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Christopher A.

I have helped dozens of students over the last eight years improve their SAT scores dramatically. There are clear types of questions the math section of the SAT repeatedly asks. The first step to mastering the test is to know how to do each type, the next and most often neglected step is to know how to do each type with ease and the last step is to be able to quickly recognize each type and apply the techniques necessary for solving them. My method for achieving this is to explain the concepts multiple ways to find the one that makes most sense to the student. Then I have students repeatedly do each type until they become commonplace. Last, I have them do as many practice tests as possible so they learn to apply the concepts utilizing time management. By repeating each question type rather than doing one and moving one I ensure that the concept sticks in the student's mind. By repeatedly taking practice tests students earn the confidence they need on testing day to perform their best.
/30 minutes

Albert E.

Need help preparing for the math section of the SAT? With over 5 years of 1:1 tutoring experience, I have been helping others ace the math section of the SAT by tailoring to each student's individual needs and providing best testing practices that can help them answer the unique problem sets the SAT has. I can help prepare students for either SAT I or II.
/30 minutes

Natalie G.

SAT test prep, when done right, can be very rewarding. I helped my last student raise her composite SAT score by over 100 points after just 8 lessons! Given my background and experience in tutoring algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and precalculus, I have helped countless high school students with test prep for the SAT math sections. SAT math requires a different way of looking at math problems and applying concept skills to solve them. Students work with me on practice sets and practice tests so they can learn how to dissect problems in a quick, practical way and find the right answers. Their time management and test taking skills improve through regular test prep as they master how to navigate both the calculator and no-calculator sections. During all the years I’ve tutored students for the SAT Reading section, I show them exactly how to break down the material in each passage into plain English, interpret the questions as simple directions, and use the best strategies to find the right answers. We also go over the passage categories and key question types for each category. Throughout our lessons, students work constantly on practice material to exercise their analytical thinking skills and improve their reading comprehension. As challenging as this section is, they can learn how to beat the time limit and still score high. Moreover, I have tutored many students for the SAT Writing/Language section. This section expects students to understand basic grammar rules and writing mechanics. Prep includes a review of correct sentence structure, organization, word and grammar usage, and paragraph development. I help students find repeating mistakes, understand those mistakes, and avoid future mistakes through regular drills and practice. I believe anyone can reach a perfect score in this section, so we work to achieve that.
/60 minutes

Miss A.

Help you get full score on SAT math.
/30 minutes

Junia M.

SAT Math: Complete SAT Math Prep Course Getting the score you want on the Math SAT might be difficult for some students, but preparing for it ahead of time is the key. After many years of mathematic teaching experience, I can teach students on SAT Math at a greater level of understanding. I have practiced hundreds of SAT problems and narrowed them down to the most common problems and the easiest way to solve them. My students have improved their scores after tutoring with me, and I am ready to share my techniques with you. My teaching techniques can tailor to your learning style, providing you with proven strategies, step-by-step instructions. Register today and schedule your first lesson.
/30 minutes

Farobag C.

Both Reading and Math sectors covered
/30 minutes

Joanne T.

Learn techniques to ace this exam
/30 minutes

Ryan B.

I cover all SAT test subjects, tips and strategies. I have over 10 years of SAT test prep experience
/30 minutes
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I hired Matt based on positive reviews. What a great choice! My daughter had taken the SAT 3 times before contacting Matt. She was 30 points away from qualifying for a  substantial scholarship. With

Robert (SAT lessons with Matthew H.)

Daniel has been very responsive and accommodating with my son's crazy schedule. He does a good job with SAT prep!

Maria (SAT lessons with Daniel F.)

Daniel helped me with SAT Math Tutoring and exceeded my expectations! With only 2 weeks to works with him I gained 50 points. He broke down the math problems to the basics and never gave up until I un

Presleigh (SAT lessons with Daniel F.)

I really learned a lot from Daniel. He clearly knows a lot about the topics he tutors in, and knows how to explain it in a way that's easy to understand. His demeanor was calm and is very easy to talk

Isabel S. (SAT lessons with Daniel F.)

I hired Matt based on positive reviews. What a great choice! My daughter had taken the SAT 3 times before contacting Matt. She was 30 points away from qualifying for a  substantial scholarship. With

Robert (SAT lessons with Matthew H.)

Daniel has been very responsive and accommodating with my son's crazy schedule. He does a good job with SAT prep!

Maria (SAT lessons with Daniel F.)

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