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Great teacher! Excellent, patience, very helpful!

Paul (Drawing lessons with Deron C.)

Strong recommendation for Deron. I had a 2 hr lesson where I had specific things I wanted to do and learn, and he delivered. Very flexible in the lesson, and great instruction!

Joe (Painting lessons with Deron C.)

I really am enjoying my art lessons with Deron. Drawing is something I've wanted to learn for years. Deron is personable, patient, and quite knowledgable in this realm. He's a talented artist! I fee

Heidi (Drawing lessons with Deron C.)

Deron is very patient. He teaches me different techniques from start of painting, to finishing touches. He is knowledgeable and can convey them clearly. He makes the painting session fun and I like t

Anne (Painting lessons with Deron C.)

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Oil Painting
Sharon M.

Sharon M.

5 (26)
Whether or not you are new to painting or want to get back into it after many years away and just need some feedback and a new perspective I am here to help. I have been teaching painting for 20 years and I’ve worked with students of all ages, from young adults to retirees. I teach painting using the classical method of observation (meaning, based on what they see). You will also learn how to use color as it reflects the temperature of the light and shadows like the impressionists. I will show you a lot of different artists for inspiration and to teach you how to glean the best from history. I recommend working from direct observation at first (a still life rather than a photo of a still-life). With oil paint, there are some underpainting techniques to explore to get a really solid layout and to establish the values. This is an advantage to oil because it is easier to work out the values before adding color. Next, over the top, you can do a very painterly technique and have the confidence that your drawing is accurate. You can expect to learn a lot about color as it relates to the light source much the way the impressionists used color. As a beginner, you would start with a very basic still life, and if advanced you would be offered more complex challenges from still-lifes, to a portrait or landscape. I'll guide beginners towards techniques that teach them to better understand the visual structure. As you gain experience I'll encourage you to explore directions of self-expression. I adjust my approach to teaching as I get to know each student and what learning style connects best with them.
/60 mins
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Popular Visual Arts Articles

Visual Arts Lessons

If you’ve ever been told you have a keen eye or that your pictures are “on point” and are interested in learning how to better your craft, then visual arts lessons may be what the doctor ordered.

Visual arts are visual in nature, such as photography, ceramics, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and design. In addition to being a form of art, the visual arts can also lead to a rewarding career or provide hours of relaxation, intellectual stimulation, expression, and enjoyment.

At TakeLessons, we craft our classes to match our students' interests and desire to grow.

Certified Visual Arts Lessons Teachers

We certify and background screen each of our visual arts teachers so that we only offer the best, most experienced instructors for our classes.

Teachers impact student learning in a variety of ways, and the most positive way is to help a student learn and grow in alignment with their interests, age, and ability.

At TakeLessons, we customize our lessons to match our students’ desires and make finding the right teacher easy. Simply browse our selection of visual arts teachers, find the right match and price that fits your budget, meet with your teacher to discuss your objectives, and schedule your first class! It’s that easy.

And better yet, we make getting the best online visual arts lessons affordable! Typically a class will cost approximately $70 for an hour of instruction from your private tutor.

So whether you’re looking for classes in person or online, our personalized classes will be built to accommodate your needs and budget.

Visual Arts Online Lessons for All Ages

The beautiful thing about the visual arts is that it is a perfect hobby for people of all ages. It’s an art form that helps develop hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity, entices creativity, enhances focus, memory, and cognition, and creates a sense of pride and accomplishment in people of all ages.

If you’re looking for visual arts lessons for kids, our certified teachers are great at engaging with your little ones, helping them develop the focus and manual dexterity to create and entertain their curiosity and creativity.

And if you’re an adult looking for a hobby or want to develop your skills further, our customizable curriculum will allow you to meet your objectives, build your skills, and exceed your goals.

Visual Arts Lessons for All Levels

We know that students come to us with all different backgrounds, interests, and experiences. So whether you’re looking for visual arts lessons for beginners or something to do with your little ones, at TakeLessons, we have an instructor and class for you.

If you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your “eye,” developing skills in other visual arts will give you a new perspective and appreciation of your subject matter.

So regardless of what level you are starting from, we will cater your visual arts lessons to educate and challenge you to grow as an artist.

Visual Arts Lessons Curriculum

TakeLessons makes it simple for students of all ages and levels to learn, grow, and have fun. Our course curriculum changes depending on the student’s ability, and our bevy of certified teachers are adept at matching their expertise to your needs.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Visual Arts Lessons

If you’ve never studied visual art before and are wondering how to start, our introductory classes are the place to start.

A sample of the curriculum for beginner visual arts lessons may include:

  • Learning the different tools such as a sketchbook, types of pencils, and pens
  • Understanding the difference between various canvases, paintbrushes, and paints
  • Basic color theory and the color wheel
  • Grasp the seven visual elements—line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Visual Arts Lessons

For the more experienced artist that is looking to grow at their craft or learn different forms of visual art, then the intermediate level is ideal.

In a typical intermediate level, the sample curriculum will teach the following:

  • The skill of composition
  • Rendering of conceptual art
  • Working with different textures
  • Understanding negative space versus space
  • Use of rhythm in visual art

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Visual Arts Lessons

For the most experienced artist, our advanced classes are catered to match your interests and goals. So whether you’re looking to grow in your skills, prepare for a showing, or publish your photography, our visual arts lessons are perfect for assisting you.

A sample curriculum of our advanced visual arts lessons may include topics such as:

  • Use of thematic elements in art
  • Studio work with guidance from an expert
  • Preparing for a showing
  • Understanding the business side of creative and visual arts

Live Visual Art Lessons With TakeLessons Live

Tired of only taking pre-scheduled classes from the same teacher? Supplement your learning journey with TakeLessons Live, a new platform available online and through our mobile app. The Live membership allows you to take a rotating schedule of live online group classes we offer throughout the day, as well as offering a selection of on-demand content.

TakeLessons live platform is ideal for a learner with a busy schedule, Since we offer a number of rotating classes throughout the day, you’ll be able to squeeze in a little learning time on your lunch break or weekend morning. All you have to do is log in to our website, see what classes are in session, and join one.

Another plus to TakeLessons Live is its diversity of learning options. Instead of being locked into learning one subject, you can expand your world by taking a class (300+ options) in any subject you want. For example, we have beginner to advanced classes available in subjects such as coding, French and Spanish, or music performance. Open up your mind by taking different classes and feed your curiosity in the process.

The flexible learning options of TakeLessons Live goes beyond just the live classes we offer. The learning platform also offers on-demand content. Say you want to dive into a quick visual arts lesson at night. Just log in and access some of our learning videos and in-depth readings, bringing more knowledge and ideas to your next class or tutoring session.

The content on the Live platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you the ability to learn at your own pace. Come see how live group learning and on-demand content can expand your learning experience.

Try out TakeLessons Live for exceptional online group classes and much more!

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What do you learn in visual arts classes?

Students would be encouraged to learn essential art in visual arts lessons, color, shading, drawing, architecture, painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and printmaking.

Additionally, students would sharpen their focus, memory, and creativity while strengthening their motor skills. Visual arts are a great form of expression for students of all ages and abilities. It’s a life-long hobby that also helps with critical thinking, relaxation, and a sense of accomplishment.

Can a person have a career in visual arts?

Yes, learning visual arts can lead to a career in many different industries, from instruction to marketing, media production, architecture, etc.

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