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Popular Online Sewing Teachers

Katie Ilen Y.

Seattle, WA
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Diane S.

Byron, MN
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Kim K.

Ridgewood, NY
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Katie Ilen Y. Seattle, WA

Ilen sews all of her costumes by hand and can help facilitate sewing projects from start to finish.

About Katie Ilen

*** Specialties *** Contemporary ear training, speech-level singing, songwriting, rock, r &b, soul, gospel, musical theatre, Beginning classical, Voice


Eric K. April 19, 2014
Great Teacher!

Katie Ilen is an amazing singer with a knack for teaching. She is patient, kind, informative and highly skilled. My daughter loves her and talks about her all the time. After taking lessons with Katie my daughter has gotten so much better it is surprising. Katie also incorporates recording into her lessons and now we have 2 adorable recordings of my daughter singing. Priceless! Highly recommended!
Diane S. Byron, MN

I can teach you to sew almost anything including clothing, toys, household items and almost anything else you might think of. I can teach you to use a sewing pattern, cut out fabric, use a sewing machine and do hand sewing.

About Diane

My journey in music began when I was around 5 years old and first heard the children's choir sing in church. My mother used to tell me that I would beg her to let me sing in the choir but she would always have to tell me I wasn't old enough. As soon as I was old enough, she enrolled me in church choir and I've been in it ever since. I have performed with the Rochester symphony orchestra and chorale, Rochester community band, Rochester civic music, church choirs and orchestras, Lake of the Isles community band, and performed Handel's Messiah at Carnegie hall in New York City. I've done some acting and singing in musicals as well. As I got older, I discovered playing the clarinet was fun but never gave up singing. I just did them both. After becoming proficient on ...


Alnathan M. November 18, 2014
Saxophone · Online
Verified Student
Diane was an excellent instructor and I enjoyed her professionalism and patience with my daughter. unfortunately my daughter became dis- interested due to a need for " a personal touch" that only in home or studio practices could provide.
Kim K. Ridgewood, NY

Please see the Overview below for general information.

I have been sewing for over 30 years and was making my own clothes by the time I was in second grade.

I teach the foundation skills of handwork, using a sewing machine, finishing, hemming, ironing, measuring, pinning, cutting,and following a pattern or instructions.

I can help you make curtains, pillows, bags, aprons and other household items. If you want to make clothing, I will guide you through using a published pattern or basic garment.

My lessons are not like reality TV. Projects take longer than you may think they will. I will teach you how to properly create a quality finished project.

Please note, I do not teach pattern making, draping and advanced tailoring. My experience with serger/marrow machines and stretch fabrics is limited. If you have vintage clothing that you want to restyle, I can recommend other teachers.

About Kim

Teaching is a wonderful extension of my work as a professional crochet and knit designer and technical editor. A web search will reveal some of my published work over the last decade. As a craft teacher in the NYC area for over 7 years, I have worked with individuals, groups and classes of all ages and skill levels. Most of my experience focuses on working with older adults and people with special needs. Minors must have a supervising adult present. I do not work with groups of young children. I have studied the history and mastered the skills to make and teach a vast variety of textile techniques. Please see my experience. Private and group lessons or classes are provided in locations around the NYC area, in my space or via webcam. I charge by the hour, not by the person. You are ...


Kimberly K. February 13, 2015
Crocheting · In home
Verified Student
This instructor surpassed my expectations. She should be teaching an entire class at FIT or Pratt because she is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, patient and thorough. She is also responsible and clearly very passionate. She is interesting and after having sessions w/ Kim she has definitely sparked my interest in continuing and improving. Kim could probably teach physics to a monkey she is that good!
Linda E. November 21, 2014
Crocheting · Online
Verified Student
Outstanding, knowledgeable, patient instructor! I LUCKED OUT! She's is the best and I am already, confidently knitting a scarf. I love this class and Kim made all the difference. Her costs are very reasonable and she is very reliable. If u r looking for an outstanding instructor, she's the one!
Kim A. September 2, 2014
Crochet · Online
Verified Student
Kim is very patient and a great teacher. I didn't know how this online learning experience would work but it does work well. With my iPad I can see what she is doing and she can see me while I do it and gives constructive criticism while I work. Mistakes can be corrected promptly before bad habits set in. This has been a great learning experience for me. So glad I found me a good teacher!

Mary D.

San Pedro, CA
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Melissa Q.

Staten Island, NY
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Jennifer A.

Portland, OR
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Mary D. San Pedro, CA

Learning on what YOU need to learn. Your weaknesses are improved and strengths outlined and advanced. To do classes in my home- I have a cat and dog- so be alerted to allergies. Must be able to walk up stairs.

About Mary

I have been teaching since I was 15 years old! Started with peer to peer tutoring to summer lifeguard and swim lessons for all ages in pool and the ocean! Today, after years of singing back up and performing as a keyboardist or drummer for STOMP, Celtic Celebration, Olivia Newton John, Lou Reed, Rod Stewart and musical theater tour productions of GREASE, No No Nannette, XANADU; I continue teaching to keep me sharing my joy of music and learning!


Lauran O. April 19, 2014
Great teacher of all things!

I'm taking piano/voice privately from Mary. I wanted to learn opera and then she showed me how important music theory is to work on your voice. I'm in my mid 40s and thought I never could learn all this complicated stuff- but Mary makes it so fun and easy and motivates me. I and my friend took ballroom dancing from her too. She has great prices and spends alot of overtime . Very generous and experienced!
Kevin G. April 19, 2014
AP Exam Prep
Patience and Fun

My 15 yr old son has taken Algebra and now AP exam prep tutoring from Mary. Trey has some learning disabilities and Mary does so great with teaching him the math formulas and how they can be used in every day life so then he memorizes them alot better.
Melissa Q. Staten Island, NY

My sewing curriculum is designed so that first time learners will feel motivated to keep on sewing. The first three projects are usually completed within the first 3-4 lessons. After learning how to operate the student's machine, together we will make a draw string bag, a skirt (for a doll, for a student or someone else) and a stuffed animal. These first three projects lay an important foundation; students learn basic and useful skills they will use over and over again as they begin to choose their own projects that we work on together.

I believe that if the student- whether a child or an adult- enjoys sewing and sees what they are capable of from the start, they will be more eager to learn more and take on new challenges.

Currently developing sewing worksheets for children.

About Melissa

My name is Melissa. I am 21 years old and have a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Brooklyn College in creative writing. I have been teaching in various capacities since I was 14 years old when I began teaching Sunday School and as a college student, I have added to my resume of teaching and tutoring: -I worked in a tutoring school teaching kids from ages 5-17 in all subjects. -I designed a program called Creative Studios for creative writing, fashion design and fine art. I taught these subjects to students aged 8-12. -I teach sewing and fashion design to various students in a one on one format. I get along very well with kids and they will often listen to me even when they don't respond well to other adults. I am very passionate and excited about teaching! Please note that I am ...

Jennifer A. Portland, OR

I have taught sewing for 15 years and I want to share my knowledge with students who are just beginning or looking for something more sophisticated! I can teach you how to make accessories, garments, home decor items, and I am open to your ideas! I teach sewing skills (hand or machine), finishing techniques, and how to read or make a pattern. I also specialize in the fiber arts; knitting, dyeing, and felting, and I have worked in ballet, opera and theater creating costumes.

About Jennifer

I have been teaching Art History and Art for over 15 years, both publicly and privately, ever since I was a student at Rutgers University. My passion grew into a business, Woven Heart Studio, where I focus on teaching fiber arts, handwork, and classes in the living arts to a wide range of ages spanning children through adults. We live in a culture of busyness and “doing” and the simple act of sitting down to create something for the joy of it, is needed. We all thrive in the stillness, and the hands can be our gateway to a happy heart and a life well lived. I can teach in your location, one of my local classrooms, or online. I also have experience curating in galleries, as well as archiving. I carry a minor in Anthropology and Archaeology. I grew up on the East Coast, but have ...

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