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Joanne is so knowledgable, so patient and so helpful. What terrific instructor!

Robert (Microsoft Word lessons with Joanne T.)

She is an excellent teacher, she has a gift to teach, asks the right questions to satisfy your needs, able to answer all of your questions intelligently, teaches you tricks, very knowledgeable in her

James (Microsoft Office lessons with Joanne T.)

Joanne is simply the best, patient, knowledgeable, and open to questions. I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars!!!!!

Yoshio (Microsoft Excel lessons with Joanne T.)

So far so good. Joanne is very patient and thorough. Highly recommend.

Christy (Microsoft Excel lessons with Joanne T.)

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Emily S.

Emily S.

4.9 (75)
*My scheduling availability isn't always accurate, as many students have their lessons with me every other week. My schedule is different from week to week, so it's best to at least pick a time with me and if it doesn't work, we'll make sure we schedule a lesson time that's convenient for both of us. If you need to schedule a lesson for a time sooner than what the TakeLessons calendar allows, you can always let me know and we'll most likely work something out for you. I've created many animations in the context of video games as a professional artist. I primarily use Krita and Adobe Animate. I specialize in character animations, mostly humans and animals, but also help students with larger projects such as short films. I've helped students with storyboards, keyframing, background paintings and tips on video editing. Students may use any animation program they'd like, as long as they have drawing and timeline features. If students are absolute beginners, I recommend downloading Krita or Pencil2D. Krita is great for illustration and animation, Pencil2D is very basic and ideal for absolute beginners. Both Krita and Pencil2D are free. My goal is to focus on the study of motion and help the student implement their own skills in drawing and observation. I can also help the student build a portfolio in preparation for college or applying for companies (games, animation studios). I've graduated with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University, and worked for Disney Research for a year and a half.
/60 mins
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Popular Computer Skills Articles

Computer Skills Lessons

In today’s day and age, knowing how to use a computer is essential. Whether you’re working, doing creative projects, or watching content online, understanding how to use a computer is one of the most important and universal skills to have.

The widespread adoption of the personal computer in the 80s and 90s, as well as the introduction of the internet, led to computers playing a fundamental part of modern society. Today it’s common to buy products, join discussion boards, and even run a business online. Because of that, computer skills such as typing, sending emails, and running software, became much more important.

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Certified Computer Skills Teachers

At TakeLessons, we’ve put together the best computer skills teachers available on the web. Our teachers are background-checked and certified, bringing various skills and backgrounds to our lessons.

When you’re ready to sign up for the best online computer skills lessons, getting started is simple. All you do is browse through our list of teachers, pick the one that’s right for you, and make a schedule for your lessons. You can see our teacher’s background, starting rates, and customer reviews to get an idea of their teaching style and approach. The average price of a 60-minute lesson is $69.

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Online Computer Skills Lessons for All Ages

Learning how to use a computer is essential for any age. For young children, using computers in school is becoming more commonplace every day. And for adults and seniors, using a computer is an essential part of many jobs. It can help you start your own business, communicate with friends and family, and better manage everyday hobbies or creative work.

The computer skills lessons for kids we offer help children get a good idea of how to use a computer, teaching them the basics of typing, email, software, and other computer functions. Our computer skills teachers use things like games and fun activities to make the learning process easier, even for adults.

The best online computer skills lessons (and in-person sessions) can help learners of any age improve their abilities with a computer.

Computer Skills Lessons for All Levels

TakeLessons offers learning opportunities for all levels of students. Taking computer skills lessons can pinpoint your learning needs and help you achieve your goals.

Many of our teachers offer computer skills lessons for beginners. These lessons will help even students starting out with minimal or no computer knowledge, getting them acquainted with basic functions. Advanced lessons will cover everything from data analysis to programming, helping the student apply their skills in a multitude of ways.

A selection of the best online computer skills lessons are at your fingertips, so sign up today!

Computer Skills Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Computer Skills Lessons

  • Basic computer functions
  • Typing
  • Using email
  • Basic software
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Computer Skills Lessons

  • Editing documents
  • Making web pages
  • Data analysis
  • Advance typing

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Computer Skills Lessons

  • Programming
  • Advanced software
  • Coding a web page
  • Troubleshooting a computer

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Whatever your reason for taking computer skills lessons, you can find the perfect teacher and lesson plan for you at TakeLessons. We offer great in-person tutors, as well as the best online computer skills lessons. And all our lessons are backed up by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sign up today and start upgrading your computer skills!


Can I learn computer skills by myself?

You definitely can learn computer skills by yourself. If you own a computer, you can boot it up and start using its different functions. Try typing, learning software programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel, and get used to surfing the web and using an email. If you want to learn more and find yourself struggling to understand some concepts, hiring a computer skills teacher can help a lot. A private teacher at TakeLessons can help you achieve your goals, whether that’s learning a specific software or getting better at using a computer.

How do I start learning computer skills?

You can start learning computer skills by watching videos with tips and tricks, taking an online course or tutorial, or by signing up for lessons. A private teacher will help coach you on some of the more challenging parts of using a computer, such as learning how to type fast and efficiently, as well as using certain software programs. Computers open up a world of possibilities, and having a teacher to guide you through the best online computer skills lessons can be just what you need.

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