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Millie O.

Millie O.

I can help you with conversational Spanish for either business or pleasure, or I can help your child with his / her grammar and Spanish homework. I modify the classes according to students needs. I have many years of experience teaching this beautiful language. Contact me...you won't be disappointed!! :)
/60 mins
Maryen V.

Maryen V.

I am a native Spanish speaker and can speak, read, and write Spanish fluently. I use the Berlitz method to teach Spanish, and I can provide my students with hand outs so that they can understand and practice their skills fully as they go along. Spanish students of all ages and levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced students. At the end of each class, we will have a short conversation session to practice the skills you learned in class. so you will know exactly how to use your new skills.
/30 mins
Enrique M.

Enrique M.

Spanish is a complex language but I assure you will enjoy while learning!!
/30 mins


!Saludos!. If you would like to learn Spanish from a native speaker, I will be honored to have you as a student!. With about 6 years of experience as a Spanish Teacher, one of my passions in life is the opportunity to share knowledge constantly, as well as, to help individuals eager to improve even when some details appear to be insignificant. At the age of 19, I formally started working as a professor of Exact Sciences at the Stephen W. Hawking Institute in Ecuador, my home country. We all should be determined to find an objective/career that would be our passion and reflects our life goal as well. This perspective encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone to move to USA thanks to an Ecuadorian scholarship which financed the commencement of my journey in Environmental Eng. focusing on Nanotechnology at Vincennes Univ. IN. There, I had a training at different Departments as a STEM, English and Spanish tutor; which eventually, gave me the chance to learn about the teaching-learning process of Higher Level English and Spanish Classes from Basic Level Classes (focused on the four skills) to Composition I, Composition II, Speech, etc ; from 2015-2018. This past year, I had the chance to gain experience as a Spanish professor for students of all ages. Being a bilingual professional gives me a peculiar characteristic about my teaching techniques, because I have the experience of how challenged could be to learn a completely new language, as well as, the satisfaction to feel this new language as your own. Assuredly, obstacles really do not matter when we strive for more knowledge and innovation because the universe always falls in love with a stubborn soul. So let's get started, all ages are welcome!.
/45 mins
Julissa F.

Julissa F.

I teach Spanish to beginner - advanced students. My students are from different backgrounds: lawyers, physicians, nurses, chefs, elementary, middle and high school students, college students, etc.
/30 mins
Dr. D. B.

Dr. D. B.

New York State Certification, including Spanish and Bilingual Spanish Endorsements. Native Spanish proficiency. Tutor Spanish and have taught Spanish at UMUC.
/30 mins
Junia M.

Junia M.

Become fluent in Spanish. The simple and easiest way to learn Spanish. Whether you wish to learn Spanish to communicate with Spanish speakers or enhance your travel experiences, or just for fun- Whatever your motivations might be, I can help you achieve your personal goal. Together, we will cover everything from learning basic Spanish vocabulary to grammar or content to help you learn quickly and efficiently. I offer one-on-one or group classes to children and adults, beginners, and more advanced levels to improve your overall communication skills. Register today or contact me for more information.
/30 mins
Marcela S.

Marcela S.

Hi! I am Marcela. I was born in Argentina so Spanish is my native language. I have 20 years of teaching experience in institutes and as a private tutor. I have a degree in Social Communication. I have studied in the University of Buenos Aires. I mostly teach online and have students from all over the world. I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese. I love travelling and know about the culture of other countries. My classes are in a very relaxing atmosphere in order for you to enjoy the process of learning. Looking forward to meeting you soon! I teach in a very relaxing atmosphere in order to you enjoy the process of learning. I tailor the class to your specific needs. Classes include: grammar, reading, writing, text comprehension, accent reduction and most important, they are FOCUSED on CONVERSATION. I can also help you with school homework or to prepare for exams. I love travelling and learning languages because they are the doors to enter in other cultures and learn from them.
/30 mins
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Great first lesson. Dr D is patient, encouraging and very interactive. Looking forward to more!

Thuli (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Dr. Dianala Bernard is an incredible academic success tutor. I was struggling immensly in learning Spanish and she not only raised my confidence in learning the language, but she gave me many pointers

J Allen (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Dr. D. Was patient and engaging.

Tan (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

You will not find a better tutor! Dr D was professionally and personally invested in the success of my daughter. She is fantastic and went above and beyond to make sure my daughter was prepared.

Tiersa (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Great first lesson. Dr D is patient, encouraging and very interactive. Looking forward to more!

Thuli (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Dr. Dianala Bernard is an incredible academic success tutor. I was struggling immensly in learning Spanish and she not only raised my confidence in learning the language, but she gave me many pointers

J Allen (Spanish lessons with Dr. D. B.)

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Spanish Lessons

The Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages in the world and is the primary language in Spain, Mexico, and most of South America, including large countries such as Argentina and Peru.

At TakeLessons, we offer comprehensive Spanish Lessons, so you can take your Spanish skills to the next level. It’s a great way to prepare for a trip to Mexico, Spain, or South America, as well as connect with native speakers in your city. Our certified tutors are well-equipped to help you check off your language goals. Sign up for virtual or in-person Spanish lessons today!

Certified Spanish Teachers

TakeLessons understands that a good teacher can mean the difference between a beneficial learning experience and a waste of time. That’s the reason we’ve assembled the best Spanish teachers.

So, how do you get started in finding a Spanish tutor near you? The process is simple. All you do is browse our list of certified Spanish teachers to find one that works best for you. To determine your ideal teacher, you can read their profiles, browse their experience, and check out reviews from previous students. The teachers’ lesson locations and availability are also available right there, along with the rates they charge. The average cost for a 60-minute Spanish lesson is $55, but prices will vary.

Once you’ve figured out what teacher, schedule, and budget works for you, you can begin the sign-up process and start mastering the Spanish language. Your Spanish journey can start today!

Spanish Lessons for All Ages

It’s never too late to start your Spanish journey at TakeLessons, where there are lesson options for every learning style, no matter the age.

We have a wide range of Spanish lessons for kids at TakeLessons, as well as lessons for adult learners. Regardless of your age, we’ve got the perfect lesson plan for you. When you sign up, your Spanish teacher will cater to your age, crafting the perfect approach for your skill level and learning style.

Sign up now to see how our tutors benefit learners of all ages, and start taking online Spanish lessons today!

Spanish Lessons for All Levels

At TakeLessons, you have the ability to customize your lesson plan for any skill level, allowing you the freedom to craft your learning experience to whatever level you’re at. On our platform, you can take introductory, intermediate, and expert Spanish lessons and move between them if you’re leveling up or need a refresher after taking a break.

Absolute beginners at Spanish will benefit from foundational lessons on the basics. But more advanced speakers will be able to take lessons that challenge their current skills and build a deeper, more nuanced knowledge of the Spanish language.

From Spanish lessons for beginners to advanced speakers, we’ve got it all.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Spanish Lessons

  • The Spanish alphabet
  • Basic grammar and sentence structure
  • Essential vocabulary
  • How to form a question
  • Verb conjugations, tenses, and moods

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Spanish Lessons

  • Pronunciation
  • Conversation skills
  • Intermediate grammar and vocabulary
  • Spanish numbers
  • Intermediate verb conjugations

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Spanish Lessons

  • Listening and advanced reading comprehension
  • Mastering Spanish dialects and idioms around the world
  • Advanced verb conjugations
  • Spanish culture and history
  • Spanish poetry and meaning

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TakeLessons offers the very best online Spanish lessons and in-person sessions. Plus, signing up and booking your lesson is easy and painless. Simply choose your ideal teacher and book a package that fits your budget. What’s more, we back up all our lessons with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Let’s start learning Spanish!

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How can I learn Spanish Quickly?


Learning Spanish quickly is much easier when you find a good teacher and consistently take lessons. In addition to this, when you immerse yourself in Spanish culture, where the language is constantly spoken, you can learn even faster.

When you learn from a certified Spanish teacher, such as the ones at TakeLessons, and supplement that by consistently speaking the language and practicing your grammar, you can learn very fast.

Is Spanish hard to learn?


Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn. It is a phonetic language, meaning that it is spelled how it sounds. It’s also spoken by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, meaning there are plenty of places to learn and practice your Spanish.

Starting with a foundation in Spanish lessons is also key. You can practice Spanish with a certified teacher at TakeLessons, where you can learn fundamentals and level up your Spanish. With some time and patience, you can become fluent in Spanish over time.

What is the hardest part of learning Spanish?


Some of the hardest parts of learning Spanish are the grammatical rules. There are many conjugations to verbs, as well as a different sentence structure than in other languages. Learning all these conjugations and other parts of Spanish grammar is much easier when you learn with a certified Spanish teacher, who can correct you before you make incorrect Spanish a habit. You can easily find a Spanish tutor for your level at TakeLessons, allowing you to simplify the learning process and get those conjugations right.

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