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Rachel was friendly and very welcoming. She encouraged my daughter to be relaxed and to focus on putting herself in character. My daughter had a great first experience!

Jacquelyn Madtes (Film and TV Acting lessons with Rachel M.)

Overall, very impressed. She is direct and doesn't tell you something you want to hear. Her evaluation process is well rounded and planned. She puts together a great curriculum to know what to expect

Steve (Acting lessons with Rachel M.)

Amanda is an inspiring teacher who infuses confidence into her students helping them to believe that they can do it. She approaches all performances with creativity and originality. All the production

Gail Torr (Acting lessons with Amanda K.)

Gabriel is an amazing coach. He takes the time to explain in detail how to discover a character in an easy to understand way. As a beginner he has really helped me learn to break down a script and und

Brandyn (Acting lessons with Gabriel)

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Speaking Voice
Bill P.

Bill P.

4.8 (104)
Speak with the clarity, confidence, and charisma you have always dreamed of attaining. Let a nationally recognized speaking pro teach you the skills you need to improve your overall speech presentations. Because of my ability to diagnose speech problems very quickly, my students have nicknamed me "The Doctor of Speech." Let me evaluate your speaking voice during the very FIRST lesson. Then the work will begin. Being completely understood by your listener is vital to good communication. We'll concentrate on improving several basic voice and speech skills. They include learning correct breathing techniques, developing excellent voice resonance, instruction on proper word enunciation and voice projection, plus information on how to deliver a sound that features good voice pitch and tone. Of course, I also can help you fix other vocal problems you may not be aware of. This is a complete speech training program. All speaking voice classes are designed to be flexible. That means the student participates in deciding what other more advanced topics and areas will be studied. That may include role-playing exercises for speaking success, online presentation and speech critiques, job interview preparation, career coaching, and more. This is YOUR course. You help decide how your lessons unfold. Utilizing my many years of assisting speech students, I offer individualized lessons specifically targeted to your personal needs. My experience as a broadcaster, keynote speaker, and professor, gives me the background to immediately offer critical tips to enhance your speaking performance. My proven, live, teaching techniques will train your voice to sound richer, fuller, and more listener-friendly in just a few meetings. That means a stronger more pleasing vocal presentation for you and a one-of-a-kind speaking voice that people remember and respond positively to. Your speaking voice needs a checkup with the Doctor of Speech…the Doctor is in!
/30 mins
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Performing Arts Lessons

Gaining a new skill in the performing arts is closer than you think. TakeLessons provides experienced teachers for various private performing arts lessons, from learning instruments like guitar and piano to taking ballet or acting classes. We can help you master your art form, reach your goals, and gain confidence in performing in front of crowds.

TakeLessons offers performing arts classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners. All our teachers are certified, background checked, and bring years of experience in their art form to lessons. TakeLessons’ teachers can help you learn your favorite songs on the guitar, master sight-reading sheet music on the piano, and land an acting part by acing your film or theater audition. Sign up today to get started!

Benefits of Performing Arts Lessons

The performing arts are a wonderful way to express yourself, learn a new skill, and find your creative voice. The performing arts, such as acting and music, open your life up to new ideas and people around the world. Whether you just want to explore a new hobby or to pursue a new art form as a career, we can help guide your journey.

At TakeLessons, you can hone your creative vision with performing arts lessons that will benefit your life. Learn new songs, dances, and modes of expression with the help of our professional teachers. We can’t wait to help you maximize your potential.

Online Performing Arts Lessons

TakeLessons understands the importance of flexible learning options for students. In today’s busy world, in-person lessons can be inaccessible or inconvenient. We don’t want that to stop you from exploring your passions, which is why we offer online performing arts lessons options.

Our intention is to make it easy and stress-free for you to sign up for lessons and learn your chosen art form. All you need is a stable internet connection and a mobile device or computer. Once you’re all set up, you can sign in to your performing arts lessons online at TakeLessons to start learning.

No matter if you’re looking for performing arts lessons for kids, teens, adults, or seniors, we have a lesson for you. It’s always the right time to make the leap and learn performing arts online or in person.

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Why wait to set up your performing arts lessons? We make signing up for lessons and increasing your skills in the performing arts an easy and stress-free process.

What sets TakeLessons apart is our long list of certified, background-checked performing arts teachers. Our website allows you to view reviews from previous customers, compare starting rates, and read in-depth profiles that describe their background and experience in the performing arts. Once you’ve browsed our teacher profiles and connected with an instructor that matches your goals, you can sign up with a lesson package to begin learning. Rates vary by teacher, but the average price of an adult performing arts lesson is $45 for a 30-minute lesson. Lessons range in price from $15 to $300 an hour, meaning there is a lesson for every budget.

With a variety of teachers and lesson offerings, as well as a fun and flexible process, we know you’re going to enjoy your lessons. Plus, all our lessons are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning you can dive into your lessons without worry.

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Group Performing Arts Lessons

The world’s a stage with our TakeLessons Live membership! Learn in a group environment with our expert instructors in over 300 classes designed with you in mind. You will engage in a fully interactive way with your teacher and classmates, enjoying the benefits of a classroom and the flexibility of an internet connection.

These real-time online group performing arts classes are only part of your TakeLessons Live membership! You can attend as many online group lessons as you like, covering a wide range of subjects. Get feedback, have your questions answered, and engage in discussion with fellow students and world-class teachers in live class sessions. With classes offered every day, there’s always something new to learn!

While group learning is beneficial in most subjects, it is especially key for the performing arts. Our group performing arts classes cover many topics, from music and musical instruments to dance, voice acting, and public speaking. Learn theory and practice in engaging online group lessons—gaining insight from your teacher and classmates.

Your TakeLessons Live membership is more than unlimited live classes! You also gain access to a library of topic-specific videos and reading materials available to you 24/7. If you need to review a technique at 3 a.m. or want to read ahead, you can do it through our Live platform. Learning doesn’t happen only during class hours, so we support your journey whenever it happens. You can even install our mobile app for convenient access on the go!

With TakeLessons Live, you can track your progress, view course guides, access information 24 hours a day, and attend unlimited group classes online. Hone your math skills, take up belly dancing, or even learn American Sign Language—we’re here to make it happen. Sign up today to see where online learning will take you!

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