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Anthony I.

Anthony I.

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I will guide you to understand SAT Reading & Vocabulary so that you are confident and ready! This is an immersive and exciting course designed to prepare students for the SAT Reading section, with essential vocabulary memorization. Students will be in and out of their seats and fully engaged throughout the course. My brain-based learning methods allow them to increase their scores by an average of 32%, a 50% increase in comprehension and they will be able to memorize and use 262 new vocabulary words in 26 days with a memorization time for each word of 2-3 minutes. They will learn in 1 hour which typically would take hours and hours of typical boring SAT classes. Students need to fully engage their brain, body, and energy to be able to focus and absorb the most amount of information in the least amount of time. My 40 different teaching methods are applied to the way your son or daughter needs to learn. Students with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (formerly ADD), Twice-Exceptional 2E are welcome!!! Native and non-native ESL learners are welcome! All who are willing to put forth the effort to read and learn are welcome! Students needing a course on reading comprehension are also encouraged. Students will learn how to memorize and use 262 vocabularies in 26 days. If possible, please have your child review the material before class but this is not necessary as we will go through it together. We will act out the material to fully understand it, map it out using mind maps on paper or presentation style, and memorize it through descriptive gestures and more. No previous knowledge is needed. I will help them see how to Aim, Plan and Schedule to achieve their goals without wasting hours of needless effort. Their confidence and abilities will increase throughout this course. Class Format: 05-minute Opening Comments 30-minute SAT Passage Reading, Explanation & Discussion 15-minute Vocabulary 05-minute Review & Concluding Comments Times are approximate Section 1 Sample Curriculum: Questions 01-10 Section 1: Reading Test Discussion & Vocabulary Article: You Can Improve Your Memory Questions 11-21 Section 1: Reading Test Discussion & Vocabulary Article: Speed Reading & Comprehension Questions 22-31 Section 1: Reading Test Discussion & Vocabulary Article: Study Is Rewarding Questions 32-41 Section 1: Reading Test Discussion & Vocabulary Article: Know How You Ought to Answer Questions 42-52 Section 1: Reading Test Discussion & Vocabulary Additional Sections continue in the same format and may include materials specific to a student's needs. I will guide students to develop their reading and comprehension levels. They will be taught ways to memorize vocabulary with active class participation. Students will receive all of the homework when registering for the class. No additional purchases are needed! Set aside an hour each week to prepare the reading & 2-3 minutes per vocabulary word. We will cover all of the material in class together if your student doesn’t have time to study though.
/30 mins