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Nick P.

Having to sit down and write a paper (whether it be your college thesis or a five paragraph essay for an elementary level English course) can be an intimidating and stressful if not overwhelming experience. That's where I come in...To help you with both the assignment you are currently working on as well your writing process in general. Working on strengthening how you write will make writing easier and easier each time you do it, until you don't need my help at all. Many people are not aware of the universal strategies and tactics that can be used to improve their writing at every stage in the process. Whether it be brainstorming, outlining, drafting, writing, editing, etc, examining your writing process together will allow us to customize every session for your needs specifically. Outside of helping to write papers I can assist with help in English grammar, Literature, Creative Writing, and many other related fields.
/30 minutes

Haley Shea B.

Tutoring writing isn't just about fixing the errors in one essay. It's much more than that! In order to become strong writers, my students learn about the writing process itself and become more confident with every try. Whether you're a child writing for the first time, an adult sharpening their skills for college, or a new English speaker looking to develop better written communication, I can help!
/30 minutes

Christopher A.

I have taught writing for over five years and love to teach it because writing is my passion. I have written several award winning screenplays and work also work as a freelance writer. I have helped students write college essays which have helped them get into their first choice, graduate students with their research papers on psychology, nursing and business as well as young students writing some of their first creative essays... and everything in between.
/60 minutes

Kimberley E.

I've had a book published and have written for a multi-national newspaper. I also got A grades right up until I finished college with English and Creative Writing. My style of teaching is very relaxed and informal, I want students to feel they can be equals with me, and gain confidence and be proud of their work. I set homework but I also encourage students to get creative in their own time and to show initiative! The most rewarding thing is that with writing, you can nowadays find so many outlets for your work - the sky's the limit! Lessons can involve looking at literature and different styles of writing, as well as finding something that sparks the imagination and interest. I work especially well with young teens and pre-teens, as well as those who are looking to further their writing skills.
/60 minutes

Natalie G.

Writing remains one of the most important skills everyone needs to succeed in life. I have worked as a professional writer since 2009, with experience as a script writer, copywriter, blogger, and reviewer. Resume writing, cover letters, personal statements, web text, radio ads, and advertisement are my specialties. Additionally, 7 of my scripts to date have been produced as short documentary films and released on DVD. Since writing improvement is a long-term process, I coach how to brainstorm and create an outline for any assignment; balance sentence structure, word usage and conventions to form articulate paragraphs with transitions; practice self-editing; and correctly follow the format of academic writing at any grade level, especially for essays. I mainly use interactive tools and resources to assist students in elementary school, middle school, and high school. For college and university students, I work with them through regular critiques and feedback to help them strengthen their writing skills. For over 11 years, I have professionally edited numerous graduate and undergraduate research papers, college essays, college application essays, high school and middle school essays, personal statements, cover letters, resumes, short stories, and scripts. While proofreading is correcting grammar and punctuation mistakes, revision is analyzing content for relevance and text for fluency and clarity (sentence structure, paragraph organization and development). Together, they form the complete editing process, which I teach and demonstrate to students so they can self-edit as part of their own writing process. My constructive criticism always includes detailed feedback and support to help them learn from their writing and improve it. I also offer editing and proofreading services: I have great turnaround and can generally complete edits within a 24-48 hour period (30-minute minimum for all editing projects). I am familiar with MLA and APA format, as well as business writing and copywriting requirements.
/60 minutes

Ginni A.

Moms and Dads, I'm here to help! This is a challenging time and whatever I can do to relieve your burden, I'll do it. Whether it be writing, math, reading, spelling, social studies, history or any other subject that you've been designated as the teacher, I'd love to help you and your child. I've been teaching for 25 years, focusing on how each student needs to learn and helping them to succeed. You can do this! Your child can too!
/30 minutes

Shannon S.

Learn to write with style! Share your stories and draw your readers in for more. Write from your heart and soul. Just Write!
/30 minutes

Bonnie K.

As a Teacher-Consultant for the Wayne State University branch of the National Writing Project, I am able to remain current regarding best-practices in the teaching of reading and writing. Add to this my passion for writing, and you have a winning combination!
/30 minutes
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Dr. Dianala has been instrumental with helping me develop reporting documents for my church. I was impressed with her help with another church where she helped develop fliers and letters of introduct

William (Writing lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Dr. D helped me a lot when I was struggled with writing my personal statement and I totally learned a lot from her!

Sam (Writing lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Wow! Very thorough and caring professional. Interested in evaluating where the individual's writing skills are; what are their goals; and how to develop a lesson plan based on the age and school distr

Danni (Writing lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Encourages you and helps make the writing subject the top of your list.

Sachin (Writing lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Dr. Dianala has been instrumental with helping me develop reporting documents for my church. I was impressed with her help with another church where she helped develop fliers and letters of introduct

William (Writing lessons with Dr. D. B.)

Dr. D helped me a lot when I was struggled with writing my personal statement and I totally learned a lot from her!

Sam (Writing lessons with Dr. D. B.)

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