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Painting Lessons - Online, Group, and Private Options Available

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Strong recommendation for Deron. I had a 2 hr lesson where I had specific things I wanted to do and learn, and he delivered. Very flexible in the lesson, and great instruction!

Joe (Painting lessons with Deron C.)

Deron is very patient. He teaches me different techniques from start of painting, to finishing touches. He is knowledgeable and can convey them clearly. He makes the painting session fun and I like t

Anne (Painting lessons with Deron C.)

David worked hard to teach my Grandson the fundamentals of drawing and painting. David made the lessons fun and interesting!

Laura (Painting lessons with David Z.)

Clear , easy to follow online instructions . Great original subject choice . I would highly recommend David as a tutor . I must add he is a very talented and original style artist .

Debby (Painting lessons with David Z.)

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Painting Lessons

The great painters before us, such as Frida Kahlo, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Georgia O’Keeffe, have inspired us all with their great works of art. They paved the way, developing and mastering all kinds of painting styles, from Cubism and Surrealism to Modernism and Impressionism.

If you, too, are drawn to their masterpieces, it might be time for you to sign up for painting lessons here with us. In addition to offering amazing in-person sessions, we also provide the best online painting lessons around! Whether you want to imitate the work of famous painters or develop your own style, our lessons can help.

Certified Painting Teachers

When you sign up for our lessons, you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with our certified painting teachers. All of our tutors have undergone background checks and have the expertise to help you achieve your art goals.

Ready to start your painting journey? Browse our selection of painting tutors near you to find your ideal match. Their profiles provide all the information you need to make your decision, such as their experience, reviews, schedule, and starting rates. While our tutors set their own prices, the average cost of an hour-long session is $75. That said, you may find rates anywhere from $19 to $205 an hour.

When narrowing down your choices, you can contact our tutors in advance to ensure they suit your needs. Then after you’ve selected your painting teacher, you can decide on your schedule, pick your lesson package, and voila! You’re all set to begin your painting endeavors.

Painting Online Lessons for All Ages

When it comes to learning a new skill or following your dreams, it’s easy to make up excuses, but don’t let your age be one of them! The beauty of painting is that anyone can learn and practice this art skill no matter how young or old they may be.

Here at TakeLessons, our tutors offer painting lessons for kids, adults, and seniors as they customize their sessions to suit students of all ages. Whether you, your grandmother, or your five-year-old son want to learn more about the world of art, it’s time to find painting lessons near you today!

Painting Lessons for All Levels

We understand every student comes with different backgrounds and experiences, which means no two students are at the exact same level. That’s why our painting teachers cater their lessons to suit their student’s individual needs.

For instance, if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush before, your tutor will start you with painting lessons for beginners, where you’ll learn the basics. Alternatively, if you’ve studied art for years, you might be ready for a more challenging curriculum in one of our advanced courses.

Regardless of your current skills or where you’re starting from, check out painting lessons near you!

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Painting Lessons

In beginner lessons, your painting tutor might cover the following topics:

  • Color theory
  • Creating a grayscale
  • Introduction to essential paintbrushes and the palette knife
  • Various paint application techniques and brushstrokes

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Painting Lessons

Your painting teacher might cover the following topics:

  • Become an expert in underpainting
  • Creating depth of field
  • Understanding light and shadow
  • Practicing with different subjects: landscape, still life, and models

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Painting Lessons

Topics studied in advanced painting depend on each student's interests and goals for lessons, but your teacher might choose to cover the following topics:

  • Refining your personal artistic style
  • Experimenting with unique substrates and other materials
  • Preparing a collection for an art show
  • Understanding the art business and working with galleries

Sign up Today

Here at TakeLessons, we want to be part of your painting journey! To sign up for our in-person and online painting lessons, begin by selecting your tutor and a schedule that best suits you. Then, choose your preferred package and take advantage of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee—it’s as easy as that!


How do beginners learn to paint?

Signing up for our painting lessons for beginners is the best way to learn to paint. Our tutors are experienced at instructing students who are new to this art form, and they know how to help them build a strong foundation.

For instance, if you’re just starting out, your tutor will likely introduce you to all the different painting tools, instruct you on basic techniques and brushstrokes, and begin to dive into color theory. From here, you’ll have the fundamental skills you need to take your painting skills to the next level.

What is the easiest thing to paint?

The easiest thing to paint will vary from one student to the next. For example, if you have years of practice under your belt, what you find easy to paint may actually be much more challenging for a student who is new to painting. Because of this, we suggest working with a private tutor who will determine what skills you already have to help you find a good starting place.

You see, every painting lesson is different because we accommodate our students’ specific needs. If your goal is to learn to paint something easy, your tutor will design a personalized lesson plan to help you achieve that milestone. Once you’ve accomplished that goal, your tutor will challenge you even more to help improve your skills.

How can I learn online painting for free?

While you might find some free online tutorials, if you’re interested in virtual learning, we recommend signing up for our online painting lessons. Although our lessons are not free, they are affordable, as the average hour-long session costs just $75. You can even find classes as low as $19, depending on your specific needs.

The reason why we suggest taking our online classes is that you’ll receive one-on-one instruction from an experienced, certified painting teacher. You’ll get much more out of our sessions than a free course, as you receive instruction from a professional tutor entirely committed to your painting success. During your online sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to ask all your questions and focus on the areas that most interest you. And the best part of all is that you can learn from the comfort of your own home!

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