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Popular Online ACT Tutors

Valeria F.

Los Angeles, CA
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Nicholas J.

San Francisco, CA
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Ilona M.

Pompano Beach, FL
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Valeria F. Los Angeles, CA

Need high scores? Let's get to it.
• ACT English
• ACT Math
• ACT Science
• ACT Reading
• ACT Writing

About Valeria

Some subjects can feel boring and monotonous, and that is why my teaching technique allows my students to enjoy the subject matter. I want my students to grasp the importance of an education, so I create fun and entertaining lessons for them. I engage in a friendly manner, and subtly explain the information in way that enhances their learning capability. Students should expect a manageable course load that involves concepts of their homework assignments, upcoming quizzes, and final examinations. Additionally, I tend to spontaneously create questions and problems to verify their level of comprehension and critical thinking. Over a period of time, they will incrementally learn how to deal with new ideas. My students will master their work and gain the strength and motivation to tackle their


israel T. February 21, 2015
Algebra · Online
Verified Student
She's Best teacher.
Sue A. November 29, 2014
Chemistry · Online
Verified Student
I need her help with ORGO and PHYSICS, she was able to gel me understand the material in a much "easier" perspective. I really appreciate her time and effort to help her students. I recommend her completely. Online scared me at first, but it actually is just the same so I don't suggest to let that fare you away from the idea.
Brittany S. November 16, 2014
Calculus · Online
Verified Student
Valeria is awesome! She breaks down everything in to smaller, simpler steps that I can follow. I could never understand what my professor was talking about in class, but after going over it with Valeria, I finally get it!! She goes above and beyond to provide any other extra examples to help me practice, and is always patient.
Nicholas J. San Francisco, CA

Practice and Test-Prep

About Nicholas

I take great pride in ensuring my student's are successful not only in the short term, but the long term as well. *** Lesson Details *** I have never used a set curriculum. I base my lessons off of the specific needs of each particular student. By speaking, and most importantly listening, to my students, their families, and their teachers, I am able to determine how to best be of service. I have never been a strict teacher. I work hard to develop a lasting relationship with students; ensuring they feel comfortable enough to be themselves. I strive to create an open, non-judgmental environment in which students can express their concerns and work through academic issues together. I have had tremendous success with this method. After a few months, all of my students have ...


Andrew N. July 12, 2014
Test Prep · In home
Verified Student
Nicholas has a wonderful way with our son. He is patient yet persistent. He can motivate him to focus without being overly stern or too 'rah rah'. We study math and writing together and are happy with both. However, one of best parts is the interest Nicholas takes in our son, the questions he asks, and his ability to relate. He is attentive to organization, emotional intelligence, and the 'life skills' that lead to success - regardless of the exam, audition, try out, or job interview. We look forward to working with Nicholas for a long time.
Robert F. June 8, 2014
Language · In studio
I can not explain in a simple review how grateful we were to have Nicholas with our family. Not only was he incredibly caring, he was honest, punctual, and always prepared. I felt as though our son was one of his few select students. He took extra time to ensure my son was prepared for tests, quizzes, and even helped him with his high school applications. I think Nicholas' letter of recommendation helped my son tremendously; Nick focused on my son's strengths and helped explain the full situation to his new school. Nick was always able to make the lessons education, light hearted, and jovial. He found a way to find things my son was interested in, and cultivate that interest. My son went from having severe behavioral problems that prevented him from academic success, to acceptance into a private catholic high school, wanting to be a teacher to special needs youth. I feel Nick had a tremendous impact on my son. He was not only a tutor, but a mentor to him. He did more for us than can be explained in a simple online review. If anyone is considering working with him, if he has availability, he won't for long...TAKE IT! My only complaint was he fills up quickly, sometimes we were stuck with unfavorable times (7-9pm at night, or early afternoon on the weekend). Regardless, he found a way to make it work. I am thankful for him. God bless!
Caroline Rea H. May 17, 2013
Elementary Math
Professional, caring, went to great lengths to help our son

Nick was amazing! He helped my son with ap physics. He was patient calm and his teaching methods were great. We couldn't have asked for a better teacher. I would definitely recommend nick!
Ilona M. Pompano Beach, FL

I teach every level.

About Ilona

For my tutoring sessions I use skills that include goal-directedness, I teach how to organize learning in small steps and how to set them up; I always strive to motivate and engage my students to make the learning interesting and fun; I also use self-control skills to teach how to avoid distractions and I use different focusing strategies. I use positive mind set skills to teach how to use failures as a learning opportunities. I have a Master's Degree (2012) in teaching English to speakers of other languages, and Bachelors in Music Education (2010), both from Florida Atlantic University, as well as degree in violin performance from Poland. I studied piano in Poland for 10 years & taught both piano & violin for over 20 years. I also teach flute & cello for the past 5 years, as I ...


Marilda J. January 10, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Ilona is a funny and patient teacher. She makes learning piano fun while making sure to learn and improve on the technique and skills. I enjoyed taking lessons with her and would recommend her to anyone else.
Kari B. November 8, 2014
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Ilona has been teaching piano to my 12 year old daughter for a few weeks now but already I can see a dramatic improvement in my daughter's playing! Ilona is a wonderful teacher who is able to not just provide piano playing instruction but also provides instruction on music theory to students to really provide a comprehensive musical education for her students!
Maureen A. August 6, 2013
Verified Student
Excellent teacher!

As I've worked with Ilona and gotten to know her as my teacher, I realize that she really truly cares that I learn well and learn the proper way. She can be tough and gives me a good amount of work to do, but it's all because she wants me to learn and learn well. If I'm unable to complete an assignment she just laughs and says "Life happens" - she's very understanding. She's very patient and encourages me all the time. I often will make a comment such as "I stink at this" and she'll tell me I'm too hard on myself and piano is a learning experience. Obviously teaching is her calling in life and she's excellent at it! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn the art of playing the piano.

Yegues S.

Lake Worth, FL
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Christopher M.

Seattle, WA
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Dawn B.

Los Angeles, CA
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Yegues S. Lake Worth, FL

About Yegues

I have taken flute lessons from the flute professor at FSU as well as guitar lessons from Dr. Leo Welch here at FSU. I have given multiple lessons and master classes on both flute and guitar. I have also been a music theory tutor for many students. I have a lot of experience with both giving and receiving lessons, so I have learned many ways to adapt to any situation. I love laughing and making jokes, which is one of the most important aspects of any teacher. Lessons should be something to look forward to rather than dreading to spend time practicing. I do prefer being more laid back as a teacher, but still know when it's time to get more serious about the work. *** Lesson Details *** I am laid back most of the time time, but I still expect whatever we assigned to be practiced for ...


Tom H. October 4, 2014
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
As always Yegues is a very patient teacher. When I feel overwhelmed he is able to assure me I am making progress and let me know what I am doing is is difficult only because I don't know it and that after awhile it will all come together. Thanks Yeagues
Graham M. February 21, 2014
Verified Student
Come Prepared

Yegues is a phenomenal multi-instrumental teacher, specializing in adaptive teaching styles. Yegues had the ability to adapt our lesson to any method that would further my individual learning goals. He and I met for several months during which time I received real results and nothing but high praise for my teacher.
April M. February 13, 2013
Verified Student
this is a great experience

He is an excellent teacher... very skilled, patient, talented, flexible, and laid back. Very good with young student... remains focused, and relates well. Helps to understand everything he's talking about and challenges with review questions.
Christopher M. Seattle, WA

(All standardized tests)

About Christopher

Hello! My name is Chris. I'm a private tutor and piano teacher in and around Seattle. I have a terrific time learning about the things I enjoy in life. I would like to share this kind of fun with you or your son or daughter! Piano lessons and tutoring. Reading, writing, math, test prep, etc. Affordable, fun, professional, effective. TEACHING QUALIFICATIONS Academics: B.A. from Columbia, 2370 SAT (800 Math, 800 Reading, 770 Writing), 1590 GRE (800 Verbal, 790 Math), seven years' tutoring experience, all ages, almost all abilities. Piano: repertoire from Beethoven to Chopin to Ravel to Mussorgsky, experience as a symphony and opera critic in college, comprehensive knowledge of classical music and music theory, 15 years' experience playing, all ages, beginner to ...


Allen E. January 2, 2015
College Admissions · In studio
Chris did a good job of meeting me halfway, encouraging me to apply to the colleges I was already interested in, and telling me about a few more I’d never heard of. I’m now going to one of the latter and am so glad I booked a few hours with Chris!
Zach M. January 2, 2015
Piano · In studio
We needed a last-minute replacement when our keyboardist bowed out of our wedding. We called Chris. He was professional and courteous, and his playing is one of many happy memories from that evening. He should be far from your last option!
Richard N. October 21, 2014
GRE · In studio
I knew I couldn't study for the test by myself as soon as I saw the first page of math questions. Chris makes dusting off a decade of math a matter of a little study; one of my classmates even helped me out, too, and I’m now a grad student in the field of my choice.
Dawn B. Los Angeles, CA

About Dawn

With a Bachelor of Science in Education from Creighton University and over 12 years experience in working with multiple age groups, ability levels, and subjects, I am a unique tutor. I have over 10 years experience working with kids, teens and adults who have learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar Disorder, Mild-Autism/Asperger's, and more. I am not just a tutor, but a mentor. I establish deep relationships with my students and their families, often becoming a key "member" of the family. I find that my role is to help students remember the truth of who they are: smart, successful individuals full of unlimited potential! I am more than willing to send you reference letters upon request. I look forward to learning with you. *** Travel Equipment *** Laptop, ...


Jessica S. February 15, 2014
Basic Math
One in a Million

I had the pleasure of learning from Dawn as a teacher. She is respectful, patient, kind, creative and a gifted teacher. Dawn takes the time to find each child's specific need, identifies strengths, and helps them reach their full potential.
Mike T. February 14, 2014
Test Prep
Great help and support

Dawn does a great job of utilizing a variety of teaching techniques to help you learn in the way that works best for you.
Michael L. February 14, 2014
Best Tutor in LA

After working with Dawn to improve my reading skills, I immediately noticed that I was reading faster, while comprehending better. Dawn was able to give me unique tricks that made it easier to read even though I have dyslexia. What surprised me most, however, was that Dawn truly cared about my success. I have tried other tutors before but they just seemed to care about their paycheck. Dawn was different. If I had trouble with a paragraph she was patient and calm. She never got upset and was always there when I needed help. Without Dawn, I would never have graduated high school and would certainly not be a sophomore in college working on an honors diploma. Dawn was the key to my success. A must try for ANY student.

About Act

The ACT is now a necessary part of every high school curriculum. Every student in their junior year is required to take this standardized test in order to transition to the next year, making it essentially a replacement for the SAT (though SATs can still be taken for seniors).

Do I Need ACT Tutoring Lessons?

It doesn't matter where a student's strengths or weaknesses lie, or what subject they are in. Having a patient TakeLessons ACT tutor can help ensure the test is as painless an experience as possible. A helpful tutor will assist in:
• Developing math, science, reading and English skills
• Effectively solving common problems appearing on the ACT
• Preparing with practice tests, making students more likely to improve their overall composite score

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