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Sarah M.

Sarah M.

4.9 (100)
Hola! My name is Sarah. This is why I am not your typical Spanish Teacher: Most of you all are either taking Spanish in school or took Spanish in school. I was one of those High School Spanish teachers that taught 125 students a day. I felt helpless and frustrated. They made me teach only grammar, vocabulary and culture. No conversational skills at all. Yes, grammar and vocabulary are very important in learning a language, but so is speaking. After a while, I left the public school system and began teaching on my own. Now, I teach each and every student how to speak Spanish fluently. You all have your reasons for taking Spanish classes: To speak Spanish for work, speak Spanish for fun and travel, speak and understand Spanish to pass your school classes or perhaps you have younger children and you know that this is the best age to learn a new language. Every single one of my students is unique and different, and that is how I approach my lessons each week. We also talk a lot in Spanish! Keep reading if you like. Afterall, you are making an investment and you might be interested in knowing more about my teaching credentials and methods. I have tutored all levels of Spanish for over 20 years. My bachelor degrees in Spanish Language and World Languages Education included a year abroad in Segovia, Spain. I have traveled extensively through over a dozen Spanish speaking countries in the world, and have lived in several, including Costa Rica for 8 years. I help students build their confidence in learning the language by tapping into their learning styles and by my personable and encouraging approach. I am very patient and I customize each lesson to meet your needs. Everybody has different learning styles, and I will work with you in proven approaches that will give you the most success! I use several approaches, books, etc. to help my students learn. We also spend a lot of time just talking back and forth in Spanish with the things that we are working on that week. I also subscribe to a very innovative program called Voces Digital. This program opens up a world of virtual real life opportunities to learn, see, hear and speak Spanish. I also create interactive, individual Quizlets to help make learning vocabulary easy and fun. And, I subscribe to Yabla. Yabla has over 2000 interesting Spanish learning level appropriate videos to practice listening to native speakers from all over the world. I will give you access to each of these programs. Please feel free to ask me any questions at all! Have a wonderful day! Sarah
/30 mins


4.7 (57)
!Saludos!. If you would like to learn Spanish from a native speaker, I will be honored to have you as a student!. With about 6 years of experience as a Spanish Teacher, one of my passions in life is the opportunity to share knowledge constantly, as well as, to help individuals eager to improve even when some details appear to be insignificant. At the age of 19, I formally started working as a professor of Exact Sciences at the Stephen W. Hawking Institute in Ecuador, my home country. We all should be determined to find an objective/career that would be our passion and reflects our life goal as well. This perspective encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone to move to USA thanks to an Ecuadorian scholarship which financed the commencement of my journey in Environmental Eng. focusing on Nanotechnology at Vincennes Univ. IN. There, I had a training at different Departments as a STEM, English and Spanish tutor; which eventually, gave me the chance to learn about the teaching-learning process of Higher Level English and Spanish Classes from Basic Level Classes (focused on the four skills) to Composition I, Composition II, Speech, etc ; from 2015-2018. This past year, I had the chance to gain experience as a Spanish professor for students of all ages. Being a bilingual professional gives me a peculiar characteristic about my teaching techniques, because I have the experience of how challenged could be to learn a completely new language, as well as, the satisfaction to feel this new language as your own. Assuredly, obstacles really do not matter when we strive for more knowledge and innovation because the universe always falls in love with a stubborn soul. So let's get started, all ages are welcome!.
/45 mins
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Dr. Dianala Bernard is an incredible academic success tutor. I was struggling immensly in learning Spanish and she not only raised my confidence in learning the language, but she gave me many pointers

J Allen (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Dr. D. Was patient and engaging.

Tan (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

You will not find a better tutor! Dr D was professionally and personally invested in the success of my daughter. She is fantastic and went above and beyond to make sure my daughter was prepared.

Tiersa (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Great first lesson. Dr D is patient, encouraging and very interactive. Looking forward to more!

Thuli (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

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