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Lily Q.

Beginner-You will learn basic skills of hand and machine stitching, seams, darts, pleats, zippers, pouch, tote bag and build many more samples into a scrapbook. Intermediate- Fabric dimension and behavior, cutting skills, bias binding, various necklines and making a skirt or blouse. Learn to make garment with commercial pattern. Advanced-Make dress, skirt, pants or blouse with lining. Or make home-decor items, e.g Cushion covers, throw pillows etc. Note: Although students learn at different rates, the above results are expected, if taking lessons 2hours a week, for 5weeks for all levels.
/45 minutes

Trivia D.

I've graduated from AIU University for Fashion Design and Marketing. I Design most of my on clothes when I can't find what I'm looking for in stores. I love sharing my creations with others. Ive taught students at my home one on one. I've taught at Joan's fabrics for a year. I've had classes as large as 15 students at one time. They where all beginers. I have had a very good Success rate.
/30 minutes

Sonya M.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn how to sew or enhance your sewing skills. Do you need help in real time? I provide sewing lessons for you online. Level 1 Start: For someone new to Sewing, who has never sewn before nor used a sewing machine, your first lesson will be learning your sewing machine. Threading, bobbin, stitches, functions. You will also learn how to sew on scrap fabric. One hour. Level 2 Start: A sewing beginner, someone who has sewn before but not much. If you already possess the skills and level one, then you start at level two. In this session you will learn to make a pillowcase or a tote bag. You will get more comfortable with the machine, controlling the speed, stitching within a seam allowance, and stitching a straight line. This could take 1 to 2 sewing hours. Level 3 Start: Student possesses the abilities and skills in level one and two. At level three, you have already sewn something basic like a pillow, pillowcase or tote bag. At this level I allow you to choose your pattern for what you’d like to make. Pattern choice will be an "easy to sew" pattern of something that you like to make. Depending on the pattern, this could take 2 to 4 sewing sessions. Level four. You’re really sewing now! This is where you will choose a more difficult pattern with something specific that you’d like to learn. It will take 2 to 5 sewing sessions depending on pattern difficulty.
/30 minutes

Sarah L.

I have been a professional costume designer since 2003 and have sewn everything from everyday apparel to sci-fi outfits to full-body monster costumes. I can teach you basic skills in a step-by-step curriculum fashion or I can help you create a specific project that you have in mind. Do you want something special for an event or do you want to make something out of some fun fabric you found? I am very flexible and enjoy being creative, so bring me your challenge and I will help you give it life!
/60 minutes

Tracy B.

I specialize in teaching young students, typically 8 years and up. I am extremely patient and positive with beginners. I also enjoy the challenge of helping more experienced students bring their own creations to life. Lately, I've had several male students making and altering shirts. I've been sewing as long as I can remember and have been teaching since 2009.
/60 minutes

Kelly N.

Kelly has an MFA in Costume Design and Technology. She has been sewing for more than 20 years and takes a project based approach to teaching sewing. Classes are tailored (pun intended!) to your skill level and interests so you'll never get bored! Lessons are offered in your home (she is fully vaccinated against Covid-19) or online so you can work on your own equipment and with your own tools. Kelly's lessons are individualized to what you want to learn and move at whatever pace you need.
/60 minutes

Lisa C.

I am a seamstress, costume designer, historical clothing expert and have worked in the film industry. I routinely perform costume repair work for theatrical companies, alterations for formal gowns and create/modify garments to use in film and living history events. If you are a beginner or advanced I can teach you to get better, more consistent results from your sewing.
/30 minutes

Vena H.

I am offering industry level patternmaking and sewing classes that cater to your needs. Whether you are a beginner who wants to start sewing or advanced level that you want to polish your skills or to start your clothing line, I can help you with all aspects of subjects that you want to learn. I teach hands-on patternmaking and sewing skills used in the industry and garment production know-how if you want to start your line. Classes include in-depth knowledge of fitting, garment construction, basic and advanced sewing, and production patternmaking. I help my students at different levels to achieve their goals.
/30 minutes
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Vena is very knowlegable about patternmaking and haute couture techniques. Besides, that she also helps me to see exactly were difficulties could come up, so that I wouldn't get into the usual beginne

Meret (Sewing lessons with Vena H.)

My first lesson was great she was very knowledgeable and joyful. I’m so excited about my next class.

Nafeassia (Sewing lessons with Vena H.)

Vena is an excellent instructor. She really takes her time to get to know her student and how she can help. Also, very knowledgeable about the business, definitely recommend her if you’re serious abou

Cameron (Sewing lessons with Vena H.)

Vena was very knowledgeable in all of the areas of sewing I had questions in. She drew on her 15 years' professional experience to give me great pointers for the clothing line I am getting up and run

Zachary (Sewing lessons with Vena H.)

Vena is very knowlegable about patternmaking and haute couture techniques. Besides, that she also helps me to see exactly were difficulties could come up, so that I wouldn't get into the usual beginne

Meret (Sewing lessons with Vena H.)

My first lesson was great she was very knowledgeable and joyful. I’m so excited about my next class.

Nafeassia (Sewing lessons with Vena H.)

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