning how to write English I absolutely hated it but because of my mom and English teachers that believed in me and helped me, by 10th grade, I became one of the best English students. Since then I accumulated 3 degrees including a Masters - all in English. Therefore, I truly believe in the power of believing in others because eventually, they could excel in a subject they never thought they could which has a big impact on one's self-esteem and opportunities.
/30 mins
Rae L.

Rae L.

I tutor beginners who are learning English as a second language.
/30 mins
Tom S.

Tom S.

The goal of an ESL program is to improve the students' level of English. ESL classes teach different language skills, depending on students' English abilities, interests, and needs. All programs teach the following: conversational English, grammar, reading, listening comprehension, writing, and vocabulary. My specialty! Jolly Phonics Certified Teacher @2016 Jolly Phonics, teaches children to read and write using synthetic phonics, which is widely recognized as the most effective way to teach all ages to read and write in English. As a leading synthetic phonics teacher, and the one of the most experienced, we offer a 7-month school program that teaches not only phonics, but spelling, punctuation and grammar too. Systematic teaching of phonics, grammar, spelling and punctuation across the school years Teaching is multi-sensory and active, with fun actions, stories and songs Independent research supports the outstanding results achieved around the world with the program Continues to revise and extend children’s phonic knowledge Flexible and easy to implement in your school Developed by teachers for teachers Pronunciation/Accent Reduction Certified TESOL, Jolly Phonics, and IELTC Instruction Practice ESL Phonics Course will give the student the confidence to speak by blending sounds. We use Jolly Phonics TM to teach all ages to read, write, and speak. Phonics skills are key elements to the successful development of basic reading and spelling skills.
/60 mins
Marie Ange K.

Marie Ange K.

I enjoy teaching in a dynamic FUN Immersion Method (songs, stories, games). I worked two years in a preschool because I love teaching kids using all my communication skills.
/30 mins
Guifang X.

Guifang X.

I have been teaching English since 2010. Although I have resided in the United States for years and my accent has changed a little (sounds more like an native speaker), I sometimes play with my accents and embrace the the mix cultures here. In my ESL class, I encourage students to speak out, and to appreciate their accents and their multi-cultural backgrounds. Speaking English with an accent is bravery. That's part of your identity. Having multi-cultural backgrounds means you are unique and you can bring that uniqueness in your writing and discussions. And think about that, you can speak language(s) other than English, you are very special! Hence, in my class, I am very willing to help students build their confidence and strengths in their English learning. I am not a native English speaker and my English is not perfect, but I see myself as a multi-competent teacher. Over the years of language teaching experience as a teacher and learning experience (I can speak five languages) as a multi-linguistic learner, I believe I can help you achieve your goal under our mutual effort. I have a lot to share with you!
/30 mins
Hikaru I.

Hikaru I.

I'm a student at University at Albany working on my Master's degrees for ESL Education Program and Intercultural Communication. I am passionate about teaching, and I absolutely love the idea of cultural exchanges and learning about students! I was also an ESL student when I first came to the States and I understand how hard it can be. I have experiences in teaching a class of more than 25 students as well as one-on-one tutoring sessions of various proficiency levels. Hope to hear from you soon!
/60 mins
Robin L.

Robin L.

I have a Master's degree in Education with a TESOL certificate. I have taught adult ESL learners of all levels in reading, writing, listening, and speaking at a community college for the last three years. I am incredibly patient and am comfortable teaching students from a variety of cultural backgrounds.
/30 mins
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I'm a beginner from Korea. He is a really nice teacher. I am learning a lot and always having fun in class.

Soohong (English (ESL) lessons with Todd R.)

she is great teacher. she are very kind. i learned so many things from my teacher. she has been professional her taught. i appricait her..i will definitely need her when i start my program to phd

Mehmet Cevher (English (ESL) lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Awesome… Roman had a good method, I will continue with him

Gina (English (ESL) lessons with Roman N.)

He is a very good instructor, he explains the ideas in easiest ways and with a lot of valuable information. highly recommended.

Mohammad (English (ESL) lessons with Roman N.)

I'm a beginner from Korea. He is a really nice teacher. I am learning a lot and always having fun in class.

Soohong (English (ESL) lessons with Todd R.)

she is great teacher. she are very kind. i learned so many things from my teacher. she has been professional her taught. i appricait her..i will definitely need her when i start my program to phd

Mehmet Cevher (English (ESL) lessons with Dr. D. B.)

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ESL Lessons

As the lingua franca of the world, English has become the common tongue for many business transactions and travelers as they crisscross the globe. The language originally came from England, later spreading through colonies and other forms of cultural exchange.

Despite its widespread use, English is not the easiest to learn. It’s not a phonetic language, meaning it’s not always spelled the way that it sounds. Also, the unique grammar can be a challenge for someone speaking it as a second language. That’s where ESL, or English as a Second Language, comes in.

TakeLessons offers some of the best online ESL lessons available today. Our lessons are taught by experienced, certified ESL teachers who can take your English skills to the next level. Sign up today for ESL lessons crafted just for you!

Certified ESL Teachers

Learning a language can often come down to finding a good teacher who can patiently guide you through memorizing vocabulary, understanding grammar, and putting together correct sentences.

With a platform such as TakeLessons, you’ll have a long list of certified ESL teachers to choose from. These teachers help take the confusion and misunderstanding out of the language learning process, helping you cut off your bad habits and effectively communicate in the English language.

The TakeLessons website makes it easy to browse through a selection of teachers, read about their experience and certifications, and even read reviews from past students who have taken ESL lessons. There are varying prices for our English teachers, and the average price for a 60-minute lesson comes out to about $49.

Sign up today to get started with online ESL lessons or in-person tutoring!

ESL Lessons for All Ages

It’s never too late to start learning English as a Second Language, and with help from the ESL teachers at TakeLessons, you’ll be able to work through the barriers of learning a new language and achieve your goals. Whether you’ve just moved to an English-speaking country or simply want to better yourself, we’ve got ESL lessons for you.

Our online ESL lessons can be crafted to fit any age, whether it’s for an adult learner or a young person just getting started. Our teachers are experts at designing lesson plans for the individual.

Sign up today for ESL lessons for kids and adults to access a large variety of the best online ESL lessons you can find.

ESL Lessons for All Levels

TakeLessons offers ESL Lessons for all different levels of learners, from beginners to those close to fluency. Our ESL lessons for beginners will help you build the fundamentals necessary to start reading, writing, and speaking in English, while our advanced lessons will help you achieve language mastery, able to communicate at the highest level of English comprehension.

When you sign up through our program, tell us your current level and goals, and our ESL tutors will start building a lesson plan that works best for you.

When you sign up for lessons with TakeLessons ESL teachers, you’re making a commitment to building your English skills. No matter your goals, we can help you achieve them. Upgrade your English skills by signing up today!

ESL Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner ESL Lessons

  • English pronunciation
  • Basic grammar and sentence structure
  • Essential vocabulary
  • How to form a question
  • Verb conjugations, tenses, and moods

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate ESL Lessons

  • Pronunciation
  • Conversation skills
  • Intermediate grammar and vocabulary
  • English numbers
  • Intermediate verb conjugations

Sample Curriculum for Advanced ESL Lessons

  • Listening and advanced reading comprehension
  • Mastering English dialects and idioms around the world
  • Advanced verb conjugations
  • English culture and history
  • English poetry and meaning

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TakeLessons offers the very best ESL lessons for both online and in-person students. To get started, look at our list of experienced ESL teachers, find a plan that works for you, and start building your English language skills. And don’t worry about making the commitment, because we back up all our lessons with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our teachers can’t wait to meet you!

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What are the basic English lessons?


The basic English lessons start with the essential grammar. This includes learning English pronouns, the “be” verbs, singular and plural nouns, as well as adjectives and adverbs. On top of this, learning the essential English vocabulary gives you a good basis of words to use in a simple conversation. Since English has a somewhat complicated grammar system, a good teacher can go a long way in helping you master the foundations of English. At TakeLessons, you can easily find a great English teacher and start learning as soon as possible

Is English easy to learn?


English is not exactly easy to learn. It’s not one of the hardest languages to learn, but it’s definitely not the easiest either. Learning English can be complicated by the complex grammar, hard to pronounce sounds, and large vocabulary. There are simpler sides to the language, too, such as the relatively easy verb conjugations. Learning English gets a lot easier with the right teacher, though. TakeLessons has a selection of some of the most qualified teachers available today for the best online ESL lessons.

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