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Susan E.

Susan E.

I am a Microsoft Office applications specialist and have used MS Office for 34 years. I taught Microsoft Excel at two community colleges in Oregon for 20 years, and done numerous contract trainings and consultations on special projects utilizing Excel for business. I provide detailed lessons and guidance in Beginning Excel, Formulas and Functions, Charts, PivotTables, Pivot Charts, Data Analysis and developing macro-enabled Excel applications. In sessions with me, you can learn the basics, special features, tips and tricks and the advanced features of Excel. I provide skill practice and skill demonstration exercises at the end of each lesson level. My teaching is tailored to your level, speed and what you want and need to know so that you can be successful using these applications for your specific needs. I have tutored and taught from 16 to 90 years-old online and in person, one-on-one, and in group settings.
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Jason S.

Jason S.

I've been offering Microsoft Excel training classes for over 30 years. I specialize in training beginners. I have a unique lesson plan that can teach you to become proficient with Microsoft Excel in just a few hours. Most of my clients learn the basics of Microsoft Excel in just two or three hours and are amazed by just how proficient they have become in such a short amount of time. However, I customize each training class to go at the learning speed of the client. So, we can go as fast or as slow as the client would like. Want to create a worksheet? Interested in learning to create a budget with charts? A dashboard with text, buttons, images, charts, and more? Want to learn to work faster and more efficiently by employing keyboard shortcuts? Send me a message to see how I can help you become proficient with Microsoft Excel!
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Mary Lou H.

Mary Lou H.

Are you ready to improve your employability? Microsoft skills are essential for anyone working in a business office of any kind. With over twenty years of Office experience, I am the person that others have turned to when they have a Microsoft question about using Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Let me be that person for you – one-on-one training built on your needs. Do you want to learn how to create a document, a form, or a function? I can teach you what you need to know. My only goal is for you to succeed! Concepts in Microsoft: Outlook Email Scheduling Tasks Contacts Journaling Word Shortcut keys Formatting Layout Creating a form Print Excel Data Formulas Functions Formatting Cell reference Drop-down lists Spreadsheets Database Creating a form Analysis Graphing & Charts Sort & Filter VLOOKUP And more…
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I really hit JACKPOT with Joanne. Joanne is very technical, yet explains things in a manner to make you understand. I had a great first session with Joanne and look forward to many more, as my budget

Will Greenough (Microsoft Excel lessons with Joanne T.)

Joanne is simply the best, patient, knowledgeable, and open to questions. I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars!!!!!

Yoshio (Microsoft Excel lessons with Joanne T.)

So far so good. Joanne is very patient and thorough. Highly recommend.

Christy (Microsoft Excel lessons with Joanne T.)

Joanne was great. Prepared, informed and conveyed the topic/instructions in a effective engaging manner.

Grant (Microsoft Excel lessons with Joanne T.)

I really hit JACKPOT with Joanne. Joanne is very technical, yet explains things in a manner to make you understand. I had a great first session with Joanne and look forward to many more, as my budget

Will Greenough (Microsoft Excel lessons with Joanne T.)

Joanne is simply the best, patient, knowledgeable, and open to questions. I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars!!!!!

Yoshio (Microsoft Excel lessons with Joanne T.)

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Microsoft Excel Lessons

Spreadsheets may sound dull, but they’re very useful in society, whether you love them or can’t live without them. As a tool, spreadsheets allow you to track data, keep schedules and timelines for projects straight, budget and pay bills, calculate formulas, and much more!

As the king of all spreadsheets software, Microsoft Excel is the go-to tool for organizing and managing data for professionals, business owners, and individuals. Learning the short-cuts, the ins and outs, and all the functions that Excel offers can drastically make your time and spreadsheets more efficient.

You could spend years on your own trying to learn what a professional expert can show you in just a few short hours, so save yourself time and money, and take Microsoft Excel lessons with TakeLessons.

Certified Microsoft Excel Lessons Teachers

Learning Microsoft Excel may not seem like the flashiest class to take, but there are undoubtedly few classes more valuable. Whether you’re balancing the home budget to analyzing complex data in business, learning the ropes of Excel will provide you with the everyday tools to, well…excel!

All of our Microsoft Excel teachers are background screened so that we may provide only the top-rated experts in their fields. Often our teachers are certified as professionals and offer various opportunities for students to learn, such as teaching online or in a second language, whatever is the best way to assist the student.

At TakeLessons we make it simple to get started. Scroll through our list of certified experts, read over student reviews, and choose an affordable price with the average prices for an hour of class at $67. Finally, meet with your Excel teacher to discuss your goals and objectives, and to schedule your first class!

Microsoft Excel Online Lessons for All Ages

We craft our programs as individualized classes meaning that we offer a course for students of all ages. Our online lessons are an excellent way for you to learn and work around your busy schedules.

And it’s never too early to know how to do a budget. So whether you’re looking for Microsoft Excel Lessons for kids or adults, we will cater our curriculum to match your goals.

Are you looking to expand your bookkeeping skills? There’s a lesson for that. If you’re looking to analyze a set of data in the lab or trying to teach your kids about budgeting, we’ve got the perfect classes and teachers for you, too. Sign up today!

Microsoft Excel Lessons for All Levels

We understand that students learn at their own pace and have different backgrounds in various subject matters.

Suppose you’re a person looking to understand spreadsheets better or looking for Microsoft Excel lessons for beginners. In that case, we design all of our classes to meet each and every student’s goals, levels, and abilities.

Whether you’re a scientist looking to analyze complex data, a CFO of a corporation, an owner of a small mom-and-pop restaurant, or keeping statistics for your kid’s soccer team, there’s a lesson plan for you.

At TakeLessons, we will create an expertly suited class to meet your needs and help you grow in your knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel Lessons Curriculum

Every one of our certified Microsoft Lessons teachers are expert in their field and dedicated to their student’s success. The fully customizable style of our classes will aid you in mastering the material and growing your expertise in the subject regardless of your previous knowledge.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Microsoft Excel Lessons

If you’ve never opened Microsoft Excel or even know the first thing about spreadsheets, beginner classes are a good place for you to start.

A sample curriculum of the beginner Microsoft Excel lessons may include topics such as:

  • Introduction to the basics of Microsoft Excel
  • Understanding cells and ranges on a spreadsheet
  • Formatting, data entry, editing, summation features, and more!

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Microsoft Excel Lessons

Once you have some experience working with Microsoft Excel and want to know more and improve your efficiency, our intermediate-level courses will help you achieve those goals.

The customized program will be catered to each student’s objectives, but a sample curriculum for intermediate Microsoft Excel Lessons may include:

  • Excel formulas, functions, and preventing duplicate values
  • Coordinated formating
  • Validating entries
  • Sharing spreadsheets, publishing online, and more

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Microsoft Excel Lessons

For the experienced and professional, the advanced lessons are for you. Depending on the student's need, each lesson will be structured to help you master Microsoft Excel.

A sample class curriculum may focus on:

  • Advanced functions
  • Analyzing complex data and preparing for reports or sharing
  • Complicated statistical analysis, and so much more!

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Simple and hassle-free, guaranteed. If you’re ready to get started, sign up today.

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Is Microsoft Excel difficult to learn?


No, but it does take time, especially if you try to learn independently. It’s recommended to learn from an expert, and our students have rated our classes as the best online Microsoft Excel lessons available. Learning from a professional will accelerate your learning and help you grow in your mastery of Excel.

Is Microsoft Excel worth learning?


Absolutely! From accounting and finance to STEM and IT careers to managing the household budget, the power of Microsoft Excel is at your fingertips.

With just the right level of understanding, you can operate basic spreadsheets to analyze critical research in cancer and other studies, depending on your skills and needs.

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